tagMatureFamily, Sex, and Consequences Ch. 04

Family, Sex, and Consequences Ch. 04


Patricia Allen, the matriarch of the Allen family, gently caressed her husband Mark's cock. Just moments before his cock pounded her ass in the exact way she loved. The feel of a hard cock sliding deep into her asshole always sent her over the edge. Feeling his cum ooze from her was another secret pleasure of hers.

"When are you going to see her again?" Patricia asked after finally removing her hand from Mark's cock.

Mark mumbled from his state of bliss, "See who?"

"Your slut."

"I'm not sure. Why?"

Patricia adjusted her nightgown so it once again covered her large tits with their bright pink nipples. "Just curious. Seems like you aren't seeing her as often as you did. Are you losing interest in her?"

Mark pondered that for a moment. She was right. When he and his eldest daughter Justine first started secretly seeing each other he would fuck her almost every other day. Now it decreased to once a week. He definitely wasn't losing interest in fucking her, but he was bored with their routine. Sex with Justine had gotten predictable. "Not losing interest," Mark said as he worked through the problem in his mind. "I think I need to change things up a bit."

"A new partner?"

"Maybe," Mark said. Or an old one, he thought to himself.

Patricia accepted the open marriage readily. She loved sex just as much as Mark did and loved being able to attract and bed younger men. She found it funny sometimes how her young lovers would compare her to the young women in their lives. Women their age had all sorts of hang ups since they were still worrying about how people viewed them. Patricia was beyond caring. She knew who she was, knew what she wanted, and knew that the pursuit of pleasure sometimes meant being in some demeaning positions. In the end, as long as she got what she wanted, what did it matter?

She worried that Mark was pulling back from his outside interests which would limit her opportunities to play as well. She forgot about that once she logged into one of her favorite dating sites and found a few messages waiting for her. Sexually adventurous women had the luxury of being selective, carefully curating their lovers and experiences. In a few minutes she had exchanged some emails and arranged a date for the next night. To her children, she was always going off to a class or lecture, a social function, tea party, candle party, there was always a ready believable excuse at hand. After a few years, she didn't even bother. Once in awhile, she would go out and not come home until late at night. No one questioned it.

The next day went along as normal, she paid household bills, watched a talk show, did her yoga, prepared dinner, and then started to get ready to go out. Patricia loved getting ready to meet a new lover. Again, one of the advantages of age was money and money bought some of the nicest, luxurious, sexiest lingerie imaginable. She chose a sheer blue demi cup bra that barely covered her nipples. The bra was one of her favorites because of the amount of cleavage it allowed her to show. The panties were part of the set and nothing special, just a French cut and sheer like the bra. She enjoyed how her trimmed pussy looked beneath the fabric.

Her stockings felt remarkable against her smooth legs. She rolled them up to her thigh and then let her hands slide up and down the smooth fabric. Her dress hung on the back of the door. It was a simple dress, black and low cut V neck that fully exposed her ample cleavage. The fabric gathered at the waste a bit before relaxing into the skirt of the dress which fell just above her knee. The skirt was loose enough it could easily be lifted. Patricia was not above a little flashing once in awhile to keep her date interested.

Sitting in front of her vanity mirror, she went through at least three different variations of hairstyle before settling on letting her hair naturally cascade to its full length, just past her shoulders. This meant a bit more time primping with the curling iron so it fell exactly the way she wanted but the effect was worth it. Her entire look was finished with the addition of a small necklace, a few bangle bracelets, and the removal of her wedding band. Young men rarely noticed the band but she always took it off just to make sure everyone was at ease. Finally she put on her heels, open toed, black and strappy, 4 inch heels with bands that wrapped around her ankles. She loved wrapping her legs around her lover and locking the heels together, trapping him against her.

Patricia arrived at Renata, a trendy restaurant in the more bohemian section of the city. Renata specialized in rustic Italian foods. Soft lighting and gentle music provided just enough of a veil so lovers could whisper to each other and touch softly. Patricia took a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of Syrah. Renata attracted the young professionals. Patricia found herself in the midst of men and women in their late 20s, early 30s and she loved it. She fantasized at times that she was a vampire of sorts, sucking in the youthful energy of the men she slept with. She stood out in more ways than one. Older than the rest, but also more put together. Mature. In many ways the word had been beaten down and turned into a negative. Mature - ripe - ready. Mature - in the final form. Patricia was the very definition of mature.

When Ben walked into Renata he immediately focused on Patricia. He had never been with an older woman but Patricia fascinated him. Her directness appealed to him.

Patricia didn't notice Ben. He blended into the crowd perfectly. She sipped her wine and checked her phone once or twice as Ben slowly approached. "Patricia?" he finally asked.

"Yes. Hello. Are you Ben?" Patricia flashed a bright and brilliant smile. She held out her hand and pulled him to her to receive a kiss on her cheek.

All through dinner, as they chatted about their likes and dislikes, Patricia admired his form. His lips seemed so soft. His brown eyes had a lovely warmth to them. His face, recently shaved, showed traces of the man he was to become.

"We should get out of here," Patricia said, interrupting him in the middle of a story about his first job out of college.

"Oh, oh, okay. Well, it was a pleasure meeting you," Ben mumbled, clearly misinterpreting her intentions.

Patricia turned to face him and without a pause, kissed him firmly. It was a brief kiss, though she lingered at the threshold of skin contact after parting for a spine tingling moment. "We should go somewhere more private," she clarified.

Ben stammered agreement and led her out of Renata. An eternity passed for both of them as they walked from the restaurant to his tiny, dingy studio apartment. Patricia got a particular thrill out of seeing her lovers' homes for the first time. Ben's was like so many others. Many young men adopted the pile method of household management. Piles of clothes, piles of mail, piles of dishes. At least Ben's piles seemed a bit less haphazard.

She set her purse on the table, on top of a pile of papers. She draped her scarf over the back of a chair, over a few sweaters and a t-shirt already there. Ben's nerves showed. He offered her a drink but she said she was fine. She sat on his futon, classic black metal frame with a rumpled mattress. She wondered how many women he had fucked on this mattress. How much of his cum filled the fabric from nights of lonely masturbation?

"Join me," Patricia patted the space next to her. Ben smiled broadly and settled in next to her before kissing her. The passion of a young man turned her on. He was already hard. His cock pressed against her. He was so insistent in his actions. Ben's hands groped at her breasts. She needed to take some control over this or else they'd be done far too soon for her liking.

Gently she pushed him, guiding him. "Slow down, Ben. We have a full night ahead of us. Let's enjoy it. Undress me."

She stood up and presented herself to the young man. His face was flushed. His desire burned in his eyes. He smiled and stood. He too one strap of her dress and pulled it from her shoulder. Then the other. Patricia dropped her arms a bit and let the straps fall. Ben helped them down her smooth lean arms before she turned and lifted her hair a bit. "You'll need to unzip." She looked over her shoulder in time to see him gulp. These dates had phases. Each step was a moment her new lover realized it was real. This wasn't a tease. It wouldn't suddenly stop because she got cold feet.

Ben slowly unzipped Patricia's dress. As it opened, Patricia wiggled a little and let it fall from her chest. She turned again to face Ben, her breasts held in place by the beautiful blue demi cup bra. She cupped her breasts briefly, pulling the cup of the bra down just enough so her excited nipples peeked out from the sheer fabric.

They leaned into each other and kissed. Ben's lean body vibrated with sexual energy. His mouth was hungry for hers. His tongue probed deep into her mouth. While youthful, he didn't lack experience. His lips were incredibly soft. His arms wrapped around her. His leg pressed between hers. A brief moment he lifted her and through her dress and panties, her clit pressed into his thigh. It was her first moment of surprise. She gasped at the feeling and thrust against his thigh again to try to recreate the feeling. The angle was wrong and she couldn't.

Her hand snaked down his body, across his solid abs to his bulging crotch. It was his turn to gasp as her agile fingers gripped him through his pants.

"God, I want you," Ben confessed. It was his first sensible utterance.

"Mmmm," Patricia replied. Ben's hands fell to her ass. Patricia was proud of her body. 44 years and three children is enough reason not to have the model perfect body. Yes, her breasts sagged a bit. Yes, her ass was not the taut bubble perfection of some nubile college coed. It was the ass of a woman who took care of herself the best she could. The proof of her success was in that moment when a man like Ben first grabbed it. He squeezed it. His other hand fell to her ass and both massaged her through her dress. His fingers started to gather up the material, lifting the dress up.

Ben kissed Patricia's face, chin, and then neck. He buried his face into her neck as his lip, tongue, and teeth kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled. Patricia kept lightly stroking his cock as she felt her dress get pulled up over her ass. Ben worked his hands into her panties and pushed them down. She responded by unbuttoning his pants.

Clothing was pushed, pulled, and shoved to reveal more and more skin. Their breathing intensified. Patricia craved him. Craved his smell. That manly musky scent. His cock so erect and hard in her hand felt silky and hot. She needed it in so many ways. She pushed on Ben forcing him to sit. She lowered herself to her knees, supporting herself on his thighs. Her eyes didn't leave his. She didn't break eye contact as she took his cock into her hand again and pressed her lips against the shaft. She kissed it again, running her tongue up the long shaft the tip. She squeezed the shaft and coaxed a clear drop of precum from the tender pink tip. Her tongue slid slowly over the tip, licking up the precum.

She loved the pure masculine taste of it. "Do you like that?" she asked with a knowing smile. She didn't wait for the answer before taking Ben's dick into her mouth. He moaned in delight. She could tell he didn't know what to do with his hands. This was another one of those exciting moments for her. Would he press on her head? Would he caress her shoulders? Would he lean back, arms behind his head like some dilettante playboy? She felt his hand brush her hair.

She moved her head rhythmically up and down. His fingers brushed through her hair in a loving way, holding it up from her face momentarily. Obviously to see her mouth on his cock. He groaned.

Patricia wondered if he was about to cum. There were no other signs of an approaching orgasm so she doubled her efforts. She worked more and more of his cock into her mouth. Ben didn't push down on her head, but his hand remained on her head. His fingers entwined in her hair and he pulled at it, not hard, just lightly. She knew he was testing the waters. He wanted to see what other fantasies he could make come true this night. Patricia swallowed, sliding Ben's cock down her throat. She swallowed again and Ben shuddered in delight. "Oh, god, oh god, that feels so good!"

She pulled his cock from her mouth and did it again. She repeated this move several times and Ben once threatened to cum if she didn't stop. She did. She looked up at Ben. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"God yes, god, I want to fuck you."

Patricia stood and removed the rest of her clothing. Her bra dropped to the floor and she pushed her panties over her shoes still strapped to her feet.

"You are so beautiful. God, look at how wet you are."

Patricia took a finger and slipped it between her pussy lips. She was soaked. She glanced at her panties and they were also wet.

"Can I taste you?" he asked.

Patricia put her finger to his lips. He sucked it clean.

"I want more. I want you. Would you, would you... sit on my face?"

She stifled a laugh, turning it into a moan. She nodded.

Ben laid down on the futon and helped Patricia straddle him. Her pussy wasn't bare, but was trimmed. Her glistening lips hung a little. Ben sucked them into his mouth, lapping up her juices. Patricia pushed herself down onto his face. She felt her clit bump against his nose and it drove her wild. She kept herself from grinding herself too hard against him out of fear of hurting him.

Ben's hands pulled her cheeks apart. His fingers pushed against her wet pussy from behind as his tongue worked against her clit. With his finger covered in her wetness, Ben found her tight asshole and wiggled his finger against it. Patricia loved having her ass played with. "Push it in," she said in a husky voice.

Ben pushed his finger into her ass and she squirmed against his tongue some more.

He slowly fingered her ass and Patricia loved it.

"Fuck me, Ben. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast."

They wrestled a bit as they swapped positions. He climbed on top of her and pressed his cock against her wet pussy. She took him in hand and guided the cock into her. The length of the hot flesh penetrating deep into her. It felt amazing. Her skin was electric. Ben grunted with absolute pleasure.

Patricia lifted her legs and wrapped them around Ben. "Fuck me!" She rocked her hips to meet his thrusts. She needed him deeper inside her. She needed to feel his cum bursting inside her.

"Oh god, Patricia, oh god! I'm going to cum!"

"Yes, baby, yes, cum for me. Cum for me! Cum for your...," she stopped herself. She knew what she wanted to say. Only in these moments did she allow herself to admit the truth.

Ben spasmed on top of her. The hour of playing, sucking, and touching intensified his orgasm. She felt his cum overflow her pussy. She felt her juices and his trickle down her ass onto his futon. How many women soaked this mattress?

She hadn't cum yet, but she knew it would be moments. If he could just keep going for a few more thrusts. The downside of younger lovers was their lack of experience at this moment. The moment after they achieve their orgasm. Ben was not inexperienced. He pressed his pelvis against her, rubbing the bone against her clit as his cock fell from her vagina. The thrust with his mouth on her tit was enough for Patricia. It carried her to her own climax. Gasping, bucking, a squeal, and eyes wide open in a pleasurable release.

When he offered her a drink again, she accepted. Just water. They sat facing each other completely naked, legs entwined. Ben's cock cycled from limp to semi-hard to limp as they talked. Patrica's eyes followed the curves of his body.

Ben walked her back to her car near Renata. They kissed and embraced. He fondled her breasts, trying to remember and recapture. They parted. She saw him standing in the street watching her drive away. Ben was a good lover. She looked forward to seeing him again. But he wasn't what she needed. Ben wasn't what she craved. She pushed that thought back down to where it belonged, repressed. She'd explore it again the next time she made a date. She couldn't lose these dates.

Her mind wandered back to her husband and the problem he had with his submissive lover. That was a spark she needed to keep alive.

She needed to make a plan.

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