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Eternal Hearts Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Dark Desires

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

Right here we are with another chapter of Eternal Hearts at last! Thanks to everyone for your interest and encouragement for the series, it's been excellent and I hope I can deliver. I'm sorry it takes so long to progress this, but it's how things are. Anyone familiar with my work knows I'm not the fastest writer, since my stories tend to be rather extensive, so I just hope what I write is worth the wait. Between my job, other writing projects and university, time to write is hampered, so you'll just have to be patient I'm afraid and hang in there for the next parts, but Eternal Hearts is the primary focus right now so hang on tight for another few chapters!


It was late in the evening, another long, warm day drawing to a close over the luxurious mansion Kylie and Dannii now shared, at least when they weren't at their respective homes in London. About a week had passed since they'd handled their werewolf problem, which had been followed by a couple of intense days of fucking between each other and with him, both in human and werewolf form, which was something they'd both been unable to lie about loving, his huge cock, immense physical power and giant knot all attractions to the two girls. But now he'd gone, the full moon having passed for the month, it was back to just the sisters, and far more tender, delicate loving with snuggles and kisses, and a little romance.

Kylie stepped into their bedroom, the large master bedroom that they shared with its four-poster bed and balcony, carrying a bottle of chilled blood she'd just collected from the fridges. It was almost like picking out a fine wine, since she'd chosen it based on a year and everything, not that she knew anything about it, simply picking one out. Maybe she'd come to know it one day, but not now, as she stepped into their room, looking to the balcony to see the doors open and Dannii standing on it wearing a saucy, ankle-length sheer red negligee, which showed off the gorgeous curves of her hips and sexy back, and that she was only wearing a black thong underneath it as she stood leaning on the edge of the balcony. She was staring out at the fading sun which had just dipped below the horizon as it set, leaving the heavy orange glow, light pink colours tinting the sky and few clouds there were overhead of their estate, taking in the gorgeous scenery as shadows advanced to claim the land for the night.

Kylie just stood and ogled her sibling for a moment, eyeing everything, from the way her lovely hair cascaded down over her left shoulder to the sight of her sexy shoulder blades through the sheer red material, the lovely, smooth skin of her back, curve of her spine, the inviting curve of her soft, round bum, fully displayed by the little black thong, and lovely legs that glided down to her dainty feet. Even the nonchalant way she stood dressed in such a way on the balcony was sexy, though nobody would see her up there. They were alone for miles up here on the hill, and they could quite happily strip naked and fuck rampantly on the balcony without a concern about being in the papers the following day. Kylie herself was wearing a creamy coloured lace dress, quite an open weave though it was teasingly lined with soft orange cotton which felt sensuous against her skin. It wasn't too revealing actually, not offering any cleavage and running down to nearly her knees, but it was snug and fitted close to her body, showing off her lovely figure and hinting at what lay beneath as it wrapped round her deliciously firm arse and over the peaks of her firm, perky breasts.

She stepped further into the room, setting the chilled bottle of blood down on a table just inside the door with the glasses as she advanced towards Dannii slowly, not wanting to ruin the moment. Kylie stepped up behind her, letting her slender arms slip round her younger sisters waist as she embraced her from behind, pulling herself close to press into the sexy female form in front of her. Dannii just murmured in pleasure as her sibling joined her, reaching down to lay her hands over Kylie's as she rested her head on her shoulder from behind, turning to look back at her slightly with a warm smile before they both looked back out over the picturesque scenery, the rolling hills, forest off to their right, the ruins in the distance down by the river, just barely visible in the gloom now with their enhanced vision. They were just silent for a moment as they took it in, enjoying the fresh, crisp air of the country.

"It's so pretty," Kylie whispered, not taking her eyes from enjoying the view.

"Yeah, this really is a lovely place to be, some really nice country out here," Dannii agreed.

"So nice to be here. We're just so lucky that we can be together like this," Kylie murmured, holding her younger sister a little bit closer as she recognised their incestuous bond.

"Yeah we are, I'm so glad we can be, after all the years of sneaking around, hardly able to spend a night together," Dannii said with a wistful sigh. Kylie didn't respond, just smiling at the thought she had her sister all to herself now, to snuggle up with for the night after they indulged in some hot incestuous loving, the thrill of the taboo having never really worn off for her. Her fingers found Dannii's daywalker ring, the one like her own that allowed them to stand safely in full sunlight, and eased it off her slender digit. Dannii glanced to the horizon, darkening now as the earth turned away from the sun to leave them in darkness, the stars already showing brightly more directly above them. Slipping it off, Kylie then did the same with her own, freeing them from the confines of them, letting them both be free for a few moments in the fading hints of light over the curvature of the planet.

They stood just staring out over the landscape for a few moments longer, enjoying the soft embrace, before Dannii turned to face her older sister, moving carefully within Kylie's arms so their loving hug wasn't broken. Kylie's hands immediately pulled into Dannii's back to draw her close, Dannii's slender arms moving under her arms in return to hold her slim ribs, feeling the swell of her breasts and her bra beneath the lace dress. Against the backdrop of the last glimmers of sunlight they softly embraced, leaning together for a soft, tender kiss, their lips meeting carefully at first, their full soft lips just pressing together, before they held one another just a little bit closer and tighter, pushing into a more aggressive yet still romantic kiss. Their hunger and tension was palpable as they made out, energetically working at one another's pout as their tongues dipped and flicked together, the soft, slick caresses like liquid gold between them as they kissed, never wanting it to end. Given they had no need to breathe, it didn't have to, but that would mean they didn't get to other things, which both of them very much wanted to. But they still didn't want to let go, Kylie's toes practically curling, leaning towards Dannii, pushing her tongue out as far as she possibly could when her younger sister pulled away, being rewarded with a quick nip to its tip that made her pull it back.

Dannii's arm quickly slipped round Kylie's waist as she pulled herself behind her, pushing her forearms past the delicious taper of her waist, pulling her hands together across her toned stomach to hold her sister close from behind as she leaned over her shoulder, turning to breathe softly into her ear and over her neck, giving a little strained breath of her own as she pushed her fangs out, a noise Kylie recognised since she made it every time it happened, making her shiver and goosepimple in anticipation of what she might do with the deadly instruments. Leaning down, Dannii kissed softly at her neck, moving up towards her ear, making Kylie lean away from it to offer her more skin to kiss, feeling the fangs just threateningly scrape over her vulnerable skin, wishing they would press the tiny amount needed to pierce the skin and slip into her body so her younger sibling could taste her blood. She didn't get it, as Dannii teased her with light nips of her teeth, just letting the fangs press enough to induce the pain, almost threatening to just pop through the skin, but never letting them, knowing Kylie wanted to feel them slip into her.

"Mm a little horny are we?" Dannii whispered saucily into her ear, just letting her tongue slide out to drag round Kylie's cute earlobe.

"Mmmaybe," Kylie responded in a murmur, just loving the way Dannii was working her up, knowing exactly how to push her buttons. Dannii just smiled with a knowing "mm" noise as she leaned down to once more nibble and nip at Kylie's smooth, inviting neck, taking some measure of her own self control to stop herself just sinking her fangs in gums-deep and feeling the thick, delicious blood ooze around them into her hungry mouth. Her hands pulled back to rest on Kylie's waist, pushing down to her hips just holding them to pull her bum back into her own hips for a moment before they travelled back up to her older sister's delectable waist, the gorgeous figure something that she always loved to see accentuated by corsets and waist cinchers, taking in the shape as it flared back out with her ribcage, letting her hands just push into the sides of Kylie's perky, humble breasts, a wonderfully natural contrast to her own, though Kylie was very clearly wearing a push-up bra for her. There was no arrogance in such a thought, it was clearly for her, and she took advantage and let Kylie know she'd spotted it, letting her slender, seeking hands slip from the enigmatic sides of her breasts right round underneath them, pulling up against the tight bra and the delicious breasts within.

Just letting her hands roam a little, she pulled up and properly squeezed them, and no matter how many times she'd done it before, she still loved it, the feel of her older siblings breasts, the inviting feel of them, especially firm and pert in such a bra, something she was now very much looking forward to seeing as well as feeling. Returning her hands to cup the breasts, which just comfortably fit into her hands, she let her thumbs push up in a very clear stroke that would rub Kylie's nipples beneath the dress and sexy bra, something Kylie loved, especially since she had rather sensitive nipples, more so than most other women, and it always turned her on, though not as much as sucking them naturally. She felt Kylie arch in front of her, a little groan escaping her, her eyes closed as she took in the sensations, trembling slightly as one of Dannii's hands slid from her chest and pushed down firmly over her tensing stomach, just squeezing a little into it as she did, holding Kylie in a way that let her know she was hers.

"There's a lot more on offer if you want me," she whispered sexily into Kylie's ear, again letting her tongue flick out to caress at it, her older sister gasping lustily as her hands squeezed once more in conjunction with it. Dannii couldn't help but grind forward a little as Kylie pushed her perfect ass back into her, at the same time pushing her chest into Dannii's groping hand with the arch of her sexy back, feeling almost as turned on as her older sister now, which was saying something since Kylie was fit to tear her clothes off and get down to it within the next few seconds without a move on her part.

"But what about the things I want to do to you?" Kylie breathed lustily, standing up straighter again, pushing back into Dannii's arms, feeling her sister's large, barely-concealed breasts push into her back through the dress, her large, stiff nipples just about discernable through the few layers of fabric, not that Dannii's completely see-through red negligee really counted, and she hadn't bothered with a bra.

"I think you'd better come with me," Dannii whispered hotly into Kylie's ear, leaning out to give it a quick nip with her fang, still not breaking the skin but sending a clear message, Kylie gasping loudly and tensing momentarily as she was caught off guard. She still didn't fight however as Dannii slowly eased her backwards from the balcony into their magnificent bedroom, getting a little quicker to turn her towards the bed, but Kylie spun from her grasp, breaking away from her to get to bottle of blood she'd brought, swiftly plucking it from the table by the door where she'd left it a few minutes earlier. Turning back round, she was confronted by Dannii standing right there, smiling sexily at her, making her stop on her toes in front of her, unable to keep a smile from her own face as Dannii drew them into another fiercely passionate kiss with her fangs out, making for an interesting snog as Kylie felt the sharp teeth catching and pricking at her lips, her tongue seeming drawn to them, somewhat exploring them as they kissed fervently.

Dannii's hands continued to work as they kissed, sliding up her older sister's back, over the soft cream lace of her dress, quickly finding the lacing that held it together, deftly releasing it so that it fell loose on Kylie's wonderful body, something she felt immediately, sending a further rush of arousal through her at her girlfriends eagerness. Sliding her hand back and down Kylie's arm, she found the chilled glass bottle in her grasp, taking hold herself to relieve her of it as she pulled back, her other hand slipping to Kylie's shoulder and pushing the dress off her towards the floor, sliding away from her pristine body to reveal her like a magnificent work of art, showing just what she was wearing beneath. Dannii's eyes fixed on her sister's saucy underwear, something she'd seen lots of times before but still loved, never able to get enough, stepping back to admire it.

Kylie was dressed in a sexy black set, a mix of sheer material and lace, decorating it perfectly, the bra pushing up her lovely breasts to give a great cleavage, her dark nipples clearly visible through it above her smooth, toned tummy, which was obscured just above her hips by the garter belt she was wearing, matching the bra, the garters running down the fronts of her thighs and at the sides of her gorgeous bum. This was over a sexy set of knickers, more lace at the front to hide the treasures beneath but sheer elsewhere, hinting that she was there to be seen. The garters clipped to a set of black lace-topped stockings, the wide decorative top snug round her luscious thighs before the sexy nylons followed every contour of her sexy legs down to her sexy little feet. She took Dannii's momentary lack of coherence to take the lead, turning the sashaying away from her sibling, shaking her hips and bum provocatively, knowing she was being watched, the sheer knickers showing off her pert rear to the maximum, sliding onto the bed to lean right across it and get glasses from the table on the other side, looking back sexily over her shoulder at Dannii, before rolling onto her back, resting on her elbows holding up the wine glasses, letting her legs just relax completely, slightly apart with her feet off the bed.

"Coming to bed?" she asked in a playfully casual tone, just letting a naughty smile play at her full lips as Dannii eyed her with a smile on the large four-poster bed, Kylie taking in the sight of her voluptuous sister in her sheer negligee, getting her first good look at her magnificent breasts, the gorgeous D-cups straining the sheer red garment, peaking at the big, hard nipples beneath, taking in her wonderful hourglass figure, her toned tummy and slender waist, the flare of her curvy hips, the sexy little black thong, turning from covering her pussy to strings disappearing up round her hips above her lovely smooth thighs as she strutted towards her.

"Definitely, after all I think you look like you could use a drink," she purred, holding up the bottle before her with a smirk.

"Well, maybe just a little one," Kylie teased as Dannii slid onto the bed on her knees, deliberately pushing her chest out towards her as she sat up on the bed, immediately moving in for a quick kiss, lingering just a moment as Dannii pulled the cork from the bottle, Kylie pulling away and holding up the glasses for them, which were swiftly filled with the cold, thick blood, the mere scent of it enough to aggravate and arouse both of them further. Putting the bottle aside, Dannii took her glass from Kylie, both of them raising it a little and clinking it in a mini toast before they took a good sip from it, feeling their tongues light up at its forbidden taste, the thickness making it linger in their mouths as they swallowed it, both sighing in pleasure at it, looking up deeply into one another's eyes as they just slowly drank, not pausing for breaths or taking sips, just drinking down what was now as essential as their own life blood. Emptying their glasses, they lowered them with satisfied sighs, Kylie just letting her tongue run over her lips to collect any she might have missed, Dannii unable to resist doing the same.

"Another?" Kylie asked casually, as if it were a glass of wine.

"Wouldn't hurt, keep our energy up," she purred sexily, looking to Kylie in a knowing way as she poured another glass for them each, staring at the enticing swirl of the thick blood as it filled the glass before putting the cork back into the now much depleted bottle and standing it aside.

"Well we wouldn't want to get tired would we?" Kylie murmured with a sexy sideways smile, passing Dannii's glass back to her, loving the way her younger sister smiled sexily at her, feeling the slight nervous rush in her clutching stomach at the thought she soon she'd have sex with her, her own sister, the taboo of incest still a big turn on for her and more, sink her fangs into her and taste her blood, and have her own tasted in return. Dannii's thoughts were much the same, eyeing her older sibling with a lust she'd never felt for another girl, the thought of getting down and dirty with her own sister still a huge rush, even though it was more than that and they shared a deep bond of love that would never be broken. With the initial bloodthirst quenched they were able to be far more patient with their second glass of the stuff, sipping and savouring it far more, letting it slide round their mouths in different manners to get every ounce of its flavour as they drained another glass of it, the cold blood turning to immediate, indescribable warmth as their bodies absorbed it, feeling themselves awake and ignite like nothing else had ever done for them.

Standing their glasses aside, there was a loaded pause, but no words, before they just surged towards each other, kissing passionately as they locked together, holding each other tight as they practically ate each other alive, hungrily kissing, their soft lips pressed together as their tongues danced, twisting and hooking at each other powerfully. With her fangs out Dannii didn't need to hold back, pulling out of the kiss a little and biting down into Kylie's full bottom lip, the fangs piercing through the soft tissue into it, tasting her freshly loaded blood, warm and delicious as she gasped, but didn't pull away from it, just pulling her hands up to Dannii's large breasts, grabbing them firmly and squeezing, making her younger sister moan lightly, before she squeezed harder, much harder, curling her fingers to dig her nails into the large, soft breasts, Dannii groaning lightly at the wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure sensations in her body before they pulled apart, just pulling Kylie's lip away slightly as she dragged her fingernails a bit through her negligee on her lovely breasts, leaving clear marks.

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