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Once again, a totally romantic story. *smiles* I think I'm going to have to figure out how to get back into writing kink again before someone starts thinking I've become a sap! I hope you enjoy the story anyway and I welcome feedback! Love it. Happy Holidays everyone!

* * * * *

"There's been a Christmas present left at the bar for you, Sir." The server spoke quickly to Steve then moved off before she could giggle.

Steve looked at his band members and they all shrugged. Collin, Jon and Alex truly had no clue. Mike was struggling to keep a straight face. He had helped set it up and he was hoping Steve would leave quickly so he could tell the guys.

Bewildered, Steve got up and headed towards the bar.

She fidgeted, nervous. He had said on the phone he wished he could see her for Christmas. It was the 20th but it was the best she could to, she had to be home for her kids on Christmas. She had 3 days with him before she had to fly back. This long distance was killing her. Three thousand miles between them was three thousand too many and she planned to do something about it. Soon. When the kids were finished their school year she'd move out with them.

A deep voice spoke softly behind her, "You gonna put that bow on Miss? You said you're a Christmas present."

"Oh! Thank you!" She hurriedly fixed the satiny bow to a spot just above the top of her dress and adjusted her long hair again, wishing for a mirror so she could be sure the minimal make up she wore still looked fine.

"Don't worry Miss," the bartender spoke again, "You look gorgeous and he'll be delighted to see you."

Everyone in the bar knew what was happening by now. Word had spread through quick whispers. Half the people were watching Steve's progress to the bar, stepping out of his way. The other half shuffled in front of her so he wouldn't see her too soon. They parted when he was about six steps from her, leaving him a direct path with her spotlighted in the center.

Steve stopped breathing, unable to believe what he was seeing. The love of his life stood there, a delicious vision in a red satin dress and a white bow. He stood rooted to the spot, staring with his mouth open. As the welcoming smile faded from her face and worry started to replace it someone gave him a little shove, "Get her man! You're starting to scare her."

In a blink, he was in front of her, pulling her roughly to him. He enveloped her in his arms and stared into her eyes for a brief second before crushing her mouth with his. Her arms circled his neck, her mouth opened under the onslaught of his and she moaned with pleasure.

The crowd exploded into applause, whistles and calls of encouragement. It was a long moment before either of them heard the noise but when they did they broke apart and Mary blushed scarlet to the roots of her hair.

They crowded in on the lovers, slapping Steve on the back and gushing over what a wonderful surprise this was. They had eyes only for each other though and finally the bartender shouted out for everyone to leave them alone. Steve thanked him with a smile and led Mary to the table the band sat at.

Mike leapt to his feet with a grin, "I am glad you made it, Mary! From the looks of Steve he is too."

Mary laughed, delighting Steve with the sound. "Thank you so much for helping me Mike! I couldn't have done it without you." She surprised him with a kiss on the cheek.

Steve watched the exchange with love in his eyes, and admiration. Mary was stunning. She was wearing a knee length red satin dress. It was almost sleeveless, slim spaghetti straps over her shoulders. It had a fitted bodice with a skirt that flared over her hips and fell softly to her knees. Nude stockings covered slim, well-defined legs and black, strappy sandals with rhinestone buckles and 3-inch heels adorned her pretty feet. They were very much not suited for the snow outside.

Steve blinked, wait a minute, what did she say? "Mike! You knew about this?"

Mike grinned unabashedly. "Oh yeah, man, I've known for weeks. Mary emailed me to ask if we had a gig near Christmas. I knew we were playing this Christmas party and wrangled her an invite. I picked her up at the airport this morning and dropped her off at her mother's for the day."

Mary smiled, "Saved me a huge cab fare! I took a cab here from Mum's. My love, I am yours for 3 days." She wriggled happily and pressed herself against him. "I have been here since the first set. It was very hard waiting till now!"

Steve's face fell at the reminder of the short time together but he determined to make the most of it. He wrapped and arm around her waist and pulled her close, smiling down into her upturned face. "Well, thank God we only have one set left then."

Mike looked at his watch, "Speaking of which, let's go boys."

Collin and Jon each gave Mary a hug, "Good to see you again girl."

Alex smiled shyly and shook her hand, "Enjoy the rest of the show."

She smiled at all three, returning hugs and the handshake. However, as they left, she only had eyes for Steve. She watched him slip behind his drum kit and pick up his sticks. He looked at her and winked. She grinned, knowing he was playing for her and loving every second.

"This set is dedicated to our long lost friend, and the love of Steve's life, Mary. We're glad you're here, it's about time the big lug stopped moping around!"

The crowd laughed as Steve shook a stick at Mike threateningly and the band began to play.

Later, Mary helped strike the equipment, despite protests that her clothes were not suited. She waved them all away saying that she remembered how to do the work, even though it'd been a long time.

"Besides," she added, "I'm a little anxious to get the big man to myself!" She winked and blew him a kiss. This started a round of rowdy, suggestive comments that soon had everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.

As the guys loaded the equipment into the back of Steve's truck she collected her coat and boots from the coat check. Slipping out of the delicate shoes, she zipped her feet and legs into knee high black leather boots with flat soles. They sounded boring, and probably were, she thought ruefully, but they were exactly what were needed for the mountain winter weather. She shrugged on a matching black leather coat and wriggled her fingers into funky, electric blue cashmere gloves.

Steve laughed, delighted, when he saw her. She looked gorgeous, glamorous...until she pulled her hands out of her pockets and the blue glowed in the streetlights. She grinned and wriggled her fingers. "Like them?"

"I love them baby." He took her hand and helped her step up into the warming truck. He slid a hand appreciatively over her right leg then leaned in and gave her a warm kiss before closing the door.

"I have to drop the equipment off at the rehearsal site, baby, then we'll have the night to ourselves, ok?"

"Of course Steve, it's been a while but I remember. I will be patient." She grinned wickedly, unbuckled and slid across the bench seat to press against his side.

He tucked an arm around her and reminded her to buckle up, "There are, after all, people who are not so considerate as to take a cab when they've been drinking." She slipped the lap belt over her hips and rested her head on his arm. For a while, she watched the city pass by. All the leafless trees were decorated with tiny white lights. The trees swayed a little in the winter breeze that was blowing. The lights looked, she thought, like fairies dancing, celebrating the season. Or, if she were to take it more personally, they were celebrating the love she shared with this man. The night took on a magic glow and her thoughts turned to him.

He glanced at her to find her eyes on his face, a small smile on her lips. He smiled back and turned back to the road. She rested her hand on his thigh, slowly rubbing back and forth, creeping up higher with every stroke. Soon she was stroking him through his pants and he was growing hard and turgid, straining against the zipper.

He moaned as she stroked him. She watched his face, reminding him to keep his eyes on the road with soft whispers when his eyes drifted closed. He growled, "Mary, you have to stop! Or I'm going to take you here and now."

She answered by unzipping him and reaching in to pull him free. He changed lanes, flipped on his signal and made a couple of quick turns. He pulled into a dark, empty parking lot, pulling up tight against the wall of a building. He shut off the lights, unbuckled his seatbelt, then hers and hauled her into his lap. He slid his hands up and found the tops of her stockings. His cool fingers slipped over her warm flesh, making her gasp. His fingers reached the tops of her thighs and curved over her ass.

"You naughty little girl, you're not wearing any panties!"

She giggled, "No, I'm not. So what?"

He pulled his hands out, wrapped one around the back of her head and pulled her face to his for a kiss. His lips teased hers, moving over her mouth, sucking on her lower lip. She melted into him, sliding her hands over his chest. As he deepened the kiss, he undid his pants, freeing his big cock more and spread her skirt out over his lap. He moved her legs as his tongue plundered her mouth, driving all other thoughts from her mind, until she straddled him. He gripped his cock with one hand, guiding it to her hot core and then he pushed down on her hip with the other hand.

She gasped as his thick head parted her slick nether lips and stretched her tight hole. She moved her hands to his shoulders to support herself and slowly pushed herself down on him. They both moaned when he was fully sheathed. She leaned her forehead on his, panting, "Oh Steve, this may sound trite but it's true, no one has ever filled me the way you do. I have missed you so."

He smiled and dropped a feather light kiss on her lips, "I have missed you too, my Mary." He lifted her a little and let her drop back down, shuddering as her pussy gripped his cock with little fluttering motions. Her eyes rolled a little and her fingers tightened on his shoulders. He pulled her close and slid his hips forward in the seat for better leverage. Then he began to thrust up into her, harder and faster. She slammed down onto him, wanting him deeper, harder.

Her head dropped back, exposing her throat to his mouth and he bit her lightly, sucking on the smooth skin. She gasped, "Oh God Steve! Oh, oh god, oh I'm going to cum!"

He slid one hand between them, pinched her clit and her cry of pleasure echoed through the cab of the truck. Her cunt sucked at him, massaged his cock with grasping little strokes as her cream gushed over him. He lifted her, laying her down on the seat, he braced one foot on the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist. He leaned over her and started fucking her hard. She lifted her hips to meet his thrusts, the little cries escaping her driving him mad.

He plunged his fingers into her hair, dislodging the clips that were holding it back. He bit her lower lip quickly, "Oh Mary you feel so good, I have missed you so much. God, baby I'm going to cum!" With that, he thrust hard into her and splashed her core with hot cum.

Her fingers clutched his shirt, nails digging into him as she registered the pre-cum swelling of his already thick cock, then the explosion within her. It triggered another massive orgasm of her own and she bucked wildly beneath him.

He fell on top of her for a moment, breathing heavily into her ear. She hugged him tight with arms and legs and closed her eyes. She was almost asleep when he gently shook her.

"We have to get going, they're expecting us."

"Oh!" She giggled. "Think they'll notice?"

He laughed and handed her a couple of Kleenexes.

A couple of hours and several ribald comments later they were alone in Steve's apartment. They stood awkwardly for a moment and then he swept her into another deep kiss, leaving her limp and panting. He set her gently into a chair near the door. He shucked his coat and shoes, depositing keys, wallet and change in their usual spots. She watched him perform these small tasks, smiling softly, delighted to be there.

He knelt before her and took her hand. He pulled her gloves off one finger at a time and kissed each finger before moving to her other hand. The treatment was repeated and she sighed at the end of it. He smiled and picked up her right foot. He slowly unzipped the boot, his fingers grazing her calf on the way down. He slipped the boot off and set it down by the door. He kissed the arch of her stocking clad foot and she moaned softly. He removed the other boot in the same manner.

He pulled her to her feet and smiled down on her. She smiled back, love in her eyes. Steve started unzipping her coat, one torturous inch at a time. His hands caressed her throat, then the exposed skin of her chest. The back of his knuckles slipped over the satin of her dress and her nipples tightened. He unzipped the coat fully and parted it by sliding his hands under it and onto her shoulders. He pushed the coat down her arms, his fingertips grazing the backs of her arms. When the coat dropped to the floor, he kissed each palm. He bent to retrieve the coat and hung it up.

Mary watched every move with half-closed eyes, dazed with pleasure. When he came back to her, he pulled her to him gently and simply savored the press of her body against his. His eyes drifted close and he swayed them to a remembered song playing in his head. When she moaned he shook himself out of the reverie.

"I must bathe, my love. Care to join me?" He smiled down on her, hoping she'd say yes.

She looked up at him and smiled. "Of course I will. How could I resist such a tempting offer?"

He grinned like a little kid at Christmas and almost ran to start the water. He ran the water until it was piping hot and put the plug into his huge tub. He watched as it started to fill then dropped in two cinnamon scented bath beads. They reminded him of her. He went back to find her standing in the same spot, a far away look in her eyes.

"You here with me baby?" He touched her gently on the shoulder.

She shook herself and leaned into him, "Of course I am."

"Good! Come here." He took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He sat in a chair and pulled her between his knees. He ran his hands over her and groaned, "Oh baby you are gorgeous." He turned her gently and pulled down the zipper of her dress. He pushed the back apart and slid the slim straps over her shoulders. The dress slipped down her body and puddled around her feet. Setting her hand on his shoulder, she lifted one foot at a time and stepped out of the pool of red satin as he gathered it into his hands. He shook it gently and laid it on the dresser.

He turned her around to view the bits of remaining clothing she had on. A strapless bra barely held her large breasts restrained. Smooth, pale skin led to a dainty lace garter belt. The suspenders held up delicate nude stockings topped with a wide band of embroidered roses. All the lace was a slightly darker red than her dress had been.

Her bare, shaved pussy called for attention and boy did he want to pay attention but there were other things to be done. Instead, he slipped his hands around her, pressing his face to her belly, and unhooked her bra. He slid his fingers under the elastic and rubbed the skin beneath before pulling it off and setting it with her dress. He cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between forefinger and thumb. She moaned and leaned toward him. He smiled at her and let her go. Steve slipped two fingers under a suspender and unhooked it from her stocking. He undid the remaining three on that leg. He rolled the stocking down and pulled it off her foot. He repeated the ritual on her other leg.

Steve's hands roamed over her waist, seeking the clip holding the garter belt together. He popped the clip and laid the belt with her dress. He gazed at her as she smiled down on him.

Suddenly he remembered the running water. "Oh shoot!" He leapt up, grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bathroom. The smell was heavenly, the steam fogging the mirror and making the room hot and humid. Steve shut the water off and was out of his clothes in seconds. He stepped into the tub gasping slightly. He eased his way down, leaning his back against the end of the tub, and extended a hand for her.

She took it and stepped in, allowing him to guide her feet. She stood with her back to him and he slid his hands up her legs to cup her backside. He squeezed then slid around to her hips, he pulled gently, insistently. She sank into the water and leaned against him, closing her eyes in pleasure, her head resting on his chest. They lay there in the steaming, scented water for a long time, just reveling in being together. Mary dozed off against him, the time differences finally catching up to her. He allowed her to sleep for a few minutes, then he roused her.

They washed each other slowly before leaving the tub. He dried her with a thick, rough towel then swiped at the droplets covering his own body. He was suddenly hungry for her again. He pulled her into the bedroom and grabbed her face in his hands. He kissed her.

Her lips tingled at the feather light touches of his. It took him six kisses to get from one corner of her mouth to the other. Then three as he went back again. Finally he settled his lips over her and just held them there. Mary moaned and slid her hands up his chest and over his head pulling him closer to her. His mouth moved over hers, his lips pulling at her lips. Her tongue slipped out and smoothed over his lower lip. He captured it in his mouth and sucked on it briefly before allowing her to reclaim it. He stroked her lips, parting them to allow his tongue to slip past.

Steve stroked the roof of her mouth, her teeth, the side of her tongue. His tongue danced with hers and she pressed as close to him as she could get. Mary felt the need to feel him under her fingertips. Greedily she touched him everywhere she could reach. Her palms stroked his back and shoulders. Her fingertips burrowed into the hair on his chest and stroked his arms. She stroked his face with one finger. Then she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her.

His hot length pressed into her belly and Steve groaned. His mouth left hers and roamed over her jaw and neck, alternating light nips with wet kisses. He tongued the hollow at her throat and her head fell back. He sucked on her collarbone and she moaned. He cupped her breasts and sucked briefly but hard on each nipple, one after the other, over and over and she wrapped her fingers around his head, gasping.

Steve stopped and stood. Mary whimpered as the heat of his mouth left her. He cupped her jaw with one hand. "Open your eyes, mama, let me see you."

Her lids were heavy with her desire but she dragged them upwards to look into Steve's deep blue eyes and smiling face.

"That's better," he said. "I want to be buried deep inside you. I want to fall asleep every night with you pressed against me, my arm around you. I want to wake you up with kisses every morning. Three days isn't long enough."

Mary smiled, "I want that too Steve, it would be wonderful."

Steve traced her lower lip with his thumb and she kissed him. "Right now, though, I want to fuck you hard. Take you savagely and make you scream my name." He growled the end of the sentence and she shivered. "I am going to taste every inch of you." He licked the tip of her nose and she giggled. "I am going to suck on your toes." He demonstrated with one of her fingers. "I am going to lick the back of your knees and the small of your back." He licked her palm in a slow circle. "You are going to beg for my cock to fill you." He sucked on the inside of her wrist.

Mary knew she was soaking wet, she could feel it starting to run down the inside of her thighs. She wanted him now. She wanted him to cover her and make love to her. She told him so.

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