tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Candy To Win At Pool!

Exposing Candy To Win At Pool!


This is the third story that I've written about my lovely wife Candy. Thank you for the emails telling me that you would like to read more about her!

At the time of this story we had only been married a few years and our sex life up until then was nothing special until I discovered that my shy wife got incredibly hot whenever I controlled her or had her show off her luscious body to strangers in public. Since this story things have gotten a bit more extreme but I think that you will enjoy it as she starts to lose her innocence.

After that first time that I had Candy expose herself to others during our vacation at the beach I have explored her new found submissive side. I have found that under the right circumstances I can get her to do things that she never would have before. I have also talked her into dressing less conservatively by wearing dresses above the knees and lower cut tops. This may not sound overly sexy to you but if you knew my wife you would be astonished at the new look over the old! She has also been shopping at Victoria's Secret for her under garments and says that wearing them makes her feel younger. Makes me feel younger too when she flashes a bit more skin than before.

On a Sunday in mid-summer my wife had planned to go to a wedding shower that was planned for one of her friends from work. Problem was that I got dragged into going with her!

"Are you ready dear?" She asked from the bathroom as she finished with the final touches of putting on her makeup.

"Not really." I replied with a bit of an attitude from another room. "Why should any man have to go to a woman's wedding shower anyway?"

"I already told you! Holly lives out in the country and you know how I always get lost. Plus the GPS doesn't work out there to help me find her house. Besides, there will be other husbands there. You can bond together and talk about sports or fishing or whatever you men talk about. I won't stay for the whole thing. Once she opens her presents we're out of there, OK?"


"I promise, and for being so sweet I'll give you a nice hug later!"

Hug? For what I'm doing for her the least she can do is give me a blow job! But I know better. That's just not her style. She came out of the bathroom and walked toward me. I must say that she looked like a million dollars! She was wearing a white summer dress with a flower pattern which buttoned down the front. The hem line was just below mid thigh which is quite short for her. The neckline was squared off and left a good six inches of cleavage. Now if you don't already know Candy is a size 38DD and her breasts are magnificent! I think that the fact that it will be such a warm day she felt comfortable wearing this out. Believe me the more that shows the happier I am so I grabbed the keys and we were off.

The party was set up under a very large canopy with tables and chairs in Holly's back yard. She had several acres of land but with the hot sun everyone stayed in the shade.

After a while I decided to go have a smoke so looking out from under the tent I spotted a large old oak tree a short distance away. I excused myself and took my folding chair with me. After stopping at the cooler I plucked another cold one before heading for my oasis. The sun was boiling hot and there was no way that I was going to stay in it for long!

I set up the chair under the tree facing the party, cracked open my brew and sat back to enjoy the day. Now I didn't know a soul at the shower but it only took a few minutes before some of the other husbands took my queue and followed me out to my private spot. Before long there about a half dozen of us out there and we just talked about women, and sports, and women, and politics, and women. Well lets just say that last topic stuck and for the next half hour it took over our conversation.

One of the guys spoke up.

"Hey did you see the chick in the flowered dress. Man she's got boobs out to here!" Holding his hands apart.

"Yeah, nice ass too! Man what I wouldn't give to have a piece of that!"

"I could eat her all day!" "How would you like that to come home to every night?" "That is some fine piece of ass there!" They all chimed in.

I couldn't believe that they were all talking about my Candy! I loved it. I just sat there with a shit eating grin on my face and took it all in when suddenly a vision emerged from the shadows.

There walking toward us as if on queue was my beautiful wife! It looked like she was in slow motion walking on air as she shook her head to let her hair flow back in the wind. All voices went quiet as each man in turn spotted her and stopped in mid sentence. She glided toward us as her loose skirt flipped with the breeze. The best part of all, for me anyway, was that she was carrying a nice cold beer out to me! I was one of the few that was seated and she walked right up to me with a bright smile on her face. The other men just stood there with there mouths half open when they discovered that it was my wife that they were talking up all that time!

"Having a good time Hun?" She bent at the waist in front of me and kissed me on the cheek as she handed me the beer.

As she bent over her loose fitting top fell away from her chest revealing most of her large breasts. She was definitely wearing a Victoria's Secret half bra that day as her huge tits hung down like flesh colored melons! I decided to play this out a little so instead of taking the beer I wrapped my hand around hers so that she would have to remain in position for a few more seconds.

"You look beautiful Dear." I said as I looked directly into her eyes.

She looked up to see the men watching and started to blush as she smiled shyly. Her breasts hung down almost to my lap but my naive wife had no clue as the other men stood silently looking down at her display.

"They are getting ready to open the presents and we can go OK?" She stood smiling as I took the beer then twirled around letting her skirt flip around a bit before prancing back to the party.

The men followed her every step in silence until she was out of sight and then in unison all eyes turned to me.

"You son-of-a bitch!" "Lucky stiff!" "Are you kidding me?" "And you let us go on about her and never said a word?" They said!

"That's OK I get that all of the time." I replied. "Besides it doesn't bother me at all when other people see her. I enjoy it!"

I heard it all and loved it! I couldn't keep the smile off of my face. There was my loving wife showing off a good part of her luscious tits to a group of men that have been all but grabbing themselves thinking about them. The best part is that she didn't even realize that she was doing it! I didn't have to plan it either!

I sat there feeling like a king for the short time that we remained there and it didn't take long for some of the guys to try to get friendly with her before we left. She couldn't believe how happy I was on the way home and that I had such a good time there.

The drive home was long and it was still only late in the afternoon as we got closer to home when Candy surprised me.

"It's still kind of early. What do you say that we stop somewhere and have a drink?"

My head spun to see her smiling at me. Is this really my wife? She doesn't usually go for things like that.


She patted me on the knee.

"You've been so nice to take me to the shower today without even complaining. I think that you deserve to stop somewhere and have beer. Besides we're both dressed so nice I just want to go someplace. Anyplace you want, OK Honey?" She kissed me on the cheek.

"OK you got it!"

I knew just the place. It was a fairly large and clean place that was right on the way so it would work out perfectly. The parking lot was empty for the most part and when we walked in we noticed just a few people drinking at the bar. The bar itself was large and horseshoe shaped and I walked Candy around to the far end away from the others and helped her to her seat. She looked comfortable as it was dark and quiet and nobody around to cause trouble. Probably what you would expect for a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The bartender finally made his way over to us so I ordered a couple of beers and sat back to watch a little of the ballgame that had been keeping his attention on the big screen TV down at the other end. Candy was happy to relax and just look around. There were several empty small tables and an area for a band to play across the room. Behind us was another small area with a pool table. It was slightly elevated and had a wooden rail to separate it with an opening near our seats. There were also restrooms up there which were more convenient than walking to the other end of the building. I noticed that she kept looking in that direction.

"Do you want to shoot a little pool?" I asked.

She hesitated but I could tell that she just needed a little push so I grabbed her hand and jumped off of my stool. She followed right behind me as we headed inside to choose our cues. The table took quarters and we didn't have near enough to play long so I went back to the bar and ordered more beers and got some change. I stepped back up with beers in hand just in time to watch Candy rack the balls. As she bent over the table I took notice of her rack which looked great in her new dress!

We played a few games and had a few more beers as we lost track of time. I hadn't noticed but sometime as we were playing a couple of young looking black guys had taken the seats that we had vacated earlier at the end of the bar. They were watching us play and I think that once Candy saw this she became self conscious of her playing ability or lack there of. She became distracted and kept glancing over nervously. One of the men walked up to the table and placed a quarter on it to claim next game.

Candy gave me a look and I could tell that she was ready to go. I finally sunk the eight ball after a longer than usual game and we both headed over to put our cue sticks away. Candy was following as I headed for the exit and as I got to the rail one of the men was standing right in front of me.

"Whoa whoa whoa. Where you going?" he said as he blocked my path.

"We just wanted to play a couple of games. We're all set."

"No man. It's still your table. We just figured if you two wanted to than we would challenge you to a friendly game."

I looked back and could see that Candy really wanted to go.

"Besides we just bought you a round of beers. You can't leave now!"

I saw his friend approaching with four beers in his hands. I looked back at Candy.

"Honey, they just bought us each a beer. We have to stay for at least one game. What do you say?"

She didn't say anything but I didn't hear her say no.

"Alright then. One game and we're outta here." I said. "Thanks for the beers!"

I headed back up to get my stick and Candy grabbed my arm and whispered.

"I really don't want to play them. I'm not very good."

"I know that. I'm not either but they seem nice enough. Besides, we're in no hurry so what's another game?" I looked over to them as they went to grab a stick. "Thanks for the beers!"

They racked and motioned for me to break.

"What do you say, winner buys the next round?" he asked.

"Sure thing." I said as I smacked the cue ball. I could see Candy give me a quick look as I answered. "It's OK Honey. We owe them one anyway."

Well the first game went just as we thought as they pretty much ran the table. Candy gave me one of those "I told you they would kick our ass" looks.

"Don't worry. We'll get them next game. I'll get the beers."

I stepped down to the bar to fetch the beers leaving Candy alone with the men. It took forever for the bartender to look away from the ball game and walk over to our end of the bar. By the time I got the beers and made my way back up to the table Candy was talking away with the guys and appeared to be enjoying herself.

"Honey." She said. "These guys are a lot of fun. This is Jesse and the quiet one over there is Jerome. This is my husband Bob."

"Nice to meet you guys." I said as I shook their hands.

Jesse was tall and thin and had a lighter skin tone than Jerome who was built a little more rugged. It was hard for me to believe that either of them was old enough to drink but they seemed to be regulars there and I'm sure that the bartender was aware of their ages.

It appeared that Jesse was the chatty one and Jerome barely spoke a word. I couldn't believe that in the few minutes that I was away she became very friendly and comfortable with them! She usually shy's away from strangers.

Things loosened up after that as each time my wife's turn came up Jesse would help her line up her shots and advise her where to hit the cue ball to sink the next shot. Then he would run around to the other side of table as she was ready to hit and help her from that side. It seemed like before a game would end one of them would be coming back with another round of beers. Their game also seemed to slow down bit as they would miss shots that they had no trouble with before and Jesse would go right back to helping Candy. She loved the attention that she was getting and was really enjoying herself.

I watched as Jesse helped her line up her next shot and noticed that she had a few easy shots but he would help her line up a shot where the cue ball was across the table and she would have to stretch over to reach it. I don't know why it didn't dawn on me earlier but when he and Jerome came around to my side of the table to watch her shoot we got the same downblouse shot that I got back at Holly's party. These sneaky bastards were setting my wife up so that they could see her tits at the best angle! I don't know why I didn't catch on earlier but I thought that this was great! Now I had to figure a way to capitalize on the situation.

I had an idea! Candy came around to my side of the table to wait for my turn to come up. Jesse went to get us another round and put some tunes on the jukebox as Jerome took his turn.

"Having fun Dear?" I asked as I got close to her.

"Yes, I'm glad that we stayed. Jesse is really helping me with my game."

"Have you noticed that we still haven't won yet? Want to even up the playing field a little?" I looked down at her smiling.


"Have you noticed the way they always seem to be on the other side of the table when you shoot?" Looking down at her tits.

She looked down and realized what I meant and put her hand to cover her chest.

"Not until now, but I guess so."

"Want to have a little fun with them?"

"What do you mean?"

"OK here is what I want you to do. Before Jesse gets back I want you to go into the ladies room and take off your bra and hide it in your purse before you come out. I think that the next time you shoot they will be in for a little more than they expected."

Candy looked at me as though I was kidding and giggled as she turned beet red.

"No.......I can't..........really.............c'mon!"

I just looked her in the eyes without wavering. Her look back went from "you're joking" to "you can't be serious" to "are you sure?" Once I got that look I knew that I had her! She had just enough beers in her that if I played my cards right then I could make her do anything. I turned her towards the ladies room door, which was only ten feet away, and gave her a little push. She started walking slowly and then grabbed her purse and disappeared through the door.

My turn came up and I sank a few balls which took a few minutes. Jesse showed up with more beers and got ready to shoot as I went back around the other side of the table just in time to see my wife coming out of the ladies room. I met her half way and could tell immediately that she had followed my instructions and removed her bra. I could see her huge tits sway as she walked and her well defined nipples stood out prominently from inside of the thin material of her dress!

She walked to me and stopped as she looked up at me with her submissive doe-like eyes.

"Did you do what you were told?"

She nodded.

"Let me see."

She stood with her hands by her sides as I hooked my fingers in her top and pulled it away from her chest to inspect her breasts. Of course I already knew that she was now bra-less but it was all part of the game.

"You have done well. Now there is one other thing,"

As she continued to look up into my eyes I loosened the top button on her dress and opened it slightly. This opened her top enough to show a good deal of cleavage with the next button being down about at the end of her nipples. Still, she didn't flinch.

"You're up!" I heard Jesse from behind me. He couldn't see anything that I had done to Candy up until then as I had been blocking his view.

"Your turn Hon. Knock 'em dead!" I said smiling down. Her expression never changed as she took her cue stick from my hand and stepped around me toward the table.

As soon as Jesse saw her he noticed something going on and walked over to tell Jerome. Candy acted as if nothing had changed and walked around the table looking for a shot. Their eyes followed her as her tits shook with each step. Finally she chose her shot and bent to line it up. The young men's eyes opened wide as her tits nearly fell out of her top! Looking down we could see all but the tips of her nipples and I had to look toward the bar to be sure that others couldn't see. Nobody from the bar area was nearby to see us and the bartender was still engrossed in the ballgame. By the time I looked back Jesse had already worked his way back to my wife and was standing close by to catch the view.

She stood with her top nearly open and much of her breasts on display but did not make a move to hide them. The guys made sure that they were right there to help her with her next shot. When she missed she walked back to me and stood before me looking up as before as if awaiting further instructions.

"Are you ready for more?"

"Yes." She said almost in a whisper.

I couldn't believe that my demure wife is willing to show herself to these two young men when only a short time ago she was too shy to play pool with them!

"You will go back into the ladies room. You will leave your purse outside on the bench in plain sight. Don't worry. I will keep an eye on it. While in the ladies room you will remove your panties. Loosen the bottom three buttons on your dress. You will leave with your panties in your hand. Once back outside of the door I would like you to stop, open your hand to show me the panties, and then put them into your purse before returning to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes." She replied in the same soft voice.

She hesitated for a moment probably to give me time to change my mind but there was no going back now! Without another word I looked down into her eyes until she turned and walked away. The game ended while she was gone and Jerome racked. I could see the anticipation on Jesse's face as he waited to see what was to happen next. I was standing between the table and the door the other two were standing on the other side of the table talking when she stepped out of the ladies room.

I noticed right away that the hem of her dress was open as I could see her thighs as she walked almost to her crotch. She stopped at the bench beside the door. Looking directly at me she held her clenched fist out toward me and slowly opened it. Her panties uncoiled in the palm of her hand and it was obvious to both myself and the men behind me that they were indeed the well-worn panties that she had just been wearing. She then proceeded to bend and place them into her purse before standing, taking a deep breath, and walking back to me.

Again, she stood before me submissively. I was as hot as hell and I could tell that she was too! I couldn't help myself but I wanted to go further. I pressed my body against hers and reached up to feel for the next button on her dress. I loosened it and spread her top exposing her breasts to me then I took both of her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. I pinched them hard and she let out a soft moan through parted lips. Her eyes closed. I pulled her nipples up and toward me as I pulled her close and placed my lips upon hers and kissed her deeply.

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