tagErotic Poetry'Ex'actly What We Need

'Ex'actly What We Need


but when i was lost in your eyes there was nothing left to do but let out a long drawn breath that i hadn't even realized i had been holding since i first took notice of you and the fact that you were in the very same room as i.

and i was still standing as stunned as the day that i lost you and i'm sure that everyone noticed that i had froze and stiffened as the room and all present dissapeared into the blackness outside of the tunnel of light that had captured you for me and my eyes.

inhaling turned out to be a chore until i saw that you to were holding your breath looking back at me in my eyes our eyes reaching out for eachother like outstreched arms trying to grasp the other and hold onto one another and never let go unless we were letting go completely.

then i saw her standing by your side grabbing your arm protectively and trying desperately to draw your attention away from me but you would not budge and i knew that you would not dissapoint me when you headed across the room in my direction as i watched the people part and a path was created for you and closing behind you after you passed by.

standing next to me you are wordless and i find that every thought that is trying to escape the grasp of my tongue cannot and your girl runs to you and stands between us asking you what it is you think you are doing and effortlessly your arm extends and brushes her aside and your hand finds my own and you take hold of me and i know you dont want to let go.

and i never want to let go of what we both know is ours but yet what do we do with us and what has happened to us and i start to doubt again and you recognize this in my eyes and pull me toward you even though i do not make a single move on my own and you kiss me deeply and any thought of doubt runs fleeing from my mind as i become completely intwined in you.

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