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Executive Decisions: Pink Slip


Executive Decisions is a series of short stories starting with The Meeting, then Working Dinner, Going Up? and now this one. They can be read individually or one after another. Thanks to all of my friends for helping me with this story. Piper & MzJ, thanks TONS! I really hope you enjoy them and as always feel free to send me any and all comments or suggestions you may have. I love the feedback. There are more in this series…an new one is started even as I type this…


“Okay, true he’s inconsistent. Constantly saying one thing then does another.” Madison kicked at the rocks someone had piled up in a mini tower along the surf as she spoke out loud. The beach, desolate now that the vacation season ended, gave her the privacy she craved to work through some of her tangled emotions. “Wait. I suppose as long as that is what he is always doing that’s consistent, right? Just not the constant action I want or deserve. We make plans and ninety five percent of the time they fall through.”

Her footprints trailed behind her. She paused by a large log washed up on shore during the recent storm, sitting down she placed her shoes next to her curling her toes into the sand. “Take this last time. We were planning a nice weekend get away and Grayson tells me…at the last minute…we can’t go because he unexpectedly got called back to California. That wasn’t the only time either. I’d been with him well over six months and in the last six weeks I’ve seen him twice. Now I know I should understand and I do, I just can’t stand broken plans.”

Madison’s frustration eased a bit from within flowing out with the tide. Not quite as much as she’d like but the peacefulness of the deserted beach helped. Stress had been building deep and strong for some time. Usually mellow and relaxed, she’d gotten to the point where she was so busy and preoccupied she even forgot to eat. Her mind focused on the reorganization of the company she worked for or drifting off on what she could possibly say to Grayson to make him understand her feelings without coming across as petulant and possessive or she’d be on her way to yet another meeting allowed room for little else. At least Madison, Madie to her friends, remembered her name.

Jack, her boss, had her working fast and furious on this project with Grayson. Rumors ran rampant that the corporate office, located in New York, was secretly being bought out in a hostile take over. As the owner and president of this branch, Jack wanted to make sure the plan he put into motion was carried out. The reorganization of this franchise needed to take place soon if this gossip turned out to be true. Actually it was more than gossip. They had made quite a bit of headway with it and crunch time was upon them. Only now Grayson wasn’t around to pick up some of the slack. Since he left, yet again, it all fell to her.

He was always going away on business trips. As a consultant, he had clients other than Capitol Enterprises. Madie understood the pressures he had with his career and everyday life. She went out of her way not to add more stress wanting desperately to be the calm in the rough waters of his day-to-day frustrations. His other clients and other responsibilities were a major reason she had seen him so infrequently even though they worked together. She’d known from the moment they first met online that he was a busy man. One of the things they had in common.

Right at the moment the last time they saw each other played over in her mind. The night before he left happened to be the night they were going to leave for their mini holiday. He picked her up early and told her to leave her bags not going into detail as to why they weren’t going. He brought her back to his place. She’d never been there before. He preferred to keep much of his life separate from what he had with her.

Neither spoke the entire ride. Was this a new assignment for her? Where is he taking her? Grayson’s silence reverberated through the lavish interior of the luxury car. Her hands ran back and forth over the black leather seat. Her nervous energy giving way to fidgeting earned her a stern glance from Grayson. She immediately clasped her hands in her lap and sat upright. Not wanting to disappoint him in anyway, she remained quiet and unmoving.

She tried to be patient and understand this aspect of his personality that required her complete compliance in all things. While he would talk to her about anything, everything and nothing, he rarely actually physically involved her in his life yet insisting she share everything she did. This ride was much like their relationship. She followed his lead…if silence was required, she would do it. Madie often felt that he kept her at arms length for a reason. A reason she was to be kept in the dark about, like lovers who remained hidden behind the scenes. He insinuated himself into her life but she knew so little about him.

“Here we are. This is my apartment.” Grayson stated nonchalantly as he opened her door helping her out of the car. Her mind reeled with shock. His place? She was about to walk into a glimpse of his life. Her heart thumped. Could he hear it?

Grayson opened the front door and stood back allowing her to enter first. Anticipation tingled through her body as she slowly walked through the foyer into the living room. Hundreds of white candles glowed brilliantly softening up the space that could be described as clinical at any other time. Inhaling deeply trying to regain control of her battling emotions, a soothing delicious aroma of vanilla overwhelmed her senses. A bottle of wine and two glasses caught her eye next.

Spinning around Madie saw nothing giving her more insight into this man standing before her. Pleasure and confusion registered on her face. Music filtered into the room startling her. The melody familiar to her yet she knew she’d never heard it before. An eerie sense of déjà vu gave her a quick shiver.

When Grayson took her hand in his and pulled her into his arms, she melted into him without the awkwardness she had felt earlier. Now her senses were inundated with his scent. Happily she snuggled into him ignoring the twinge of unease that tapped at the back of her mind. Something easily accomplished with Grayson running his hands over her bareback.

He found the string that tied her top in the middle of her back and tugged it free. Whispering in her ear, he slid the material off her shoulders, “Madison, in the bedroom…I have something for you. It is just down the hall. The door is on the right. Go and see.” He stepped back from her holding her shirt dangling it from one finger watching her reaction to his command.

Madie turned naked to her waist. She felt no shyness around this man. He’d taught her so much about her sexuality. He’d awakened a deep desire for debauchery in her she’d never known existed. A wicked thrill ran through her as she walked toward the bedroom. It never even occurred to her to disobey him. She felt his eyes devouring her backside. He’d once told her he loved the curve of her ass and how it moved beneath a skirt that hugged it ending just below the cheeks. Every step or so as she left the room he caught a glimpse of skin not covered by panties.

Reaching the bedroom door, Madie turned the knob slowly wondering what would greet her on the other side. Grayson had not only introduced her to her own natural cravings but he taught her much about BDSM. Often she would be tied to the bed while he tortured her turning her into a wanton sex slave. Then sometimes she’d kneel before him, her wrists bound behind her back begging him to let her pleasure him others still she would be direct to expose various parts of her body in unique settings. They had many experiences from exhibitionism to bondage. Grayson dominated every aspect of their relationship. Madie willingly gave over to his desires in everything. Sometimes she wondered if she gave up too much.

The bedroom held very little furniture but Grayson had filled it with candles too. The sight took her breath away. On the bed, a pool of material stood out against the black comforter. She walked over to it and ran her hands over the cloth. Silk. She loved the feel of it against her skin. On impulse she put it on, dropping her skirt to the floor.

The lingerie looked like a mini slip allowing the slightest hint of her rounded cheeks along the hem. Sexy vibrant pink gave her skin a warm glow. Intricate stitching in the material lent beauty to the slip. She looked in the mirror on the wall and smiled. The dark areolas of her breasts strained for attention through the nearly transparent fabric.

Tilting her head, Madie turned viewing her reflection, thinking to herself, “The candles, the music, this? How unlike Grayson to play the romantic. I don't know about this side I'm seeing. I know I asked for more...what other surprises wait for me?”

Grayson stood in the doorway watching her. Slowly she turned to him. “I wanted to see you in something soft. I saw this and thought immediately of you. Supple, pink, mesmerizing, and beautiful. Come to me.” He held out his arms and waited for her. With a brief moment of hesitation, that feeling of unease catching her slightly, she walked slowly into Grayson’s embrace. Tilting her head up to look at him, he captured her lips, kissing her deeply causing her legs to buckle faintly with the passion that surged through her. “Do you like?”

“Do you have to ask? I love it. Thank you.”

“I want to make love to you, Madie. Holding you, watching you, teasing you, seducing you. Most of all pleasuring you.” With that he lifted her up shocking her. The romance imbedded in his gesture seared her scorching her mind. He returned to kissing her lips, trailing down to her neck as he walked to the bed. A rush of warmth filled her as his passion fueled her. He reluctantly released her after placing her gently on the bed. He stripped quickly as she watched.

The candlelight flickered shadows over his skin. Madie leaned back against the pillows watching Grayson. Now still in control of the moment, he was the one seeing to her desire, her needs, her passion, yet with a different feel. He was not her master here. He was her lover, soft, sensual, gentle, loving yet withholding. Not that he hadn’t been loving before this time. This time was different, surreal. If she didn’t know any better, she’d think this was to be their last time together. It had that goodbye undertone. How silly is that?

”You have a smile on your face, Madie. Something funny?”

“No, Grayson, its just happiness. You make me so happy.”

“I want to see pleasure there too.” With that he sat next to her on the bed. His arms reached around her back and pulled her abruptly to him hard against his chest. His lips crushed hers and for the first time she felt his need, his rigid barrier of control had cracked. He’d allowed her a glimpse at his feelings. His kiss left her lightheaded. She’d been dazed by his kisses before but the emotion raw and thick behind this lip to lip contact made her dizzy and confused. Always the thinker, her thoughts fought their way past the lust she was reeling in. Why do I feel this catch, this indescribable question that seems to be lingering?

Hands caressed her back tickling her sensitive shoulder blades causing her to arch into him. Her thoughts dissolved quickly. Her breasts brushed against the soft hairs on his hard chest. Her nipples hardened from the torturous tickling and the warmth of his skin. Her body became infused with the heat radiating from him.

Madie melted. Her mind became mush, her body pliant to his ministrations. He bent his head to kiss along her collarbone. He listened as her heartbeat increased, unmoving. Her body begged. He waited still. With a frustrated moan, she threaded her fingers into his hair twisting him so that his mouth neared her breast. His teeth tore through the material claiming her nipple. Licking through the fabric he focused his attention on building her pleasure. His hands traveled down her sides teasing her hips. Easing her legs apart and around him, he settled his body between hers.

Grayson allowed his weight to rest fully on Madison pausing once again. When she looked up at him wondering at his hesitation, he thrust into her. Her tight passage unlocked slowly. She tossed her head back crying out in pain pleasure agony desire. “Oh, God, Grayson!” He loved to feel her open to him coating him with her juices. Unyielding then complete compliance. Her body’s reaction more telling than words, he found himself lost in her passion. Forcing his cock deep into her, grinding it against her innermost pleasure points, Madie rotated her hips to meet his movements.

He pounded into Madie ruthlessly. Madie cried out for more, thoughts of leniency completely forgotten. Together they watched as his cock slid in and out of her clean-shaven pussy. Her puffy, pink lips grasped at him every time he pulled back. He popped out of her leaving her breathless and confused.

“Up on your knees.” She obeyed. His hands grasped her hips roughly, leaving his hand prints on her cheeks as he pulled her against his cock. She thrust back against him as he pitched forward. Her body aching for more, he was a drug tearing through her system. Her high building, she bucked as he drove forward. One hand reached under her caressing her breasts. The other fingered her mound sliding over her clit. Together they came, her orgasm pulsing violently around his cock as he flooded his cum deep into her. He continued to fuck her viciously flicking her clit and pinching her nipple giving her another immediate intense orgasm. He collapsed onto her rolling to his side remaining buried in her. Limbs tangled, they fell deeply asleep.

“Madison, are you awake? I have something I need to tell you.”

“Yes, I’m awake.” Madie stretched and turned into him. As her body touched his, her brain became aware of his emotional distance. Her stomach started doing flip flops and her mind went on red alert. Something important was about to happen.

“Boy did I learn to trust my instincts!” Madie kicked again at the rocks sending them into the crashing waves. The irony of the situation finally settling in...their relationship had been terminated...she’d been let go...given the pink slip.

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