tess loved to walk in the woods. The only thing she liked more was to walk beside Him. He held her hand as they strolled between the trees. The air was still and sunlight dappled through pine needles and leaves, gently warming the skin. The air was scented with moss, and dirt and the very essence of life here. There was a peace to be found in these woods.

They joked and laughed with each other, treasuring the time They had together. she admired His face as He spoke to her, always so gentle, yet firm in His tone. He was steel encased in velvet and He was hers.

she felt His hand tighten on her smaller one and met His gaze. In an instant she knew the mood had changed, He had changed. she swallowed and her eyes widened as she listened.

"Undress for me, little one."

her head whipped to the left and then to the right, looking for signs of other people around. she wanted to tell Him someone might find Them, or that she felt too shy, or that she was enjoying Their talk. she didn't. she unbuttoned her crisp white shirt revealing a nude lace bra. she slid the top down soft tanned arms before she loosened the drawstring on her khaki capris and stepped out of them. tess stood in her bra and panties and glanced up to see Him nod. she unfastened the bra and removed it along with the thong. she trembled on the inside but the way He looked upon her fueled her with the pride of being His.

His thumb slid down the side of her face, from cheekbone to jaw line, to chin. He rubbed the pad of His thumb over her lower lip and she instinctively opened her mouth as He slid His thumb inside. she purred as she circled her tongue around it. He chuckled.

"My very own little wood nymph."

she would have giggled, but there was an intensity to Him now that made her hush. He ran His hands down her arms a few times and kissed her forehead before taking her hand and leading her to a fallen tree.

"Sit down, pet."

tess went to sit and He stopped her with His firm grip on her arm.

"No, tess. I want you to straddle it."

tess lifted her leg and stepped over the large log. her toes barely reached the forest floor. He sat behind her, fully clothed and wrapped His arms around her. His hands fondled her breasts and His breath was hot in her ear. He bit down on her tender lobe and growled out,

"Time to play."

tess's cunt clenched tight at His words and her nipples hardened under His fingers. He pinched not just the nipple but all over the soft skin.

"Such a slut for Me aren't you, girl?"

Before she could answer He twisted each nipple so viciously her breath was taken away. she chewed her lip and held back the cry she was sure would wake the quiet woods. He continued to torture her breasts and her mind.

"Anyone could walk by and see you like this. They would see the look I am sure you have in those blue, blue eyes right now and know you are My little slut. My wanton, needy girl."

she shivered and closed her eyes. her heart thumped like a primal drum and the delicious pain in her nipples went straight to her cunt, which pulsed the upbeat to her heart's downbeat. she opened them again when He spoke.

"Don't move, pet."

He stood and walked to a tree directly in front of her. He slowly rolled up His shirt sleeves. He seemed to be studying the tree, as if there was to be an important exam He would have to take. Finally He stepped closer and snapped off a slender new branch. A soft moan escaped her lips as He flexed His new toy and swished it in the air like Zorro. His eyes locked with hers.

"Put your hands on your head, girl and arch up. I want to mark those lovely tits now."

He strode to her as she obeyed and offered her body to Him. This was the worst part...the waiting, knowing He would hurt her and she would thank Him for it. He ran the tip of the switch around each breast. With more of a snap of the wrist than the swing of His arm He flicked her right breast with a snap.

"I think this will do nicely. you don't have to count, slut. Don't move though."

He took His time, varied His strokes, and seemed determined to create a perfect pattern. she lasted only a handful of strikes before she could not hold it in and gasped and moaned at the burn. At first a strike felt like a sharp stinging pain but then it bled into a deep heat. A few He landed on her tender tummy and her eyes pooled with tears. He caught one on His finger.

"That's My good girl. you did so well and I am very proud of you. you look so beautiful right now. you wear My marks well, tess. Just a few more now. Lean down and hug the tree for Me."

she knew the bark would be harsh on her raw breasts and begged Him with her eyes. He tapped the switch on the log and she bent forward, curling her arms around its width and whimpering as the rough surface made contact with her whipped skin. her cunt seeped its juices into the bark.

"Hold on tight, girl. Make Me proud."

It wasn't a savage whipping. she knew He was doing this for His pleasure, not to punish or damage. she also knew He could smell the tangy scent of her arousal. The switch made its way up and down her back and she breathed deep, becoming part of the pain.

Just as she was slipping into her special place He stopped and undid His pants, freeing His stiff shaft. He stepped out of them and moved behind her again, legs on either side of the log. her reached under her and His fingers squished in her copious fluid. He scooped some up and around her tight pucker, slipping the tip of His finger inside.

"It's going right here, slut. My hard cock is going to be buried in that sweet ass of Mine."

He spit into His hand and fisted His cock, making it slick before pushing the swollen helmet against her delicate anal ring. she bore down and relaxed enough for Him to pop inside. He inched His way in the tight tunnel and His deep moan harmonized with her higher cry. He quickly found a rhythm and was sliding in and out with ease. her body pressed tight against the tree, getting scratched and scraped as He claimed His prize.

"You want to cum, slut? Grind down...fuck that tree, girl."

she was gone now, and did as He commanded. The pleasure forced its way past the pain, the ecstasy shining a light on it as it built inside her. It was all one now...the pain, the welts, the need, the fire inside her, all taking her there, bringing the climax she earned by pleasing Him. He slapped her ass and growled.

"Do it, girl. For Me. Now. Cum, slut."

tess panted and ground her pussy down with whimpers. His hand smacked down again and it came. she came. she came with burst of stars in her eyes and spasmed like an electroshock patient. she came crying His name. she came with the hurt and for the pain, not in spite of it. she came like it was her first time and her last all rolled into one. she came for Him.

He pulled out and jerked. His cum spurted onto her ass. He grunted and spilled His seed on her hot flesh. He rubbed His cum into the stripes as she floated back to Him from the peak she had reached.

He went to His pants, pulled out a handkerchief and cleaned the evidence of Their passion away before dressing and bringing her clothes over to where she rested. Neither spoke a word as He gently dressed her as if she was a porcelain doll. He brushed her hair from her face and kissed her deeply.

"you are Mine, tess. you prove it every time you respond to Me like this. you need the tears just as much as I need to make you cry and then make it all better. Let's get you home now. you have pleased Me well and deserve your soft time now."

tess took His hand as the They began the walk back. she turned and smiled at the tree. she was glad it had fallen....she was glad she had too.

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