tagInterracial LoveFantasy Becomes Real Ch. 2

Fantasy Becomes Real Ch. 2


I was laying in bed, naked. Kaleena was sleeping, her head on my chest. She was naked as well. I could feel her heartbeat, hear her breathing. Smiling, I stroke her face gently, pulling hair away as I kiss her forehead. I sigh as I lay back, closing my eyes. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.

I was startled awake. Kaleena was looking up at me, her silky golden legs wrapped around my chest area. She had a wildly deceptive grin on her face. Before I could blink, she scooted down my body and she had her mouth around my cockhead, her tongue beating it. I let out a quiet moan as my blood all surged through my cockshaft and making my head mushroom out. Kaleena takes my hard cock all the way down to its base. I moan a little louder as I feel her soft hands play with my balls, making them tense up.

I moan louder, looking down at her sexy body. I notice her other hand tracing her cunt lips, slipping her index finger inside slowly. OH GOD was I turned on, watching her hand fuck her pussy as she gives me magnificent head. By now I'm groaning full throttle, my hips bucking against her face. In essence, I was fucking her face while she fucked herself with her fingers.

I felt my legs start shaking, trembling. I was about to black out from so much pleasure!! Tossing my head back, I told her that I was about to cum. She didn't pay any attention. I tell her again, yet again she pays me no heed, concentration on fucking my cock with her tongue while giving herself some nice manual pleasure.

I sighed as my cock assaulted her mouth with cum....wave after wave of thick juices spraying all around inside her throat. I feel my cum being sucked and pulled out of my hard cock by Kaleena's mouth. She pulled away too fast, a small rope smacked her lips and she licked them clean instantly. She crawls up to my face, making me suck her fingers of her juices. I did happily, greedily.

She smiled as she told me that it was my turn to give her oral fucking. I shrugged my shoulders, letting her lay on the bed so I can position myself. Her golden legs were now wrapped around my neck, her pussy right in my face. I stuck out my tongue first, licking around her cunt lips slowly. She smiles and bucks her hips against my face. I bury my face deep into her, wildly shaking my tongue inside deeply, all 5 inches of it. I heard her moan, and tell me that she could feel that tongue jam up at her jaw. I giggled as I wriggled my tongue inside, corkscrewing it and taco-tonguing it, doing a whole bunch of weird tongue techniques.

She's moaning, playing with her nipples some...pulling on them. My tongue does the ABC's inside her cunt. Then I let my tongue do whatever it felt, I had no control over it. I was busy working on her pussy with my fingers of my left hand, playing with my now hard again cock, in my right hand. She tosses her head back, slamming my face full of her juices, without giving a warning sign. I wasn't prepared for such a doozy of juices. I flew back 2 feet from it!!.

Still, I happily licked up all of her cum from her pussy, legs, thighs, and the bed where her cunt was. She pulls my face up to hers, frenching me deeply, licking my cheeks and chin, getting her juices off of me. I spray my cum again, on the bed, which Kaleena quickly spins around and licks and laps it up, not wanting to make a mess on the bed. Then, Kaleena pulls the covers back over us, and curls up next to me, holding me, squeezing my semi-hard cock in her hand.

She tells me it was very good, and she cant wait for another taste of it. I was happy to oblige her later on, just need more stamina, lol.

She woke up the next morning, woke me up. I grabbed her by her ass, and followed her into the shower where we had so much more fun.

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