Family Matters Ch. 08


Vicky looked at her eldest daughter sucking my cock and said, "Mindy, you do that quite well for some one who said it was 'gross'. Now all you have to do is learn to deep throat him and you will be in sexual nirvana!" Mindy gave her a terrified look at the thought of trying it so Vicky continued, "I know it won't be that difficult for you. Plus, you will not believe what a fucking turn on it is when you take him all the way down your throat and then feel him swell even more before he begins to throb inside your throat as he shoots deeply into you. Oh shit, I'm getting so horny just thinking about it! Plus, if you are like me you will want to do it with Randy, just like I do now with Charlie!"

Kim looked at her mother and asked, "You really suck off dad?"

"I do now. Before you gave me your greatest gift ever, I would have killed myself rather than give him a blow job! Luckily he never forced me. But he was one happy and surprised husband over the past few nights!"

"Really!" I said. "Just how surprised was he, Vicky?"

"Well, you know all those 'quiet' times when you two were mimicking rabbits?" Kim and I both nodded while Mindy split her attention between my cock in her mouth and her mother. "We were not just listening to you two. Either I was sucking him back to hardness, and sometimes way past that, or we were eating out each other. Your dad's pretty good at pussy eating!"

Mindy reacted to that statement by gulping in surprise, which resulted in her taking my shaft fully to the root. Her eyes bulged in shock as they crossed so she could look at my base by her nose. I had put my hand on the back of her head to prevent her from pulling back but she didn't even try. Her eyes went to her mom and slowly she began bobbing on me. Eventually she pulled all the way off as she took in a huge breath of air. "Oh my god, mom, you were right! My god, Gary's cock feels so awesome down my throat, I never would have believed it! Oh god, Gary, I want you to cum for me! Please cum in my throat!"

Then she took me back into her mouth and slowly pressed her head down onto me as my cock slid easily down her throat. After what the three of them had been doing to my purple pillar, I knew she wouldn't have to wait too long to get her prize, but I held out as long as possible. She had really learned how to give head that day so she worked me over quite well and soon I grabbed her head as I started humping into her mouth. "Oh shit, Mindy, I'm almost there! Holy fuck, you're sucking my cock so good!" I cried out before finally groaning out, "Oh fuck, oh god, holy hell woman, oh god I'm cumming arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!"

Mindy locked eyes with me just before she took my first salvo deep down her throat. Her eyes remained focused on me as she took load after load straight into her stomach, before she pulled back and took the last three ropes into her mouth before swallowing each of them down. After coaxing every last drop of semen from my balls she pulled off of me beaming ear to ear. "Oh my god, I did it! Oh god Gary, I love your cock! Kim, I love your fiancé's cock!" She then grabbed Kim and gave her their most passionate kiss ever before breaking the kiss and then taking me right back down her throat again. She slowly bobbed her head on and off of my cock for about five minutes, her tongue bestowing her love all around my shaft.

"Mindy, are you going for another load?" I asked her.

"Can you?"

"Well of course. But you really drained me so it will take quite a while. I think your jaws will get pretty sore and tired."

She slurped fully onto me then sucked hard as she slowly, very slowly, pulled back off of me as her tongue snaked wildly on my cock's underside. Just before she pulled completely off of me she swirled her tongue rapidly around and around my cock head making me lurch in extreme pleasure. Finally she gave my tip a parting kiss and sat back on her feet with a triumphant look on her face.

"Oh mom, you were so incredibly right! I loved it when I felt Gary's cock swell in my throat, and then...OH MY GOD...when he stated shooting his stuff, my god I loved how his cock pulsated deep inside me! Holy shit Kim!"

Mindy turned back to her sister beside her and gave her a quick kiss then asked, "How did you ever find such a fantastic guy?"

"That's my cue to have the 'talk' that we mentioned much earlier today. I'm going to run up to my room and get our photos so we can do a little show and tell." Kim ran and got the photos, then explained everything to her sister with some help from Vicky and me.

Mindy sat there with and astonished look on her face. "So you are saying that Gary is related to us, at least distantly? And that he is our much searched for 'stallion'. How do you know that?"

"Well, when I first met Gary, I knew immediately that there was something different about him, and I felt drawn to him. I have never felt that before. Mom noticed it too, right after we got here, just like YOU did when you and Randy arrived. I could see it on both of your faces so don't even try to deny it!" Vicky and Mindy both giggled at that as they smiled at Kim and me.

"Shoot, before I figured out what it was at Gary's house, I even saw it on his sister's -- my roommates -- face!" I watched amused as what Kim had just said slowly sunk in and her mother and sister gasped in discovery. "Yes, you both need to understand our relationship fully. Before I realized that Gary is my -- our -- stallion, he had already been discovered by his aunt Ronnie, his cousin Jessica, his mother Sandy, and his sister Jennie!"

The new Mindy cried out, "Get the fuck out of here! You mean to tell us that Gary has already fucked his whole family! And you are okay with that!?"

"Completely, sis!"

"But...that is...that is incest! Jesus, sis, how can you let that happen?"

"Mindy, tell me something before I answer your question. Now that you know that Gary is the stallion to not just two other women, but for SIX of us besides you, will that stop you from wanting to fuck him, or suck him?"

Mindy just sat there, not wanting to answer, but finally she shook her head and said softly, "No sis, that would not stop me at all!"

"Well, same here! I truly love this man beside me! We have had tons of time to talk intimately about all sorts of things, and he is my dream guy in EVERY way! Plus, I know he would never hurt me or do anything that I didn't want him to do. He knows how important he is to the women in our family tree, and thankfully he is willing to help, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it might be at first."

"But shit, Kim, how can he many of us needy women?" Mindy asked while Vicky nodded her agreement to the question.

"I tell you what," Kim responded, "just let that question sit there unanswered for about three or four days. If you still need an answer I will give you one."

"Okay, I can wait."

"Speaking of waiting," Vicky said, "I've been waiting way too long for another ride on Gary's wonderful cock! May I girls, or aren't you finished with him, Mindy?"

"Please be my guest! My pussy has been fucked so much by that huge dick that it can't even close! Maybe I'll have another go later today if Kim doesn't mind."

"Sis, the only way I would mind is if you pulled me off of him! Besides, I know my guy will keep us very satisfied...VERY satisfied!"

Vicky grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet then we walked together up the stairs to her room as Kim and Mindy giggled and began having their 'girl' talk that I knew was coming.

Vicky didn't want to seem overly possessive of me so she limited herself to just one of my cums. She didn't feel cheated as she came five times before I finally pumped her pussy full of white hot jizm as she came once more. Charlie ended up going from one major client to another and didn't get back for nine days. He surprised Vicky by calling her every night and talking to her for at least thirty minutes each time. When he came home finally he was amazed at the reception he received from his very loving wife and two happy daughters.

Again he pulled me aside after a particularly wild night with Vicky and said, "This is the last time I will say this because from now on I think it should be understood how I feel. I do not know what you have been doing around here, or how you have been doing it, but don't you ever stop! My wife has turned into the most sensual woman a man could possibly ask for and I can say as a fact that I will NEVER cheat on her again! Somehow she can bring out more of a man in me than I knew I had! So don't stop, whatever it might be!

"Plus, I can't remember seeing Mindy this at peace and happy! It's like she is a new person! Randy called me after he left (Randy had gotten back midway through Charlie's trip only to leave two days later) and wanted to know what had gotten into his wife! He was ecstatic that he had been home for two and a half days with not one argument with Mindy! Plus he even said they had enjoyed "great" sex for the first time in ages. So anyway, your presence here has had an incredible effect on the women in my life, so," he took my hand and shook it vigorously, "thank you and I can't wait for you to marry my little girl and join our family!"


So there you have it, the 'how' in how I got here. The 'here' is: 40 years old, married with three beautiful daughters (18, 17 and 15 years old) and the BEST wife a man could hope for, Kim. Kim is looking forward to the day the girls are ready for 'their' stallion -- me. Jen lives two houses from us and is the single mother of our two girls, 16 year old twins. Jessica, an early widow, lives three houses away from us in the other direction with my only son (14) and daughter (17).

Mindy and Randy live about an hour away and haven't argued in over twenty years! Their full nest is made up of their son (19) and our girls (18, 15 and 13). Kim's family now lives less than an hour away and Vicky visits us at least twice a week. Ronnie never moved out of mom's house, and never got a job, instead became quite an expert at making big money on the internet.

My 'harem', as I call them, has worked out a schedule where I make love (fucking ended long ago) to a different one of them each day of the week. Kim has never wanted more sex than she got and is still happiest when she hears the cries of fulfillment coming from the other women in our family. Every year on my birthday my harem gathers and spends the day riding or sucking my cock in an effort to make me cry 'Uncle'. So far they have only succeeded in making all of us very happy and tired.

Kim met me at the door today and excitedly told me that our eldest daughter, Rose, (named after the old woman in the photo that connected us together) has been acting 'strange' around me and asking questions about the mystical stallion! I'll try to let you know how things work out with my 'harem-2'!

Thanks for reading my little tale. Hope you enjoyed it. Don't forget to VOTE!! Comments and feedback (even the negative ones) are greatly appreciated as they help make me a better writer.

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by Anonymous

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by Irfon06/20/18


VERY glad to learn you are alive & WELL.

You have written some fantastic stories - certainly hope to learn that you have MORE to post sometime in the future ?

The Owners are probably very busy withmore...

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by Anonymous06/11/18

Not dead yet

dezurtdawg here!
Hi guys n gals, just a quick note to let all of you know a few things.

First of all, I AM NOT DEAD........YET!

Besides my writer's block, my ticker started acting up a few years backmore...

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by Dark_Storm05/21/18

This series missed one (two?) element(s)

There are two maternal grandmothers (Kim's and Gary's/Jen's), who never got their stallion. ;-)

Great series. Loved it just as much upon second reading.

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by chifan753607/02/17

Absolutely Awesome

I Loved this story!!! The whole thing was Incredible!!!! All of your writing is Sensational! Please write MORE!!!!! Thanks.

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