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I am a bi curious female with a husband wanting me to fulfill my bi curious fantasy while he watches jacking off. The only time I can talk real dirty to my husband is when he is servicing my clit with his awesome tongue and his digits are filling my pussy. I say things that I am embarrassed to admit to after my orgasm has subsided. Somehow, my husband talked me into trying out my bi curious fantasy. We got online checking out websites with personal ads and found someone that sounded appealing and ready to help out.

I do like to use vibrators and a few other toys while I masturbate and my husband watches. He loves watching me squirm and moan while enjoying a vibrator fuck my pussy.

Our guest arrived and a little uneasiness was in the air. We introduced ourselves and went to the living room while my husband mixed a few strong drinks to loosen us up. I had to admit our girl was attractive. She was about 5'6 with chestnut hair a little past her shoulders. Her hazel eyes were complimented by long luscious eyelashes. She had a good set of C cup boobs. She looked to be in good shape as no fat graced her body. After a few drinks and shots to ease the tension, our girl told us about other couples she had been with. She made the first move and got the party started.

She was behind me with her boobs smashed into my back but I could feel her erect nipples poking my back. She undressed me from behind teasing my husband in the process. As my shirt hit the floor her hands were roaming over my bra covered breasts and over my stomach stopping at the waistline of my jeans. Her touch felt so good I felt dampness in the crotch of my panties. My bra seductively left my tits as her hands began tweaking my nipples to erection. She pulled on my nipples until a little rush of pain shot thru them before she moved to my ass. Her hands groped my ass cheeks rubbing them then moving her hands to my hips making their way to my dampness. As her hand rubs my crotch thru my jeans I rub on her hand letting her know I am very wet and ready. As my jeans make their way down my legs she goes down also. Her nose is touching an ass cheek while her fingers hook into the waist of my panties. Slowly she removes the last article of clothing leaving in the middle of the room naked. Her hands are all over my breasts squeezing my nipples and playing with the curls of my bush. My wetness is now obvious as squishing sounds are heard as her finger fucks my hole. She backs away and starts removing her clothes. My legs have me rooted to where I am standing as I watch her every move.

The strain against my husbands jeans became too much as he quickly sheds all clothing freeing his very erect penis and quickly begins stroking his meat. I am pulled to the floor by this girl who is telling me to relax and enjoy the pleasure I am about to receive.

My legs are bent and spread wide exposing my muff to all as she begins running her fingers over it making any second thoughts I might have had vanish. Her touch was exciting me as I began aching in my crotch wanting the feel of something inside me.

Her fingers parted my lips finding the wetness she had caused. She playd with my clit then her fingers sought out my hole and slid inside. Moaning, I started moving my hips into her fingers as she slowly fucked me. I looked at my husband stroking his cock as his eyes were glued to what was happening between my legs. She lowered her head and let her tongue seek out my clit. Her tongue expertly licked, flicked and sucked my clit while her fingers plunged in and out of my wet hole. With this whole new experience of a female eating me out while my husband jacks off made me cum quicker than I wanted. Her tongue didn't leave my twat until all my cream was gone.

I thanked her for the experience and asked if I could watch her give my husband a blowjob. She crawled on hands and knees to him and removed his hands replacing them with hers stroking his erection. I excused myself for a minute and went to the bedroom to get a recently acquired toy I was dying to try out.

I came back to see her tongue playing with the head of his cock. He had his eyes closed enjoying her hot wet mouth on him. As she takes his shaft down her throat I can't believe how turned on I am already. She slides her mouth up and down his shaft as I maneuver into my toy. I move behind her and get on my knees placing me even with her ass. I can't wait to slide my prick into her glistening hole. I touch her ass ready to stick my prick inside her fucking her to orgasm.

My hands are on her ass cheeks rubbing them before spreading her cheeks wide. I run my cock down her ass crack. I barely heard her moan because of the mouthful she had. I started teasing her with the head leaving it at the entrance of her hole. The urgent moans made it sound like she wanted to beg but the cock she was deepthroating wouldn't allow that. I pulled away for a few seconds and then in one sudden thrust I shoved the full length of my cock up her soaking wet cunt. She lost the cock in her mouth when her head popped up and she yelped from the sudden invasion of my thrust. She purred like a content cat as she went back to her suck job.

I was pulling almost completely out of her pussy before filling her again. I kept a steady fuck going until the massage on my clit became more intense and I knew I was close. As I drove my cock in and out of her pussy, I made her take more and more of my husbands cock. The sudden change of pace got my husband to the point of no return. He grabbed both sides of her head holding it still as he fucked her face and I pounded her pussy. As my husband shot his load down her throat, the lustful tension in my cunt shook my entire body as I screamed. She didn't stop sucking until every last drop of cum was swallowed. She raised her head from his lap and asked me to fuck her harder. I bent her over the back of a chair my husband left and made her scream as I shoved my dick in as far and hard as possible and tickled her little pink rose bud. I lubed my thumb with puss juice and with no warning shoved my thumb up her ass at the same time my cock filled her pussy. She threw her head back as a scream emerged from the sensation of pleasure and pain sending her into orbit. She sighed as she got off the back of the chair thanking me for her orgasm. I started stroking my cock and told her no problem but she wasn't finished.

The puzzling look on her face made me smile. I told her not to worry we would rest for a while and eat something before the fuckfest took off again. I removed my toy and naked, we went to fix some drinks while cooking supper.

We enjoyed our meal and drinks while chatting and laughing in the nude. It was exhilarating feeling so comfortable but at the same time the sexual tension was still present as our eyes admired each others bodies.

After a few more drinks and laughs we started cleaning up our mess. I was standing at the sink with my back turned to the others rinsing dishes. I could feel the presence of another person which sent a quiver thru my puss. I felt hands on my ass and just the anticipation of what was next brought moisture to my mound. A hand lightly ran down the crack of my ass before my cheeks were parted. My wetness began running down my legs as an ache set in my mound.

When I felt the wet sensual tongue licking my bud, a feeling of lightheadedness swept over my body and sounds of erotic pleasure came from my lips. The tongue expertly flickered over and around my bud. I had never felt so hot and orgasmic in my life.

I was jerked back to reality as the tongue suddenly stopped. I was confused from feeling so high it took a minute to gather my senses. I turned around to find no one behind me. Disappointment set in as the ache between my legs wanted satisfaction.

I finished the dishes and walked into the living room. My husband was standing in the room with a smile on his face and a rock hard boner. He took my hand as we sank to the floor. He lay on his back and pulled me over his head. I could feel his breath on my lips that desperately needed attention. He ran his tongue over one of my lips teasing me. I whimpered at the touch on my aching vagina. Next he took his tongue over the other side of my vagina making sure he took his time getting to my clit. His hands were on my ass and pulled me closer to his mouth. This time there was no teasing as he began lapping at honey running from my twat. I started grinding my puss into his face when I felt hands push me into a doggy style position. I looked over my shoulder and my strap on was looking me in the eye. A smiling face came to stand in front of me. Her hand was sliding up and down the length of her shaft as she placed her newly acquired prick at my lips. When she put the head to my mouth I opened up and she slid it in. I was sucking a toy cock and it turned me on. I have a cock in my mouth and a tongue on my clit. I am feeling a little whorish inside and enjoying the role. My husband spreads my cheeks and lets a finger play with my bud. I think I have found a new pleasure with my bud being licked and played with.

I feel a finger slide into my hole and it is immediately covered with my cream. As it leaves my hole it finds its way back to my ass. I feel a little pain as a finger invades my ass but soon I am fucking the finger in my ass. I love the feel of something in my ass while I give head to a woman and a tongue sucks my clit to puffiness. As I fuck the digit harder I feel the power of my climax building. All the my body convulses to the orgasm racking thru my body.

The strap on is removed as she lays in front of me spreading her legs wide. She didn't have to ask, I knew what she wanted me to do. I tongued her clit while three of my fingers fucked her. I had never tasted another woman and realized it wasn't bad. The fact I was making her squirm as she pulled and pinched her nipples made me feel good. I feel my husbands tongue licking at my puckered bud. I fuck her harder getting her closer to letting me taste all her glory. Moans are coming out below me as she gets closer to hitting her peak. My husband gets a finger wet and puts it back in my ass and slowly works in and out of my bud. I feel the overwhelming sensation of a major orgasm close. I licked faster shoving my face further into her crotch until her hips started bucking and her cream covered my face. Every part of my body shuddered as I came. As I made my final sweep with my tongue, a very erect cock was begging for attention. I was tired asking our friend to do the honor. She mounted his pulsing member and rode him hard and fast until he shot his seed inside her cunt.

Exhaustion had definitely hit. We fell into a deep sleep of wet dreams and smiling faces.

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