tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExecutive Decisions: Going Up?

Executive Decisions: Going Up?


Executive Decisions is a series of short stories. They can be read individually or one after another starting with The Meeting, then Working Dinner and this one. Going Up? is dedicated to a special friend. Thanks to all of my friends for helping me with this story. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to send me any and all comments or suggestions you may have. I love the feedback. Oh, and there are more stories to come…very, very soon.


“I’m so glad you invited me to lunch, Madie. I’ve lived here my entire life and have never eaten at this hotel. I’ve heard the food is phenomenal.”

“Well, it’s not like we get to see each other often and since I’m in the Bay for this freaking meeting, I couldn’t resist treating you to a meal here. J, I do apologize for it being so late in the day. I had to close the meeting. Thankfully it all went very well.”

“This is good. I know how hard you’ve been working on this project. Besides I’m so happy to spend some time with you. So give me the scoop. What’s up with the mystery man? Will his identity finally be revealed? Or are we all to stay in the dark forever?”

“I can’t believe I haven’t told you-“

“Told me? You have kept this a secret for what? Six months? You tell me you’re involved with someone online and then you meet him in person. But do I get details? Nooooooo.”

“Oh J. I promise to tell you everything.”

“Everything? Wait hold that thought. I’m just getting into the elevator. I’m already starting to lose my signal. We’ll have to finish this conversation when I get up there. I can’t wait to hear this story! When you’re finished I’ll tell you about my elevator fantasy.” Laughing, J stepped onto the elevator her phone cutting out just as she walked passed the doors. Looking from side to side for the panel to select her floor, the outer walls showed her surprise as her reflection greeted her. Locating the panel on her right she looked for the roof button. As she reached out to push number 21, the doors began to close. J winced when a hand reached in and got squeezed. The doors automatically pulled open.

J looked up from the masculine hand to a broad chest to a beautiful smile and twinkling eyes. The man nodded at her. Realizing she held a dead phone in her hand she shoved it into her pocket book, smiling at him. He winked at her, making her giggle.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a mirrored elevator,” J thought as she looked around the interior. She couldn’t help but look him over again, tingling with surprising excitement. “Oh calm your hormones. Just because you mentioned your elevator fantasy doesn’t mean it will come true.”

The enclosed elevator completely encased in mirrors from floor to ceiling enthralled her, J remarked, “Almost makes you think there should be a bed in here.” Oh my god did I just say that out loud? J shook her head and looked at the floor, her reflection revealing her reddened cheeks.

“Actually that is exactly what I was thinking.” He smiled at her, tilting his head coaxing her attention from the floor up to his dark mysterious eyes. The mischievous glint she saw there made her heart flutter. “Going up?”


“Hi, Renata? It’s Madie. Oh good. I’m glad I caught you. No, I won’t be back tomorrow. I have some business to wrap up here. Look, I know it isn’t your fault but he can kiss my ass. I’m here for the company and I will do my job. He really needs to back off. I’ll be back on Thursday.” Madie nodded her head in thanks as the waiter brought her drink to the table. “Yes, I’m having lunch with her. J should be here any moment. I can see the elevators coming up the center of the hotel from my table. That two-way mirror they have is a riot. Watching people fix their hair, make faces or whatever, thinking no one can see them. I am getting a kick out of it. Total entertainment.”


The elevator began its accent and immediately stopped. The halt so unexpected had J falling back against him as she lost her balance. Her hand brushed against the inside of his thigh as she fought to right herself. Her face flushed red with embarrassment and lust. Her hand felt him grow aroused even in the brief moment of contact.

His strong hand clasped hers in his giving her body a jolt as the sensation made its way to her brain. It registered like a bullet. No words were needed. Their eyes connected, light azure blue to dark chocolate brown, unblinking as unspoken words and images swirled in the air silently around them. Pulling her against his body, her curves molding against his hard frame, she felt more stirrings of his arousal.

Moving together, their actions synchronized all around them. His hand slid up her thigh exposing more succulent flesh with every inch. He reached under her skirt to cup her ass running his fingers along her lacy thong teasing and testing. He pulled her tight grinding her against his erection.

Her body molded to his as he enveloped her. Thick arms wrapped around her voluptuous body caused shivers to run up her spine. His strength, the anticipated power that would fill her, thrilled and urged her to be more reckless than she’d ever been. Here in an elevator with a stranger where anyone could walk in, once it got started again. Thankfully they had only themselves to see this event in this private space.


Renata, I don’t care. He can’t do anything to me. Trust me. I covered my ass on this one. Yes. The conference was successful. There is one more event tonight and then I’m headed home. I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Not that this trip hasn’t been interesting. As for that, I’ll tell you everything when I get home. I don’t want to discuss it over the phone. Let’s just say that I have a glow and a smile that won’t be going anywhere for quite some time. Let’s just say I’ve had my fill but I’m still wanting more.” Glancing at the elevator, Madie chuckled. “Oh, an elevator got stuck between floors…hmm…doesn’t look like that couple is panicking at all either.”


J nuzzled his neck enjoying his attention to her skin. Soft fluttery caresses tickled her thighs easing them apart. He moved her quickly up against one wall stepping between her legs. Clasping her hands in his raising them above her head, he locked them in place wrist to wrist with one hand. His right hand grabbed her silky auburn hair yanking it back presenting her lips to his. Mouth crushing against hers, J would have collapsed with pleasure if he hadn’t been holding her up so intense it took her breath away.

He ran his fingers through her hair down her shoulders to the buttons of her blouse. With amazing talent he gently opened her top and unclasped her bra single handedly. He pinched her exposed nipple hard while sucking her tongue into his warm mouth. J sighed against his lips. Every muscle in her body clenched with eagerness. He rolled the puckered bud between his thumb and forefinger. Her eyes drank him in. Lust had her parched quenching her desire became her only focus.

J ground her hips against his to a silent song that only lovers hear. Urgency dictated every move but they had all the time in the world. Reality did not enter the elevator only ecstasy. The only need was their own fulfillment not the dangers involved with public sex. J desperately wanted to move her arms but he held her pinned in place tighter each time she tried to bring her hands lower. He crushed her against the wall teasing her clit through her skirt and thong with his thick shaft.

Fill me. These two words became a mantra repeating over and over in J’s mind. Fill me. He denied her satisfaction over and over. His mouth claimed her nipple while his hand moved lower tugging her skirt up between them. J thought he’d slide his fingers between her slit. She begged him silently by biting his lips. He surprised her by unzipping his pants and sliding them over his hips. He wore no boxers, no briefs. Ready and hard, he slid his cockhead against her clit, smacking it then dipping it slightly into her pussy covering it with her juices and returning to her clit. J lifted her hips whenever he moved to her opening ready to impale herself on him but he would move it away and spank her with his cock making her even wetter. Her arousal became more intense with each teasing stroke of her lips.

Fill me. Growling with frustrated desire, J bit his neck. The moment he heard her growl he thrust inside her tight passage. J came quickly while adjusting to his size. He stretched her…filling her. Her head moved from side to side as the force of her orgasm caused her to loose her balance. He let go of her wrists and with both hands cupped her ass lifting her onto him. Still against the wall, he pounded into her. She twisted her hips on his cock matching his thrusts. His thick finger pressed against her puckered asshole. The sensations aroused from this and his cock sliding against her clit set off another orgasm for J. She came crying out into his neck while running her ands through his hair and down his back.

He eased her legs to the floor and spun her around facing herself in the mirrored wall. With her skirt still flipped over her ass, he parted her cheeks and stroked her with the large mushroom head of his cock. Spreading her juices up to her tightest hole he teased and coaxed her. He reached around waist with one hand flicked her clit. His other fingers played with her ass. One then two. In and out. She watched her orgasm build. Never before had she seen herself come. He looked into her eyes through the mirror as she peaked and finger fucked both holes watching her watch herself and him.

His cock slid between her cheeks after she relaxed and eased gently and slowly into her. J closed her eyes but opened them immediately as she felt his fingers pinching her nipples. He cupped her breasts pushing them against the cold mirror and then warming them with his palms. Buried deep inside her, he began to move in and out careful not to cause her pain. Yet pain she felt mixed with intense pleasure. Her nipples so sensitive and aroused hardened further as he flicked them with his fingers, while his cock slid stroking her sweet ass.

J put her head back against his shoulder feeling her next orgasm build. He had her so turned on she knew this one would be overwhelming. He gripped her hips with the hands that manipulated her body to this passionate state and thrust in. His fingers slid to her clit, his palms remaining on her hips. Teasing her clit he pulled out and in again. Over and over, harder he pounded her. She felt him tighten with his orgasm. Together they burst through the wall of pleasure, coming hard and long. Vibrations and pulsations ran through their bodies, the intensity of the moment not easing off.

He kissed her neck and turned her into him again fixing her skirt. J gently pulled up his pants and zipped him up. They kissed deeply both smiling as their lips came together. “That was amazing. I think if I ever bump into you again I’m going to ask if you’re going down.”

J laughed enjoying the feeling of his arms around her. She startled a moment as the elevator returned its accent to the top floor. “Wow. Now I’m really hungry for lunch.”

He smiled at her. “Thank you for the ride.” The elevator opened its doors out into the restaurant. His hand at her lower back ushered her through the doors. “It was a pleasure.”

“Indeed.” J adjusted her skirt, smiled back at him and walked around the corner to the hostess podium. “I’m meeting Madison Walsh.”

“Yes, she’s waiting for you just over here.” The hostess led J to the table where Madie sat overlooking the center of the hotel.

“Madie, you look like the cat who swallowed the canary…”

“Well, I’m lucky I swallowed anything. I choked on my drink when I looked down there.”

J followed the direction Madie pointed and saw the elevator going down to the lobby. Shock registered on her face as she realized everyone who looked at the elevator could see into it through the two-way mirrors. “Well, if I’d known it was a two way…I think I would have done it anyway.”

“I saw it…couldn’t not see it. I have no doubt you would have. I bet you’ve worked up quite an appetite. Well, an entirely different one that is.”

“Oh I could eat everything in this place right about now. Let's order. Oh and tell me about this mystery man.”

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