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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 02


Enterprise -- the Other Side -- Chapter 02

Travis gets a reward

Archer and the senior officers had established a reward system for the junior officers, believing that a thoroughly satisfied officer will perform better, and the incentive of this particular reward was exactly that -- satisfaction. Each week the department heads would submit performance reports for their staff members, and the senior officers would choose one officer at random from the pool of top performers from each department to receive the reward. That staff member would then pull the name of an opposite-sex crewman from the pool, and was encouraged to 'get together' with that crewman within a forty-eight hour window. The only rules were: 1) No permanent bodily harm and 2) No pregnancies. The last one was usually handled by the contraceptive injections. The winner was also provided with a few 'substances' with the intent of enhancing the experience. These were formulated by Dr. Phlox specifically for the winners species, to extend the experience and make it more pleasurable.

Now Travis Mayweather, having won the first reward, was about to find out which of the female crew he would be enjoying. He reached his hand into the hat held by the Captain, who stood there smiling broadly, and withdrew the slip of paper. Unfolding it, he read the name "crewman Jennifer Kelly.", drawing a round of applause from his fellow officers. Jen was a hot one, getting more than her share of leers and cat calls when she walked through a room or down a corridor. She was petite at 5'2" and 110 lbs; but her curves were as lush as her compact frame could provide.

"The good doctor will be waiting for you." said Archer.

Following the instructions from her team leader, Jennifer Kelly walked into Sick Bay, unsure of what to expect from this unscheduled examination from Phlox.

"Ah! Come right in crewman, I'll be ready for you momentarily. Please go into the -- ah -- private room there and change into the gown you will find on the table." said Doctor Phlox with his usual business-like demeanor.

"Y-yes sir." she replied quietly.

"Oh, now there's no reason to be concerned crewman. Try to relax, mmmm?" he responded, pulling up her profile on his console. "We will just be testing some of your -- mmm -- responses to make sure things will go well with Ensign Mayweather." he added.

The young crewman did as he asked, removing her uniform and underwear and donning the gown. She sat down on the examination table and pondered this latest 'duty' she would be expected to perform, and was startled when the curtain pulled aside and Phlox entered the room.

"Now crewman just relax, I'm only here to help." he said in as soothing a voice as he could.

"I-I'm a virgin doc." she stammered.

"Mmmmm.... Not an ideal condition in this situation; but there are always alternatives to the more conventional -- mmmm -- copulation." he told her. "Now let's just have a look at you." he added, laying her back on the table as he lifted her feet into the stirrups and positioned himself between her legs.

She trembled as she sensed his gaze on most private parts. Phlox pulled on a sanitary glove, as much to protect her delicate tissues from his rather rough skin and nails as to be clean, then began to gently prod at her vulva with his fingers.

Jennifer jumped when a digit came into contact with her clitoris. "Mmmmm -- sensitive eh?" he queried, dipping his finger into a jar of desensitizing lubricant -- the same lubricant he would provide the two for their 'reward session' -- and returned to her clit.

Again she jumped at the contact; but this time Phlox was more insistent with his manipulation, very quickly bringing her to a gentle climax. "Now there crewman, wasn't that pleasant?" he asked, his fingers now spreading her own lubricant around the outer lips of her young pussy.

"Y-yes, ahhhhhhhhh." she replied, her hips gyrating a bit at his continued contact.

Concluding his probing examination of her vagina, Phlox opened the gown to expose her firm breasts and gently massaged them both. Her nipples stiffened as he twirled them with his fingers. "Your breasts are quite lovely crewman, I'm sure mister Mayweather will be pleased. They are also quite sensitive, mmmm?" he commented.

"So... tell me about your sexual experience." he asked her.

"Um, well, I-I really haven't had much doc." she replied, unsure how much to tell him.

"Well... you said you are a virgin, so I assume that means you have not had vaginal intercourse, mmmm?" he asked.

"N-no." she replied quietly.

"What about oral or anal sex, ever engaged in those?" he asked.

Jennifer was silent for several moments. "I did have oral sex a couple of times, and one of those men tried to put his penis into my bottom; but I couldn't do it." she finally replied.

"Alright, let's just have a look then Jennifer, turn over for me please." he instructed, pulling on another glove.

Crewman Kelly rolled over onto her belly and felt the gown being pulled up above her buttocks. "Spread your legs please." came Phlox' instruction.

She squirmed a bit, uneasy at the thought of this alien doctor gaining access to her nether port; but she did as he asked.

"Well I see you're very clean, and that is a good thing my dear." he said, holding her cheeks apart so he could see the puckered opening to her rectum. "Now relax for me -- mmmm -- I'm just going to use some of this special potion to test your reaction." he told her.

He dipped a finger into the second jar -- one which contained a compound of lubricant, numbing agent, and sexual stimulant -- and lightly worked the slippery stuff into her anus.

The girl squirmed at the lewd contact, then moaned softly as the numbing stimulant began to relax her nether port. "Mmm-hmmm, quite normal Ms. Kelly." he told her, then he slipped the first two inches of his slender finger into her asshole.

"Awwwwwmmmmmmm!" she groaned, her hips pushing up to capture more of the intruder. That potion is really something she thought.

Then the thrilling sensation in her butt was gone, and the doctor gave her a playful swat on her upthrust bottom. "Now, now dear. We need to save that for later." the Doctor told her. "Get dressed please, and be prepared to come back here for a thirty-minute preparation before you get together with mister Mayweather, mmmm?"

Jennifer Kelly put her clothes back on, unable to ignore the intense stimulation that remained in her loins. When she was ready, she left the exam room and headed back to her quarters. She would never consider 'getting together' with a black man under normal circumstances; but Travis was a good looking man. She hoped he would be gentle with her -- and that his cock wasn't too big for her.

Travis Mayweather was in his quarters, having showered thoroughly and chosen a comfortable outfit with a snug-fitting pair of pants and a shirt that was open nearly to his navel -- the better to show his strong physique. His doorbell chimed and he rose. "Come." he said.

Doctor Phlox stood at the opening. "May I come in Ensign?" he asked respectfully.

"Of course doctor, please..." Travis replied. "To what do I owe this visit?" he asked.

Phlox looked in his eyes before he spoke. "I've just had a brief meeting with your prize, and thought it wise to speak to you regarding your -- mmmm -- session with her." he began. "You see Ensign, Ms. Kelly is a virgin -- in that she has never engaged in vaginal intercourse before." he continued. "I have confirmed her claim with a physical examination, so it is more than just words. Her hymen is quite intact." said the doctor.

"Now I fully understand the intent of this -- mmmm -- reward, that it is quite literally a sexual episode to release stress on the part of the winner, mmmm?"

Travis wasn't sure what to say. "Uh... okay; but what do you suggest?" he asked.

The doctor was blunt. "Use her mouth, or use her anus; but do not breach her virginal orifice with your penis." he replied.

The Ensign was frankly surprised at the doctor's response; but needed to know more. "So you're saying sodomy is okay? I can fuck her in the ass?"

The doctor responded "well, now I wouldn't be harsh with her. I would say you should -- um -- make love to her bottom. Use your tongue, your fingers, and plenty of this." he said, pulling a jar from his pocket and handing it to Mayweather. "It's a combination of lubricant, a numbing agent, and a sexual stimulant. It will relax her openings, allowing her to accept penetration more easily. It will also extend your duration and provide you with a more satisfying experience." the doctor added.

Travis took the jar and set it on the table. "I will be preparing her before your session." said Phlox.

"Um... 'preparing' her?" the Ensign queried.

"Yes, eh... cleansing her bowels and making certain she is ready for you." clarified the doctor.

"Okay." replied Mayweather, nodding acknowledgement.

"If you have no further questions, I'll leave you to your preparation.... Oh, one moment. I have something else for you." he said, pulling a vial from his pocket and handing it to Travis. "This is an aphrodisiac I've formulated for you to use. It will have the affect of removing most -- if not all -- of your inhibitions. To truly enjoy the enhanced experience, you should both take this early in the session. Perhaps added to a glass of wine, or other beverage of choice." the doctor said.

"Great, thanks." replied Travis.

The doctor departed and Travis considered what he'd been told and what he could do this evening. He had been looking forward to some good old fashioned fucking with the hot little crewman, and now he had to think along different lines.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door chime. "Come." he said, standing to greet the visitor. It was Trip, his commanding officer and friend.

Trip walked in carrying a small bag. "The doc paid me a visit too, and filled me in on your -- ahem -- situation with Kelly." he began. "I brought you some tools that might help things along." he added, holding the bag out for Travis.

Travis took the bag and opened it. Inside was an assortment of sex toys, including a small butt plug, a string of anal beads, and a small vibrator with a ball on its end. "Cool." was all he could manage. He'd never used anything like this on a woman before; but understood how they might help in his quest for satisfaction in the backside of crewman Jennifer Kelly. "Thanks Trip." he said, smiling at his good friend.

"No problem man. I just hope you don't tear her ass up too bad. I need her in Engineering ya know." replied the commander.

"I don't plan on hurting her; but it is a reward after all. Doc said I could have her ass if I wanted it." Travis said, holding up the butt plug. "This thing should open her up enough I think." he added, bringing a chuckle from Trip.

"Yeah, no doubt. Well have fun and give her a load or two from me." Trip said. "I look forward to hearing about it later." he added, turning to leave.

"Thanks again sir. And thanks for the recommendation." replied Travis.

Tucker left and Travis went back to his planning for the evening. Okay, so she was a virgin. He needed to take that into account and not be too push or rough with the poor girl. But he needed a fuck. He needed to get his rocks off more than once. She was chosen by a fair and impartial draw, and was his to do with as he pleased.

Travis decided on a semi-romantic dinner to start things, and went to see the ships chef in the mess hall.

"Ensign Mayweather, so good to see you." said the cook. "So what can I do for you today?" he asked, walking out of the kitchen and taking a seat at one of the tables.

"Well, you know about my reward, right?" he asked, bringing a nod of acknowledgement from the chef. "I'm thinking I would like to have a nice, romantic dinner ready for Jennifer to begin the evening. Something appropriate for the event." Travis said. "We will also need a few bottles of wine to enjoy the -- uh -- activities I have planned." he added.

"No problem at all Ensign. What time would like to be served?" asked chef.

"Oh, nineteen hundred hours should be good." he replied, glancing at his watch. That was only ninety minutes away. Travis shuddered in anticipation.

"Done sir, I will bring the cart to your quarters." responded the chef.

"Thanks." replied Travis, turning to leave the mess hall.

Travis walked back toward his quarters, taking a brief detour to go down the corridor where crewman Kelly's quarters were. He was lucky, as he stepped out of the turbolift he found himself just a few meters behind the young woman as she walked back to her room after her shift in engineering. He admired the twitch and sway of her taut backside, covered though it was by her uniform, it was very appealing.

"Jen." he said, his voice cracking just a bit as he called her.

Jennifer Kelly stopped in her tracks and turned around, a soft smile crossing her face as she recognized Travis Mayweather. "Oh hi Travis. I was just going to get ready. What time would you like me to come by?" she asked.

"Dinner will be served at nineteen hundred, so any time before that would be fine." he replied.

"I will be there at eighteen-thirty sir -- er -- Travis." she said, smiling a little broader this time. So he was going to feed me at least before he got started she thought. She turned back toward her room, and could feel the heat of his gaze on her bottom. He knows she realized, a tingle rising in her body. She had to get back to her room then on to see Phlox for her 'preparation'.

Travis showered and coated his skin with the 'man fragrance' that had been provided, then pulled on the suit he had chosen. Not a suit really, more like a sex outfit, the trousers fitting loose while still revealing his muscular features. The shirt was open to his navel. He hoped it would add to her excitement.

He setup the lights and put wine glasses and a chiller on the table. Travis had decided this would be like a 'date', and hoped it would put Jennifer at ease. She had to be a little uneasy about the whole thing, and the fact that he was black had to add to her anxiety. He wanted her to want him to fuck her in the ass, and would do the things to make it happen.

At eighteen-thirty on the dot, the door chime rang. "Come." said Travis, sitting comfortably on his couch.

Crewman Jennifer Kelly was dressed in a demure but very sexy skirt and blouse, the skirt cut several inches above her knee and the blouse molding itself around the firm round orbs of her bosom. "Hi Travis." she said softly. May I come in?" she asked.

"Of course Jen, come in." he replied, jumping up to greet her. "Care for a glass of wine?" he offered.

"Yes, that would be nice." she replied, walking over to stand close to him. "Mmmmm, you smell great." she told him.

"Well thanks lady, as do you." he replied, taking in a deep breath of her fragrance as he poured her glass. "Here you go, my dear." he said, handing her the glass of white wine.

They made small talk for the thirty minutes leading up to the delivery of the dinner. Smoked oysters, steamed clams, and a fine Caesar salad comprised the opening course of the meal, and the two ate with relish, finally relaxing in each others' company.

The main course was a delicious roasted prime rib of beef, from the Captains own private stores, with a fine vintage Cabernet Sauvignon to complement the meat. Travis remembered Phlox' recommendation to add the powder to wine an hour or so before the desired affect, and he did so without Jennifer noticing.

"To an enjoyable evening." he toasted, raising his glass.

"Enjoyable and fun." Jennifer replied, tapping her glass to his.

Travis noted that she had gulped the wine down in a few swallows, and smiled inside. She wanted to be hot for him he thought. He recalled the perfect shape and sensuous wriggle of her butt as he followed her earlier. Then he wondered if she would agree to suck his cock too. Hell, she'll agree to pretty much anything once she starts feeling this stuff he thought.

They enjoyed the cherries jubilee with a glass of port and both began to smile a lot as the affects of the powder came on. Travis stood up and smiled at the cute young woman. "Let's go get comfortable on the couch." he suggested.

"Okay." replied Jen, standing up and finding it difficult to balance. She wavered and found herself leaning against Travis. "Ooops!" she said, giggling as he put his arm around her.

"Easy now baby, easy." he said, walking slowly toward the couch while enjoying the firmness of her body. His fingers wandered aimlessly up and over a firm breast as they walked. She wore no bra.

"Hey now mister, take it easy yourself." she said, bumping her hip against his and wriggling away from his exploring hands.

Travis went along with the tease, and gave her a playful swat on her taut cheek. "I will take it however I can get it dear." he replied, adding a squeeze to the swat. They arrived at the couch and he sat down first, his strong arms guiding her down close to him.

"Mmmmm, I think I might like this." Jen said, her head resting on his chest while her soft hand roamed his bare chest. "A lot!"
she added, cuddling him as her body tingled with the affect of the aphrodisiac.

The music Travis had selected seemed to bring out the heat in his young friend, and she swayed gently. He couldn't believe it when her fingers roamed down his belly to briefly stroke his manmeat through the thin trousers. "Hey there girl, find something you like?" he asked, his hips moving slightly as she pursued the sensuous manipulation.

"Um, yeah." she replied, her head turning as she began to kiss his chest. "Maybe I'd like a little dessert. Do you mind?" she asked him, trailing her wet tongue down his chest to his navel.

"Hell no, I don't mind. Eat to your heart's delight." he replied, his hands beginning to guide her head as she made her way to his loins.

Travis' body jolted when her fingers touched the skin of his dick for the first time. "Oh yeah sweetie. I want you." he told her, one of his hands now wandering down her back to cup and squeeze the taut cheeks of her ass as his other hand maneuvered her head down to his crotch.

"I've never tasted a cock like yours before." she told him, her fingers releasing his partially erect organ from his trousers. Her lips touched the bulbous head for the first time -- and his dick grew another inch toward full size.

Travis' hand slipped under hem of her short skirt and worked its way up her soft thigh until he could feel the heat of her sex. As his finger made first contact he felt her lips encircle the head of his cock, and his hips pushed upward to fill her mouth with his meat. "Yeah baby, suck my cock." he told her, slipping his thick middle finger into her wet pussy until he came into contact with her membrane.

"mmEEEmphhhh." she mewled, his cock not allowing much communication from her.

Travis remembered that she was a virgin, and withdrew his digit to concentrate on her clit. This made Jennifer Kelly writhe in blatant lust as she took as much of his penis into her mouth as she could. She might not have much experience; but she was a pretty good cocksucker he thought, his hips matching her rhythm as he screwed her mouth. But he really didn't want this one-sided exercise to keep up for long and he reluctantly pulled her head up, his dick withdrawing from her lips with a lewd plop.

"Gotta taste this sweet pussy Jen." he told her, standing up and picking her up carry her to the bed.

"Sixty-nine?" she pleaded, reaching beneath her body to grab his bobbing penis as they walked.

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