tagRomanceFamily Responsibilities Ch. 01

Family Responsibilities Ch. 01


As I ride up into the drive I realize that I have no idea who this man is that I am supposed to be meeting. My brother, Joshua, told me that I had to come here and pick up a parcel that was very important to him, and he needed it before tomorrow morning. He would not tell me what this parcel is, so I am hoping that it is not to big that I can not carry it on old Charlie, our ever-faithful old horse. I must have missed something that he told me though, because he was insistent that I wear my best dress to come here. This is very bad to say, but I do not even know the name of the person living on the estate that marches with ours.

Looking at the mansion that is before me, I get this awful feeling that I shouldn't be here. There are no lights on except on the ground floor, and there, there are only a very few. I look down again at my dress. I should not have ridden here, but Joshua made it seem very urgent that I get here as soon as possible. Now my dress is crushed and I look like the country mouse that I am.

Before I have time to turn ole' Charlie around, the front door opens. As I look up at the man standing there I feel very nervous. It feels like he is staring through the exterior and seeing directly into my soul.

"You must be Maranda. Joshua said that you were lovely and I can see that for once he was not exaggerating." Walking down the steps toward me I see that this man is very rugged, far more than most men of his obvious class. He is dressed in the height of fashion, but on him it looks right. It is not overdone and it is not to fopish. By the time that he has reached my side I am feeling like there is a very large number of butterflies in my stomach and they have all chosen that moment to take flight. I find, as he looks up at me, that I cannot catch my breath.

"Maranda, please, let me help you down." Reaching up he grasps me about my waist. I am surprised by the strength that I feel in his hands, and when I place my hands on his arms I feel it there too. "Did Joshua tell you why he sent you here?"

Oh my! Suddenly it hits as to who this man is. He must be Sir William. I have heard stories of him. Our servants talk about him non-stop since he arrived back into these parts. I have tried not to listen, but there have been times that I find it very hard not to.

Finally I find my voice. "I am sorry, Sir William, but no, he did not tell me. He just said that I had to come over here and get something and that it was a matter of some urgency."

A strange look comes over his face for a brief moment before he places me on the ground. "Your brother did not tell you about what happened to him while he was in London?"

I instantly get somewhat suspicious, because, since Joshua has been back in the country, it has seemed like he has been nothing but agitated all the time. When I have inquired as to what was the matter, he would just tell me that it was something that I would find out about soon enough. I guess that now is the time for me to find out. "No, why? Does it concern me?"

Guiding me into the house, he puts his hand upon my shoulder. I try to, tactfully, get away, but he keeps his hand just where it is. When we get inside he gently takes my cloak from my shoulders and I shudder with a strange sensation when I feel his hand brush against the bare skin at the back of my neck. "Maranda, I can not believe that he did not tell you what you were really sent here for. I must admit that my opinion of your brother just became a lot lower." Guiding me into a room off the main entrance hall he again has his hand on the small of my back. "Will you please sit down? There are things that we must discuss, and decisions that must be made. I can see now that I was taken for a fool by your brother, and that is one thing that I do not like." Motioning me to a chaise lounge near the fire, he sits down in a chair just to the side of it. When I get my dress situated and I am as comfortable as I can be in the circumstances, Sir William brings out a small blanket to place over my legs. "Are you chilly? It must have been a cold ride over here. I am surprised that Joshua didn't at the very least send you with a buggy to ride in."

I smile up at him. "Thank you, I am very comfortable. In answer to your question, we don't have anything other than ole' Charlie to get around on, so that was my only option. Speaking of which, I should have seen to his..."

"Do not worry, my Dear. Your horse has been taken care of. After we entered the house my man took him to a stall where he will be properly groomed and fed."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Now, if you are ready, we have some serious things to discuss."

A feeling of apprehension steals over me. "I am ready."

"Good. Then let me tell you about your brother. While he was in London this last time he ran into a small problem at the gaming tables. Instead of cutting his losses and quitting at that time, he continued on gambling. The gentleman that he was gambling with was goading him on and would not let him stop. Your brother should have known better than to get into a game with him, but he didn't. By the time everything was said and done, your brother had lost everything. Now, before you jump to conclusions, I will tell you that I paid his debt. I like your brother, but he has to learn his lesson. I paid it with the express, written, contract that he will pay me back and will never go to London again." By now, any thought that I had in to the reason that I am here has left me. I have no idea what is going on. "Now, I know that you and your brother could never afford to pay off the debt with monetary means, so something else must be thought up. I have no wish to have another house, so that is out of the question. Do you have any ideas?"

I look at him with a stunned look on my face. "How much did my brother lose?"

"To this one gentleman, in excess of £100,000. To other gentlemen a few smaller amounts." When I hear how much Joshua owes, all the breath leaves my body. I feel weak and helpless as I look at Sir William. "I only tell you this so that we can decide something to which both parties will be in agreement as to the payment of these debts, as the last thing I would want to see is your brother going to prison." Stunned, I just stare at him. Getting up he goes over to a tray in the corner and pours a small glass of brandy. Bringing it back to me he kneels down and puts it to my lips. "Drink this. It will help you." Cautiously I take a sip and as I feel its warmth spreading through me it seems to bring me back to life as well.

Timidly I look up at Sir William. "Sir, what do you require? I do not wish my brother to go to prison either."

Sitting back down he once again takes on the air of almost indifference. "Well, according to your brother, your family has no money."

"That is correct."

"Then, it will have to be something different. Your brother said something about possibly having the debt worked off. That may be an option, but only if the right stipulations were set out at the beginning."

I am almost to scared to ask. "What stipulations would those be, Sir?"

"Well, after seeing you, I can see why he made the recommendation that he did. After speaking with your brother about this, he recommended that you be the one to work off the debt."

"Me, Sir? But I am sorry, Sir, I don't know how to do anything. I have never cleaned, and I am not sure what else there would be for me to do."

Getting up out of his chair he comes and sits down at the end of the chaise. Taking my hand into his, he looks into my eyes. "Maranda, Your brother's suggestion was that you work off the debt to me in my bed." Stunned, I stare at him for a long moment as he lets that suggestion seep in. When he can see that it has he continues. "I am not a hard task master, and I would do nothing that would in any way destroy your reputation. You would come here and stay with me until such a time as I deem the debt is fulfilled. If I go to London, you will stay here. I will dress you in all the finest clothes, and you will want for nothing. When we are finished, you will return home with all of the goods that I have given you and a tidy sum of cash with which to live on. While you are here, I will send to your estate, an agreed upon sum and by the time our liaison is completed, your estate will be, once again, the pride of the county as it should be."

I must be dreaming. This can not be happening. "Joshua agreed to this?"

Gently he takes my hand into his. I can see compassion on his face. "Maranda, he was the one that suggested it." With that final blow my eyes go closed and I lose consciousness.

When I next open my eyes Sir William is not in immediate sight. As soon as I look around though, I find him sitting in his chair once again.

Gathering up all of my courage, I look at him and reply to the question that I see in his eyes. "It seems that this is the only way to keep our house and keep my brother out of prison. I must do it then. I see no other choice." Dejectedly, I hang my head.

I hear him get up out of his chair and out of the corner of my eye I can see him kneel down next to the lounge. Gently, he takes my hand into his own. "Maranda, you will not be sorry about this decision. I have made a values chart for each item, but until you are more knowledgeable in the fine arts, I will not let you see it. I will be keeping track though, of how much you work off. I will tell you this, though, for just agreeing to do this, you have earned £15.00. Tonight, I will let you get use to the idea, but tomorrow night your orientation will begin, and you will begin to earn your way out of my debt."

Even though I am still stunned at what has occurred in the short time that I have been here, I look up at him and meet his look with my own. "No. Tomorrow will be to late. We start tonight." Even I can hear a change in my voice. I almost sound dead to me.

"Are you certain? I would never want to rush you into anything."

"If I am going to have to do this, then I may as well not put it off any longer than I must. Unfortunately, I know nothing about what occurs betwixt a man and woman when they have sex, so you will have to instruct me."

"Okay, Maranda, if that is how you want it, that is how it will be."

I take a deep breath and slowly let it out. "Sir William, please tell me what you want me to do."

"First, please call me William. If we are going to go through with this plan, then we may as well be on a first name basis. Wouldn't you agree?" Hesitantly I nod. "Good. Now that we have that out of the way, let us move on." Getting up out of his chair he reaches out his hand to me. Slowly I put my hand in his and he draws me to my feet. Guiding me upstairs I know what is going to happen. Tonight is the night that my future comes to an end. When we reach a door I know that this is it. I know that behind this door is his bedroom and after this I may as well belong to him because I will have to do what he tells me to.

"Maranda, if you want, you can do this tomorrow." I shake my head. "Okay then, come on in." When he opens the door I have to gasp. This room has obviously been the Master's room for many generations. "Please come in. This is the main room where the repayment will occur. There may be times, though, when I may want something from you in a different area of the house, but this is where we will mainly take care of business." I stop right where I am and look around the lush room.

"It is beautiful. I assume that I will be sleeping elsewhere though when you do not require my services?"

"That would be correct." Pointing to a door that I had not noticed before he lets me know that this is where my room is. "There is a closet in there if you would like to hang up your dress. Tomorrow I will have some young girls from the village come up here so that you can choose one to be your maid while you are here. Until then I will be happy to help you if you need it." I can feel the color surge up into my cheeks as I quickly look away in embarrassment. "Tonight you will find everything that you need in there. If you would like a bath, just let me know and I will let the servants know. Tomorrow I will introduce you to the servants that you will have the most contact with. They will look at you as the Lady of the Manor, and as such, you will be able to order them around. If you have any problems I want you to inform me at once."

"Yes, Sir, I will."

"Maranda, what have I asked you to call me?"

"I am sorry...William."

"Thank you. Now, why don't you go on through to your room and when you are ready we will begin your instruction. When you are ready, just come back in here and we will go from there."

"Thank you, William." I take a deep breath and slowly let it out. "I will be back shortly." As I walk into the other bedroom I marvel at how quickly my life has changed. Why did I agree to this? I should have let Joshua go to the debtor's prison. At least then I would be able to avoid this. I have to hope that none of our neighbors or family find out about this. If they do it will be such a scandal that I will never be able to show my face around here again. When I step into the bedroom I gasp. It has to be, without a doubt, the most beautiful room that I have ever seen.

As I look about in my amazement I see the closet where William said to hang my dress. As I walk over to the closet I unfasten my dress. By the time I am standing in front of the closet I am able to let my dress slip to the floor. Upon opening the door, I am stunned to see that it is filled with dresses in every color of the rainbow. "I hope that you like them." Unbeknown to me, William had followed me. Placing his hands on my shoulders he gently turns me around. Looking into my eyes he whispers: "Have you ever been kissed by a man that wasn't a family member?" "William, I have never been kissed by any man."

"I thought so." I watch his head lower slowly towards mine, until just before his lips touch mine I close my eyes. When his lips meet mine I feel a sudden sensation in my stomach. I try to get away, but I don't try that hard. His arms wrap around me and pull me so close that I can feel his heart beating against mine. Breaking the kiss he draws a deep and ragged breath.

"Maranda, I want you so bad. I am so scared of frightening you though."

"Don't be. I can handle anything that you want to do to me."

"If you are sure of that, then please, come back into my room." Dressed only in my chemise I go back through the door to his room. As soon as we enter it I notice that he has blown out all of the candles and that the only light is coming from the fire. Putting his hands on my shoulders he brushes the straps aside and my chemise falls to the floor. Stepping back William looks at my body as I stand there in front of the fire. "Maranda, I have never seen such perfection." I lower my eyes and find that he doesn't like that. Gently tipping my head up he looks down into my eyes. "Maranda, please don't ever feel ashamed. Not with me."

Looking up into his eyes I see something that I hadn't expected -- tenderness. "William to say that I am scared of what is going to happen would be an understatement. I will not back out though. I have given my word and I will honor it."

"Why don't you go lay down in the bed and I will join you there momentarily." As I scurry to the enclosed bed I hear his robe fall to the floor. "Maranda, I don't want you to be frightened, so please close your eyes." I close my eyes until after I feel him get into bed next to me. "Maranda, I need you to just relax. If you are tense or nervous it will just be harder on you. Has anyone ever said anything to you about what happens betwixt a man and a woman?"

I swallow hard. "No, no one has ever told me anything about it. I guess my husband was supposed to teach me. I have absolutely no idea what happens. I guess that instruction now falls on your shoulders."

"Okay, well I will tell you that the first time for the woman is very hard. When I join our bodies together for the first time it will hurt you. How much it hurts depends on how relaxed or tense you are. Now I will touch you in ways that should help you relax. It may seem odd at first, but in the end it will be pleasurable."

Gently he places a hand on my breast and starts to caress it. Not knowing how to respond I just lay there. I jump a little when I feel his hand going down to an area in between my legs. "Maranda, this is where I will join our bodies together. I need to make sure that you are ready before that joining though." I feel his finger start to rub me in a place that I didn't know existed before now. When I feel that same finger start to insert itself into me I tense up somewhat, until I feel it working back and forth, thrusting in and out of me. It is almost like flint to an unkindled fire that is ready to be lit. "Well, Joshua was right about one thing, you are still an intact virgin. You are very tight." Taking my hand in his he rubs it down his chest until I reach something very large and very hard. "This is my manhood. It will be with this that I am going to join our two bodies together." Rolling over me, I feel him press into me. "Oh my! You are tighter than I thought you would be." I try not to cry out at the feeling that I am being torn apart, but I cannot help it when he pulls almost all of the way out and plunges fully into me. Involuntarily I scream in pain. William stays where he is in me, not moving at all.

"Maranda, are you okay?" There is gentleness and urgency in his voice. "Maranda, please look at me." I open my eyes and in the dim light coming from the fire I see his face. Concern is evident by the softness that I sense in him when I finally catch my breath. "Maranda, I am so sorry that it hurt you that much. Are you okay now?" Surprisingly the pain from the initial entry has abated somewhat so I nod my head. Immediately he pulls almost all of the way out, but before I can feel any relief he rams back into me. I cry out, but more from the pressure than any pain. "Maranda?" I take a deep breath and nod. Picking up the pace he slams into me harder and faster. I feel like the flint has ignited a spark and it is now a raging fire within me until with a shout from him there is an explosion behind my closed eyes as the pleasure bursts within me. William rolls off and out of me.

"Maranda, please tell me that I did not hurt you to much."

I smile up at him and reach out to caress his face. "Do not worry, William, I am okay. I just never expected it to be like that." I hesitate before I ask what is on my mind.

Sensing the hesitation, William gathers me close. "What is it, Maranda? You must know that you can ask me anything. I will answer you truthfully, if I can."

"William, will it hurt the next time?" Before I can stop them the words come out of my mouth.

"No, Maranda, it will not hurt as much, if at all, next time. Now, just relax and sleep." Gently he kisses me.

"William, I uh, I need to..."

Smiling, he snuggles a little closer. "Maranda, if you are worried because it feels wet, don't be. Would you like to go and wash in your own room?" I nod my head. "Okay, I'll ring and have a bath prepared for you in your room. In the meantime, why do you not just stay right there and relax. I will be back momentarily. As he gets out of bed, I see his body in the light from the fire. I have to stare at him. His body is perfect. Wide shoulders lead to an incredibly hard chest. My eyes wander lower to his trim lean waist. As I see his manhood for the first time I have to gasp. Now I know why it hurt so much. He is very large.

At my gasp he looks back to the bed. "Maranda, I should have warned you not to look."

As I stare at him my eyes roam again over his body until they come to his handsome face and he begins to smile. There is one question that is very unladylike, but I just have to ask it. "Are you what would be considered very large?"

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