tagBDSMFear Ch. 04

Fear Ch. 04


My mind concentrating on your eyes...all other sounds become redundant, the quivering of my body pushed from my mind as I hear you stop counting finally. I talk myself into breathing in and out....long slow steadying breaths to still my pounding heart...slow the blood as it tears through my body bringing sensitivity to the surface of my skin.

My eyes roll back in my head as a cold stream of liquid hits my belly, tracking up and over my nipples, the grape still miraculously held in my teeth is covered, it oozes around the edges and lands on my tongue. Whipped cream, mouth salivating at the first taste, as I hear the waiter loudly announce...."Dessert!"

As I slowly focus on you again...the count has reached 50. I cannot believe that you will deliver 50 lashes to my breasts, not after all that I have already endured. Not losing my gaze, I shake my head slowly from side to side in absolute denial. I watch as you nod your head, my lower body now covered in the sticky cream...and feel 12 pairs of hands on me...mouths and tongues lapping at the warming cream, fingers mauling my breasts, hands pushing at my tight and sore cunt. A tongue finds its way through the cream and attacks my clit. Moaning I pull at my wrists, my legs shaking violently as I try to wrench them free. Strong hands with cruel fingers grip my inner thighs, bruising and kneading the flesh. "Please stop, I can't take anymore...please....," my voice trailing off into a whimper,tears pouring over my cheeks, cooling in their tracks.

The movement on my body ceases...and I wait. After what seems like an interminable length of time I hear your laughter ringing through the room. "Don't listen to her...if you stop now I'll have to hear her complain about it all night long. Don't worry, I will let you know if she ever screams our safe word...until then...she is yours. Enjoy her treasures."

Howling in frustration but also in relief, I feel the men at me once more...a distant voice asks to remove my butt plug and although I didn't hear the reply, I feel it easing slowly out of my ass. The pain as it stretches my ass out, and then the relief as it closes again....sighing loudly....until I feel a slippery hand pushing in....screaming as I realize that there are more than a finger or two pressing into my back door....my body rigid as I hear a voice proclaiming me as his hand puppet. My bowels rebelling, convulsing on the hand that has forced its way into my ass...I can feel his every movement. I lift my head to look down, only to have you push me back onto the table demanding that I look into your eyes.

"OK guys, time to show this good girl what those hard cocks can do for her....she needs a creamy dessert...13 loads of cum in her mouth ought to do the trick." your laughter deep in the air, "Oh, and the maitre'd, the waiter and the three cleaning staff should be allowed to partake as well...this should be quite a show my dearest pet. I need to get a few things...I'll be right back...I trust you are in fine hands for a few minutes." You punctuate with a hard kiss and I watch you walk away.

Shivering uncontrollably I lift my head to see cocks springing out of pants and undershorts, hands running along my body as my puppet man continues to twist and thrust within me. Screaming no as I try to wriggle my body to the side...I hear a low murmur and then a single chuckle...it is the Maitre'd's voice. "Your Master has told me your safe word and no....not the right one. Continue, we want to use this wanton slut well."

Pulling again at the ropes that hold me still, I close my eyes, and let the sensations wash over me. I feel my legs being untied, the hand pulling out of my ass, a body slipping under me as hands hold my legs up and wide apart. A thick cock plunges into my ass, as I bite down on my bottom lip to stifle the scream. A hand caresses my face, and teases my lips apart passing a cock through my bruised lips and drives right down into my throat. As I gag, I can feel my tight puckered rim biting down on the cock in my ass, and hearing a loud groan, assuming it is the owner of my ass cock. Just as my ass stops convulsing and adjusts to the intrusion, another man climbs up and enters my cunt...hard and fast....driving right to the hilt...the hands at my legs pulling them wider still, as in some acrobatic contortionism a third man climbs up and pushes his cock into my already filled pussy. The pain shooting through me...screaming...white hot searing sensations of heat and fire rush along my nerve endings. My brain responding by sending out shivering and shuddering waves that rock my body. Registering 4 men...in me...one or two holding my legs, denying what is sure to come...

A cock is placed in each of my upturned hands as they move their hips, fucking my hands...I grip tightly, hoping that they will sate their appetites right there. All I can hear are guttural grunts, groans and cries of passion as my body is well used. The man in my mouth screams at me....my teeth have clamped down on his grinding cock and a hand slaps my breast, while two more hands grab at my breasts, fingers pinching hard at my nipples...and then....OMGGGG!!, without warning a hand wedges in, grabs my clit and pulls it....I cum ....shocked at the intensity....the prick in my mouth disgorges its seed, directly into my throat...cutting off my air...I can only swallow. Feeling his cock twitch one last time...he moves away, my nipples still being ravaged, a mouth replaces the fingers on my right one and his teeth dig in sharply, he pulls and shakes with his head. I draw in a great breath of cool air...it does little to soothe my burning throat...and another fills my mouth.

The four cocks stuffing me, I hear screams of lust as my pussy fills with hot seed, my ass overflowing as cum spurts there as well. I cant stop cumming...over and over, the hot sperm filling me...nipple almost ripped from my body. And above all the noise of passion, lust and animal instinct, I hear the count again...53, 54, 55. NOOOOOOOO! My eyes fly open to seek frantically for you. I see the 2 young cleaners wanking their thick cocks pointing them at my face, the cock in my mouth already spewing its contents, it spills over my lips and dribbles down, wetting my neck. Finding you with my eyes at last...I see your frown....shaking your head you continue to count. 60-the shock drags me from my violent climax and stills my body, muscles locking rigid causing two new cocks to jettison their thick cream in my ass and cunt. Just then the two men at my face let loose, thick ropes landing on my face, in my eyes, I blink to clear my vision.

Your voice rings clear in the room, "You came without permission...dirty little fuck doll...now you will feel the results of disobedience. I am counting 8 men who have already had their fill of you...only 10 more to go...and don't cum anymore...for every man you take without cumming you will get a reward...if you cum...the consequences have to be paid." Go, fuck her hard, while I administer the 60 strokes to her breasts." You show me the instrument of my punishment...it is a slender leather wrapped flogger with a single tail. Shaking my head...screaming....loud and long...until you push my tattered dress between my lips. "I haven't even begun, shush, keep the noise to a dull roar." You pull the dress out and toss it on the floor. "OK, mount her, just keep clear of her breasts. And yes my dear one, you must count the strokes...and announce every five...and at that point I will switch breasts. Do you understand?"

Too afraid to speak, a scream may issue forth instead, I nod. I feel a large thick head pressing at my puffy pussy lips, it stretches me wide, as wide as the two cocks at once did. Moaning, my body lifts clear off the table as the first stroke hits my left breast, so close to my nipple. In unison, the pumping of my cunt, the flogging of my breast...both exquisitely painful...and then I find my voice and whisper 5.

The pounding of my cunt does not stop...as you move to the other side and again time your strikes to his strokes, each lash nipping at my right nipple...."10." Not sure if I can take anymore, the man in my pussy explodes with a scream. A hand slips between us as he pumps and gushes to press at my clit....and noooooooooooooooo, trying to stop it....noooooooooooo the lashes start at my left breast again...and as the third one hits square on my nipple...I lose control. Cumming....and cumming....and cumming....nonstop...the juices squirting with force from my cunt...spraying out as he pulls out of me. An arc of liquid cuts through the air. Screaming....:FIFTEEN!"

"You naughty girl,you took your own pleasure and now for the consequences." You reach down and pick something off the floor...passing it in front of my eyes. Not sure what it is, a shiver of fear rolls along my spine...my legs, not held now, feet beating on the table. "9 men have not yet cum, so each will get a turn using this on you...are you ready?" "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

"I am disappointed. No is not an acceptable answer, now I will give each of us 9 two turns with the violet wand. Again, are you ready my pet?"

"Yes," comes out of my lips as a whimper.

"Hold her steady, grab those legs, and I think our maitre'd should start us off."

Panic shows in my eyes, as I have never before experienced the kiss of the violet wand. I am shaking and realizing that my entire body is covered in a sheen of sweat, cum and other liquids. Moisture is a great conductor of electricity. I hear the zap as the strength of the current is tested on someones palm. The sharp intake of their breath and then the low chuckle.

Shaking my head violently in denial, thrashing out with my untethered legs, and pulling with the last vestiges of strength at my arms. Tears of frustration pouring from my eyes. Hopelessness and acceptance finally settling over me as I concentrate on breathing...counting in my head until I hear your voice. "I will continue to lash your breasts, we are at fifteen, you will continue to count off in fives. Each of the eight men will touch you twice with the wand, anywhere they choose, and I think we all agree that the wand shall be set to high. We don't want the lashes on your tits to take away from its magical kiss." You bend to kiss my lips, forcing your tongue deep in my mouth. "And don't close your eyes, watch me, I don't want to miss your expression as your body reacts. By the way, you are free to cum at will."

I see your head nod, the wicked grin on your lips and my body tenses, the flogger finding its mark on my tit, my nipple exploding, breath bursting from my lungs, and then a fire ... it dances and burns on the inside of my thigh...feeling my legs spread and parted, I whimper as I wait for the second jolt...it is directed at my clit and I lose control of all muscles.

Urine dribbling from my cunt, my bowels threatening to turn to liquid. I open my mouth to scream, but no sound comes out....counting to twenty...omg...20...I manage to mouth the word. Your flogger starts on my other nipple, working it into a mass of quivering flesh, the very air touching it causing me to wriggle my ass on the table. No sounds are penetrating to my brain...not sure if I am screaming or not. 25, mouthing the words...as my asshole tries to turn itself inside out....the wand lingering there as the zap travels along the surface of my wet skin. It stops briefly and then....there it is again...my body thrashes and lifts...crashes back to the table and my eyes roll to the back of my head....losing focus, losing consciousness as I orgasm myself into oblivion.

My eyes slowly open, squinting in the artificial light, sounds coming to me from a distance. I see your smiling face as it looks down at me, like an indulgent parent humoring a wayward child. Taking stock of my situation, I find that my nipples are deliciously throbbing, my entire breasts are heated from the lashes, and my clit feels like it is about 4 inches of rock hard flesh begging to be released from its own stretched skin. "Are you ready?, I see your lips move and the question slowly registers and I whisper back, "Yes, please." The next five lashes uninterrupted, quivering globes of my breasts swollen and begging for more...my voice stronger ..."Thirty."

The wand zaps its sound, body jerking as it touches first my right nipple, then my left...a hand reaching to stroke my clit...five more lashes in quick succession...two long zaps at my open cunt lips, the shock traveling up my slick vaginal walls. "Thirty five!" pushed forcefully from my lungs as I cum again...letting go, and riding along its violent wave, whipped into a frenzy, I utter low guttural sounds and feel the next five lashes, the two new zaps on the inside of my soaking thighs. Screaming...."FORTY"

Breathing hard, on the cusp of another climax, I am weak with the physical force of the hard usage of my body, close to delirium with the ecstasy. You smile, its a wicked evil one..."I am going to fore-go the next 20 lashes on your tits as they are well marked and your nipples look ready to burst."...I begin to form the words thank you, when you speak again, "Instead I am going to lash your cunt lips for five, your clit for five and your delectable gaping asshole for the next five, last five...wherever I think you will get the most benefit. The remaining four men will let the wand kiss your nipples."

Strong hands grip my breasts, they squeeze them so that all I can see are my nipples standing up, protruding from the hands...and I lay my head back down, steeling myself for what is to come. Once again my legs are spread and lifted...my quivering mound a perfect target...as one the wand zaps my purple nipple, the flogger finds my cunt lips. Zapping and flogging...my body goes rigid and flaccid...over and over..."45!"

Fingers prying my lips apart, exposing my winking sex, it runs freely with fuck me juices, the lash finding my clit with every stroke and as I whimper 50, a hand drives deep inside me, the wand kissing my nipples, the flesh feeling scorched. An eager cock pushes its way into my mouth as the lash whooshes again and finds my pulsing sphincter, the tail whipping inside my hole with the force of the strike. Cumming again....I lose all connection from conscious thought to body reactions...all base and primal...I growl and groan, swallowing the spunk that explodes into my throat. My body giving up its precious fluids in explosive fashion.

My breasts finally released, my legs let down, a gentle hand lifts my head and gives me a cooling drink of water. Your voice clears the fog, "Now for the last five lashes, and my turn with the wand..then these patient men can finish off wherever they want. Are you ready?" "YES!" I scream.

I feel a cool cylinder enter my cunt, and I lift my head to see you standing, poised between my legs, each leg once again held up and out. I watch the smile as you flick the switch and the current eats at my inner walls. Spittle flying from my mouth as I try to scream....instantly bringing an orgasm, ripping it from my very depths. Not able to drag in a full breath, cunt still convulsing, I feel a cock enter me the second that your wand is removed...he starts to fuck me hard and deep...the cylinder pushing into my ass and then all the world goes blank. My electrified bowels clenching and quivering, my cunt milking the cock within, my arms jerking as I cum and cum and cum. The cock inside me loosing its creamy filling and it goes on and on and on. The cylinder pulled out, the cock pulling out, as three cocks jerk their contents onto my face, spraying my breasts. Hosing me down with hot seed. Counting in my head...three more cocks plus yours to go....moaning and jerking on the table my body still trembling...the heat of my sex a palpable thing, the smell of sex heavy in the air.

My cunt, ass and mouth are filled with hard cocks, but like me...so aroused that within minutes four voices ring out in orgasmic bliss. The shouts of passion punctuated with the sound of the flogger as it kisses me five more times, its target my inner thighs. The last thing I hear before blessed darkness surrounds me is your voice, soothing in my ear, a soft kiss on my cheek.

To Be Continued...

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