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Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 09


Author's Note: For those readers who are not familiar with the 'In a Mirror Darkly' espisodes of Star Trek Enterprise, this is an episode in which Archer and the crew are seen as they would be in a 'mirror' universe. Archer is a power-hungry jerk. These episodes (a two-parter, actually) puts the 'Ho' in Hoshi – and at the end she announces herself as 'Empress Hoshi Sato'.

One more note for those who are wondering. The 'Enterprise – the Other Side' series has 16 'episodes' currently in the story line. This is episode #9, so stay tuned....

This is a work of fiction, although loosely based on two particular episodes of a popular sci-fi series. I own neither the series nor the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I have taken significant liberties with the characters, and hope you enjoy it!

Enterprise – the Other Side – Chapter 9

Hoshi Seduces a Partner

** Dinner at eight **

Hoshi knew Travis was the right guy to enlist in her plan, as he would be easy to recruit, was the last person Archer would suspect, he had the skills to pull off the moves needed to commandeer the ship, and the physical attributes necessary to fight any battles she encountered. Now all she needed to do was seduce him and get his commitment. The evening she had in mind was one she knew he would fall for, with a romantic dinner in her personal quarters followed by her own intimate encounter. The chef was aboard to provide an exotic meal, now all she had to do was her own preparation.

She took a long bath in scented oils, sipping on fine wine she'd taken from Archer's personal stash while she manicured her fingers and did a touch-up trim on her silky mound. She hoped Travis would want a taste of her, as she would surely be tasting his meaty sausage. Crewman Kelly had mentioned to her that Travis seemed to like oral things and was pretty good at eating pussy. He'll be much better than pretty good by the time I'm finished! she thought, her fingers gently probing at her folds beneath the water. With plenty of time to kill, Hoshi gently brought herself to a quiet orgasm with her fingers before nodding off briefly in the warm bubbles.

Hoshi awoke lazily, glancing up at the clock. Chef would be delivering dinner in thirty minutes, so she extracted her body from the water and dried off, applying a generous coat of fragrant oils before donning the sexy black pantsuit she'd brought out for the occasion. A few dabs of perfume in strategic places, some delicate jewelry to accent her features, and she was ready. She responded to the door chime and let the attendant roll the cart into her room, thanking him with a tiny kiss on the cheek – mostly to see his reaction to her closeness. He let out a long sigh, looking her up and down quickly before pivoting on his heels and disappearing back into the corridor. Okay then, I think Travis will like it. she thought, inspecting each of the covered dishes. Caesar salad, a rich-looking lentil soup, Cajun-style ribs with peppers and garlic, and New York-style cheesecake should do what she needed.

She went into her bedroom and turned down the cover to expose the satin sheets and pillow shams, making certain the small containers of oils and lubricants were visible and handy for their use. She dimmed the lights for ambience and walked back to the living area. Everything was in readiness.

At twenty-hundred hours exactly the door chime sounded. Hoshi padded over to the door in her bare feet, opening it cautiously to find Travis Mayweather holding a small bouquet of flowers. She glanced down the corridor in both directions. "Nobody saw me Ensign." Travis said. Hoshi motioned him inside and closed the door, setting the privacy lock.

"We're not on duty Travis. I'm Hoshi, remember?" she laughed softly, stroking his chest lightly with her fingers. "Come on in, make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a drink?" she asked. "I have some good wine, or perhaps some Rigelian Ale?"

"I'll have an ale, thanks." Travis replied, letting his eyes take in the succulent curves of his Asian crewmate. He was still holding the flowers. "Oh – uh – these are for you." he said, holding the bouquet out to her.

She took the flowers, leaning close to give him a quick kiss on the cheeks. "Aww... thanks Travis. That's sweet." Hoshi said, brushing her firm breast against his forearm as she turned to find a vase. She could feel his gaze on her firm bottom as she deliberately twitched across the room. A quick glance back confirmed it. Travis Mayweather was 'on the hook'.

I don't know exactly what she has in mind; but I know what I'd like to be doing later Travis thought, his eyes locked on the taut cheeks of Hoshi's ass. I wonder if she likes it in the butt? His thoughts were interrupted as his beautiful host turned back in his direction, a small vase in her hand.

"Found one!" Hoshi said, walking toward the sink. She filled the vase and placed the flowers in the water, distributing them in a pleasing arrangement before setting them on the table. "You hungry Travis?" she asked, chuckling softly at the double intendre.

"Sure, I could eat any time." Travis replied, walking toward the table. "Can I help?" he asked.

"No-no, just have a seat and I'll bring everything to you." Hoshi replied, padding over to the cart. She waited until Travis was seated, then placed the first two courses on the table. "Caesar salad and a Spicy Lentil soup for starters." she told him, taking the covers off of the two containers. She grabbed the tongs and served up his salad, sprinkling freshly grated Romano cheese on top. Then she took the ladle and filled his soup bowl. She smiled, waiting for his response.

Travis took a bite of the Romaine lettuce, his eyes lighting up with the delicate flavors. "Mmmm.. very nice." he said. Then he took a small spoonful of the soup, letting it cool before raising it to his lips. Again, his eyes brightened with the spicy 'kick' on his taste buds. "Wow... a bit of a bite here, eh?" he said. "Delicious Hoshi. Please, sit and serve yourself now." Travis suggested, standing up and moving around to pull out her chair – ever the gentleman. Hoshi sat, then helped as he pushed her in before Travis returned to his seat.

Dinner was delicious, Hoshi doing her best to taunt Travis' base desires as often as she could without being too obvious. Travis, while he didn't know about Hoshi's plan, was eager to pursue whatever this was. He'd had his eye on Hoshi Sato since the first time he saw her, nearly four years ago. His cock was responding with each subtle move of her sexy form. He had noticed that it appeared she wore no underwear this evening, as he could clearly see her nipples beneath the filmy top and could see no panty line through the form-fitting pants. He was eager to confirm those observations, if that was what she had in mind. He knew she would notice his 'condition' as soon as he stood up, and was anxious to see her response. He didn't have long to wait...

** Sweet delight **

Hoshi smiled at her handsome guest across the table, letting her foot roam across to graze over his calf. "Let's get more comfortable, shall we?" she said, rising from her chair then waiting for him. Travis rose slowly, letting her get a good look at his partially erect package. She walked around the table, leaning close to him as her fingers gently squeezed his organ. "Mmmm... I see I have an admirer." she said softly. "Rowwrrrr." Then she walked toward the sofa, again feeling his gaze on her backside. This is going well... she thought, taking a seat on the sofa and patting the cushion next to her.

Travis walked to the sofa, his now fully-erect penis bouncing beneath his loose trousers. The feel of the material rubbing at his cockhead was particularly stimulating when he was looking at the sexy Asian he had admired for so long. He sat next to her, letting his arm slide around her shoulders as nonchalantly as he could manage. She moaned softly and rested her head on him, her hand coming to rest on his upper thigh. After a few moments to collect his thoughts, he finally spoke. "You know Hoshi, I've dreamed about an evening like this with you." he said, squeezing her shoulder affectionately.

"Really?" Hoshi answered softly, returning his squeeze – on his thigh. "Me too." she added, letting her hand drift upward. As her fingers found his dick she turned her head to plant a wet kiss on his neck, breathing deep to take in his masculine scent. "Perhaps we can make up for lost time." She whispered, her fingers stroking his meat through the pants. "Mmmm?"

"Absolutely." Travis replied, letting his hand drift over her shoulder and down to her breast, fondling the firm flesh and teasing the nipple with his fingers. Hoshi's head tilted back and he pressed his lips to hers, his tongue sneaking into her mouth as their hands became more active.

"mmmMMMMohgawd..." Hoshi moaned as she broke the kiss, her fingers reaching inside his fly to pull out the sizeable black cock she'd heard about. "Ohhhmmmphhhhh" came her muffled mewl as her lips surrounded his organ. She flicked her tongue around the sensitive head, suckling on his manhood gently before going down as far as she could. His cock wasn't any longer than Archer's; but it was thicker, and stretched her mouth to the limit. Damn, how the hell am I going to get this thing in my ass? she wondered. She could feel the warmth of Phlox' potion working in her bottom as she sucked the Ensign's thick black cock.

Travis sat back and watched as the Asian beauty worked her succulent lips up and down his dick. He had wanted this for years, and planned to enjoy it as long as possible. He had taken one of the doctor's concoctions that was supposed to prolong his pleasure, and it seemed to be working. He'd always thought she was a beautiful woman; but she was particularly lovely with his penis in her mouth. "Ohhhh yeah baby... that's nice... suck my black cock honey..." he ordered, taking her head in his hands and guiding her lips up and down his shaft. Then he pulled her up to disengage before pushing her back down. "Suck my balls girl, nice and easy..."

Hoshi let him push her head where he wanted it, doing as he wished with her lips and tongue. She made the sounds she knew he would want to hear because she needed his help to defeat Archer and take her place as leader of the Empire. She would use her beauty and sexual talents in whatever ways were required to achieve those goals. He pulled her head back up to shove his dick into her mouth again, face fucking her as she let out the muffled squeals she knew men liked. "MmmmphGLLLGHPPHHHH" she grunted around his meat. She reached down to slip a finger into her pussy, spreading her juices all over her outer lips to prepare for the next assault on her prey...

He loved watching his thick organ stretching her lips as he pulled her head down toward his loins. Travis knew he would be able to draw this out; but he needed to try one of Hoshi's other openings. As if she read his mind, she withdrew from his meat with a loud plop and smiled at him. "Fuck me." she said, climbing on top of him and reaching between their bodies to guide his thick pecker to her wetness. "AWWWWHHHHYESSSSSS!" she hissed, pushing her hips down to capture his penis in the depths of her wet cunt. His hands gripped her hips, guiding her body as he thrust his turgid weapon in and out of her body. He gazed at her face as he fucked her, watching the little winces as he drove deep into her pussy. She was very tight, the muscles of her vagina gripping him as few others had. His hands reached back to squeeze the firm cheeks of her ass, his fingertips grazing the crease between them as he skewered her cunt.

Hoshi loved being fucked, especially when there was a purpose and the cock made her feel full. Travis' thick meat stretched her pussy just right, and he seemed happy to be fucking her cunt for the moment. She leaned forward and pressed her wet lips to his, grinding her face against his as she ground her cunt down on his cock. One of his big hands held her head in place as she felt the other moving down over her backside to find the little puckered ring of her anus. She let out a muffled moan as the tip of his finger gouged open her tightest hole. She actually didn't mind the forceful contact; but knew he would appreciate things more if he thought she did. Her moans and squirms were countered by the thick finger probing just enough to stretch open her sphincter ring, holding still just inside the snug port. She felt the twitch inside her cunt and willed her muscles to squeeze even tighter. The finger forced its way inside her asshole and his hips began pumping hard. She pulled her lips free and worked her body to drive him to his peak, her hips bouncing on his lap. "FUCKKK MEEEEE." she howled.

He knew he wasn't going to last any longer now, Hoshi's hot cunt squeezing his meat in a velvet vise as he fingerfucked her tight ass. "Nnnnggg... NNNNggg... YEAH... OHhh.. YEAHHHH... AHhh.. Ahh.. AHHHH... AHHHHHHH... " he grunted, burrowing his cock into her pussy and his thick digit into her butt as his balls emptied into her belly. He held her in place until his climax had subsided, his hands roaming her body as his breathing calmed to normal. Hoshi squeezed his shoulders as she nuzzled his neck and continued to work the muscles of her vaginal channel to capture the last of his seed. Finally he let her rectal muscles push his finger out, her lips working their way back up to kiss him.

Hoshi gazed into his eyes, her body pressed firmly against his, the damp heat of her pussy still caressing his cock. "So... Travis... I gather you enjoyed that." she said, smiling and giving him another kiss. "There's more you know..."

Travis returned her smile, flexing his organ inside her. "But....?" he asked.

"But I need to know I can count on your support." Hoshi replied.

"My support for what?" Travis asked, his fingers lightly tracing her spine.

"I'm going to take over the Defiant. Archer is getting weaker by the day, he's under the influence of that Vulcan bitch and I'm going to make certain the Empire doesn't remain in this weakened state." Hoshi responded sternly. Then she moved her hips in slow circles, keeping his dick in its erect form. "Mmmm?" she taunted, squeezing his meat with her muscles.

Travis let his hands roam down over the firm cheeks of her backside, letting his fingers trail down the crevice to her little wrinkle. He raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. "I think you can count on my support, if you are willing to give something more in return." he told her, pressing the tip of his index finger an inch into her butthole.

"Mmmm.... Of course lover... Any time you want..." Hoshi replied, relaxing her anal ring and pushing her hips back to capture another inch. "Ohhhh.... " she moaned softly.

** Travis has an Asian ass **

Travis lifted her hips, pulling his cock out of her pussy before he rolled her over onto her back on the sofa. His hands pulled her body forward until the plane of her cunt and ass were at the edge. Without another word he knelt on the floor, grasped her knees, pushed them back to her chest, and positioned his still-turgid member at her nether port. "Ready?" he asked her. Then without waiting for her answer he pushed, sliding two inches of his thick shaft up her tight ass. She winced and wriggled her hips, her hands flattened against his chest. Travis hooked her knees over his shoulders and grasped her hips, pushing another two inches inside her snug bottom. The buttery-smooth tunnel was glorious around his cock, and he was determined to make it all the way in.

Hoshi stretched her hand over to the side table and grabbed a small tube. "Use this... It will help... both of us..." she grunted, twisting the cap and removing it. "Inside would be best." she added, handing him the tube. "Ahhhkkk...mmmm" she moaned as she felt his dick withdraw from her hole.

Travis took the tube and pushed the tip inside her gaped asshole, giving it a healthy squeeze before spreading a generous amount on his cock. He tossed the tube beside her and spread the lube on his penis with his hand, sliding two fingers into the Asian beauty's back door to spread it inside her channel. Then he pressed the bulbous head against her sphincter and pushed again. This time his cock slipped all the way inside her mucky chute with little resistance. "Ahhhhhh.... So nice in there... so tight... so hot..." Travis grunted. He held still, letting her get accustomed to the intrusion.

Hoshi smiled, reaching up to pull his head down to hers. "Mmmm... Now just go nice and slow, and we can both have a good time." she said softly, pressing her lips to his in the pseudo-passionate kiss she had become so adept at. Then she clenched the muscles of her rectal channel, squeezing his erection in her asshole. She watched his eyes roll up as she exercised the control she had learned, rippling the muscles inside her butt along his shaft. "Now Ensign, you may fuck my ass." she told him, beginning a gentle roll of her hips.

"Ohgawd... so fucking hot..." Travis moaned, gripping her hips and beginning his rhythmic thrusts into her bottom. He started with a slow, easy pace, not wanting to reach his peak again too soon. The mucky grip of her asshole was far more practiced than Jennifer Kelly's had been. Hoshi Sato knew exactly how to give pleasure with her tight backside, and he wanted to enjoy it. She'd said 'any time'; but that was somewhere in a future over which he had little control. Now his cock was fucking into the lovely Asian's rectum and he was going to enjoy it.

She'd never had anything this thick in her butt, and it took some getting used to. She was glad Travis had poured so much of the lube into her, as it numbed things nicely. She closed her eyes and let her black lover sodomize her, willing her muscles to milk at his shaft as he moved it in and out. Soft mewls of pleasure escaped from her throat as she pulled his lips to hers again. "mmMMMmmm... mmphhHhhhHHH... Ahhh..mm..m" she moaned into his mouth. His strokes became longer, the rhythm gaining pace. Her own orgasm began to grow in her heated loins as his pubis pounded against her erect clit on each thrust. She broke the long kiss, staring into his eyes with wild lust. "FUCK MY ASS TRAVIS... OHGAWDDD... FUCK MY ASSHOLE.." she howled.

Travis could sense her passion rising, felt the tiny spasms and shudders of her lithe body as she held him against her. His cock was gripped and released by the clenching muscles inside her rearend, then suddenly she froze and gasped. A series of spasms gave away her climax, then she began raking his back with her fingernails, her hips writhing against him. "Ohgawddddddd... yes... yes.. YIAAAHHH... CUMMMMINGGGG." Hoshi squealed, pushing her hips up to meet his sodomizing thrusts. Her spasms grew in intensity, launching Travis over his own peak.

"ohhhYEAH BABY... gonna CUM IN YOUR ASS NOW... TAKEIT... TAKEIT... TAAAKKKKEEEEEEITTTTTT..." Travis growled, slamming his erection deep into her asshole and filling her bowels with his seed. His hands held her hips fast, his entire organ buried inside her snug bottom, still twitching as the last of his load was drawn from him by the clenching muscles. Hoshi moaned softly, holding him close as both of them slowly recovered from the intense pleasure. She willed her rectal muscles to keep milking him, and she could feel the viscous ooze combining with the lube inside her ass.

"Ohhhh Travis... that was incredible... so fucking hard..." she whispered in his ear, her hips gently writhing in the glow. She felt his twitches subsiding, his penis slowly losing its rigidity inside her. She worked her rings of lust, lovingly caressing his cock as it slipped out of her backside. She could feel the ooze of his semen escaping her opening, following her crease down to the sofa. "Mm Hmmm.... I think you've filled me up sir.." Hoshi giggled, giving him a quick kiss before gently pushing him off. Her feet dropped to the floor and she pushed herself back to a sitting position, reaching over to give him an affectionate pat on his thigh. "Maybe we should clean up before we get dirty again." Hoshi suggested, laughing at the suggestion. "Come on lover." she added, standing up and pulling him along with her.

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