tagRomanceEventualities: Allison Ch. 05

Eventualities: Allison Ch. 05


Fifty million dollars.

No one wanted to turn it over to the Feds, even any of locally stationed ones we were fairly comfortable with. It wasn't their money; they had done nothing to earn it. They had never even dreamed of its existence and they would probably only waste it senselessly if they ever got their hands on it. There was agreement that a reasonable case could be made for seeing that SDPD got at least a piece of it. Officers had died and been hurt in the line of duty fighting these guys, and at least a chunk of the money was from Syndicate crime activities in their area. Ok, I think they deserved a slice.

It was unanimous that this money was probably so stained in blood that it could never be washed entirely clean, but maybe it could get put to some good use anyway. Tammy didn't want a penny of it, nor really did Myra. I didn't want it for myself much either; I made good money buying, fixing and reselling houses and my current regular HFD salary alone was more than ample for Allison and I to live more than comfortably. There was just one remaining issue stuck in the back of my mind - what legitimate compensation would a judge or jury offer Allison for a civil judgment against the assets of the Syndicate to repay her for her years of servitude and unpaid prostitution? That case would never get heard in any courtroom… but that didn't mean that she wasn't entitled to something for her ordeal.

My attitude about the money boiled down to this. Allison had been kidnapped and subject to emotional and actual rape directly due to the intentional actions of the members of the Syndicate. She had lost several of the best years of her life, faced physical and emotion ruin, and she was very likely to require psychological counseling and assistance for the rest of life.

They owed her something. What would be fair?

We kicked this around for awhile and then I had everyone write down a number on a piece of paper. I had Myra name her figure first and then Tammy, I and last Allison revealed their numbers. We discarded the highest figure (Tammy's) and the lowest figure (Allison had written only $1 - God I love that woman!). We split the difference down the middle and it was still a frightening sum of money. We then agreed that the entire remainder would go to establish and perpetually endow the "Alfred and May Foundation." SDPD would be the first benefactor and would receive a large anonymous grant. We hugged and kissed to seal the deal.


Now that we had apportioned the fortune we hadn't actually found and claimed yet, I arose and said to no one in particular, "I'm hungry. I think will go grab some lunch downstairs in the cafeteria and it'll probably take a least an hour. Oh I'm sure of it, definitely an hour or more. Then, Tammy can you come with me to run an errand or two? You'll have to get redressed first though."

I gave everyone a conspiratorial wink and loudly blew Myra a kiss over the phone before leaving the room. I asked the floor charge nurse if they could give Allison a bit of peace and quiet for awhile with no interruptions as the ladies were trying to work out some serious lega. She agreed and wrote a note on their door's whiteboard for them not to be disturbed until after 3 p.m. Perfect!

To kill a little time I used the bathroom, combed my hair a few times, checked my smile, washed my hands a second time and then decided I'd given them at least another five minutes for them to restart what they had been doing before I had interrupted them earlier.

After waiting a total of fifteen minutes, I snuck back to their room, cracked the door a tiny fraction and took a peek inside. Yep, they had restarted where they had left off. Allison sheet was off exposing her cute delectable nude body and she was suckling on Tammy's now topless left tit (very nice tits by the way) while her hands were groping for the zipper of Tammy's shorts. Tammy was sucking loudly on Allison's right breast and had all of her fingers inside Allison's super wet cunt, her thumb caressing Allison's erect clit. I could plainly hear Myra's voice giving instructions to her obedient performers and from the tone of her voice she was indeed rubbing her clit as hard and fast as she could. As much as I greatly enjoyed the scene I had promised them an hour's privacy. I quietly re-shut the door and went downstairs and had my delayed luncheon.

When I did return just before 3 p.m. and peeked once again quietly into the room, I discovered the ladies still engaged in their amusements. Allison and Tammy were locked in a deep sideways 69, lost to the world eating each other to what must have been at least their tenth orgasm each. Never had these two women looked more beautiful!

Entering swiftly (before knocking) I went to the bedside and gave each woman a surprise kiss (deliciously cunt flavored) on the mouth. I playfully slapped Tammy's cute bare ass and handed her clothes.

"Hurry up good looking and get dressed, we've got places to visit." She wiggled her inviting looking cunt off of Allison's teasing mouth and very reluctantly got up and started to get dressed. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she ought to have been.

Getting a much closer look at Tammy's nude body, I decided that she was very high grade dalliance material indeed, but if she was going to become Tiny's girl I didn't want to do anything more than just look and admire, without a direct and blatant invitation. He probably wouldn't object to Allison's handling of his merchandise, but I won't take that chance myself. Myra howled her frustration at the other end of the phone; she had been just on the verge of coming again herself when the party was interrupted.

Tammy finished dressing and we left right afterwards. I gave Allison another kiss on her cunt soaked mouth, gave a well nibbled tit a squeeze, and told her I loved her and would be back soon. She called me a bastard, but with a smile and hint of pride.

Tammy and I went to my rental car (yep, I still had one checked out along with that nice hotel suite I'd hardly seen in weeks). Uncle Sam was apparently still very grateful for my help. Tammy hadn't said a word since we left the hospital room, so before I put the key into the ignition I turned to face her and gently touched my hand to her shoulder.

I told her I had not the slightest objection to what she and Allison had done; it appeared to me to be nothing but an act of love and comfort between women that were very fond of each other. She had no cause or need to hide anything EVER from either one of us. If she and Allison ever desired to repeat their experience, just do so. Right in front of me was fine, heck, if they even wanted to they could do it right on our lawn in broad daylight then I'd set up a lemonade stand to sell drinks to all of the onlookers. Tammy laughed and laughed. She had known I would not be offended, but was used to conducting her romantic affairs rather privately, secrets and old habits died hard with her.

She thanked me for being her friend and asked if she could be my friend and perhaps lover as well. She was NOT committed to Tiny (their peculiar relationship continued to spin in circles and he was now back in Lovett). In fact they had never once had sex and, despite nearly 20 years of history between them, had never gotten much beyond 2nd base. She admitted having a few frigidity issues and in fact had actually never had full penetration sex with any male. She did enjoy dildos, vibrators and, once, even a strap-on fucking from an old girlfriend. I decided that this was definitely another Myra project - give her all of the facts and let her genius get to work on the right solution… and for me to stay as much out of the way as possible.

We sealed our eternal friendship with another hug and kiss, then a much warmer kiss that which soon involved frantically intermingled tongues as I got to enjoy the last tastes of Allison's cunt. I remarked on this to Tammy and she blushed all over, but admitted she was becoming rather fond of the taste too. We laughed and kissed one more time and drove off before the situation got any further out of control.

Cars are swell for deflowering teenaged virgins at drive-in movies, but less appropriate for 38 year old ones. I needed to talk to Myra first about this issue anyway. Also any further delay could prevent completion of our critical errands.

Good God, I just realized as I drove off, I'm starting to acquire a harem!


As we drove I explained my deductions concerning the whereabouts of Albert's hidden loot, and the clues May had indirectly left me. She could never quite bring herself to completely disobey her now dead Master, but since she had knelt in bondage to me (however relatively briefly) she owed some me some slight consideration and had hinted in the strongest way she could.

The key, figuratively and literally, was in her collar or rather carefully sewed inside the leather. I had noticed upon close detailed examination that the top stitching of her leather collar was slightly different and a bit newer than the bottom stitching. When unraveled, a small safety deposit box key with 'CB" was found carefully concealed inside. Checking a listing of local banks, I found that Coastal Bank fit the initials, and that is where Tammy and I now headed.

Inside of the safety deposit box, there were three sealed envelopes, each with Alfred's carefully written comments and contained in total two more safety deposit box keys, for different banks in the area. The last envelope contained a folded business card from an overseas bank, with a hand-written account number and password "I Believe in Fairies" written in Mays handwriting on the back. Here was Alfred's & May's stash; the treasure that he and May had given their lives to amass and then protect, even with their lives.

The closest bank was not far from the hospital and was in fact quite near the hotel I had briefly stayed at for the medical convention. With a key and a smile we were admitted into the security box storage area but passed by all of the normal consumer small boxes and into a heavily secure area that handled large commercial and big family accounts. Our key led to a very large wall mounted bottom drawer that was probably big enough to hold a dead body. Surely there wasn't THAT much cash in there! Fortunately that wasn't the case, instead we seemed to have hit upon Albert's 'insurance' records.

Here was a copy of every major financial transaction that the Syndicate had made during the last ten years before his death. There was enough evidence here to blackmail his bosses if he chose, and certainly more than enough to be the protected star witness if the Feds ever grabbed him.

It took us the rest of the day to review and sort this pile of paperwork, but there was a reward waiting for me. I found a photocopy of a handwritten receipt that a "J. Douglas had paid $6,000 to purchase one 'entertainer Allison B. from a certain "M," delivered on this day and etc." I saved this and gave it to Allison later that night. It's not everyday you find a Sales slip for your fiancée.

She choked back more than a few tears (clearly some very bad memories there), and remained quiet the rest of the night and needed me to hold her while she slept. I usually did anyway (I made a note to myself to find out more about "M"). She later had it expensively framed along with a newer sales receipt selling a certain Allison Blair to one Peter Wells, which she hung proudly over the center of our bed. She jokes that it gave her a proven pedigree while most visitors, seeing it for the first time, usually don't get the joke but we never explain it to them.

It was decided that this large collection of boxes would be given to SDPD for them to get the credit. There was enough paper trail here to incriminate hundreds of people (clearly Albert's intention) and it disclosed the whereabouts of an extremely large chunk of Syndicate money, enough to cripple their operations elsewhere for years. There were enough tantalizing leads about Interstate crime and International drug running operations to keep both the FBI and DEA happily busy for years. Good luck to them but they could do it from now on without our help.


The second key was for another bank close to the airport and the container was of a slightly more modest size, just about right for a pair large carry-on bags and that's exactly what it held. That and $750,000 dollars, mostly in $100 bills, but there was a packet each on top of $20's, $10's and $5's, small change perfect for fast getaways when you don't want to attract a lot of attention. Also inside were a pair of passports under assumed names, one bearing a younger picture of May and the other a gentleman, presumably that of Alfred.

No bets that the offshore bank account would be under these new names. This getaway money became Allison's first installment of our de facto default civil judgment claim against the Syndicate for her mistreatment.

No, I'm not going to tell you how much or little it was. She never spent much of it, even on herself, but it was her money and she deserved and was entitled to every red cent of it.

We grabbed the bags and left whistling a cheery air, arm in arm. After making arrangements for a few of our SDPD friends to 'find' Alfred's insurance files 'after an exhaustive search resulting from a tip from an informant'. Tammy even wrapped a big blue bow on the top of one of boxes and sealed it with a kiss. We had done everything we needed to and wrapped up the last loose end as far as I was concerned.

We headed back to the hospital to give Allison and Myra (who was still on the phone) the good news. Badness had been vanquished, right had prevailed and God willing there would soon be a series of very prominent arrests. Best of all, we were a 'go' for funding for the charitable foundation and, just possibly, we had enough pocket money to perhaps pay the expected outrageous long distance telephone bill.

Myra snorted, called me a few bad names and hinted that since perhaps she was unwanted and unloved she should hang up the phone now in a tiff. We all then pledged our eternal love to her and, slightly mollified, she said goodbye for the evening. Allison and I gave Tammy a more proper goodbye sendoff that could have blistered lips, we just barely got her pushed out the door before either one of could tear of her clothes and ravished her. She appeared quite ready for another round of ravishing, but we told her that we'd have a bit of fun tomorrow at my unused hotel suite after checking Allison out from the hospital in the morning.

Once we were alone I explained to Allison what I had learned about Tammy's situation, so naturally we got right back on the phone to Myra, adding to our heaping long distance bill, but we soon got a practical solution from her that everyone could live with.


Allison got her medical release in the morning. We were given an armload of prescriptions (some she would have to take for the rest of life) and got a double earful of medical cautions, what she can do, what she cannot do ever again (including any drinking).

She got a referral to a top Houston area specialist whom she would have to visit weekly at first, but later just monthly. We were surprised to find that her hospital bill, which I had expected to eat a big chunk of my savings, had been covered largely in full (excepting the long distance bill of course). With a little digging Tammy found out that the FBI had politely asked the hospital to handle us pro bono with a vague hint of a possible fat government medical research grant. I don't know if they ever got the grant but I added the hospital to near the top of our own grant list for our new Foundation.

We arrived at my hotel suite about noon and surveyed our array of suitcases. All I had was my one bag of clothes, but Allison had her small suitcase of old clothes, the new bag carrying our overflow, her prescriptions and the Foundation bag of 'travel money'.

Since it is patently impossible to get any decent rest or quality sleep in a hospital, especially with two of us squeezed close (alas clothed) in a hospital bed. We saw my huge king sized bed, did the only thing that popped into our minds. We jumped right into bed and fell fast asleep without any sort of fooling around.

At about 5 p.m., when someone started banging on the door and wouldn't take silence for an answer, we very reluctantly dragged ourselves out of bed. It was the best sleep I'd had in over three weeks, and probably even longer than that for Allison. I threw on some shorts and opened the door to reveal Tammy as our obtrusive knocker.

She was dressed to play with a pair of high heel shoes, a short leather skirt that showed acres of delicious creamy thigh, a white silk blouse unbuttoned halfway to heaven that clearly displayed her braless large dark areolas and very hard nipples through the thin fine silk material. Naturally I had to kiss her hello.

While doing a thorough job of that I noticed that her hand was caressing the rising bulge in my shorts and one of my hands had easily found a way inside her open shirt to cup one of her delightful breasts. Allison woke up enough to discover our newcomer and, in a very unsubtle manner, sat up and stretched to uncover her own very bare breasts. We moved the welcoming party over to the bed so Allison could also properly greet her friend and remove some her very unnecessary clothing.

Things were about to get extremely interesting when another loud knock on the door occurred and two loud voices calling for us. Damn! The Girls grabbed their clothes and ran for the bathroom to dress. I still had my shorts on and quickly found a presentable shirt that wasn't too wrinkled (you live for a month out of a suitcase and see what your shirts end up looking like).

This new collection of well-wishers were pair of narcotics officers from the SDPD that we had come to know well; one had been at our earliest skull session here in this room with the Feds my first day in town.

They were a couple of good Joes and had brought a tray of snacks along with a few bottles of wine for me and some expensive Italian mineral water for Allison (that she soon grew hopelessly addicted to). They were joined a few minutes later by a few other officers of our acquaintance (this time from Vice) bearing a case of beer and an intimidating array of bagged snacks. Everyone asked about Allison and I said she was in the bathroom. Someone then asked if anyone had seen Navy Gal (most folks hadn't known Tammy's real name either) and I replied she'd gone into the bathroom with Allison.

That got a few strange looks until I commented, "Don't you guys have wives or girlfriends other than the blow-up doll kind? Women always go the bathroom in groups, sometime even in entire herds. They live there! That way they can gossip about us in smug secure feminine superiority while in their most sacred of hideaways."

The married guys all nodded that this was indeed a very true statement.

More folks arrived (Major Case, the guys who had received Alfred's belated Christmas present) brought along even more food and drink and the start of a great party was had by all! Except for two extremely sexually frustrated women who couldn't wait for the last well-wisher to hurry up and leave. Some folks did leave early, but even more new folks kept arriving and soon the locally stationed Feds started to make their appearance.

Everyone was worshiping the ground we walked on for all of the goodies they were now getting from Alfred's insurance policy. Careers were about to be made, and with minimal legwork work they were going to be able to decapitate an entire criminal organization with hundreds of high profile arrests. If they could pull it off their careers would be set for life, with nice corner offices waiting for them in DC and reservations for them and their wives at the best Georgetown cocktail parties. They showed their appreciation by bringing some superb restaurant catering and some decent top-shelf booze, and if they tried to take over and play the big shot hosts for the party, no one complained or interfered and a good time was had by all.

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