And then time returned to her, and so did thought and meaning as Lissa's hand blocked out the crystal. "Um," she said, all her previous confusion crashing in on her at once as the influence of the red light faded away. Lucky for her, Lissa wasn't expecting too much from her in the way of conversation just yet. "I, um...I guess it's your turn, now," she said. She got up out of the chair, but she only managed to make it a step or two before her wobbly legs buckled out from under her and she fell to her knees.

"Are you okay?" Lissa asked, darting over to her side.

"Yeah, fine," Jill said, looking up at her. "I felt a little dizzy, that's all. I'm probably dehydrated or something. I'll be okay in a minute." Actually, the wave of dizziness seemed to have already passed, but Jill didn't feel particularly inclined to move yet.

"You should get some more water into you," Lissa said. "I know you had a glass one of the times I was out, but you probably lost more than that just from peeing earlier." She sounded concerned. In fact, Jill thought, she sounded a little too concerned. It was the kind of thing that nobody but a very close friend would notice, someone who'd heard her on the phone with her mom using that same voice and then listened to the rant afterwards. It would fool a co-worker, a boss, a parent, and Jill had been there when it did. But it didn't fool her.

"Don't suppose you could get me some, could you?" Jill asked, her eyes wide as though she didn't suspect a thing. "Only my legs are still a little shaky."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll be fine," Lissa replied. Jill noticed that she couldn't quite keep the smirk off her face. "Just go ahead and try to stand up."

Jill managed to lever herself up a few inches off the floor, but then the strength seemed to go out of her legs again and she collapsed back to her knees. "I, um...can't," she whimpered. That was when she knew Lissa must have done something, because it didn't feel scary to her that her legs weren't working anymore. It felt natural to be down on her knees like this, even kind of sexy. (Alright, incredibly sexy. But everything about this felt incredibly sexy. She hoped Lissa thought that was an "Oh, no, whatever shall I do now?" whimper, not an "Oh God, do I want to finger myself right now!" whimper.)

"Oh," Lissa said, her pretense of concern slipping more with every passing second. "Well, just go ahead and try to crawl, then. Maybe you'll be able to manage that a little better than standing."

Jill nodded grimly. "You realize, of course," she said as she crawled over to the couch and retrieved her glass, "that this means war." Holding the glass, she stretched as upright as she could and walked on her knees over to the fridge.

Lissa followed her into the kitchen, watching her from the doorway with a smug grin on her face. "Sorry," she said. "I couldn't hear you from up here."

Jill filled her glass and took a long drink of water, busily plotting revenge. The problem was, all her revenge ideas seemed to start with the phrase, 'After I masturbate...' Who knew that irresistible compulsions could be so fucking hot? She almost wished she could get Lissa to do something even kinkier to her mind.

And then it hit her. She could. Her nipples hardened into tiny buds at the thought, and the heat in her pussy went practically nuclear. Just the thought of teasing Lissa's docile mind until she needed to do sexual things to Jill, until she stopped being able to pretend this was just a cute little game and started really pushing all of Jill's hot buttons...oh, god, she had to do it. Absolutely had to. The second she thought of it, it was an irresistible compulsion in her mind. She'd do it as soon as she masturbated, and she'd masturbate as soon as Lissa sat in the chair.

Which, it struck her, Lissa wasn't doing. "Skipping your turn?" she asked, finishing the glass and reaching up to set it on the counter. "Because I'll gladly take another." She started knee-walking towards the chair as fast as she could.

"Oh, no you don't!" Lissa said, spreading her legs apart to block the doorway with her body as Jill approached. "It's still my turn, and..." She trailed off, suddenly aware of the way her pose left her pussy gaping wide open to Jill's gaze...and of the fact that Jill was on her knees, at almost exactly waist height.

Jill was aware of it too. In fact, it seemed to be nearly all she could notice; she couldn't stand up, and Lissa's pussy was right there in front of her, glistening with musk. Jill could smell it. She could smell how turned on her best friend was right now, and the smell got stronger with every passing second, and Jill wasn't sure if that was because Lissa was getting more and more turned on or if it was because Jill couldn't help leaning in a little closer, and then a little closer yet...

Lissa straightened up abruptly and took a step back, her cheeks flushed bright red. Jill couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or excitement, and she suspected neither could Lissa. "Right, my turn," she said, her voice barely a squeak as she headed over to the chair.

Jill crawled after her. "Hey," she said, "aren't you forgetting something?" She crawled up next to Lissa and put her chin on the armrest as Lissa sat down. "Fair's fair, I undid yours!"

"You said this was war," Lissa replied, just before turning her head to face the crystal. "And all's fair in love and war..." Then her voice trailed off, and she was gone. Jill thought for a moment about bringing her back long enough to make her undo the suggestions, but the urge to finger-fuck herself was just too strong.

Her cunt was so slick and wet that it felt like warm butter. Her lips parted easily for her searching fingers, and all Jill could think about was how it felt to stare at Lissa's pussy. She went back to the moment, turning memory into fantasy with ease as her thumb found her clit. In the fantasy, she tried to stand, and it was so fucking good when Lissa's suggestions took hold of her mind and made her fail. She imagined herself sinking right back down to perfect licking height, imagined Lissa shivering with lust as she watched it all happen, imagined Lissa pulling her close and grinding against Jill's face...Jill grunted hard as she came.

Afterwards, she thought long and hard about what exactly she wanted to tell Lissa. It was tricky, because every time she thought about it, she felt another rush of sticky heat between her thighs, and that made her masturbate again because she never had managed to pull her hand away from her pussy, but she eventually got it out. "Lissa, when you wake up, you won't feel any more embarrassment or hesitation about what we're doing. This is nothing more than a little fun between two old friends, and you're enjoying it so much and it gets you so turned on that you're going to find yourself wanting to make the suggestions more sexual. You know I won't mind. It'll be our little secret, Lissa, something we only do and only talk about here inside this apartment, but it's so sexy and so hot that you won't want to stop."

Jill's pussy spasmed around her fingers again, and she shivered. "And...and when you wake up, you won't mind at all watching me do sexual things. You won't mind doing sexual things in front of me. In--ohhh...in fact, you're going to play with yourself as soon as you wake up. You're already so horny, and you'll need to go get your toys and release all that heat that's been building, oh, oh yes..." Jill couldn't decide which turned her on more, telling Lissa what to do or following commands herself. She was glad she didn't have to choose.

"And, and you won't mind that I'm watching, you'll love it, you'll want to tell me to do things when I sit in the chair and even thinking about that turns you on, you love commanding me when I'm in the chair and you love being commanded when you're in the chair," Jill whimpered, clenching her legs tightly around her hand. She needed to stop soon, she realized. She was rambling, and she'd lost track of how long she'd been jilling off while programming her best friend--

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came again at the thought.

Finally, though, she managed to pull out of the cycle of arousal and release long enough to put her hand up in front of Lissa's face. Lissa blinked once, twice, then stirred in the chair and looked around. "How long was I...wow." She visibly shivered with arousal at the sight of Jill, still on her knees, hand still between her thighs, hair plastered to her body with sweat. "Oh, god, Jill, you look..." She darted out of the room.

For a moment, Jill felt a chill of worry in the pit of her stomach. Had she gone too far? Was that too much for her friend to take in, even with the crystal blanking out her conscious mind? Had she accidentally broken Lissa's brain or something? But then Lissa came back in, holding two vibrators in one hand and a tube of K-Y in the other, and all Jill's worries melted away into sensual heat.

"Oh, God, Jill, you look so fucking hot..." Lissa flung herself onto the couch and spread her legs wide. They'd need to have all the furniture steam-cleaned after this. She set one vibrator down next to her and started to lube the other one up, working her hand up and down the plastic shaft as she watched Jill with wide, lust-glazed eyes. "I just, I need to, oh fuck..." With a groan of need, she slid the dildo into her pussy as deep as it would go.

Jill stumbled her way closer, wanting to see everything. She heard the muffled buzz as Lissa turned the vibrator on, and shivered as Lissa's head fell back against the cushions and her eyes rolled up in her head. Lissa's eyes might be closed, but Jill knew Lissa was still seeing her.

"Gnnnh, guhh, ohhhgodddd," Lissa moaned out, barely managing to keep her voice low enough to stop the neighbors from complaining. Jill watched every quiver of her thighs and every shudder of her body from mere inches away, trying to burn it all into her brain. Her friend was fucking herself at her command, and it was so fucking hot.

"M-m-more," Lissa gasped out, shifting position slightly so that her ass was as exposed as her pussy. "Please, Jill, please more please..." She fumbled around for the other vibrator, but it had rolled into the crack between the couch cushions and Jill could tell she was too distracted by her pussy to really look for it properly. And Jill definitely didn't want Lissa to stop paying attention to her pussy. She reached over and grabbed both the vibrator and the lube, quickly applying one to the other.

"You want this?" she said playfully, touching the cool plastic against Lissa's asshole. "Because if you're not sure, I won't--" Lissa's only response was to groan in arousal and reach down to shove the second dildo into her ass. Jill smiled, and turned it on all the way to maximum.

Then Lissa's moans increased to frantic intensity. Her hips bucked up and down against the couch cushions, and her breathing turned into panting, then gasping as she came. "There you go," Jill whispered as Lissa arched her back in beautiful, erotic pleasure. "There you go, let it all out, that's right." She felt her own pussy shudder around her fingers, cumming almost without meaning to as she watched her best friend give in completely to ecstasy.

Finally, Lissa sagged back down onto the couch. She gingerly removed the vibrators, and half-opened her eyes to look over at Jill. "Your turn," she whispered. "For the chair, I mean. Not for..." She gestured to her own body, a lazy smile on her face.

Jill's mouth watered at the implication, but she knew that whatever they did next would be even better after another session in the chair. When she was in the chair, Lissa would mold her mind, and that would make the sex so much better. So much hotter. Jill crawled over to the chair, deliciously aware that even her inability to rise to her feet was part of the game.

She was still able to crawl into the chair and sit down, though, and the red light found its way into her brain easily as soon as she stared into it. Her mind was racing with anticipation of the next stage of the game, the next command, but the light blazed through her eyes and straight down into the part of her brain where all the pleasure came from, obliterating all thought. Anticipation faded away in the timeless pleasure of the rainbowed edges of the gem. Jill lost herself to it willingly, eagerly. She gloried in her mindlessness. She reveled in her blankness.

Everything was warm, red bliss now. It was like being at the bottom of an ocean of endless pleasure, looking up and seeing nothing but fathoms of ecstasy, looking around and seeing nothing but leagues of orgasmic pleasure. Somewhere beyond it all, Lissa was programming her, but Jill didn't care. If she had cared, it would only be to ache for more of it, but the crystal swamped it all out.

She surrendered completely. The act of surrender was itself bliss now, as though the pleasure of going blank was itself an act of pleasure, distinct from the ecstasy she felt once her mind had given in but also enjoyable. Jill let all her cares fall away and stared emptily into the gem, letting the moment stretch out into an eternity.

And then she saw Lissa's hand, a shadow in front of her face, and she knew instantly what she needed to do. The desire transcended words. It transcended thought. She climbed out of the chair and embraced Lissa with a desire that almost frightened her with its potency. But then she felt her warm flesh press against Lissa's body and all the fear was gone, leaving only desire.

She kissed her way down Lissa's throat, her chest, her belly, lavishing attention on each of these in turn but unable to stop herself from moving past any of them. Only one thing consumed her mind now, one thought and one need that she could not resist. She had to eat Lissa's pussy. She absolutely had to.

It felt like forever before she finally worked her way down to the soft crease between Lissa's thighs; but when her lips finally caressed Lissa's folds, she knew it had been worth the wait. Her tongue darted out, licking away salty fluid again and again as she ran it over Lissa's gorgeous pussy. She was dimly aware of the way Lissa grunted, whimpered, bucked and shuddered, and those things were beautiful, but Lissa's pussy was more beautiful yet.

She felt Lissa's hands on her body as she licked, guiding her around so that she could settle her own aching, needy cunt onto Lissa's face. She felt as much as heard herself moaning into Lissa's pussy, turning the pleasure of Lissa's soft tongue into whimpers and grunts of bliss that drove Lissa to even greater heights of ecstasy as they stimulated her clit with their vibrations. It felt like they had joined, perfectly united in orgasm after orgasm.

Lissa seemed to know exactly what Jill wanted. She found all of Jill's erogenous zones, first one after the other and then as many as she could stimulate at once, all of them taking Jill to new heights of bliss. And Jill, in turn, felt like she knew exactly how to make Lissa cum harder than the other girl had ever imagined. It occurred to her that Lissa might have put the knowledge into her mind while she stared at the sparkling gem, but that just made her hotter yet.

They were both going to be sore in the morning, but Jill didn't care. They had a whole weekend to recover, and this was the best sex she'd ever had. She licked again and again, spiking her tongue as deeply as she could into Lissa's cunt, feeling Lissa do the same to her. She lost count of how many orgasms they had before exhaustion finally made them break the sixty-nine.

"Y-your turn," Jill said unsteadily, pointing to the chair. Lissa nodded absently. It took her almost a minute to get up off the floor and flop down in front of the crystal. Jill knew that this would be their last session for the night; she could barely keep her eyes open now, and she didn't want to fall asleep and leave Lissa helpless to break the connection. But there was something she had to do, still.

"You love me," she whispered to Lissa as the other girl stared blankly at the crystal. "You love me passionately, madly, with all our friendship intensified into romance. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with the fact that we're both girls. It's all just fine, just another step in our relationship. We're such good friends, and making love to me is so hot. It all makes perfect sense to you." Jill wondered idly as she talked whether she came up with this idea on her own, or whether Lissa had programmed her to program Lissa. And if she had, had she done it because Jill had programmed her to?

It didn't matter, not anymore. It still felt just as real. Jill whispered into Lissa's ear until it was time to break her out of the spell one last time. Then, too tired even to make it to the bedroom, they lay down on the floor and fell asleep in each other's arms.


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