tagIncest/TabooExhibitionist Little Sister Ch. 01

Exhibitionist Little Sister Ch. 01


My little sister, Cassie, is eight years younger than I am. Cassie and I have always been close, even considering the age spread between us, so when she became depressed during the summer and didn't seem to break out of it, I was very concerned. Having amassed a considerable amount of unused sick time, personal time and vacation time, and, no longer being able to bear hearing her cry over the phone, I made the decision to go visit her. To say Cassie was happy about me coming would be an understatement, and she promised to have her spare bedroom ready for me and would even stock up on my favorite beer and wine.

Cassie had suffered through a horrible office romance which became public and vicious in the most horrific way. The man involved was a senior executive, and even though he was the one that initially came on to her, she was portrayed as an opportunist, man-stealer trying to seduce a happily married, and very powerful business man. She was immediately professionally humiliated, fired with no severance and effectively blacklisted at most of the agencies in town.

The bottom line was that Cassie needed my help -- someone's help - so I dropped everything and got on the plane to go see her. The first night I was there, she cuddled up with her head in my lap and I held her while she recounted the lurid details of her office affair and basically cried herself to sleep in my arms. I'd never seen my sister like this, and I knew I'd done the right thing by coming to see her.

Several weeks earlier, Cassie started seeing a therapist to help her get her life back on track. At first, I was skeptical that therapy would help, but, Cassie spoke so highly of Dr. Charm, and told me she trusted and identified with this woman, so I held my tongue. And, in a way, I was very happy to learn that Cassie wanted me to go with her to see the therapist the day after I arrived for my visit. Hopefully, I'd be able to assess the situation myself and find out if the therapist was helping Cassie, or not.

And so, I sat in the tiny waiting area at Dr. Brenda Charm's office for about thirty minutes before the doctor's door opened and she walked out and introduced herself. Immediately, my first impression was that I liked the woman, too. She had an unassuming smile on her face and her tone and demeanor was very warm and friendly. As she invited me in and closed the door behind her, she gestured to a small couch and invited me to sit next to Cassie.

Cassie's eyes were red, and there was a box of tissues on the table in front of her. My sister had obviously been upset and crying, and, as I sat next to Cassie, I put my arms around her and asked her if she was okay.

"Robert......," the doctor said, "or I guess its Rob, right?"

"Rob is fine." I answered, looking over at Cassie, who nodded her head and dabbed the tissue to her eyes.

"Cassie has give me permission to talk with you about what's going on in her life," the doctor began, "and if it's okay with you, I'm going to ask Cassie to step out for a few minutes so we can talk. Would that be okay with you?"

"Of course." I replied.

I watched as Dr. Charms stood and stretched her hand out to Cassie and then walked with her to the door. Stopping for a moment to whisper something into my sister's ear, she patted Cassie on the back, and then let my sister out. Turning back to me, she smiled and then returned to sit in an armchair across from me, crossed her legs primly and politely laid her hands in her lap and said, "It's nice you care about your sister so much that you came out to be with her for a while. She really appreciates what you're doing."

"It's not a problem for me at all." I replied. "I'd just like to see her get back to the old Cassie again."

"Well," the doctor said, "I think you can play a big part in making that happen, Rob. If you two are as close as she says you are, then I'm sure of it."

"At this point, I'm willing to do just about anything." I said. "It breaks my heart to see her cry and moping around like she's been doing."

"The situation is complicated, Rob," the doctor said, "and from what I gather, Cassie hasn't been completely forthcoming with you about her depression. But, before we talk much further, I need to tell you that you're probably going to be shocked at what you're going to hear from me today. You need to prepare yourself for that, and, if you're serious about helping your sister get back on her old self, you're going to need an open mind and accept some things as the way they are."

Although I heard her words, I had no idea what she was talking about. Doctor Charms could see I didn't understand what she was eluding to, and told me not to worry about it right this instant, saying, "For now, you need to accept the fact that you're going to be shocked, and, accept the fact that you can't change certain aspects of your sister's life. Can you do that?"

"A few moments ago I told you I'd be willing to do anything to help." I reminded the good doctor. "Shocked or not, Cassie is my sister and I love her. Whatever she needs...... whatever will help..... regardless of what it is, you can count on me. I'm your man."

Doctor Charms leaned back in her chair and smiled at me. "Very well then, Rob." The doctor replied. "I'm sure you're curiosity has been peaked now, so we might as well get the shocking part out of the way, so let's start there."

I nodded my head and tried to mentally prepare myself for whatever she was going to say. The doctor's attitude turned uncomfortable for a moment and she started to speak, and then she suddenly stopped. After a moment, she looked up at me and simply said, "Rob, your sister is what we call a compulsory exhibitionist."

I sat there for a minute trying to assimilate what she said, and when I didn't react or say anything, she added, "That means she can only achieve sexual gratification by exposing herself."

"I know what an exhibitionist is." I mumbled. "I've never heard of a compulsory exhibitionist, but, what makes you think that anyway? I thought it was the office affair that tore her life apart. " I asked.

"Rob, you might find it hard to believe, but Cassie admitted this to me herself," the doctor replied, "and we've spoken about it in great detail during her sessions. And I can assure you, it's definitely true. For Cassie, exposing herself is a very necessary part of what's normal for her, and with very minor exceptions, she can't achieve any type of sexual release unless it's associated with being exposed in some way."

The doctor explained that in years past, Cassie had been ashamed of her body -- specifically the size of her breasts, her puffy nipples and the way her genitals looked. "This feeling was intensified when a boyfriend she cared very much about broke up with her and told her it was because she was flat chested and had, what he described as a 'Small Dick' instead of a normal size clitoris." The doctor told me.

As the doctor continued to explain, she told me Cassie eventually met the man at work and he started flirting with her regularly. "He'd make suggestive comments," Doctor Charms told me, "even suggesting he could help her career if she went out with him. She resisted it for a while, and then one day he invited her out for drinks after work and she accepted."

"That evening," the doctor told me, "she caught him looking down her blouse and it excited her. As the night drew on, she unbuttoned her top button, and then another -- and then another until by the end of the night, her blouse was hanging unfastened and he was openly staring at her chest."

Doctor Charms told me this kind of behavior became the basis of their affair and Cassie allowed him to undress and expose her whenever he desired. She learned how to entice him by showing herself off, even doing it while they were at work. Cassie's self confidence grew and together, they had the best sex Cassie had ever experienced. She went with him on business trips and learned how to be a 'Kept Woman' and a successful exhibitionist. He introduced her to public nudity, and allowed her to be naked in front of a select group of his friends. He encouraged her to undress and masturbate as they watched, and he took great pains to reward her with lavish gifts and praise.

Along the way, Cassie became quite submissive to him, and she began to be dependent on him to provide opportunities for her to be exposed. She craved his attention, knowing each time they were together, it would eventually lead to her being stripped, undressed, or exposed, and brought to a sexual peak that always ended with multiple orgasms strong enough to literally shake her down to the root of her soul.

Apparently, Cassie began to live each day with only one goal in mind -- to be his obedient submissive. In turn, he would be pleased and reward her by giving her opportunities to expose herself in front of him, his friends, and towards the end of their relationship -- in front of anyone who wanted to look.

"Of course," Doctor Charms added, "their relationship was eventually found out, and Cassie took the fall. For him, the whole thing was just a fling with a cute, young woman, but, for your sister," the doctor said as she leaned toward me, "it was devastating. She had become dependent on him emotionally and sexually, and when he abruptly dropped her, her whole life began to spiral downwards."

I sat there for a moment with a blank look on my face trying to believe what the doctor was telling me. I just couldn't visualize my sweet little sister being an exhibitionist, or publicly undressing, or willingly exposing herself, much less masturbating herself in front of other people. It just didn't seem possible to me and as I told the doctor she must be wrong, she laid her hands in her lap and looked at me.

"Rob," she said, leaning forward towards me, "I understand this is hard for you to believe, but, it is an indisputable fact that your sister is a compulsory exhibitionist. And, I can tell you with almost guaranteed certainly that neither one of us is going to dramatically change her behavior. This kind of drive and desire is way too strong to change."

Then, settling back into her chair again, the doctor calmly said, "I think our best course of action right now is to be understanding and give her some of what she needs the most, and that's where you come in."

"Uh, I'm not following you." I replied.

"She needs some attention and affection, Rob." Doctor Charms answered. "She has this overpowering need to be submissive to a man. She wants to experience sexual pleasure again, and that means she needs someone who will accept and allow her exhibitionistic desires."

"You mean...... me?" I croaked.

"Yes." The doctor replied. "But, it's more than that. Her self-respect as a woman has been all but obliterated, Rob. I'm convinced she'll snap out of this after a while if she just had some good, old fashioned skin to skin contact with someone she knew she could trust."

"But, uh......" I muttered, "I'm her brother!"

"I think she's already thought that part through." The doctor said, looking directly at me. "And, we've discussed it at considerable length. Your sister isn't a virgin and she's been on birth control for several years so there's no risk of her becoming pregnant. And Rob, I'm satisfied that she's considered the possible ramifications and consequences."

"I don't know if I could do that." I argued. "I don't know anything about submissive women or exhibitionism, or........"

"Hold on a second, Rob." The doctor said, interrupting me. "If you put aside the fact that Cassie is your sister, do you think she's an attractive woman?"

"Well, yeah, I guess." I answered.

"And, probably like any other guy, you like to see naked women, don't you?" She asked.

I blushed, but, nodded my head when she asked me the question again.

"And if you had a chance to have a cute girl at your beck and call...... one who would get naked for you, or let you undress her....... and willingly let you see her most intimate parts....... and would let you touch her, and in turn, would touch you, too? If it wasn't your sister, would that interest you?" The doctor asked.

"Well, yes." I exclaimed. "Obviously I'd be interested in that, but...."

"So you're saying you're not willing to look beyond the fact that this woman is your sister?" The doctor continued. "If this is what she needs, you don't think you could do it?"

I felt like an idiot sitting there because I realized the point the doctor was making. And yes, my little sister is cute, and she's attractive. And just for an instant, a vision went through my mind of her standing in front of me dressed only in her bra and panties. In that vision, I imagined her removing her bra and pushing her panties down to her knees and asking me to look at her. As much as I tried not to think of my sister sexually, I couldn't help it. My cock started to harden and in the split second it took to complete the incestuous vision in my head, I found myself sitting there with a major hard-on tenting up the crotch of my jeans.

The doctor must have realized my predicament because she blushed and fidgeted with her hands for a moment until I could carefully reach down and adjust the straining pole inside my pants.

"Rob," she finally said, "what you're being asked to do isn't that complicated. You wouldn't be forcing her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Your job would be to enable and allow her desires to be satisfied. She's still your sister and you'd have to keep loving her just like you normally would, and once her pride heals and her self confidence returns, she may not need your help anymore. But," she added, "right now, she needs someone with a kind heart to sympathize with her and tend to her sexual needs."

"Okay." I said, softly. "I understand what you're saying. It just seems weird, that's all. I'm sitting here daydreaming about seeing my sister naked and it's.... well..... it's weird."

Doctor Charms gave me a satisfied smile, saying, "I'm happy about your decision, Rob. And if it will help, I could give you some tips on what to do, and, how to get started."

"Well, that would help." I replied. "I wouldn't know the first thing about how to get started on something like this."

"Actually," Dr. Charms answered, "I bet I know exactly what to do to get the two of you off to a good start."

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's simple." The doctor answered. "You'll just expose her before you leave here today. That will show her you accept her and understand her needs. Plus, it will put you in immediate control and set the stage for things you can do later."

"You mean expose my sister right here in your office? Today?" I exclaimed.

"That's exactly what I mean." The doctor answered. "I've already been allowing Cassie to be as dressed as she wants to be during her sessions."

"Does that mean she's been naked in here with you?" I asked, quite stunned.

"Yes." She replied. "Numerous times. And she's masturbated in here, too. In fact, she usually reclines back in that same exact couch you're on right now and touches herself while we talk. Sometimes it's the best therapy if I just watch."

My cock was raging inside my pants. More nasty visions of my sister flashed through my head. Visions of her lying naked on the couch with her legs spread and her fingers feverishly working her vagina into a frenzy. Then, I had visions of her walking around in front of me in just a pair of tight panties with an obvious and pronounced cameltoe. Fuck! My crotch was on fire and the thoughts going through my head weren't of my depressed little sister anymore, but of a beautiful woman ready and willing to show off for me, and ready to serve my every sexual desire.

"When I bring her back in," the doctor said, "we'll talk for a minute and then you have her stand in front of you. Give her a hug and tell her you love her, and then reach down and unbuttoning her jeans while you look into her eyes. Without stopping, pull her jeans down to her knees and then pull her panties down to her thighs."

My eyes got big and I looked at the doctor in absolute shock.

"Don't worry, Rob." She said, softly. "This is one of her recurring fantasies. She's recounted this exact scenario to me several times and I assure you it will get you off to a wonderful start with her."

Doctor Charms continued with her instructions, telling me to take time to look between her legs. She even encouraged me to touch her there if I was comfortable doing that, suggesting I might want to check to see if she was aroused.

Then, she said I should pull her t-shirt up above her breasts and unfasten her bra and let it hang off her body. "The act of undressing her and exposing her like this is a major theme that runs in her fantasies." The doctor informed me. "Touch her breasts and play with her nipples." She added. "But don't remove any of her clothing from her body. Doing it like this will begin to exercise her submissive craving. You see, she'll get the physical benefits of being exposed as well as knowing she had to give up control to you in order to have the arousal."

"Then," she added, "check to see if she's wet between her legs and if she is, make sure you mention it and praise her for it. That way, she'll know you noticed her excitement and you're okay with it."

The doctor told me to take a few minutes and be intentional about looking at Cassie's body. Then, after a few minutes, I was to dress her by fastening her bra first and pulling her shirt down before I pulled her panties and jeans up.

"Rob," she said, solemnly, "the key to this being successful will be the way you calmly take charge and keep control of the situation. If you do it correctly, she'll be wet, aroused, excited, and extremely ready to let you lead her."

Damn, if she had said another word, I probably would have cum in my pants. Unconsciously, I'd started to rub my cock with the heel of my hand as she talked, but, it didn't phase her one bit. She noticed it, yes, but she didn't say anything and quite honestly, at this point, I didn't care. I had major wood inside my underwear and there was no amount of modestly that was going to change that.

"So, do you think you can do all that?" She asked.

"Oh, yeah!" I moaned, still massaging my trapped cock with the palm of my hand. "I can definitely do what you described."

"Good." The doctor said, smiling a satisfied grin. "After you leave the office, be sure you show her some affection -- say or do something warm to let her know you love her. Then, when you get to your car, make a point to completely remove her shirt and her bra. Have her sit there for two or three minutes without showing any concern that someone might see her. Then, let her have her shirt back and take her out for something to eat in a very public place. Pick a place that has a lot of male customers -- like a sports bar, and make sure you sit where people can see her. Don't allow her to slump or cover her chest. By the time you get her home, she'll be ready to let you fully inspect her and touch her any way you like. Then, of course," Doctor Charms added, "you can improvise from that point on."

I could only imagine what she meant by "improvise", but, as far as I was concerned, I didn't think I needed any help figuring the rest out.

We talked for just another few minutes and she gave me some ideas of things she thought Cassie would benefit from; like sleeping together, showering together and frequent skin to skin contact. "Don't raise your voice to her," the doctor added, "the key to her recovery will be your ability to demonstrate love and understanding."

"Are you ready for me to bring her in now?" Dr. Charms asked.

I sat forward and nodded my head. Dr. Charms smiled and gave me one of her cards and told me I could call her if I needed to. And with that, she walked to the door, opened it slowly and gestured for Cassie to come back in.

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