Enslaving Elliot


"Looks like you're mine stick." Jordan said, the grin slowly fading from her face as she pretended to look thoughtful, "Now, what should I do with my new toy. Let's see, let's see, mmmmm, I don't know, what does my new toy think I should do with her?"

Elliot had no idea what to say. She had no idea what she should do. Well that wasn't true. What she should say was stop, I'm straight and not at all into this and then she should push Jordan away and leave and that's what she should say and that's what she should do but... she didn't want too. Jordan's fingers felt so good inside her and they weren't even moving. And Elliot wanted them to move, she wanted them to move inside her, she wanted them to fuck her, she wanted Jordan to fuck her, she wanted another woman to fuck her.

"What's that toy? You want me to leave you alone. Ok then." Jordan said as she began to remove her fingers.

"No!" Elliot cried, shocking herself both by her statement and the blatant sexual need that oozed from her voice.

It appeared that Elliot not only wanted Jordan to fuck her but right now with her libido racing like never before she actually physically needed the other woman to fuck her. Oh God, what had Jordan done to her?

"Ooooo, my little toy doesn't want me to leave her?" Jordan laughed, "Interesting. Then what does my little toy want?"

Elliot knew what she wanted, what she needed, but her throat was so dry she couldn't even imagine ever talking again and even if she could utter a word in that moment she was far too embarrassed at her own desires to say anything.

Knowing that Elliot needed a little more encouragement Jordan leaned in so that her mouth was directly against the blonde's ear and said, "Does my new toy want me to fuck her? Does she want me to slide my fingers in and out of her, fucking her with my fingers, until she screams and creams all over them? Well, does she?"

Elliot nodded weakly.

"Say it twinkie." Jordan growled, "Tell me what you want."

Elliot gasped again when she felt Jordan curling her fingers inside of her, driving the blonde's desires to an almost critical level, forcing the young doctor to find her voice, weak as it was, and whisper, "Yes."

"Yes what stick?" Jordan asked.

"I... I... I... I... I want you to... you know..." Elliot stammered weakly.

"No, I don't, tell me." Jordan said, rolling her eyes as she realised she'd literally have to spell it out for the nervous blonde, "Tell me you want me to slide my fingers into your pussy and fuck you till you scream."

"I... I... I... I... I want you to... s... s... s... slide your fingers into... me and... and... and... and do me until I scream." Elliot stuttered silently.

"What was that?" Jordan laughed, "That was just pathetic. Say it again only this time less stuttering and more dirty talk."

Elliot took a deep breath and said, "I... I... I want you to... s...slide your fingers into... my bajingo and... and do me until I scream."

"No, no, no, no, no, bad twinkie." Jordan scolded, "Repeat after me, please Jordan, I want you to slide your beautiful fingers into my pussy and fuck me till I scream."

"P... p... p... please Jordan... I want you to slide your fingers into... my bajingo and f... f... f... fuck me until I scream." Elliot whimpered.

"No. No stuttering. We're doing this until you get it right." Jordan said, more than a hint of anger in her tone, "And for God's sakes, say pussy, you want me to slide my fingers inside your pussy and fuck you till you scream."

Elliot gulped, "I'm... I'm... I'm not comfortable with that word."

"What word? Pussy? You're uncomfortable with the word pussy? Are you kidding me? God you're so pathetic." Jordan told Elliot cruelly, "But you know what, I don't care if you're comfortable with the word or not because you're going to say it."

"But..." Elliott protested.

"Say it!" Jordan practically screamed.

"P... p... p... p... pussy... fuck my pussy... please Ms Sullivan... fuck my pussy..." Elliot stammered.

"Please Jordan, I want you to slide your beautiful fingers into my pussy and fuck me till I scream." Jordan said firmly, "Say it!"

"Please Jordan, I want you to slide your beautiful fingers into my pussy and fuck me till I scream!" Elliot blurted out.

"Good girl." Jordan praised, "Now that wasn't so hard was it?"

Before Elliot got a chance to answer Jordan began slamming her fingers in and out of her so fast the blonde had no choice but to moan loudly in pleasure, the brunette bringing her to the edge of orgasm within seconds.

Nothing in Elliot short life had even come close to feeling this good. Jordan seemed to no places inside of her that even Elliot didn't know about and the older woman touched her with a skill and confidence no man she had ever been with had possessed.

However Jordan wasn't done playing with her new toy.

What had to be literally at the moment before Elliot was about to cum she suddenly felt Jordan slowing down the thrusts of her fingers inside of her, the brunette slowly bringing the blonde down from her peak until her fingers were barely moving through her walls, and then slowly increasing the pace again until Elliot was on the edge again, only to be brought down again, and so on, driving the young doctor crazy.

Elliot was like a toy in Jordan's grasp and the Sacred Heart board member was having a lot of fun playing with her new toy.

Jordan was like a cat playing with a helpless mouse.

The blonde was just so easy to manipulate and control. It would be only a matter of time before she had Elliot eating out of the palm of her hand... or better yet eating out something else.

But first she would need to lay a little more groundwork. Elliot was in a vulnerable emotional state and it wasn't going to take much to get her on her knees with her face buried in Jordan's pussy, but Jordan wanted Elliot to think it was her idea, that she truly wanted to eat pussy, that she truly wanted to eat Jordan's pussy, which in all fairness was probably the case.

Jordan had seen the way Elliot looked at her when she thought no one was looking and she was almost sure that Elliot wanted her but was just too repressed to admit it to anyone, least of all herself, so in a way she was doing the blonde a favour by making her admit she was a little cunt craver. And if Jordan was wrong and Elliot really was totally straight... well Jordan really didn't care about that, it would hardly be the first time she turned a goodie two shoes straight girl into a rug munching little queer girl.

Anyway, it was time for Jordan to turn Elliot into a little pussy eater.

"Kiss me stick." Jordan commanded a dazed Elliot.

"What?" Elliot said, her mind left a mess from her desire to cum.

"Kiss me." Jordan commanded again.

This time Elliot heard her and the blonde looked at Jordan through glazed over eyes.

To Elliot, Jordan's voice was so distant, but she just about heard it.

Even though it looked like Elliot had heard her Jordan had to wonder if she had and if she had understood her.

Jordan had been about to kiss Elliot herself but had decided that Elliot should be the one to kiss her, give the blonde some delusion of choice while at the same time planting the idea in the blonde's head that this is what she wanted, that she wanted another woman. Once Jordan had Elliot thinking she truly wanted her, whether it be true or not, the blonde would truly be putty in her hands.

There were so many thoughts raging inside of Elliot's head but the blonde couldn't even understand what they were saying any more. They were just deafening white noise and as her mind failed her she decided to follow her body, and her body wanted to kiss Jordan so that's what she did.

Slowly leaning forward Elliot pressed her lips against Jordan's and gently kissed her.

The kiss remained gentle for a long while, Jordan wanting to wait for Elliot to make the next move, at least for now. She didn't have to wait too long and soon Jordan felt Elliot's tongue caress her bottom lip, asking permission to enter her mouth, permission that Jordan was only too happy to grant.

It was at this point Jordan slowly re-establish the control she had never really given up, bullying Elliot's tongue into submission with her own, enjoying the feeling of the blonde melting even further in her grasp as she continued to play with her mouth and pussy.

Throughout the kiss Jordan continued to drive Elliot to the very edge of orgasm but every time she would deny her the climax she so desperately wanted. The tears of shame which had been running down Elliot's cheeks were replaced with tears of frustration and need until finally it all became too much and she broke the kiss.

"Please..." Elliot whimpered softly.

"Please, please what stick?" Jordan taunted.

"I... I want to... I want to... you know..." Elliot whined.

"No, why don't you tell me." Jordan said with a wicked smile crossing her face.

"... Cum... I want to cum... please Ms Sullivan." Elliot begged

"You want to cum stick?" Jordan asked mockingly.

"Yes." Elliot wept.

"Well you're going to have to earn it..." Jordan said, turning them around so her back was against the wall before placing her hand on the top of Elliot's head and pushing the whimpering blonde downwards, onto her knees.

Elliot had an idea what was about to happen and her fears were confirmed when Jordan slid her pants and panties downwards and stepped out of them, leaving her bottom half naked in front of the blonde.

Despite her fear Elliot was captivated by the sight of Jordan's womanhood. She had never really looked at her own before, hell she could barely call it by name, but she was enthralled by the sight of Jordan's and despite herself she found it to be quite... pretty.

Elliot was awoken from her thoughts when she felt pressure on the back of her head, forcing her face forward into Jordan's wet centre.

The blonde had her lips tightly shut as they were pressed into Jordan's special area, Elliot fearing what would happen to her if she tasted from the sweet smelling, pretty looking place in front of her. That smell was really getting to Elliot. Her nose was pressed into Jordan's pubic hair, the smell of the other woman further making Elliot both terrified and aroused.

"What are you waiting for stick? Don't you wanna cum?" Jordan asked.

"... Yes..." Elliot mumbled so quietly it was a miracle that Jordan heard her.

"Well then, start earning it." Jordan said, providing a little more pressure on the back of Elliot's head and pressing the blonde deeper into her cunt.

Elliot whimpered in submission, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue, and reluctantly gave her very first lick of another woman's pussy.

The taste really surprised Elliot. She had been preparing herself for the worst, but this, this didn't taste bad. Quite the opposite in fact. This tasted, kind of, nice.

Cautiously Elliot stuck out her tongue again to lick Jordan's pussy only to find it still tasted nice. And it still tasted nice when Eliot licked Jordan again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Soon Elliot was happily lapping away at another woman's cunt, the voices inside of her head momentarily silenced as she became lost in the taste of another woman.

Jordan grinned in triumph. She had successfully turned another of these uppity little interns into a pussy licking pet. God, it was such a rush to look between her legs and see that little blonde head so full of medical knowledge slowly moving as Jordan's little pet continued lapping at her pussy like a good little bitch, Jordan patting her condescendingly on the head to give the little rug muncher encouragement while she ate her out.

Elliot's tongue was clumsy and inexperienced. Regardless whether or not the blonde harboured secret lesbian desires as Jordan had expected was irrelevant, the fact was that Elliot just didn't know how to eat pussy. Luckily for the blonde Jordan was more than willing to teach her.

"Stick your tongue into me stick." Jordan commanded as she pushed Elliot's face deeper into her cunt, "Push your tongue into my hole and start moving it in and out. Come on, that's it, deeper, deeper, come on, you can go deeper than that, oh, that's it, now start moving your tongue in and out of me. Oh that's it, right there. Rub the inside of my walls while you're doing that. Don't take your tongue out all the way you stupid little bitch. Keep it inside me where it belongs. That's better, now, fuck me again with your tongue. Good girl, good little rug muncher, keep eating that pussy, just like that, wrap your mouth around my cunt while you're at it and start sucking me. Oh God, good bitch, that's it, knew you'd be a natural born pussy eater."

Jordan's words awoke Elliot's fragile psyche from its slumber, the idea that she was a natural born pussy eater scaring her to the very deepest part of her soul.

Elliot had always considered herself straight and yet... this all felt so... good... and now the voices were back inside of her head, louder than ever, debating whether or not she, a straight girl, should be on her knees eating another woman's pussy.

On the one hand Elliot's upbringing had taught her that homosexuality was wrong and disgusting, and while when she had matured into an adult she had decided there was nothing wrong about homosexuality, and despite what her mother said it was perfectly ok for two gay people, whether they be male or female, to be with each other as long as that's what they both wanted but the fact remained that Elliot was straight. She wasn't a lesbian. She absolutely wasn't a lesbian. She absolutely, positively wasn't a lesbian.

And yet on the other hand if she wasn't a lesbian why was she loving this so much? She'd honestly never been this turned on before in her life and there was no way she could deny that it was anything but because of the degrading way Jordan had treated her and the lesbian sex she had been forced into.

But even then had she been forced? There was nothing physically forcing her to lick Jordan's pussy, and yet she was doing it. She could get up and run out of here right now if she wanted to, but she didn't. Elliot wanted to stay and eat Jordan's pussy and that really scared and confused her.

Seeing Elliot's hesitation Jordan became concerned. Normally she didn't care whether or not her pussy lickers were enjoying themselves or not but when Eliot had been just lapping at her cunt her pet had been a lot more concentrated on her pleasure and Jordan didn't like the blonde's attention being anywhere but her pussy. So, Jordan was just going to have to find a way to motivate Elliot.

"Stick." Jordan said, waiting until she had Elliot's full attention, meaning Elliot's eyes were looking up at her from between her legs, before continuing, "Reach down in between your legs and start rubbing your horny little pussy."

For a moment Elliot did nothing and the two women's eyes remained locked together in a momentary battle of wills before ultimately the stronger will won and Elliot moved her hands downwards and started caressing her pussy.

"Good girl, rub that horny little pussy of yours, you know you want to, you know you want to be able to rub your horny little pussy while you eat out my cunt. Bet it wouldn't take much for you to cum would it. No, all you'd have to do is slide your fingers into yourself and fuck your horny little pussy with a few strokes of your fingers and you'd cream all over them, cover them with your cum. Well... don't do that, don't do that until I give you permission to stick. Just rub yourself as you lick me, and maybe I'll let you cum once I'm done with your mouth."

Elliot whimpered into Jordan's pussy as the brunette informed her she was not allowed to cum just yet.

The blonde didn't masturbate often, in fact she had only done it a few times before and when she did she had never been able to get off, but she had never been this hot, this aroused before and Elliot felt like if she could just thrust her fingers, or anything else for that matter, into her horny honey hole she would be able to cum, and oh how Elliot needed to cum.

To Elliot it felt like she had spent an eternity on the edge of orgasm and she would do anything to be allowed to go over that edge. At that moment if Jordan had asked her to suck off the entire hospital then Elliot would do it if it meant she could cum. She would suck doctors, patients, visitors, everyone and anyone just as long as she could be finally allowed to cum.

Of course Elliot could just shove her fingers inside herself right at that moment and try and get off that way, but she just... couldn't. She couldn't disobey Jordan's orders, and she didn't want too, because as much as Elliot needed to cum Jordan had made Elliot feel better than she'd ever felt before in her life and as much as she wanted to she could not find it in herself to disobey her.

So Elliot concentrated all her efforts into making Jordan cum, praying that she would allow her to cum if she made the other woman cum.

Remembering what Jordan had told her Elliot went into pussy eating overdrive slamming her tongue in and out of Jordan's cunt in a rapid fucking motion, her head bobbing back and forth, her mouth sucking at Jordan's pussy lips as hard as she could whenever she came into contact with the delicious honey pot, the whole time rubbing herself furiously and fighting the urge to cum before making Jordan cum.

Jordan revelled in her dominance over Elliot. The blonde doctor was so easy to manipulate that Jordan guess she could have Elliot wrapped around her little finger without too much effort, if she wasn't already wrapped around her little finger that is. And when her attention was focused where it should be Elliot was quite a good little cunt lapper. With a little training Elliot could even be an expert little rug muncher, although Jordan didn't know whether she wanted to go through all the trouble of enslaving Elliot. She could probably just use the blonde's mouth whenever she wanted, then again it might be fun to break her entirely and turn this uptight little rich girl into her sex slave.

Deciding to put off thoughts about Elliot's future for now Jordan concentrated on what really mattered to her, her own pleasure.

Tightening her grip on the back of Elliot's head Jordan shoved her little bitch harder into her pussy, guiding the pace of Elliot's tongue fucking just so there could be no doubt who was in control of the situation. As she forced her fuck toy to increase the pace Jordan began lightly thrusting forward every time she pushed Elliot into her cunt, her pelvis smacking against the blonde's face as she did so, Elliot becoming nothing but a fuck pad for her pleasure.

As she continued fucking Elliot's face Jordan became lost in the sensations coming from her cunt, the blonde doing an increasingly good job of touching her most sensitive of areas, even if it was by accident. The feeling of the blonde's mouth and tongue in her pussy was wonderful and soon Jordan closed her eyes so she could shut out anything which wasn't her bitch's mouth and tongue, almost totally lost in her own pleasure.

But Jordan was not as lost as Elliot.

Elliot was so wrapped up in eating Jordan's pussy that she didn't hear the door opening and someone stepping inside.

Jordan on the other hand heard it and opened her eyes to see who it was. Once she had a wicked smile crossed her face.

She didn't know whether it was all the dominating and degrading of the young intern or the blonde's mouth and tongue on her pussy or whether it was the opportunity to do some emotional damage to the man standing before her but Jordan felt herself crashing towards an orgasm. Before she allowed herself to go over the edge Jordan decided to do something that would make this moment perfect.

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