tagExhibitionist & VoyeurErotic Adventures Ch. 5

Erotic Adventures Ch. 5


Chapter 5: A Huge Shock For Pam

* * * * *

I was jerked back from the brink of the most delicious orgasm to face reality. I was shaking now, rather than shuddering, out of control.

"What! the--" I gasped as my eyes focussed on Sally, smiling at me in disbelief.

"I never would have believed it. Wow!" She walked quickly on toward me. "Congratulations, my love." She kissed me on my beet red cheek. "Another birthday present for Peter, so soon?"

I found my voice, stopped shaking and relaxed again.

"See what you've done to me!" I smiled and giggled nervously.

"A distinct improvement as I see it, darling." Sally giggled as she whispered into my ear. "I saw the new swimsuit as I came in. It's about time you realised how gorgeous you look, without it."

Sally was taking off her blouse as she spoke. Her tanned breasts were unsupported. She walked back to the ranch-slider, twirling her blouse above her head like a stripper. I realised that she was undoing her short wraparound skirt as she moved inside the house. What was going on? How did she get inside the house? I thought I had locked it.

I looked at Harry. He was changing to another roll of film and he was smiling at me. I was still very red in the face, flushed with shame.

"Now you're getting there!" He complemented me. "Those last few poses were exactly what I was looking for, today." He looked at his watch. "We've got plenty of time if you want to go for a swim with Sally. I can get a few shots with both of you together." He leaned over me and lowered his voice. "Just forget I'm here. I'm sorry that I spoke too soon. Whatever it was that you were thinking of, please try it again." He apologised for interrupting my orgasm.

"I-I don't know what came over me." I stuttered, turning my eyes from his piercing blue eyes for a moment. "I'm so ashamed."

"Just do whatever comes naturally, my darling. Sally and I know each other well enough by now. I won't be shocked." He gave me a knowing wink. "Be yourself!"

I thought about the events of yesterday. I began to wonder exactly how well he knew Sally. I knew that she had done some nude modelling.

"Has Sally modelled for you before, Harry?" I asked innocently as I opened my legs again, more relaxed now that my childhood friend was here. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sally emerge casually from the house, completely naked now, smiling and coming back toward us again. She flicked on the switch for the pool filter.

"I don't know about you, Pam, but I feel like a swim? Watching you enjoy yourself, like that, has made me quite randy."

Her long dark hair was draped carelessly over her shoulder and she spoke to Harry.

"Did you tell Pam the truth about yesterday yet?"

The look on Harry's kindly old face said it all. He was mortified. "Oops!" She gave me an apologetic smile.

Like a bolt of lightning, it dawned on me. Pam had set me up. She had known all along that Peter was in a different dressing room. It all made perfect sense and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Whether she did it intentionally or not, she had changed my life. I was quite stunned by my suspicions but looked up to speak to her.

There was something different about Sally's vagina. As I was thinking about how I should react, I couldn't help noticing that her clitoris seemed a bit larger than usual. She was excited, both emotionally and sexually and there was a glint of metal down there. I sat up, with a bolt from the blue as I realised what she had done to herself.

"You've got a genital piercing now!" The words rushed out of my mouth before I could stop myself. My voice betrayed my surprise.

"We've got some catching up to do." She acknowledged casually. "Come for a swim and I'll tell you about it." She invited, diving into the pool.

"Go ahead, Pam." Harry acknowledged my inquiring look. "It'll help to cool you off." He cackled. "You're a bit flushed, just at the moment." He busied himself with his camera, turning away from the harsh sunlight.

I realised that he was right, but he had forgotten about my excited state. I touched myself. I was still very wet down there.

"The filter takes care of it!" Pam yelled out, laughing as she swam back to the steps. I coloured up all over again. She had watched me playing with myself. Was there no end to my shame? I wasted little time in joining her in the water. I dived straight into the crystal blue, shimmering water of the pool to hide my shame. I realised that I had never swum in the nude before, either. The water caressed my naked breasts and then my sensitive vulva as my body sliced through the water. By the time I surfaced I had made my decision. I would thank Sally from the bottom of my heart for helping me overcome my inhibitions this way. It had been a bit brutal at the time but there was no denying that the changes in my life, as the result of Sally's prank, were beneficial and enjoyable. Before now, I had believed my parents and hidden the 'naughty bits' of my body away from others and would never have considered touching myself in front of anybody other than my intended husband. Even then, it was usually in darkness.

"Be yourself!"--- "Just do what comes naturally."

Harry's words of wisdom repeated in my brain. If only that gentle, enlightened old man had been my father I would be like Sally, totally uninhibited, like Peter. I had always admired both of them, even as children. I made up my mind to thank Sally in the way that she would most enjoy. I knew that she loved women almost as much as men. If I hadn't been quite drunk, I would never have let her shave my most private parts the other night. It was the first time that I had taken off my panties in front of her but I knew that she enjoyed touching me, down there. I had long suspected that her and Rebecca were lovers as well as flatmates and had steadfastly refused to let Rebecca watch as Sally removed all my pubic hair.

I swam underwater and surfaced beside my long-time childhood heroine. I slid up her naked body, hugging her and kissing her full on the lips as I broke the surface again. I didn't resist as Sally returned my kiss and touched my shaven pussy in the same way that Peter did. I felt totally liberated as I returned her touch, much to her obvious delight. I was finally free! Breast to breast and hips to hips, we embraced. No words needed to be said as I thanked her. I was vaguely aware that Harry was using his camera to record my very first lesbian experience. I owed him almost as much as Sally and he had intimated that I should be myself, assuring me that he wouldn't be shocked. I trusted his words completely now.

"My, My!" Sally breathed as I touched her genital piercing. "You certainly have changed, Pamela my darling." She was flushed with excitement. "Lets get out of the pool and let Harry get some shots of us? He didn't bring an underwater camera today." She explained her reasons, quietly whispering in my ear.

Nodding eagerly now, I followed her up the pool steps and back into the sunlight. The sun warmed my naked skin deliciously and I put my arm around her.

"Are you ready to take some shots of the two of us, together?"

"Yes indeed!" Harry replied to Sally's unnecessary question.

He had already seen everything and was even clicking away as he spoke.

His expression was one of understanding and delight.

"I'm really proud of you, Pamela." Harry enthused. "Do you want me to be quiet while you're dreaming this time, my dear?

I blushed and gratefully smiled at him.

"That's alright Harry. I think I'm over my nerves, with you."

I ran over and kissed him on his weathered cheek. I whispered in his ear so that Sally didn't hear.

"It might help if you make your instructions sound more like an order."

"Why dear?" Harry was astonished.

"In my fantasies, I pretend that I am helpless to refuse your demands. I pretend that you are Peter." I blushed. I have to do everything you ask me to." I explained shyly.

Harry nodded his head in understanding. A smile came over his face.

"I'll bear that in mind from now on, my little dove." Quietly.

He sharpened his tone slightly. "Come on girls! Lets all get back to work!" He smiled at me. "That better!"

Giggling uncontrollably I ran back to Sally. I turned to face Harry.

"Yes sir!" I gave him a mock salute.


By the time we all went inside for lunch, Harry was the only person with clothing on. I had lost my fear of expressing my sexuality to Harry completely. I was determined not to be so shy about being seen naked and put my bikini on the bed with Sally's clothing. There were only two garments on the bed, a short wraparound skirt and a thin blouse. No panties and no bra! She was even more uninhibited than I thought. I still had to find out about her piercing. I looked forward to a 'girl talk' when Harry left after lunch.

Sally was making hot drinks when I walked back to join them. I didn't even pull the curtains before I sat at the table, facing the opaquely glazed front door so I could see if anybody came up the pathway.

Harry and Sally talked to me about other projects that they had later considered for me, inviting me to join them as a permanent, well paid model. I had previously imagined Harry as a club photographer with a keen interest in taking a few raunchy photos for his own amusement. I was amazed when Sally told me that glamour photography was Harry's speciality and had been for years. He had captured women in revealing poses for all of his professional life.

"When I started, back in the sixties, it was all very subdued nudity." Harry took over. "Shots like we did today were totally illegal and the models were never bold enough to show everything anyway." His eyes twinkled. "Fortunately, the last forty years have seen attitudes change and most of what we've done today is perfectly acceptable, even in magazines."

He looked at me with his piercing blue eyes, admiring me.

"What sort of work would you want me to do?" I gasped.

"You, my little dove, are a natural! I knew it right from the start, when I first saw you." His smile warmed. "I would like you to keep those tan lines as long as you can, staying just the way you are as long as possible. Sally is lovely, but there is a real market for newcomers, with a touch of reluctance." He paused and looked at me. I was getting excited and my telltale nipples were as hard as rocks. Harry smiled and continued speaking. "You see, I know you take a lot of pleasure in showing yourself, even though you don't think it's a good thing to do. That why you fantasise so much."

"You realised that?" I was shocked.

"It's perfectly natural, my little darling. I understand you completely!" He paused as I began to take his words in. "I'll prove it to you if you like?"

"What do you mean, Harry?" I was intrigued. He was so astute.

Harry smiled, picking up his camera again.

"Get up and go and stand over there!" He barked. "By the window and close your eyes and imagine Peter's football team, outside on the street, looking at you, if it helps?"

"You are joking?" My body began to tingle, deliciously.

"Far from it, my dear!" Harry rasped. "Now do it!"

Like a robot, I followed his instructions as his camera clicked. I tentatively stood by the window, looking outside to make sure that no-one was there.

"Close your eyes!" He ordered. "Just let yourself go and trust old Harry." His camera was still clicking. "That's great! Now play with yourself!"

He was ordering my to pleasure myself. I obeyed in a trance.

I was transported back to the dressing room. This time, I opened up the toilet door and all those young teenagers were shocked rigid. This time I stood with my hands on my hips and opened my legs, to allow then to feast their eyes on my smoothly shaven vagina. Peter was so proud. He ordered me to show them, in no uncertain terms, that there was a huge difference between a desirable young woman and a frightened little boy.

"That's right! Open up your lips and show these little bastards what we did behind that toilet door." Peter ordered.

I touched myself and moaned as a wave of orgasmic pleasure overcame my fear. My body began to tremble as I caressed my clitoris. This time, I had a small golden ring like Sally's attached to my most secret place. I began to shudder and my knees were getting weaker. My vagina was soaking wet as I feverishly induced the most delicious orgasm of my life, knowing that those young lads all had raging hard members, standing to attention in my honour.

I had know way of knowing whether Peter was going to let them use me afterward. I didn't care anymore. I actually wanted to feel their eager hands, all over me.

"Drop to the floor!" A voice yelled at me.

I collapsed, gasping and moaning as I became vaguely aware of a car going past the front gate and a camera clicking in the background. I was conscious of the voice not being Peter's, but Harry's. I was so lost in the sensations that my body was experiencing that I lay there fully exposed to the camera, no longer caring who or what saw me. My love juices ran down my leg as I struggled for breath. Orgasm was now subsiding, the camera stopped clicking and I kept my eyes closed. At this point, reality had kicked in again. I was flushed with shame and too embarrassed to open my eyes. What had I done? The room was silent and I kept my eyes closed as my breathing returned to normal.

Suddenly I felt a strong male hand grasp my arm and gently pull. My body tingled at his touch and it felt familiar.

"You can open your eyes now, darling"

It sounded like Peter again but it couldn't be, could it? I kept my eyes closed as he helped me to my feet. I was still scared to open them. My brain raced. If it WAS Peter, what would he think of me? I had made the most awful fool of myself. I trembled as I surrendered to a warm, passionate kiss. It WAS Peter! Nobody else could make me feel that way. He was fully dressed. I could feel his rough clothing against my sensitive skin. My body was tense as I opened my eyes and returned his ardour. I was speechless as he led me back to the table. I could see that Harry was packing away his camera gear, his back was toward me. Sally was still sitting at the table, a beaming smile on her face. Peter was pulling a chair out for me so that I could sit down again. I sat with my eyes lowered.

"Well young lady! Do you trust what I tell you now?" Harry looked over to me. "Do you want to work with me again?" He smiled and looked directly at me with his lovely blue eyes. "Well?"

I looked at Peter. One look was all I needed. I nodded my head.

"Oh yes! Yes Harry, thank you."

Sally squeezed my hand while Peter hugged me from behind. I had a brand new career as a nude model, working with Sally and perhaps even Rebecca. I smiled as we all began to talk at once.

To Be Continued In The Future????

* * * * *

To My Readers:

I could leave the story here, or I could continue to please your eyes and imagination with various tales of Pam, Sally, Rebecca and perhaps even Peter and his teenaged football team. There are many possibilities to make this an epic novel. It really is up to you, the reader. I have agonised about upsetting Laurel and Manu in the past, not knowing if anybody actually reads my work apart from those that choose to vote.

Many readers have voted on my stories in the past but there are other writers that are easily discouraged by your lack of voting. I freely admit to being the same as all other Authors. I SURVIVE ON MY EGO.

If you like a story, please vote according to your enjoyment of it. It is a small price to pay. None of us do it for the money. If we DID, you might find yourselves paying for it with MONEY rather than VOTES. VOTES cost you nothing other than a few measly seconds of your valuable time. Please take note of my words. According to the bulletin board I am a VIRGIN. Writer, Maybe? In reality I am a geriatric sex kitten from a small country, far away from a large readership. I have loved the E mails that I get from all over the world and, OF COURSE your VOTES.

I have to have a short break of a couple of weeks, or maybe a lot longer if the Webmaster takes exception to my bleating.

I hope to write more at the end of this month, AUGUST. Thank you for your votes. Barbara Anne Adams. NZ Author {I think?}

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