tagRomanceFantasies or Reality?

Fantasies or Reality?


(This is my first attempt at writing anything, I hope its OK. I'd really appreciate some -friendly- feedback and no suggestion will be taken offensively)

Sara had seen him in the rehearsal space the first day he'd be drafted in from out of town to work on the new show, and hadn't stopped thinking of him since. His dark hair, worn slightly long; his olive skin and his chocolate eyes had been the focus of her fantasies for weeks, as she'd laid in bed alone at nights; her mind – and hands – wandering as she imagined all the things she wanted to do with him. Of course she could never talk to him, other than to make polite conversation in the theatre. But sometimes, she could swear she'd catch him staring at her. She'd asked people about him, but hadn't been able to gather much information. It seemed not many people knew much about this new, mysterious stranger; other than the fact that his name was Marshall.

Then came the party; it was one of the actresses birthdays and she was throwing a big bash in the local club. Champagne flowed as freely as the conversation and everyone was having a great time. Holly was letting her hair down "Why not?" She thought, "It's not every night I'm invited to a party this glamourous." And that's when he approached, glass in hand, wide smile on his handsome face. They had talked and laughed, she had felt like she was the only woman in the room.


They stood close to each other as the lift made its way up to the penthouse. She felt giddy as she breathed in and his scent washed over her; it was a heady, manly scent that made her shiver with her longing for him. "Stop this," Sara told herself mentally "He'd never want you in the same way you want him. He's just showing you the room." But she couldn't banish the mental images that flooded her mind. The ding of the lift reaching its destination brought her back to her senses, and as they stepped through the door into the room she let out a gasp.

A huge window looked out over the bay, and the room was decorated softly in blues and whites. "It's a little girly for my taste, but they serve great breakfasts here," He was suddenly speaking very close to her ear as he took her coat. She shivered again as his hands brushed against her shoulders, they were warm and smooth, just as she'd imagined. "I'm sorry, are you cold?" He asked her, obviously noticing the shiver. "Oh, no, no," She stammered, embarrassed that he'd seen and that her desire was so apparent. "The view, it's just so beautiful."

"Yeah, it's pretty great isn't it? Do you fancy anything to drink?" His voice came this time from a little kitchenette further away from her. She envied him for sounding so cool and calm in her presence, and wished she had some of his self assurance as she joked shakily "Are you trying to get me drunk?" She instantly felt stupid for saying it, but tried to cover her regret with a casual laugh as she took the glass he handed her. "No," replied, "I'm just trying to get you to relax, you seem nervous." She looked up at him and he smiled, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. "I don't... I don't really know why, I just, well I mean..." She spluttered, only stopping because he had placed a finger gently against her lips and was leaning towards her, staring into her eyes.

The first kiss was gentle, a brush of the lips, to quieten her. But she knew, from that one little kiss, that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. There was a buzzing energy she could feel in him, which he was struggling to hold back from her. She could feel the same energy building in her too, somewhere low down, an insistent pulsing of anticipation that she couldn't ignore. He pulled back from her, his deep chocolate brown eyes boring into hers, as he took the drink from her and placed it on a nearby table.

This time, the kiss was more intense. He closed his eyes and took a step towards her, closing any distance there was between them, and placed a strong hand on the small of her back pulling her body close as the kiss got deeper. She opened her lips and felt him respond, his tongue lightly dipping into her mouth, tenderly flicking her tongue. A small moan escaped her as thoughts stirred about what that tongue could do to her, and he pulled her even tighter to him. She ran her fingers through his hair and held him firmly, not wanting this moment to end.

He pulled away again, and she nearly moaned again in frustration that such a passionate kiss was so short lived. She looked into his eyes and saw that the buzzing energy she'd felt in him earlier was behind them, making them burn brightly, and he smiled "I've wanted to kiss you for so long," he whispered, "I just didn't know whether you wanted me to!" I response she kissed him again, fiercely and firmly, to prove a point. Words weren't her strong suit, and anyway, she was so shocked by the feeling that kiss had left her with that words had deserted her by now. The slow burning anticipation she'd felt earlier had ignited into a flame, burning deep inside her.

Slowly, he reached behind her, and unzipped her dress. The olive green silk rustled slightly as it slithered to the floor, caressing her skin as it fell. She stood before him in her underwear, and his eyes were darting about, taking in all of her. Her womanly curves, the black silky briefs and bra - both edged with just a hint of green lace, to match the dress – and the way it contrasted with her porcelain skin and deep red hair. He sighed as he looked at her, and saw the rush of blood flow to her cheeks as if she was embarrassed at this appraisal of her. She stepped lightly out of the dress, still wearing the black heels she'd come in, and reached up to the pin holding up her hair. She pulled it out and shook her red curls out of their neat 'do. They fell around her shoulders and he sighed again. She really had no idea how beautiful she was.

She began slowly unbuttoning his shirt, running her hands along his muscles as she did so. He tilted her head back so he could see her, and kissed her again while the shirt slid off his shoulders. As he did so, she stepped back, pulling him with her, and fell back onto the blue bed sheets. Giggling, she undid her shoes and tipped them off her feet. He smiled at the sound of that giggle, this was a completely different person to the shy woman he had become used to seeing around the office, this was a temptress, and he was going to treat her as such.

She moved back, so she was sitting in the centre of the bed, and he crawled towards her. Taking her in his arms again he brushed her hair away from her neck and began to kiss along her jaw line. He made a trail of quick, gently little kisses from the hollow of her throat, down to her chest and began to kiss the skin of her breasts, along where they disappeared from view underneath her bra. He felt her breathing begin to get shallower as he made his way back up and began to nibble at her ear as his hand explored her breasts, her waist, her hips and then her thighs, gently brushing her underwear.

He stopped biting her ear long enough to whisper "Do you want me?" and to hear her sharp moan of "Yes!" before he was taking off her bra, exposing her hard nipples beneath. He took one into his mouth and began to suck gently. Her breathing became even shallower and he looked up to see her biting her lip, her eyes closed. He used his tongue to gently flick at the nipple, teasing her with the knowledge of what else he could be licking.

He ran his hand down her stomach to again brush at her panties. He went further this time, pushing open her thighs to stroke the silky material where her pussy was. He could feel the wetness through the thin fabric, and nearly groaned out loud as he kissed her. Knowing how much she wanted him turned him on even more and he decided it was time to stop teasing. He slid his body down, leaving a line of kisses down her chest and her front till he was sliding her underwear off. Climbing between her legs, he kissed up and down her thighs, not breaking eye contact as he went from one leg to another, only pausing to gently lick her clit once as he went past. This teasing was too much for her and he heard her sharp intake of breath.

He rubbed her wet, open lips with one finger before sliding it slowly inside her, feeling her moisture and her warmth. He longed for a taste; licking her clit with the tip of his tongue had left a flavour that he couldn't resist. He buried his face between her thighs, opening his mouth over the little mound, sucking and licking it. He could hear her moaning now, her breathing fast and shallow. It was making him so hard, pleasuring this eager woman. She could feel his tongue darting and licking, could feel the blood pounding through her veins as the fire rippled through her.

Her hips began to buck and grind and her back arched as she rode the wave of pleasure. He could feel her wetness soaking him now, mixing with his own saliva to drip from her.

Her hands were gripping anything they could, digging into the skin of his arms, holding fistfuls of the sheets around her. He picked up the rhythm of her gasps and sped up, making little circular motions with his tongue, then driving it deep into her. Her back arched and her eyes closed as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. Then, just as she thought she could take no more, he thrust 2 fingers deep inside her, moving them with an alternate rhythm to his tongue. This, along with the sensation of his tongue made her scream out, as her orgasm crashed over her. Her body writhed and her hands clasped his arms. He brought himself up to face her, wanting to hold her as her breathing settled and the spasms abated. "Oh my God," she moaned gently as she buried her face to his chest.

Slowly, as her pulse settled, he kissed her firmly on the mouth, and she smiled, gently dipping her tongue into his mouth to taste her own juices. She began kissing his body, and delicately nipping at his skin with her teeth. She looked up at him through her eye lashes as the kisses trailed further down his body, over his stomach as she started to undo his belt. Unhurriedly, she pulled his trousers off him, and appraised his body, one eyebrow cocked mischievously. Then, she took his hard cock in one hand and bent over towards it, never taking her eyes off his until her hair fell in front of her face and blocked his view.

She may have been shy, but that didn't mean that she was new to this. She took his head in between her lips, circling the tip with her tongue as she held the rest of him firmly with her hand. She heard him gasp in surprise and then groan with pleasure as she took more of him into her mouth. She began to move her head up and down, her wet mouth gliding up and down his throbbing cock, going as deep as she could; taking him deep into her throat. She moved faster, her hand tightening around the base of him, moving in opposite rhythm to her mouth.

His breathing was becoming erratic, and when she looked up she could see his eyes were watching her intently. She pushed back her hair so he could see her mouth moving up and down his shaft, sucking harder and quicker than before. Suddenly, she pulled him out of her warm, wet mouth and began to lick furiously at his head, kissing all along the shaft while moving her hand along the base, still holding firmly. "Tell me when to stop," She said, "Tell me when you can't take it anymore and just want to slide inside me." He could make no response other than to groan at the mere thought of it, so she climbed up until she was sat on top of him, and then lowered her moist, soft pussy onto him.

He slid into her easily, and instantly moaned at the feel of her inner warmth gripping his dick tightly. She leant back against his knees, so his hands could trace their way over her breasts, and began to gyrate slowly back and forth. He could see the curve of her body, her head thrown back and her eyes shut as she felt his whole length inside her. Her hips were moving faster now, in small circles as she leant forward above him, her eyes never leaving his. He could feel her breath on his face, see her chest rising and falling as she panted above him. Then he started thrusting in earnest, pushing his cock as deep into her as it would go, feeling her ride him. His hands grasped her back, fingers digging into her skin as he felt the fire spread throughout his body.

He slowed his thrusts down, pulling away until she could just feel the tip of him penetrating her. He moved, pulling her over to the edge of the bed and - kneeling on the floor - slid himself into her again. Just as he did, she spread her legs wide, giving him the full view of her moist pussy opening to take him inside. She wrapped her legs around him – pulling him as deep as he could be, his sharp, quick thrusts making her moan. With every stroke he could feel her muscles contracting to hold his dick tightly inside her.

He lifted her legs, resting her calves on her shoulders, and leant forward to push deeper still. Her eyes flew open, and her gasp of pleasure brought a moan to his throat. Shifting again – he climbed up to kiss her mouth fiercely and she felt his arms encircle her and he lifted her onto his lap. They sat cross-legged, her legs around his waist and his mouth greedily sucked at her hard nipples as he guided himself into her once more, this time using just the head to tease her eager, moist pussy. Her head fell back and a long moan escaped between her lips and her hips bucked back and forth, desperately trying to take him further inside.

He obliged this need, pushing her back so she was lying flat and lifting her hips to push further, pounding his throbbing, urgent dick into her all too eager pussy. Her hands grasped his arms, digging her fingers into his skin, clinging to him. She wanted nothing more than to feel his closeness, his warmth. He slowed his thrusting again, wanting to feel her whole body against him. Leaning over her, he looked her in the eye and she reached up to hold him; her nails scratching his back gently as he rocked slowly in and out of her, feeling her get wetter still as he slid into her, inch by inch.

They were not pressing their bodies together; her nails digging into his skin as he delicately bit the hollow of her throat. Her legs were holding his waist tightly and his strokes were becoming wilder and faster as he felt his control slipping away from him. She could feel the heat of him, could feel him throbbing and driving deeper into her. The energy was flowing freely between them now, their breathing shortening and their eyes burning.

Pulling her close his thrusts became faster; he was ramming himself into her. He could feel her body tensing around him, her legs wrapping round his waist as she pulled him closer to her. Their bodies were tangled together, their sweat mingling and their breathing both coming in short gasps. Her wetness made it easy for him to slide in and out of her tight, warm pussy and he felt what little control he had left desert him completely. Pushing faster and harder he could hear her little moans of pleasure and knew he was echoing them himself. It was all becoming too much for him, and as he heard her whisper "Oh God, yeah! That's so good, don't stop" he felt his climax begin to rush over him, and he moaned into her ear "Oh Fuck, I think I'm gonna cum!" His muscles tensed and his hot liquid sprayed inside her. She could feel each individual pulsation of his cock deep inside her, and her body responded; her muscles spasming and her juices flowing freely. She heard a guttural grunt leave his mouth as her panting gasps eased, and he held her close as the last shudders of his orgasm ran through his body.


She was lying in the folds of the sheets, and he was next to her, head propped up on one elbow so he could look at her. His other hand was lazily stroking her chest and stomach; it felt nice for him to be so gentle after something so intense. "I feel silly saying this, but I've wanted that to happen for so long, I'd thought about it so many times" She whispered to him, smiling sheepishly at her own foolishness. He grinned back, "And? How does real life compare to your fantasies?" he asked her, giving her a little kiss on the hollow of her neck which made her melt. "It was better..." She replied.


Sunlight filtered through the gauzy curtains and across her closed eyes. She rolled over and moaned gently, slowly waking. For a moment she was disorientated, looking around at the huge plush bed, the delicate flowers and shells on the dresser table, and by the sound of the sea coming in through the open window. This wasn't her little flat. This room wasn't small or furnished like a student's flat at all. This room was beautiful. Then she spotted her dress strewn on the floor and her memory came flooding back: his hands caressing her body - slowly undressing her, his eyes staring deeply into hers, her hands on his strong body – feeling the movement of the muscles beneath his skin. "That can't have been real" she thought, "My fantasies have taken a very realistic turn!"

Then she saw the folded note placed by a vase of beautiful white flowers. She sat up and took the piece of paper. On it, her name was scrawled in blocky, masculine handwriting. She opened it and read:

"Sorry to have left you before saying goodbye. You looked so cute I didn't want to wake you. Have some breakfast, and I'll see you at work gorgeous. XX"

"Oh God!" It hadn't been a dream, he really had been here. She lifted her hand to gently touch her lips; they felt delightfully tender and swollen. She remembered all those passionate kisses, the gentle biting. She sank back into the pillows, sighing, and thinking about the feel of his lips on hers – a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

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