tagMatureEverybody's Mid Life Crisis

Everybody's Mid Life Crisis


It was accident that Phil had caught the earlier flight home and came home in the middle of the day he told himself. Still he had stood transfixed for half an hour peering through a small crack in the door of his lounge room looking at the scene before him. The hard on in his pants betrayed the excitement he felt. He had come into the house and hearing a giggle and a sweet squeal of a woman's voice half expected the television to be left on in the lounge room and his son watching daytime television rather than studying for his exams. He thought he might surprise him and sneak up on him and make him feel guilty about the exam that was only a few days away. When he got to the door what greeted him was a complete surprise.

Lying bent forward over a dining table was the sweetest hottest young ass he had ever seen. The pink mini skirt she wore had been pulled up and bunched around her slender waist, candy pink bikini panties were stretched to one side of her delicious ass cheeks revealing her swollen pussy, shaved and hairless. He was so close to them he could almost smell the scent of her excitement in the air. She giggled as Mark his son fingered her wetness and she shivered with delight. The sound of her wetness squelching as he fingered her betrayed the urgency of her excitement and the soft moans emanating from her mouth punctuated the air with an erotic soundscape that stirred Phil's erection into action.

It was an accident he had come home early but what held him here. Shouldn't he just make loud noises and let them dress hurriedly and fumble with explanations. Wasn't that what parents did? He watched his son fall to his knees before her sumptuous ass and begin to kiss it tenderly as she gyrated sexily against his caresses and kisses. Phil had never learnt to do that until he had been married for years. In fact Phil had never had any other woman but his wife. As a teenager no girl would let him touch her as Mark touched the pretty body beneath his lips. He began sucking and licking at her moist pussy until she began to shiver and moan and in a few moments she came. Not politely or muffled so that she could not be heard as Phil's wife did but loudly wantonly and accompanied by fragments of speech interrupted by moans, screams and groans that begged him to continue and then as her orgasms repeated and intensified phrases like 'fuck me' 'Oh God I want your hot cock in me' and 'Do me now!' were uttered.

Mark didn't hesitate to respond to her requests and quickly ridded himself of his jeans and shorts and came up behind her with his hard ness and teased the tip with her wetness and slid it between her delectably wet crack until she was shivering with anticipation and wriggling her ass sensuously and leaning back so he would enter her. Mark enjoyed teasing her and when she began to scream the command.

'Fuck me now you evil Bastard, you know I want it!'

He obliged splitting her wet folds and stretching what Phil knew must be at deliciously tight young pussy. He slid into her slowly savoring the tightness enjoying the floods of wetness that squirted from her and rolled down her inner thighs. Her sweet sexy scent reached Phil hidden behind the door transfixed, unable to move. What must it be like to fuck someone that tight, that hot that young. Mark moved swiftly inside her and brought her to several orgasms. He pulled from her and she turned to kiss him and he unbuttoned her blouse. Heidi was her name Phil remembered. Mark had been in primary school with her. She was always a pretty little girl and He recalled how skinny and flat chested she had been as a teenager. Not anymore it seemed. Mark opened her blouse and her magnificently firm round breasts sat clutched in a sexy cleavage in a pink silk push up bra. She giggled and reached around beneath her blouse to unfasten the bra while Mark fondled them, cupping each in his eager hands then rolling her thick nipples between his thumb and forefinger. When she had loosened the bra he fell upon each firm mound of flesh like a hungry kitten lapping at her nipples suckling them voraciously. As he lapped at them one hand was inside her panties at the front fingering her and slapping her clit audibly until she came again.

She sat on the table and spread her legs and Mark slid her panties aside once more and entered her from the front his eager ass pounding her. She wrapped her legs around him and held him tightly as he fucked her wildly like an animal. From the doorway through the crack in the door Phil could see her face contort in pleasure as she came repeatedly. She smiled knowing that he was close to cumming in her. At one point it was almost as if she smiled directly at Phil. She looked straight at him smiled and licked her lips and then her face contorted in pleasure and the next moment she was screaming.

"Fuck me, cum in me Mmmmmm You feel so good. Cum in my wet pussy."

Mark moaned uncontrollably and managed a few grunted phrases.

"Mmmmmm! Oh, Yeaah, so tight so wet! Mmmmmm so good, oh yes."

He came and she clutched him to her. His cock was so deep inside her throbbing, matching her pulsing orgasms. Phil could barely imagine how good the thrill of her feel of her ultra tight cunt, the stream of excited wetness that drizzled from her, the ecstatic sensation of pumping semen inside this shivering beauty. Phil dragged himself away from the doorway and tiptoed back out to kitchen. He made a noise this time as he pretended to open the door and call out.

"Hi Mark are you home mate? I got an early flight home thought I'd drop home and freshen up before I went back to work."

He could hear giggles and a flurry of what he knew to be hurried dressing from the room where he had watched them for almost an hour now. He went to the bathroom to take a piss in the hope that the insistent hard on that occupied his trousers would abate once he had relieved himself and it did a little. He tucked his cock back into his shorts, zipped his fly. Washed his hands and walked slowly to the lounge where Mark and Heidi had managed to regain some semblance of ruffled normality. The smell of sex was still in the air and the look of bliss on both their young faces betrayed any lie that Mark was helping Heidi with an essay assignment.

Seeing her clothed Phil realized just how pretty she was. She was a petite nineteen year old, slender but lusciously curvaceous with long shapely legs for her height, one of the most beautiful asses Phil had ever seen and small but beautifully proportioned firm round breasts. Phil could tell that while she had dressed and buttoned her blouse the bra strap was still unsecured and her delicate mounds bobbed nicely without the restraint of her bra. Phil knew her thick nipples were still erect though he could not see them they filled his imagination.

Heidi was Marks latest girlfriend and it seems that all the time he didn't spent studying for his law course he spent fucking her. He didn't blame him, she was gorgeous, what worried Phil was that he couldn't seem to get the image of her out of his mind, he found himself fantasizing about her. He masturbated as he imagined what it was like to do to her what his son had. When he made love to his wife it was her body he imagined lay beneath his urgent thrusts. It was her that he came inside. Phil had never had any other woman than his wife and she was still a good-looking woman who regularly had passionate if not routine sex with. Having Heidi around with Mark seemed to fuel his obsession, particularly as she chose to wear the most revealing and scanty outfits and would leave her sexy bras and panties hanging on door handles in Marks room. Plus she was an unbelievable flirt and openly teased him when she knew he was looking at her short skirt or low cut top.

Mark's relationship with Heidi ended abruptly. Apparently she was seeing one of his friends at the same time as him and although Mark was heartbroken for about a week he met the true love of his life and forgot all about Heidi. Melissa was pretty and attractive too but in a much more wholesome clean-cut way. Phil knew that Melissa had not let him enjoy her sweet young body quite as easily or often as Heidi. Interestingly she was one of Heidi's best friends and they had met through that relationship. Mark's relationship with Melissa grew into one of those permanent things that you know will end in marriage. As Mark did his articles and job placement he announced their engagement and it was only when the wedding plans began that Heidi's name was forwarded as a bridesmaid. Phil thought nothing about it for sometime. She had receded in his memory and she was just a fantasy that sometimes fuelled his imagination when he was horny. He didn't really see her for almost two years until he spied her at a friends fiftieth birthday.

She was even more beautiful at 21. What had been small budding post adolescent breasts had blossomed into magnificently generous breasts. Her clothing as always emphasized her appeal and the short red halter dress she wore clutched and separated her hot boobs. Phil recognised her thick nipples that traced an outline in the sheer stretch fabric that held them tightly. The dress was split from neck to waist and then fitted tightly around her slender waist and hugged her sumptuous hips and the delightful contour of her exquisite ass. Age had not dimmed the delight of her ass if anything it seemed more pert, more curvaceous.

The long shapely legs attracted every male eye in the room. Mostly older men and women gathered to celebrate this birthday. Her smile and flirting manner triggered every fantasy he had ever had about her in a flood of memory and feverish desire. Phil tried not to spend the evening looking at her especially since the steely gaze of his wife warned him not to be a 'lecherous old pervert' as she often did when he gazed at scantily clad young women.

It was later in the evening when he noticed she was no longer in the room and finding the downstairs bathroom occupied he went up stairs to the ensuite in his friends guest room. While he relieved himself of the few too many beers he had consumed knowing his wife was to be designated driver he heard a man moaning. He finished what seemed like one of those endless pisses and opened the second door into the guest bedroom a little to see the source of the noise in case someone was in trouble. Someone was indeed in trouble! Phil's old friend Martin was standing leaning back against a wall and in front of him was Heidi kneeling before his distorted cock. Phil couldn't see clearly from behind her but it appeared she had loosened the halter that held her luscious tits and was slapping his cock between them and giggling as she caressed his hardness. Phil could only imagine that she was teasing her thick nipples with his tip as he moaned and then ran her tongue down the length of his shaft. He watched as her head bobbed up and down on his cock and his eyes rolled back into his head in bliss as she gave him the best head on earth. She was so expert, so accomplished. She slurped loudly and then popped his cock from her mouth and stood up and guided him to the bed.

"We haven't much time your wife will be wondering where you are."

She teased as he lay back on the bed, she slid her purple silk panties aside and wriggled her hot wet pussy around his aching cock and in a few moments it disappeared inside her. Phil pushed the door open a little more. Transfixed by the vision he saw bouncing on his friends cock eagerly. He cupped her breasts lovingly and bucked at her teasing sliding as she rose up until his cock almost left her exquisite hole, hovered a moment as her juices ran down his shaft then plunged down on him urgently. Her strokes became more frequent and urgent and she shivered in orgasm several times with increasing intensity.

"Cum in me Marty you know you want to!"

Phil saw the far away look in Martin's eyes as she plunged down on him shivering. He exploded in her thrusting hard against her hot pussy clutching her hips eagerly as he emptied himself in her hot, wet tight hole. Phil caught sight of Heidi smiling sweetly and pinching her own nipples as he collapsed with exhaustion. He quickly turned and snuck out the hall doorway to return to the party. Martin and Heidi returned separately both looking smug and casting knowing eyes at each other. Phil guessed they had been having this affair for sometime. Phil found himself thinking about Heidi once more constantly. He met Martin for a drink after work later that week and he casually mentioned that he thought Marty was a fool to risk his marriage having a mid life crisis with someone like Heidi. Martin didn't seem a bit perturbed that Phil knew as he knew he wouldn't inform on a friend, in fact martin was downright cocky about it.

"Do you have any idea what it's like to fuck something that young and hot Phil? She doesn't want a relationship anyway she just likes to fuck and who am I to deny what a young girl might want?"

"You've got to wonder what a hot young thing like that wants from a burnt out old guy like you Martin?" Phil teased.

"Well believe it or not mate, and I know you're jealous, she doesn't want money or gifts or marriage or anything like that. She just loves to fuck and she loves to fuck older guys because they adore her, take their time and fuck her like wild men and she gets off on it big time I can tell you. She must cum a hundred times when I'm with her. Can you imagine how good that feels to be fucking something so beautiful, so desirable and have her screaming in pleasure every time you touch her or put your cock in her? Do you know I can fuck her for hours and not feel tired? Cum several times, She is the sex I never had with my wife mate she is awesome. I'm going to milk this for as long and as hard as I can. Don't tell me you wouldn't do it if you were in my place? She's a beautiful babe and she loves sex and she loves it with me. What more could a man ask. Mid life crisis roll on more crisis I'm going to die a happy man Phil, very happy!"

Phil shrugged off his friend's boasts trying hard to seem stable and conservative. He was of course a happily married man with two great kid's one getting married soon. Before long he would be a grandfather. He was too mature for this stuff too happy with his life. Phil didn't see Heidi for sometime until the wedding where she was of course a bridesmaid, the kind of bridesmaid that made the bride look plain. Nonetheless his son Mark had married a pretty, intelligent and levelheaded girl. They were happy and it was less time than he had expected before Melissa was pregnant and expecting their first child. Phil was excited to be a grandfather and when his grand daughter was born became the expected dotting grandparent. Bought her toys and clothes and spent a lot of time visiting his son and daughter in law and with his wife volunteered regularly to baby-sit.

It was on one of his solo babysitting experiences that he met with Heidi again. She had returned from being overseas and had dropped in to see Mark, Melissa and baby Alice on the off chance of catching them home and surprising them. Phil answered the door and was surprised by the immaculately dressed Heidi clutching an armful of gifts for the baby to her breasts. He invited her in and explained how he and his wife were doing babysitting shifts while Mark and Melissa had a weekend away. Once the gurgling and ooh–ing and ahh-ing of the baby ceased and little Alice settled into a sleep Phil and Heidi returned to the kitchen for coffee. Phil couldn't help staring at her delicious breasts and her long shapely legs and as she sat on a stool next to the kitchen bench her short skirt rose to reveal a flash of white silk panty. Heidi smiled and made no attempt to pull her hem over the sweet silk and lace triangle.

"You always loved to peek at my panties Phil didn't you?"

She laughed sweetly and then pulled her shoulders back so her firm round breasts stuck out.

"And you like checking out my tits too don't you. It's ok hon' I'm use to it in fact I enjoy being looked at why do you think I dress like this?'

Phil looked uncomfortable and barely stammered a reply. Heidi liked the power of a situation when a grown man was lost for words because of lust for her.

"Martin told me how jealous you were when you found out he was fucking me too. And I seem to remember seeing your face at the other side of the doorway when Mark fucked me the first time when I was about eighteen. You didn't know I saw you did you. I smiled at you and blew you a kiss. He's a great fuck your son, Melissa's a lucky girl. Old Marty's not that bad in the sack either. He runs marathons now I've heard apparently he discovered his stamina when he was fucking me."

Phil was speechless. Heidi smiled more sweetly now dropping her cocky dirty talk and attitude.

"I'm embarrassing you aren't I Phil. You know I always found you very attractive. Still do actually."

She got off her chair and walked toward him and took his hand.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to me. Have you ever fantasized about it? You know I fantasized about you. In my fantasy we are alone, like we are now. I take your hand and I place it on my breast like I'm doing now and then move in close to kiss you..."

She kissed him and he felt the sweet, wet, warmth of her lips, and the swell of her supple breasts beneath his hand, the thick nipples rising under his touch. He gasped for breath as he found himself lost in her kisses. Every fantasy he had about her every vision of watching her flooded his mind and rushed into the veins and muscles of his cock which firmed more rapidly than he had ever experienced. Without a word she took the hand that had been feeling her firm ass cheeks intuitively and guided it beneath her short hem to her panties.

"Feel how wet I am?" she whispered seductively.

He felt the flimsy silk panties grow from moist to sopping beneath his hand and began to rub her clit through the panties like had done sometimes with his wife. She shivered with appreciative moans that escalated to orgasms almost too easily. Their tongues intertwined, their lips explored each other's necks and ears. He felt compelled to kiss his way to her breasts and tore the brief straps aside to expose them and set about suckling her thick nipples. Rolling his tongue around them sucking them hard as she moaned appreciatively. His fingers had entered her tightness now and he lanced her with two fingers and slapped her clit with his palm as he rolled her nipples between his teeth. She struggled free of his grip and placed her hand on his throbbing cock and began to unzip him.

They both froze when they heard the slam of the car door outside and the familiar pip of Phil's for wheel drive outside. It was time for a change of shift. They quickly composed them selves and Phil darted upstairs to tend to the baby while Heidi answered the door. Phil managed a level of composure that was distracted by the baby who had woken and was demanding a feed and nappy change which Phil dutifully performed while Heidi filled Phil's wife in on how she had arrived to surprise the happy parents with gifts for the baby on her way home from the airport. When Phil returned to the kitchen with the baby in his arms. Laura was chatting to Heidi and making her coffee. Heidi feigned tiredness 'jetlag' and proceeded to call for a cab. Laura wouldn't hear of it and promptly summoned Phil to give her a lift home. The cold reality of his wife almost finding him fucking their son's ex girlfriend had sobered Phil to the point where he had promised himself that he wouldn't to proceed with getting involved with Heidi and he resisted any conversation about how exciting it was to fuck when you are in fear of being caught. It was only outside Heidi's apartment that she leaned across to him silently and kissed him again and all resistance melted.

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