tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEverybody Loves The Barones Ch. 02

Everybody Loves The Barones Ch. 02


Debra woke to a peck on the cheek from Raymond. He was already dressed, and whispered to her that he would be going to the game directly from work. He thanked her for a great time the night before. Drowsily, she ruffled his hair and smiled at him.

She heard him bump and stumble as he let himself out downstairs. The night before had been one of their best times in bed for a while. Raymond had let Debra dominate him, as he normally did. She felt herself grow wet again as she remembered him kneeling between her legs and licking her cunt while she ran her nails down his back.

His technique had improved over the years, once she had shown him the special areas she wanted him to focus on. She moved her hand below the sheet and began to stroke herself as she thought of the conversation with Robert & Amy. She still couldn't believe Raymond had built up the nerve to fuck another woman. She would have torn him a new arsehole were it not for the lusty feeling the thoughts engendered in her own mind.

She felt an orgasm build, and let it take over, giving in to the pleasure until she was reduced to a mass of quivering flesh. "Oh! Robert!" she moaned as the last throbs subsided. Then she caught herself. Had she really been fantasizing about her own brother-in-law? She knew she found him attractive, and their abortive affair had shown her that he felt something for her too. She realized she was reminiscing about that time as her fingers kept stroking her pussy.

Robert had been pretty low all that week when his first wife left him. He was staying in his own apartment. Debra decided to go and see him one evening after dropping the kids off at home from school. She was shocked to see that hunk of a man, slouching around the apartment in a pretty disheveled state. He did not seem like the strong masculine brother-in-law she knew.

She had quickly cleaned up the place and made some stew for him. He had joked that he hoped she'd learnt some cooking. She didn't mind his jokes. They didn't have the tang of her mother-in-law's comments. She bantered back at him as she served the stew, saying that it looked like he was available now, too bad she was taken.

She sat by him as he ate, watching his broad physique. Then before she knew it, she felt her hand reaching out for his shoulder, tracing his muscles. He had turned to her in some surprise and she'd pulled her hand away, covering her embarrassment up with a guilty laugh and a question on how he liked the stew.

They had continued looking at each other for a bit before they moved into each other's arms as if drawn by a force other than their own feelings. Debra had wilted into Robert's arms as she felt his strong body enclose her own petite one. He had pushed her hair out of her eyes as he kissed her face, lips and then her arched neck. She had pushed him back a bit and pulled her shirt over her head, and quickly unhooked her bra before he could say Jack Robinson. Then she had pulled his shirt out of his pants and run her hands under it, feeling his chest, pushing her breasts towards him.

As if hypnotized, he had reached out for her breasts. She had had her breast augmentation job the year before, and Robert had been quite appreciative, unlike Raymond. Her right breast was somewhat higher than her left, and his hand moved between the two, stroking her nipples, making her back arch. She trailed her hand across his thighs, feeling his hard cock.

His mouth dipped to her breasts, taking a nipple in and giving her a small orgasm. She unzipped his pants, pushing a hand inside and feeling a long 9 inch penis. She covered her mouth with the other hand in awe. Raymond could not measure up to his brother in any way.

Debra began stroking his hard cock, as Robert continued sucking on her breasts, alternating between them. She wanted him to give her more, and pushed away to give him access to her skirt, but he seemed to misinterpret the gesture, and pulled away himself, burying his face in his hands. He tried to apologize to her, but also confessed that he had wanted her small body for a long while. She comforted him, trying to explain her feelings and also trying to get him to continue what they had started, but he indicated his discomfort. She didn't want to push it, so she gave him a brief kiss and put her clothes back on.

They didn't talk much about that incident in the ensuing years, but Debra had caught Robert stealing a lustful glance at her more than once, and one Christmas, she had wrung a few passionate kisses out of him when they were alone together. She would have given him her body anytime, but knew that he was confused and inhibited by their relationship.

As she fantasized about him, she had her second orgasm of the day. The sheets were disarrayed by this time, and her legs felt limp. She let herself recover for a bit, before showering and dressing to fetch the children from Marie's place.

She entered Marie's kitchen with a barely suppressed grimace when she thought of all the shit she had put up with from Raymond's mother. She really got cheesed off when Marie would tell her "When you marry a person, you marry the family." She felt like retorting that it was as if the family had married her, but restrained herself.

Frank was at the table, eating a sandwich. She brushed past him asking him if he'd seen the kids. Frank replied, "I think they are at the mall with Marie, Debra. Why don't you sit down and wait for them to get home. You'll make an old man's day interesting that way."

"Come on, Frank - you're not that old" Debra blushed. Her father-in-law had been flirting with her ever since she married Raymond. She didn't mind - she found him smart. She felt he had more backbone than Raymond did, as did Robert.

She settled into a chair across the small kitchen table from Frank. As she did so, her legs grazed Frank. She was wearing a summer dress. Frank seemed to grab a feel of her bare legs, but she wasn't sure - his hands were by his side below the table. She smiled at him.

"So, Frank, what are you doing today? Don't you have to go to the lodge?"

"I do, and I must say, the boys would sure like it if you came along. They still remember the time you served as the receptionist at the Lodge. Some wished you were doing double duty, " Frank leered at Debra, his hand moving towards her and tapping her knee. Surprisingly, he left his hand on her leg. It seemed innocuous, and she didn't move her leg away.

She decided to push the envelope. Her early orgasms had put her in a horny mood that hadn't gone away. "Really, Frank? I thought no one noticed me, least of all you."

"Ah, you're on my mind a lot, my dear. Especially since I live with the Queen of Mean."

He moved his hand a bit higher up her thigh. It felt a bit weird to have her father-in-law touching her leg. Debra got up and moved over behind Frank. She kneaded his shoulders and let her breasts push against the back of his head. "Umm Frank, you're on my mind a lot too. I just haven't had the nerve to tell you how I feel. You're my father-in-law, after all."

Her hand trailed down his neck and began stroking his chest. Frank continued eating his sandwich as if this were a regular conversation with his daughter-in-law. "Well, Debra, you should have told me before - you're my favorite gal."

He finished his sandwich and swiveled around, taking her into his arms as he did so. She settled onto his lap. Her dress rode up as she did so, but she made no attempt to pull it down. He asked her, his arms around her, "May I kiss you, Debra?"

She did not reply, but bent her head to his and kissed him on the mouth. His stubble grazed her cheek. He moved his hand to the back of her head, pulling her closer. They kissed for a while, neither of them talking, Then she got up and pushed his chair back from the table.

She knelt before him, unzipping his pants and pulling them down below his knees. He helped her, lifting himself a bit. She pulled his boxers down. He had rough pubic hair, his penis was hard by now, but her stroking seemed to make it stand up more. She continued to rub his cock, using a little saliva to make it easier.

He started feeling her tits. She couldn't believe this was happening. Her libido had been pretty suppressed over the past thirteen years. This was as if it had suddenly gone into overdrive. She moved forward on her knees and took Frank's penis into her mouth. His purple head felt good and she pulled it in deeper. Her up and down action felt good to Frank as well, she was sure. She looked up and saw he had his head thrown back, savoring the moment. `

She resumed sucking her father-in-law off. She was really enjoying herself. The feel of the bulbous head, by now leaking some pre-cum, made her panties all wet. She pressed her thighs against Frank's knee. His firm body was in pretty good shape for a man his age. He tweaked her nipples, sending her into paroxysms of pleasure. She squealed, and giving him a smile, returned to sucking his cock.

She felt his cock pulse in her mouth. She wasn't sure how the cum would feel - Raymond didn't care much for oral sex, although he did get her off with his mouth. Then she felt Frank's penis quiver, he trembled, and then came in a gush of salty cum. She took it all in as if she were pretty accomplished at this new hobby. Frank fell back, satiated. She didn't try to push him.

She leaned back and then lay down, pushing her panties aside and using her fingers to bring herself very quickly to her third or fourth orgasm of the day.

They both stayed as they were, too spent to move or talk. They knew they had broken a major taboo. Debra was the first to rouse her self. She arranged her clothes and gave Frank a kiss. She told him, "That should begin a new chapter in our lives, Frank. You know where to come when you've had enough of Marie for a day, don't you?"

Frank grinned at her, pulling his pants up as he did so. "Are you sure you want to break your Prince Charming's heart like this?"

Debra smiled, "I think I've found myself a new Prince Charming, not that there's anything wrong with the old one."

She washed up at Marie's sink with a secret smile. Marie would be mortified if she knew what Debra had done. Then she decided that she would round this eventful day off with a crowning conquest. "Oh Frank! When Robert comes home, tell him to come over - I've got something for him. And I wonder if you and Marie won't mind taking care of the kids a bit longer. She's so good with them."

Giving him a final kiss, she went back to her place to plan how to overcome Robert's inhibitions and fuck the last man in the Barone family she hadn't had yet. Maybe a visit to the spa might be a good idea.

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