tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 4

Erotic Adventures Ch. 4


It was Peters birthday today. I looked at his sleeping form on the bed. The parcel containing my clothing was still unopened and my tiny dustcoat lay on top of it. Naturally, now, I was still naked. I loved the feel of being nude, more now than ever. I decided to stay that way while I showered, then made breakfast for both of us.

Sally's advice had worked in every way. I had my beloved Peter back in my life and I had finally conquered my silly fears about exposing my body. Her other, more intimate, change to me had made me far more sensitive in the area of my vulva by removing all of my pubic hair. My vaginal lips were far more aware of the slightest touch. As I stepped under the shower this became even more apparent. I felt far more sexual and sensuous than before. Soaping myself up, I spent more time than usual in this area and marvelled as my lips became swollen with a need for attention. My clitoris became erect and I was soon moaning with desire for an orgasm. What had she done to me?

I had changed my entire outlook on life in less than 24hrs.

I was drying myself when the phone rang and I raced out to answer it, dropping my towel and running.

"Is that you Pam?" A female voice replied to my greeting.

"It worked, Sally!---Peter's still asleep at the moment."

I told her all about our mistake and the steps that had to be taken in order to remedy our error. I told her about the agreement that I had been forced into making with Harry, the photographer.

"He wanted to take nude photos of me." I breathed excitedly. "I had to say yes, to get him to let me in to the new dressing room."

"Oh God! You must be furious with me."

"Not really, darling.-----Peter did ask me to marry him, after all that." I smiled. "It was worth all the trouble." I giggled.

I told her almost everything about our first meeting and his guided tour of the new facilities after the young players had left.

Sally was excited for me and offered to bring my bags over later on.

"Why didn't you call in on the way home?" She asked

"We didn't get home till much later on that evening." I raved. "Thank you for all your help. I'll see you later on, I guess. He loved his present, by the way. Thank you again."

I was thrilled as we terminated the call. I had been speaking to my new sister-in-law to be. I went into the kitchen and opened the frig.

It was full of goodies for the party later on, reminding me that Peter was holding it at his,---- no!--- our place later on. I was so excited that it slipped my mind. I was moving back in.

I turned on the jug and explored my home. Everything was just as I had left it. I had lived with Peter, before we broke up, and I missed the house almost as much as I had missed my beloved. There were still pictures of us around the living room and there was one of myself and Peter standing near the pool outside. I was wearing my favourite blue bikini. It was generously cut, my bikini, but Peter had bought this skimpy 'Wicked Weasel' number that I refused to wear, even in private with just the two of us. This had led to our break up. It was the only item of clothing that I had left behind when I packed my bags.

The sun was shining out by the pool and there were tables set up, in readiness for the party tonight. It was private enough and there were no neighbours that could overlook our private area. Peter always used to sunbathe nude and Sally very rarely wore a swimsuit when she came over to visit. I had always been the odd one out. That would change from now on! I had made up my mind.

Standing by the ranch-slider, my body was bathed in sunlight and it made me aware of my nudity, yet again. My skin was so sensitive now.

My nipples had grown and hardened when I ventured outside. The breeze caressed my naked genitals and I shivered, not with cold or even with fear. I was just more aware of my own sexuality now, a great feeling of liberation and contentment. I left the door open and went back inside to make breakfast for two.

We sat down together, both naked still, for breakfast.

"Did I leave that door open?" Peter pointed.

"No darling, I did. I went outside earlier." I smiled.

"In the nude!" A surprised look. "I still can't believe it."

Peter shook his head when I nodded as I sipped my coffee. "I thought it might have all been a dream. Thank God it wasn't."

We made our plans for the day and Peter had to go over to the grounds to lead the lads in a practice session. The party was set for 7pm that evening.

"I've still got a score to settle with those rude little buggers. Want to come and watch me putting them through their paces?"

"Oh! Sally's coming over with my bags later on."

"Maybe you'd like to stay here and catch up with your tan?"

"Great idea! I come and watch next week, some time, I promise."

We continued to make our plans and went back to the bedroom. Peter dressed, indicating my gift wrapped clothes.

"I'd better take these dustcoats back." He grinned. "We might need them again, some time?" He nudged me and laughed.

I shook my head when he tried to hand me the parcel, waving it away.

"I'll let you open the parcel tonight." I confirmed. "Have you still got that bikini around here? --- Just in case I have to answer the door while you're away?"

He reached into his bedside cupboard with a wide smile.

"You're going to wear it?" He asked.

"Any time you like from now on." I laughed. "I've learned my lesson." I took it from his hand. "Even at the party tonight if you like?" I laughed.

"That's a date!" He grinned. "We will make it a pool party with swimwear absolutely mandatory for all guests,--to begin with anyway."

I waved as Peter drove away, from behind the curtains in the living room. I then proceeded to open the package to look at the reason that Peter and I had argued. After yesterday, it didn't seem so bad. It was a Micro-minimus label in a light blue tone that had cost Peter a lot of money for something so tiny. I hadn't even tried it on. It was as light as a feather and so small in the crotch that it would have showed my pubic hair, if I had, at the time. That was no longer a huge problem after Sally had removed the fuzz, the night before last. I went back to the bedroom and looked at myself in the full length mirror. As I already knew, my lips were parted and moist and revealed my inner labia in an alarmingly indiscrete way. I looked like a slut. Anything had to be better that appearing in front of others that way. As disgusting as it looked to me, with my pale flesh under my old bikini line making my dark pink inner labia even more prominent, old Harry had praised my body. He couldn't help staring at my smoothly shaven lips, even more than my naked breasts. It was also the first thing that Peter had focussed his attention on.

I blushed as I remembered my first meeting with Harry. I intended to put on my suit and spend some time by the pool until Sally arrived, eager to tan the milky white flesh as soon as I could. I remembered the sun bed at the gymnasium and vowed to use it as soon as possible.

I looked over at Peter's clothing. He had left his jacket behind and I reached over. Harry's card was still there so I pulled it out and looked at it again. It reminded me of the urgency to improve my tan.

I put the card on the dresser and tried on the suit. As I had feared it barely covered my vaginal lips but it looked more decent to me than my hairless pussy did, before. There was only a thin cord that ran through the parting of the cheeks of my bottom at the back, but it was better than nothing at all. I tried on the top and looked in the mirror. The tiny wisps of cloth barely covered my nipples and aureole area but again, it was better than nothing at all. I turned around and looked at my own reflection. I was sorry that I had been so bold as to offer to wear it to the party tonight. Sally had told me that it was planned to be an intimate affair, with only close friends invited. I hoped she was right. Something made me pick up Harry's card.

"I'll ring him as soon as I've spoken to Sally again. I'll try to put him off for a week or two." I said aloud. I was worried again.

I dialled her number.

"Sally has gone out for a while." Rebecca replied. "She took your cases with her. She said she was calling by, to see you. How did her plan go?"

"All's well!" I replied curtly. "I'm back with Peter again."

I had never really liked Rebecca. She was competition as far as I was concerned. Fortunately, Peter wasn't attracted to her in the same way as me. We exchanged brief pleasantries and I hung up. At least Sally hadn't told her the full story. I still wanted to know who was coming but I would have to wait for Sally's arrival, to find out. I dialled again.

"Hello Pam, sweetheart. How did your meeting go?"

It was Harry that answered in a very pleasant and friendly manner. I was dying to tell someone so I told him that I was back, living with Peter. Naturally, I didn't give him all of the intimate details but I told him about my confrontation with the players. He was like my own father and I opened up to him more than I normally would have. After all, he had seen more of my naked body than my father ever would. I chatted to him and it was good to pass the time with someone like him, while I was waiting for Sally. I told him that I intended to tan my body up some more, out by the pool and asked if he could wait for a couple of weeks or so before I modelled for him. He went quiet.

"That's what I wanted to capture." He began. "You body is so gorgeous, with those tan lines just the way they are right now."

"It looks rude." I protested. I makes my--you know--pubic area stand out too much." I was blushing like a schoolgirl again. I still couldn't describe my concern to him, let alone say vaginal lips.

"Not to me, sweet lady." Harry was chuckling. "That's why I wanted you to pose for me." He paused waiting for my answer. I was stunned, speechless. "It's a true celebration of your womanhood in my estimation, my sweet. You have the loveliest young body I've seen in a long time. What on earth do you think you're ashamed of, anyway?"

"It's just that I don't think it looks all that nice." I argued my case. "I'm not used to it yet."

"Nonsense! I think you look really beautiful in the nude." He chuckled. "Mind you, I haven't seen you with any clothes on, yet."

Harry had such a way with his words that I found myself agreeing to let him come over and preserve my look for posterity, right away. He convinced me that a mounted photo, taken by him, would make the best birthday present of all for Peter. Obviously, I hadn't told him about satisfying Peter's curiosity about anal sex last night.

"All right then, Harry." I murmured. "I'll be here all day. I hope it's not too much trouble for you." I was in shock.

"No trouble at all! I'll talk to you about some other modelling assignments when I get there." Harry confirmed my agreement before I had a chance to change my mind. We terminated the call, leaving me in a state of confusion. The last thing I expected was to be called on to honour my agreement with Harry right away. As much as I had merely fantasised about posing in the nude for him, I wasn't really ready for that, just yet. Yet, now that I knew he was coming over today I was gripped by an odd excitement that made my body tingle with a new anticipation. What did Harry mean about some other modelling jobs that he had in mind? What did he want?

Now that I had my bikini on, I decided to open the curtains and let some more light into the lounge. At least I would be able to see when Sally arrived. I went back to the bedroom and re-examined myself in the mirror. I made some minor adjustments to the bottoms to see if I could raise the coverage of my pubic area a bit. The suit had been designed to show as much flesh above the natural formation of my vaginal lips as possible, whilst remaining 'legally' dressed, sitting right on my pubic bone. The more I pulled the top part up, the more the suit slipped in between the folds of my vagina. I gave up trying.

From the back view, it appeared that I was nude. I was glad I had kept my posterior muscles toned with exercise and at least the flesh of my bum wasn't flabby, like some other girls I knew.

"I guess It doesn't look too bad." I muttered, nerves jangling.

I began to do the housework while I was waiting. I felt naked, even with my new swimsuit on. Rays of sunlight warmed my flesh and I tried to put my appearance out of my mind. I looked longingly at the parcel and I was severely tempted to open it. No! I had promised Peter that he could open it. At least he would know that I had kept to my word.

I thought it was Sally, when the doorbell rang. I raced for the front door, standing behind it as I opened it for Sally.

"Thank God you're here--" I began, stopping midstream as I saw Harry standing there with two cameras over his shoulder. I blushed, but let him in, quickly closing the door behind him.

"Would you like a coffee, Harry?" I gave him an embarrassed smile. "I thought it was my--girlfriend with the rest of my clothes." I stammered. "She's due any minute."

Harry smiled and placed his cameras on the coffee table, looking around at the tidy room.

"Where's young Peter,---gone off to practice already?"

"I'm just waiting for my makeup to arrive--Sally--it's coming."

I spluttered, stalling for time. "She should have been here by now."

"That's alright, my dear. You don't really need it for what I have in mind, the more natural the better." Harry looked out at the pool area. "We'll just start off by taking a few shots out there, by the pool." He looked back at me. "We'll do some in your swimsuit and then, when you feel more comfortable, you can take it off for me."

Harry was the consummate charmer. He twinkled his eyes as he looked me over. He seemed to like seeing me, in my 'Wicked Weasel' swimsuit.

"You still look lovely to me, Pamela." He sighed. "I just wish we had made time yesterday-----to get a few shots at the studio." He picked up a camera. "Shall we go outside? I'm ready now!"

Harry wasn't giving me much choice.

"Is my hair alright?" I patted my head to check that my short, wavy blonde hair was in place. "I wasn't expecting you so soon."

"You'll be fine, Pam. Don't be nervous." He broke out in a reassuring smile as he beckoned me outside. "Mind you, you were quite nervous yesterday,---but you still looked gorgeous to me." He smiled.

His reminder of the way that we met reassured me somehow. My body was still tensed, but with an excitement rather than an unwillingness to pose for him. Harry seemed so understanding and before I spoke again, he assured me that the area would do justice to my beauty.

"Just stand by the Bar-B-Que table and smile at me, love. Don't look straight into the camera." Click "That's right!" Click "Play with your hair a little." Click "You've done this before I think?"

I relaxed and followed his instructions as he took a number of candid shots as I pirouetted and rubbed my hands all over my body. It made me more daring and I was truly exhilarated by now. I played with the fastenings of my suit, debating and then deciding to get it over with as soon as possible.

"When you're ready?" Harry smiled as I removed my top.

He took more photos as I moved around, according to his instructions.

"Anytime now!" He called as I returned to the area where I had removed my top. "Oh Pam, can you put that bikini away, out of sight? We don't want to see it in the photos." He checked his film.

I knew what he meant. Biting my lower lip, I tentatively undid the string that held my bikini bottoms in place. My nipples were hard and erect and I fervently hoped that my tense labial lips were not parted obscenely, similarly aroused. After a moments indecision, I quickly uncovered myself and scampered over to the ranch-slider, throwing them behind the open door. All the while, I could hear Harry's camera still clicking away. The moment that wispy suit left the tips of my fingers, I realised that I was enjoying myself. I had fantasised about this moment, ever since I agreed to do it. Now that I was naked again I tried to ignore the creeping sensuality that overcame my daft girlish inhibitions and gain courage from Harry's flattering remarks. I quickly turned to face him again. I felt myself blushing as I tried to smile and walked slowly back to the sun chair next to the pool.

Harry's eyes were gleaming as I sat down, quickly placing my legs together and throwing back my head, knees raised defensively.

"How's that?" I gave him a cheeky smile. "All nude!"

"Come on Pam. You can do it?" He encouraged. "You know what we want to capture. The sun's warming your body up nicely. Just pretend I'm not here and open yourself up to the camera and let the sun do it's work." He came closer.

"B-But, I'm a bit w-wet down there at the moment." I stammered.

"Look Pam!" Harry crouched beside me. "Some girls have to use Vaseline." He saw the confusion in my eyes. "To achieve the look that we want, professional models often have to smear lubricant over their inner lips to get the look that we want. You have that naturally, my dear. I've seen it, remember? Now just think about something else, use your imagination if you would?"

"Sorry Harry, I'll try." I promised. He was so understanding.

I drifted into my own fantasy world and closed my eyes. I was out on a desert island. The sun was warming my body, making me more sexually excited. I rubbed my hands over my breasts, lightly pinching my large distended nipples as I passed over them. Peter was watching me and I opened my legs to show him how much I wanted him. The sound of the camera was all I could hear. I could hear a low whistle as I moved my bottom forward and played with my soaking wet lips. I could tell that I was wide open and Peter wanted access to my tight rosebud again. The old man was gone and in his place Peter was licking his chops and getting ready to ravish me. My fingers were sticky as I removed them from my engorged vaginal lips. I knew that my inner labia was fully aroused but I no longer cared. I slid and wriggled my bottom forward to meet his hardened turgid member, poised to enter me. I placed my hands away at my sides and pushed myself upward. Positioned now for ease of entry, my knees parted fully, I let out a soft moan and raised my bottom even more. I was almost about to orgasm. My body began to shudder when I heard an excited voice.

"Brilliant! Keep it up, just like that Pam." Harry was rapt.

I was shocked from my fantasy world and opened my startled eyes. Now back in the real world, I could see Harry and his camera standing in front of me but there was someone else standing behind him. My hands flew to cover my breasts and my knees slammed shut in a split second. My eyes were out of focus and I was truly alarmed.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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Barbara Anne Adams.

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