tagNovels and NovellasFelicity Ch. 35

Felicity Ch. 35


Chapter 35: Justine and Justine

Justin was in line at the paint ball arena to check in his equipment when he saw the fine ass plastered with his blue volley. It was a very fine ass and he had shot him there on purpose and shot him again as he turned.

Justin heard an "Arrrgh" before seeking shelter but he lasted just two more minutes before a girl got him in the balls. The guy's girlfriend he assumed.

While in line the guy with the fine butt turned around and saw him and said, "That must have hurt," he said referring to the yellow blotch on his groin.

"Nah, just a glancing blow. Was it a friend of yours?"

"No, I was on the red team." Justin felt emboldened and began to flirt but before he got to his best lines the opponent took the helmet off. It was a girl.

His sentence trailed off as his face registered disappointment.

"Am I that ugly?"

"No, for a girl you look terrific."

"Then why..... Oh, you were trying to pick up a guy. Sorry about that."

"Oh no. I am sorry. I should have known that such a beautiful butt could not belong on a guy. As you have deduced I'm gay."

"No problem there. I'm gay."

After taking their coveralls off and handing off the rental equipment they walked to the arena's small cafe together.

Justin said, "Let me buy you a coffee to make up for defiling your butt."

"My butt demands you apologize with some onion rings and a Dr. Pepper instead."

"Well, OK you bully."

Then as an aside to no one he said, "Ha, she fell into my ploy."

"Who are you talking to?"

"Oh, our audience."

She looked into empty space and said, "Oh, hi. I like rich men with flat tummies that would take me shopping everyday."

"Wow, you are good. Actress?"

"Well, OK. Is she rich?"

"No sorry. How about I get you a Dr. Pepper and onion rings."

"Well. OK, you bully."

They were grinning widely before they made it to the counter. Justin got a coke and french fries instead of coffee and they sat to chat.

"So, do you come here often," she asked in a flirtatious manner.

Justin gave her a fake offended look and answered tartly, "No, and I will never come here again. Those suits they have us wear lie to us."

"You are not the only one to think I was a guy. I still don't know how I feel about that."

"Well, out of that suit you look all girl to me. Yes, you are what, Five-ten? But the rest of you is pure girl."

"Thank you, I think. You are handsome and at least six-one so you should not have too difficult a time finding my replacement."

"It's frustrating, I had hoped to find someone to go to a concert with me tonight but my gaydar picked today to go boinkers."

""What concert?"

"The Cranberries."

"I can dress like a guy."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, I love The Cranberries but there were no tickets available by the time I found out they were coming."

"I have two seats, I don't like being on the floor."

"I don't either. Whats your name?"

"Justin, and yours?"

He had to wait for her to stop laughing then heard her say, "Justine."


"Yes. But verbally lazy close friends call me Judy."

"Well, Judy is a fine name and I am an overall lazy guy."

Yet he never called her Judy. She didn't look like a Judy and she didn't feel like a Judy, she looked like a Justine he thought.

She was pretty, with short brown hair that framed her face well. Aside the beautiful butt she had tits with presence, not large but perfectly shaped. Her hand were nearly as big as his and he wondered what that meant in women.

He liked her.

Justine did think he was handsome and she would have never picked him out as gay until he confessed. He did do a flaming queen well she thought. He was slim but she could tell he had muscles. He moved like an athlete.

She liked him.

They got to know each other that afternoon and learned they had a lot in common. Neither had a partner at that time and neither had ever kept a partner for more than three weeks and the last of those had been many months before.

Both were twenty-eight years old and had left home the night they graduated from high school and had never returned. Their sexual orientation had made living at home a hellish proposition. Each however had the love and support of a grandmother.

Both had worked their way through college and both were teachers, he biology, she math. Before he asked she said, "No, I don't coach. I was never an athlete."

"You must have been asked?"

"Yes, but working and studying did not leave me anytime to play. How about you. You look like an athlete."

"Recreational softball, no pun intended. I do like baseball and watch games on TV."

"I love baseball," Justine said.

As they talked they noticed they shared the same somewhat outrageous sense of humor. Neither missed a line the other threw at them.

The conversation went from dead Norwegian Blue parrots to a discussion on whether Generalsimo Franco was still dead.

Justin greeted her request not to cry for her Argentina with a stunned expression and the question, "Why should I cry for you? And how did you know my friends all call me Buenos Aires?"

"You smell good." She said as she batted her eyelashes.

Actually he did.

They were getting along so well it came as a shock when they realized they needed to hurry to the concert venue.

He drove the twenty city miles at a not too terribly insane speed and got there in time but the lights in the concert hall had been lowered before they got to their seats so he held her hand and guided her.

Neither said anything when their hands stayed together much longer than necessary after they sat and did not release them until they stood to applaud their welcome to the artists.

They very much enjoyed the concert and both silently lip synched their way through their entire playlist. Both could sing but knew people around them didn't come there to hear them. They wished everyone else had felt the same.

As they joined in on the ovation at the end of the show Justine grabbed Justin's head and kissed his lips hard.

She said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been the best concert ever," then kissed him again.

"You kissed me!" Justin complained.

"Yes I did," Justine happily said.


"Just twice?" she asked then kissed him again.

"You are despicable."

"Thank you, glad you noticed."

As they left their seats neither said anything about the fact they were again holding hands all the way out. They walked to the Hard Rock Cafe where they had gigantic hamburgers and fries and drank a couple of beers.

It was well after eleven when they left and he drove her back to the paintball arena, and found the parking lot chained.

Neither voiced any disappointment, the last thing either of them wanted at the time was to go their separate ways. Of course neither knew that.

"Well, I get to learn where you live," Justin said.

"I live twenty miles in the opposite direction."

"I will point out my place as we drive by it."

In fact they had to stop at his place since both badly needed to pee.

"There is a bathroom there," he said to her as he rushed to the one in his bedroom.

They met in his kitchen and he said, "That was almost as good as sex."

Justine laughed and agreed with him.

Justin poured glasses of wine for them, she smiled.

They went into his living room and each sat on a recliner, put their feet up, and sighed. Then laughed.

Justine said, "You have been a fun date. If you don't mind I would like for us to go out together again."

"I would be just fine with that."

They talked for a while and had another glass of wine but were asleep before they finished that one. Justin woke up about twenty minutes later and began to stagger to his bed but stopped and decided his bed was more than big enough for both of them so he pulled her up and led her to it. Both were still fully clothed. Both were asleep within seconds. Before he fell asleep he wondered why he had kissed her cheek.

She had smiled when he did.

The following morning he staggered into his bathroom as she was taking a piss. He said good morning and began to brush his teeth. She finished, patted herself dry then took his tooth brush and began to brush her teeth as he stood and pissed. She had discarded her shorts somewhere, she was in her panties.

She said, "Can you pee quieter please. For some reason I have a headache."

"How could you have a hangover from just two beers and two wines," Justin said but aimed for the back of the commode anyway.

She thanked him.

He couldn't tell if she had glanced at his cock.

She had.

Back in the bedroom she asked him if he had a shirt she could wear and he tossed her a Santana t-shirt.

She took off her shirt in front of him, put the shirt he had given her on then removed her bra and panties.

He put on gym shorts and an Elton John t-shirt in the bathroom then went to his kitchen.

He made coffee while she put her khaki shorts, pullover shirt, and undies in his dryer with a fabric softener sheet and set it to permanent press.

"She said, "this so nice, I have to trudge down to a laundry room every week and waste two hours. Actually, I don't waste two hours, that is when I grade papers."

Neither made notice she had made herself at home.

He had poured a glass of milk and placed two ibuprofen tablets next to the glass for her. She took them then softly kissed his lips.

He looked around the kitchen and ended up with two bowls of cereal.

They smiled at each other as they ate.

"Thank you for not taking advantage of me last night," she said.

"Thank you for not taking advantage of me. Is there anything you need to do today? Any place you need to be?"

"No, I'm just enjoying summer vacation. I usually see who has a good lunch or dinner special, sometimes I go swimming in my complex pool. Sometimes the day is gone and I have done nothing. I love those days."

"Bring your coffee," he said.

She followed him to his patio and found herself in the middle of a jungle.

"Wow, so this is where your money goes. I hear water running."

Justin sat at his patio table and let her find his waterfall.

"It's amazing," she said when she rejoined him then kissed him again.

"You do a lot of kissing," he said.

"No, not really. But there are times when I am so happy with somebody I can't help myself. Does it bother you?"

"No, not yet. Did you see the hibiscus with five different colored flowers?"

"No, where is it?"

"Finish your coffee then I will introduce you to everyone."

She sat next to him and asked, "Why did you put the waterfall where you can't see it?"

"It has a private viewing spot with a trick. I'll show you during the guided tour."

They did not speak as they drank their coffee and just watched the butterflies and bees work the flowers. Their free hands kept bumping each other so they just gripped them together. Both grinned.

He soon began his guided tour. She asked about the names of the plants when she noticed all had girl names.

"Don't you have a Roger of a Vince?" she asked.

"No, but I have an Elvis, that anoles lizard right there."

"Why is his name Elvis?"


Justin made a wide arc with his hand and the lizard began a very complicated display that unlike the average anoles included dance moves that reminded her of fat Elvis.

It took a while for Justine to stop laughing. Elvis seemed to be hurt or confused by her reaction.

"Apologize to him," Justin said.

"I'm sorry Elvis. It's just that those dance moves are pretty prehistoric. You need to find fresher material.

And no, no, don't eat that, it's a bee."

"He eats bees. Watch him."

She saw the lizard slam the bee's butt on a stem then swallow it head first.

"Wow, and intelligent lizard."

"I taught him all he knows."

He did not find her giggle insulting.

Justine loved the patio jungle and was amazed at the multi-colored flower hibiscus. Her name was Sybil, she of many personalities.

"Good name," Justine had said.

She was amazed to hear Justin had grafted it together and asked him if he had already taken down the lightning rod scaffolding.

"No, Igor did, he comes in on Thursdays."

She nodded with a smile and suspected he spent a lot of time out there, every plant had a name and there were perhaps thirty of them, more than half of which were hibiscus, several with flowers that were huge with amazing colors.

He finally took her to his viewing spot for his waterfall. It was a one person bench with a gardenia next to it.

He said, "If you sit here, straight with your back against the wall. you will see an optical illusion that makes it look like there are two waterfalls with infinite flowers around it.

Inhale the smell of gardenia deeply, I think the aroma is a hallucinogen."

He allowed her to sit on the bench and she inhaled deeply enjoying the gardenia but was at first confused by what she was seeing then suddenly said, "Oooh," jumped up and kissed him again then sat back down to enjoy the view.

A part of her view soon included the sign of an erection in his gym shorts.

Justin was mortified by it and tried to will his cock down.

But he could see her pantyless crotch.

He left her there and put away the coffee pot and cups.

It had been perhaps six years since he had an erection for a woman, that had been a woman that was eating pussy and looked nothing like Justine.

She joined him in the kitchen and kissed him which resurrected his cock.

Justine looked directly at the bulge in his shorts and said, "You better get me to my car, and quick."

Then giggled.

Justin was now terminally mortified so he kissed her.

She loved his kiss.

He poured each a glass of orange juice then went back to the patio and she again sat at the waterfall viewing bench and drank her juice as he explained the three mirrors that provided the illusion.

She sat more demurely and he could no longer see her treasure so his erection had waned.

He did notice her nipples were erect.

Perhaps two hours went by before they dressed and went to pick up her car. He then followed her to a Chinese buffet she loved and they stuffed themselves silly. He agreed to follow her to her apartment and after a forty-five second guided tour they immediately took a nap on her bed.

When they awoke they sort of cuddled a bit then he invited her to come over for dinner, he said he would make her shrimp linguini in garlic butter sauce.

She became very excited and asked him to wait a minute and ran to her desk in the living room.

"Have you been here?" she asked as she plopped down on her bed next to him and handed him a menu to look at.

"Yes, it's their version of shrimp linguini I try to make. When were you there?"

"I love the town and the beach and go there every time I can. I love the lesbian biker bar."

Justin said, "I go there often myself but I prefer the downtown club."

They just stared at each other for a few moments until he said, "I could call and see if they have room at the Inn."

Justine pressed two numbers on her phone and handed it to him. It was a bed and breakfast, not the inn but they had one room available through Sunday.

It was Wednesday.

He booked it before he learned the room had two beds. He may have been disappointed.

He helped her pack and she followed him home and helped him pack. She left her car in his carport and he drove them south. It was late afternoon when they arrived so before they unpacked they walked over to the restaurant and ordered the shrimp linguini.

The owner remembered them and she expressed some surprise at seeing them together. Justine had always come with a girl and Justin had always come in with a guy.

"She made me bring her," Justin said for which he got punched in the shoulder.

The town was very gay friendly and no one felt the need to hide their preferences there, Justin and Justine were fine with the owners questioning and glad she remembered them.

They had a great time and very much loved their dinner and found it special that they were with somebody that was just as addicted to it as they were.

They returned to their room unpacked and took a short nap.

It was mid-evening when they awoke and they showered separately before dressing for the downtown club.

Previous lovers remembered them and hoped for an encore but they mostly chatted about the concert they had attended the night before.

It was near closing time when they went back to their B&B and slept well in their separate beds.

She had been up and had showered before he got out of bed. When he went in he didn't close the door to the bathroom as he peed, brushed his teeth, then got naked to take a shower.

He did not notice Justine was watching him and did not realize what he had done until he stepped out nude and saw Justine smirking at him. He hurriedly apologized as he wrapped a towel around himself.

"Sorry, I am always alone or with a guy and never close my bathroom door."

"It's OK, I didn't look, much."

She was already dressed so he hurriedly dressed and then they walked hand in hand to the resort's buffet. They got up too late for their B&B's breakfast.

Each made fun of the other's unhealthy choices at the buffet even though their choices were nearly identical and enjoyed their food.

They walked around the boulevard as they held hands. Justine marveled at the jewelry at the corner shop near the resort.

"Wow, some lucky girl is going to love that ring," she said as she admired an engagement ring with one diamond surrounded by five emeralds, The jewels were just chips but the diamond was a half carat that picked up the green of the emeralds.

Justin said, "And some unlucky guy will have to pay for it. They tell me the lady that owns this shop designs all her jewelry."

"Yes, she does. Famous people have come here to get her stuff."

They were soon back in their room, put on their swimsuits then walked to the beach. He rented two beach recliners and an umbrella, got coconut ice cream then they relaxed as they stared at the water.

Neither remembered ever being as content as they were then but neither said a word. Each caressed the others hand each time they touched.

It crossed each of their minds that the other already felt like the best friend they ever had.

Eventually they went into the water and splashed each other then gently wrestled until they kissed. It was a regular kiss with a regular pleasing effect. Neither admitted to themselves that it meant anything.

They heard a scream nearby and saw a blonde fall off the back of a guy's shoulders.

"One more try," the blonde said and got back on her boyfriend's shoulder and did a complete flip into the water in front of him.

Justin and Justine applauded them as they walked out of the water.

"Thank you, we have been trying that for a week but I always over rotated or under rotated until today. What you saw was our third good one this afternoon. We are going home to celebrate," the blonde said.

Justine watched them go then pulled Justin to deeper water. He knew what to expect so he squatted in the water and put his hands over his shoulders. She scrambled up onto his shoulders and promptly slid backwards. Her toes caught his swim suit and he found himself completely exposed although only under the water.

He growled at her and ordered her to pull his suit back up. She offered insincere apologies as she pretended to pull his suit back over his ass.

"You know, your ass is very fine too," she said as she caressed a cheek.

He growled at her again and she finally covered him up.

It took three tries before she was standing on his shoulders. There were no more de-panting incidents although he suspected, correctly, she had tried.

She finally managed to stand on his shoulders but as soon as he released her hands she fell in face first. As she spluttered back up one tit was exposed.

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