tagNovels and NovellasExploration Ch. 01

Exploration Ch. 01


Veronica was fast approaching her twenty-fifth Birthday and NOT very happy about it.

"My new years resolution was to actually get some this year! It's February already and I still don't know where to start." she told her friend Debbie, who was lying on Veronica's bed, her head propped up by her hands, feet lolling over the other side of the bed. She was watching Veronica brush her long black hair at the modern vanity.

"You need to change your mind about sex, girl." the cute blond replied with a naughty wink.

"And how exactly do you suggest I do that?" she asked, pouting at her friend's reflection. "Wave a magic wand and just grab the first guy I meet in the street and shag his brains out?" "Hey that's a good idea, but save that one for later." Debbie replied, a naughty grin spreading across her face.

"I know that look. It makes me nervous. We've been house mates for 5 years now and only trouble has come from that smile. What are you thinking?" Veronica was looking apprehensively at her friend in the mirror.

"Well, for one thing, we're gonna do some changes to your wardrobe."

"There's nothing wrong with my wardrobe!"

"Nah, not if you're sixty that is." Debbie replied with an arch smile, her eyes twinkling in anticipation of her friend's, to be expected, vehement response. She did not have to wait long.

"My clothing is functional and professional!" Veronica replied acidly, not wanting to give her expectant friend the satisfaction she so obviously craved.

"Look," Debbie replied, suddenly serious, "you're right. Your clothing does look professional, but you don't have to be a doctor ALL the time. Use some of that hoarded money of yours and lets go shopping."

"I wouldn't know what to buy" Veronica said, her eyes downcast in despair.

"OK, I'll tell you what." Debbie retorted, excitement lighting her eyes. "I'll orchestrate a makeover for you, but you pay. No questions asked and no complaints about money! Between your trust fund your granny left you and your salary, you can afford it!"

Veronica, becoming more interested now, looked up from her brushing.

"Well, I guess its now or never. I've got a week's leave due to me and you still have to wait 3 before your ship leaves again, so lets do it."

Two days later, Veronica is awakened by a little ball of energy jumping up and down on her bed.

"C'mon, get up! We're on holiday and its time for SHOPPING!" Debbie shouted as she bounced.

They got ready and walked the short few blocks, in the grey drizzle that is London autumn, to Acton tube station.

"First stop, Oxford Street!" Debbie exuded.

Veronica resigned herself to her lot and followed meekly. She has always been somewhat submissive. Perhaps that was what kept the men away.

Most of rush hour traffic having passed, they at least had a place to sit as they tube made their way to Oxford Street station. They finally alighted and were greeted by yet more rain as they stepped on the sidewalk again.

Debbie was now on her home ground and dragged her friend by the hand to the closest fashion store.

"Here's something for you already ." Debbie pointed at a mannequin wearing a short red mini-dress, low cut, sleeveless red top and red, six inch stilettos.

"You can't be serious!" Veronica harrumphed as the took in the ensemble.

Debbie suddenly turned on her friend, a stern look on her face, her voice tight.

"I thought we've discussed this......"

"We did..." came the meek reply.

"Are you going to give me any more trouble?"


Later, in the dressing room ...

"It look stunning on you, turn around."

"I look like a slut." Veronica replied as she complied.

"Bullshit. Here, put this on."

"So are you just gonna stand and watch?"

"Look here girlfriend. If we're going to do this, then you had better stop with all this 'bashfulness' of yours. I think that after knowing each other for 5 years, you shouldn't be afraid of getting undressed in front of me."

"But that's how I've been raised. You know I've always closed the door when I got changed." Veronica said, blushing at the prospect of getting undressed in front of another person.

"Your mother is not here and you're not a nun. Take it off....Now" Debbie put extra command in the last word.

As she turned her back on her friend, Veronica realized that the three mirrors in the little cubicle weren't going to protect her modesty. She heaved a heavy sigh of resignation and slowly took off the blouse, for the first time exposing herself, her face crimson.

"What the FUCK is that!" Debbie exclaimed, softly but vehemently, pointing at Veronica's breasts.

"What do you mean?" Veronica whispered, her arms crossing over her ample bosom in defense. "Is there something wrong with them? Is that why the last guy wasn't interested?"

"If with 'them' you mean your breasts, absolutely nothing." Debbie replied, putting her friend at ease. "I mean that nineteen twenties bra you're wearing, and No that arsehole left you because, well...he's an arsehole" she added, gently pulling her friend's arms down to her sides, meeting little resistance.

"Put your own clothes back on" Debbie relented, feeling sorry for her friend. "You'll take this outfit too. It's the right size...and before you argue, remember the agreement...right?

"Right" the weak reply came as Veronica got into her own clothes in a flash, relieved to be decent again.

As the attendant swiped Veronica's platinum credit card, she gulped as she saw the amount, but kept herself in check, seeing her friend's stern look and thinking 'Oh well, she's right. Its not as if I don't have the money.'

They walked on a bit and Debbie pushed her friend into a lingerie shop. Veronica's head hung in shame for being in such a sinful establishment.

'What would my colleagues think of me in such a place? They'll think I'm an utter tart. I'd be ousted for sure.' She thought worriedly.

Debbie, on the other hand, looked quite at home. She walked to the shop assistant with a sure stride.

"How can I help you mam?"

"I'm far past help love, but you can help the shy little filly there, trying to look as if she's trying to become a piece of the furniture."

"Ah, a first timer then." the assistant said to Debbie as she steered towards Veronica.

"Come here dear. It's much more private if you don't stand so close to the window." The shop assistant, fast approaching her middle years knew exactly how strict a young lady can be brought up and saw all the suppression of generations of English upbringing in this gorgeous girl that is looking so out of place in her shop.

"Don't you worry dear." she said reassuringly to the nervous Veronica. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. You'll be amazed at how just a little sexy underwear can change your outlook on life."

Debbie followed as the assistant explained all the different cuts of panties there were on offer.

"No, you don't want that" she interjected as Veronica picked up a flesh colored full cut bloomer. "That's only for the women over 60 who have too much money." She added, taking the offending knickers out of her blushing friend's hands.

"Why don't you try this." she said grabbing a pink lacy g-string and passing that to her friend.

"And don't forget the matching bra." The assistant added. "You look about to be a 36C, love"

"No. Actually I'm a 38B" Veronica replied.

"I've been telling you that you've been wearing the wrong size for ages, Ronnie" Debbie interjected. "Now you can prove me right. This is what this good lady does for a living. Let her measure you."

Veronica, all protest argued out of her, stood meekly and obeyed as the assistant measured her. She was, in fact, a 36C.

"Now why don't you go try those on dear."

Debbie decided to give her friend some space and only went to go check on her in a few minutes. Upon entering the changing cubicle, she found her friend dressed in the new underthings, her own flesh covered panties underneath the pink little g-string. She immediately proceeded to make some adjustments to the bra and even though Veronica protested here and there, feeling uncomfortable with this intimate proximity of her friend, she relented.

"Are you happy with the size of the knickers?"

"Yes, they seem to fit quite nicely."

"OK then, I'm going to step outside and since you're going to buy them, you might as well try them on for real." Veronica blushed again, but complied. She whispered at Debbie that she was done. Debbie entered the cubicle again, finding her friend with her behind against the corner and her hands covering her crotch.

"Well let me see then" then she said all business like. Veronica slowly turned around, baring her behind to her friend. She felt naked and also a bit uncomfortable with a string dividing her cheeks.

"Don't be so shy. You've got a nice and tight touchie and should be proud of it. Now turn around....Okay and now remove your hands. How can I see if you have them in the way?" Veronica slowly complied, her face turning beetroot. This had been the moment she had been dreading since Debbie mentioned underwear shopping.

"Well. I see I'll have to make a call for artillery support. This simply won't do." Debbie commented tactfully, referring the tufts of pubic hear sticking out everywhere. She wanted to say "What the FUCK?" but thought the better of it, seeing her friends crimson face. "OK, put your clothes back on over this and I'll choose you some more."

While getting dressed Veronica heard her friend speaking to someone about Brazil. She thought nothing of it at the time, thinking her friend was speaking to one of her ship mates referring to one of their exotic ports.

When Veronica returned from the dressing cubicle, there were fifteen matching pairs of selected cut panties and bra sets in various colors and styles, five corsets, one even in leather and 7 satin teddies being rung up. She decided to not even look at the bill and just signed. She was starting to enjoy the shopping. Her long subdued naughty side was finally starting to submerge from its life-long hiatus and she was secretly looking forward to trying all the new things on at home.

"Let's hit some more shops. We've got some time to kill till two, then we have an appointment." Debbie said.

Time blurred in a flurry of fashion outlets. Before she knew it Veronica found herself and her friend at a fancy-looking beauty salon. Debbie approached the girl at the reception desk. "I've brought my friend Veronica for a Brazilian." They were seated in a lounge area and offered some espresso.

"What's a Brazilian?" Veronica asked her friend, sipping on the small cup, savoring the strong taste of good italian coffee made expertly.

"Its better that you don't know for now my dear." Debbie replied with a secret smile.

Thirty minutes went by in a whiz of espresso and gossip and before she knew it Veronica was ushered through to a little room with a soft bench on it. Waiting for her there, was an elderly lady.

"Hullo Luv. You can put your clothes there by the corner and come sit here on the bench."

"Uuuhm, what exactly is a Brazilian?" Veronica asked the lady.

"Aaah, a newbie." The old lady replied. "Don't you worry dear, it'll leave you smooth as silk and I can guarantee you this: Once you go Brazilian, you'll never go back."

"Ok, but what is it though" she asked, a bit nervously.

"Just take them all off dear and come kneel on this bench. Debbie's an old friend and I've received an SMS from her a few minutes ago not to be too specific."

'If this wasn't organized by Debbie, I'd never been baring my bottom at a strange old lady.' Thought Veronica as she complied.

She tensed a bit when she felt a ladle start to spread something warm all through her crack. She had no idea what was coming, since she had never even waxed before. She made no protest when paper was put over the wax. Feeling a bit strange just sitting there for a minute after the gooey stuff turned solid in her most private regions, she was just about to ask what comes next when the old lady grabbed the edge of the waxing strip and told her to brace herself.

Not really knowing what to do she sat a bit forward.

Suddenly it felt as if this woman, this evil bitch from hell, was trying to rip her soul out of her arse.

"Shit!!!" she squealed, as she jumped off the bench.

"Are you trying to kill me!" she added backing into the corner, seeing the wax strip, now covered all the hair that was nestling, painless and innocent, between her buttocks a few seconds ago.

"Tut tut dear" the old lady calmed her down. "It's not that bad. It gets better as you keep coming back" 'Fat chance in hell that gonna happen', her inner voice told her.

"Now the front dear"

"No way!"

"Come now, you'll look silly only with the back done. I'll be quick, I promise."

Thinking of Debbie and how she would never hear the end of it, she thought of the fact that most women have children, (so surely she could handle it) and lay on her back, her legs spread.

Once again warm wax was ladled on to her and wax strips applied. She looked away when told to brace herself. This time she expected it and bit back her painful yelp as this horrible old hag was trying to rip her privates off.

"Now just for the cleaning up the strays."

Ten minutes and an eternity of flinches later, Veronica was finally denuded of all unseemly hair and found herself in the reception are of the house of pain.

"Stings like a bitch the first time hey?" Debbie said to her friend.

"You don't even look like you were through the same torture as me!" Veronica replied jealously to her friend.

"Actually I only had my nails done." She replied with an evil little grin.

"You bitch! You made go through torture alone!" "Now, now, calm down. I was here for mine last week. I'm still as smooth as silk" Debbie smiled back at her friend placatingly.

When the two girls stepped outside it was already dark. They had only half an hour to miss the afternoon rush hour and took the first tube home.

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