tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFairfax Academy Ch. 01

Fairfax Academy Ch. 01


"Dr. Kroft, the new hire is here to see you." Marie said, poking her head inside the headmistress's door. "Shall I send him in?"

Dr. Kroft looked up from her paperwork at her secretary. She pushed her glasses up her nose and straightened her tailored suit jacket as she stood. The school had been searching for a new biology teacher for three months, during which time Mrs. Lombard the physical education instructor had been filling in. What a disaster that had been. The school would have been happy to have found a qualified teacher sooner, but with the schools special requirements they had to be choosy. "Send him in please, Marie." Dr. Kroft said, walking towards the door.

Luke Ryder was pacing outside the door to the headmistress's office. When he saw Dr. Kroft's tall slim figure walking towards him he reached out his hand and tried to hide his nervousness as he greeted his new employer. "Pleased to meet you, Dr. Kroft! I'm Luke Ryder, happy to be here." He said.

The two shook hands and Dr. Kroft ushered the new teacher into her office. "Have a seat, Mr. Ryder."

Luke sat in one of the imposing leather armchairs facing the headmistress's imposing mahogany desk. The office itself was as a sight to be seen. It was covered in plush burgundy curtains and bookshelves filled with heavy gilded volumes. An oil painting of the school hung above a lit fireplace. "You have a lovely school." Luke said.

"A lovely school indeed" Said Dr. Kroft as she sat behind her desk. "The school is what I would like to discuss with you, Mr. Ryder. As you already know, we offer a very, shall we say, unique, education for our young ladies. Our pupils come from very elite, very wealthy families from all over the country. Unfortunately for these girls, they were not blessed with the academic ability to become the future CEO's of the corporations that pay their tuition. So, after attending the most expensive preparatory high schools their fathers could find, they came here instead of the ivy league. We like to call our institution a type of 'finishing school' for 18 to 21 year old young ladies who may not have been the brightest to learn to excel in something else, something which may be a bit more useful and enjoyable to them."

Luke nodded as the headmistress spoke. He had been told about the school's special design during his interview, but listened intently to this more detailed explanation. He had been approached by an old classmate who had recommended him to Dr. Kroft. After losing his job at the state college for having an affair with his star student he thought he would never teach again. He jumped at the chance to interview at Fairfax Academy, or anywhere for that matter.

"You see, Mr. Ryder, young women of a certain social class do not need to be business savants. Poise, beauty, and the right social connections can take them far. That is what we try to cultivate here. Our graduates receive a degree, and a reputation among the eligible bachelors of similar social standing. A reputation in the bedroom."

Dr. Kroft looked over her glasses as she said this to see Luke's response. He swallowed hard and nodded once again. "So I have come to understand." He said, gaining more confidence. "I know you encourage the girls here to um...get some experience before they look for husbands."

"Exactly, Mr. Ryder." Said Dr. Kroft. "Unlike some other institutions of higher learning we encourage our young ladies to experiment sexually. Mainly within the safety of the school. This is a residential school, so the girls eat, sleep, learn, and play together. We provide them with every opportunity to get to know eachother better. We encourage the faculty to get to know each other as well. However, to avoid favoritism, we do look down on faculty student relationships."

"I see." Luke said, wondering if Dr. Kroft had heard of his previous transgressions with students.

"This should not be a problem, as we have many young lovely female teachers on staff. As well as male, if that is your preference." Dr. Kroft said matter-of-factly "As I was saying, we incorporate this sexual education into every aspect of our curriculum. And as biology teacher you will be responsible for teaching the girls about human sexual responses, reproduction, anatomy, and physiology. As well as provide remedial tutoring for those young women who are falling behind in their studies. Is that acceptable?" Dr. Kroft ended, abruptly.

"Very acceptable." Luke answered.

"Very well." Said Dr. Kroft, standing up from behind her desk. "Then we can begin with the tour of the school grounds. If you would please follow me."

Luke stood and followed the headmistress out of her office and past Marie who was filing papers at her desk. He was amazed that such a proper seeming woman ran such a place. He had heard of the Fairfax Academy before, but thought of it only as a college for extremely rich girls. The unusual nature of the curriculum had only become clear to him after hearing of the vacant position. The friend who had referred him to Dr. Kroft was a now a wealthy businessman after marrying a beautiful young woman with an even more beautiful trust fund after they both graduated from their prestigious university. He now was starting to piece together what the happiness behind that marriage was due to.

Dr. Kroft led Luke down a wood paneled hallway lined with portraits of young women in pearls. "These are a few of our most successful graduates" Dr. Kroft commented as they walked. "You may recognize a few."

Luke scanned the paintings for signs of his college friend's wife as they passed, but before he knew it Dr. Kroft had flung open a door at the end off the hall to reveal a large room filled with young women talking and rushing buy with piles of books in their arms. It looked like any private women's school, except that the school uniforms at Fairfax consisted of green and blue plaid skirts that reached the very tops of the girl's thighs. So that when they walked by to fast or turned to quickly, one could catch a glimpse of their sheer white panties. It seemed that these were standard issue as well, since all the girls appeared to have them.

The shirts also appeared several sizes too small. They were buttoned just below the breasts and the buttons on most of the girls shirts looked like they were about to pop. A few girls looked Luke up and down as they walked to class, but most acted as if he wasn't there at all. As they neared a staircase, Luke spotted two of the girls kissing against a wall. Dr. Kroft stopped and tapped one of the girls on the shoulder as they passed. Luke stopped, anticipating a reprimand from Dr. Kroft, but instead she offered advice. "Lovely, Emily, but don't squeeze her tit so hard. We don't want to pop yet another blouse button this week do we?"

Emily smiled and returned to making out with her classmate and Dr. Kroft led Luke to the stairwell. "Those girls go through buttons like water." She commented. "They need to wait till they are out of their uniforms to play rough, I always tell them!"

Luke followed Dr. Kroft through the second floor hallway just as the last girls were rushing into classrooms. She led him into the back of a classroom where some sort of demonstration was going on in the front of the class. A blond girl with breasts that seemed to be spilling out of her blouse was reading an essay to the class as a female teacher sat behind a desk. "Go on, Anna." The teacher said. "The class is anxiously awaiting your latest work of fiction."

"This is our creative writing class." Dr. Kroft whispered, not wanting to distract the students.

"She lay on the bed waiting for him all evening, exploring her body with her own hands while she thought of his hard cock. Her fingers circled her red hard clit, spreading her juices over her pussy. She couldn't wait untill he.." Anna began.

The girls in the class listened intently as she read, some of them moving their own hands over their breasts or thighs as she spoke. "As you can see, our girls enjoy this class a great deal." Dr. Kroft whispered a bit louder.

The girl nearest them turned around and smiled at Luke. It was Emily from downstairs. It appeared that she was missing several buttons on her blouse, showing that she wasn't wearing anything beneath it. She moved one side of her white shirt to the side and ran her hand over an erect nipple as she looked Luke up and down. Dr. Kroft was focused on Anna in the front of the room, so Luke decided he would enjoy this bit of attention. Emily opened her legs in her chair and ran one hand up her leg, pulling her skirt up even higher than it was to reveal the sheer panties that all the girls wore. He was grateful that this is the underwear the schools made all the students wear, as it was so easy to see Emily's shaved state beneath her panties. He wondered if all the girls were required to shave, or if Emily just went above and beyond the uniform requirements.

She ran a finger over her covered slit and licked her lips. Luke watched as a small dark spot appeared on Emily's panties. She opened her legs wider and placed one foot on the desk in front of her, raising her leg. Luke now had a better view of her pussy, which seemed to becoming wetter and wetter as he watched the dark spot grow, making the panties even more transparent. Emily began making small circles with her finger over her slit as she listened to Anna's story. She leaned back in her chair and began breathing a bit more heavily as her finger moved. The girl sitting next to her had stopped listening to Anna and was now looking over at Emily's splayed thighs. Luke watched as this girl began to fidget more in her seat as she watched Emily slip a finger inside the waist of her panties and begin to pull them down, inch by inch. Slowly, her shaved pussy began to come into veiw. Emily was now leaning back in her chair with her eyes closed instead of looking at Luke. She slipped a finger between her pussy lips and Luke thought he heard a tiny moan escape from her lips. He had stopped listening to what Anna was reading and was only focusing on Emily's display.

Applause from the class suddenly distracted Luke from Emily's show, and she quickly turned in her chair. Anna was finished with her story and had taken her seat.

"Let's continue." Dr. Kroft said. "Next I'll show you the gymnasium."

As she led him down the hall Luke smiled and reminded himself to send a thank you letter to his college friend. This truly looked like it was going to be a dream job.

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