tagSci-Fi & FantasyFestival Ch. 2

Festival Ch. 2


When it felt as if every last drop had been milked from his rod, he relaxed his taut body against the cushions. Iduna's inner muscles eased, letting him slip from her. His skin there looked red from the heat and the friction. He felt pleasantly abused.

"Collapsing mine shaft," he muttered.

Berego laughed. "And none are better at it than Iduna! You're a hardy miner, lad! I've known full- blooded dwarf warriors who couldn't have outlasted you!"

Iduna brushed back her fall of rich brown hair. "But I suppose you think you could."

"Now, Iduna, you know Kepla wouldn't approve ..." Berego protested weakly, his coal-black eyes hungrily sweeping over her figure.

"Kepla is his wife," the brunette human explained to Rick. "She's not from here, and doesn't mind Berego cavorting with human girls because she doesn't consider them competition."

"Who's in competition?" Rick shrugged, somewhat strengthlessly. He felt like an empty wineskin, drained, limp, and exhausted. "We're all here to honor Dorian, not outdo each other."

"Well-said," Iduna remarked, turning as if by accident to better display herself to Berego.

"And Kepla isn't here," the brunette murmured quietly.

"Ah, Reghar, you made us of strong stuff," Berego said, "but not strong enough to resist such temptation!" He glanced at Rick. "Trade you?"

Rick looked at the brunette, who darted her pink tongue over her full lips. She had lips like Lisann, he thought, and that stirred a variety of emotions in him. "Introduce me first?"

"Relah, this is --" Berego looked to Iduna for help.

"Rick," she supplied.

"This is Rick. Rick, this is Relah, sister of my brother's co-mate."

"Pleased to meet you," he said, and meant it. She was petite, slender, almost elfin in appearance although clearly human. Her black hair was cut short, and was very straight and shiny. Her eyes were large and brown. She was wearing nothing but a skirt tied sarong-like around her slim hips, leaving her small but sweet breasts exposed.

"So, is it a trade?"

"Berego drives a hard bargain," Iduna said slyly.

"It's fine with me, if Relah doesn't mind." Rick gave her his best smile and she immediately disentangled herself from Berego's arm and crawled over to him.

"That's that, then." Berego reached for Iduna. "Let's see if your fire needs stoking! Ah, the coals are still glowing!"

"I'll need a few minutes," Rick apologized as Relah stretched out beside him.

"Take all the time you want. It's a festival. We have the entire night." She kissed him open- mouthed, a flirty kiss that got his blood moving a little less sluggishly. "And watch ... Berego's been wanting Iduna for years. Now that he's finally got his chance, it ought to be something!"

He watched, one hand idly caressing the girl's slim body. She was right, it was something to behold. Berego, playing the hammer to Iduna's anvil, had the rhythm of a blacksmith. Each hard pounding thrust was counterpointed by a second, less-powerful one. Rick could almost hear the clanging of metal, could almost feel the ground shake.

He tore his attention away from the dwarves to search for Natalia, and saw her still with Jesse, although the two of them seemed in a brief lull. Her head was pillowed on his leg, her lips curved in a contented smile, lashes a smudge on her fair cheek as she rested. Jesse's hand lay upon her hair, fingers combing through it. A third man, a handsome stranger with a wiry build and chestnut-colored hair, was curled behind Natalia, his arm draped over her hip.

To his surprise, Rick also saw Taren, his fully-dressed form unmissable in the room of mostly- unclad bodies. He was exchanging friendly kisses with a few girls, keeping their playful hands at bay.

Deegie inched over to press herself against Rick's other side. She was still flushed, but had gotten her second wind. "Relah! Hello!"

"Hi, Deegie!"

To his astonishment, the two women leaned across his body and kissed each other, a wet, unsisterly kiss. He vividly recalled the vision he'd had in Shadowdale, of the elven festival. The archbishop himself had said it was all right, he reminded himself as Deegie familiarly stroked Relah's breasts. Nothing wrong with two women enjoying each other, as long as they didn't exclusively stay with their own gender. And nothing wrong with a man enjoying the sight. Which he surely did.

Although he thought Iduna had worn him out, he felt a stirring at his groin. A woman on either side of him, pleasuring each other without a shred of modesty. He slid a hand down each of their backs to cup their buttocks.

Deegie sighed against Relah's mouth and pushed her bottom against Rick's questing hand. He sent his fingers to probe her yet-moist center.

Relah, more lithe, decided to swing her leg over him so that he was presented with her pert bottom and silky-furred mound. He leaned forward enough to slip his tongue along her pearly-pink folds. She whimpered as he found her tiny button and circled it, then lapped long and slow. Her hips quivered.

He was abruptly ready again, in a sudden rampaging fullness. Deegie turned her attention from Relah's breasts to Rick's rod, sucking it deep into her mouth. He stifled his groan by burying his face between Relah's legs.

Deegie quit what she was doing much too soon, but Rick didn't protest because he then felt her large cushiony breasts imprison his stiffness. He bumped his buttocks up and down, sliding his rod between them.

Relah shifted, though not moving away from his tongue. At the top of his next stroke, he felt her quick mouth take in the tip of his rod as it emerged from between Deegie's breasts. It soon became most delicious torture.

"Relah, stop," he heard Deegie say. "He'll spend too soon, and you've got to have him in you. It's like being filled with light, Dorian's own light."

Rick blushed and tried to argue, but Relah heeded Deegie's words and reversed herself so that she was positioned above him. She seemed small and delicate, but if she was Berego's lover, Rick didn't doubt that she could handle him. He seized her waist and impaled her, eliciting a throaty cry.

Deegie remained stretched out between Rick's long legs, and used her mouth and hands on both of them as they rocked and thrust. Rick sat up as much as he could, wrapping his arms around Relah's waist, jouncing her up and down. He also managed to work one foot up against Deegie's mound, teasing her that way until she clamped her thighs around his ankle and pumped her hips.

Relah was gasping and shuddering, clutching his shoulders. Sitting up as he was, he could see the image of Dorian behind her. The jewellike eyes held him captive. The world seemed to blink, and it was as if he was inside the goddess Herself, surrounded by Her divine warmth.

Deegie fell back, releasing them, once more exhausted by her pleasures. Relah clung to him, beyond speaking, rising fast toward the heavens.

He rolled with her and braced himself over her slender form. She raised her legs, twining them around his waist. He withdrew all the way, and then sank back in, the new angle causing new friction that pushed Relah into ecstacy. She became like a river below him, churning and turbulent.

Rick looked up at the image, into the eyes of Dorian. His mind and body were awhirl with pleasure. Relah could stand no more. She was gulping small sips of air, her pulse fluttering visibly in her throat.

With a final tender kiss, Rick eased out of her and let her curl up beside Deegie. He rose, aware of many women watching him as he strode across the room, bronze skin shining in the candlelight, his rod jutting out in front of him. A few of his admirers beckoned, but he did not stop until he had reached the section of the cave directly in front of Dorian's image.

She seemed to smile at him, and then it was as if unseen hands moved over his body. He knelt, strengthless. When he closed his eyes, he saw or imagined angelic forms surrounding him. Unearthly beauty and passion. He gave himself over to their caresses.

Just when he found himself near the brink, the golden misty forms faded away. He looked beseechingly up at the goddess

A soft footstep nearby caught his attention. He glanced over and saw a pair of ivory-smooth legs, well-honed by kaiila riding and swordplay. The legs knelt, bringing a fall of satin-black hair into view.

Natalia reached down and stroked his hair back from his sweaty brow. Her eyes shone with love and longing.

For a long moment, they just looked at each other. Words couldn't describe, words weren't needed.

He touched her cheek.

She brushed her fingers over his lips. He nipped gently at them.

"I love you," she whispered.

He gathered her into his arms, still unable to speak. She gracefully lowered herself, leaving a trail of kisses over his chest and stomach. Her touch, tangible and earthly, was every bit as delightful as the unseen touches that had been pleasuring him moments before.

Her lips parted and slid along him like silk.

"Oh, yes," he gasped, losing his hands in the midnight of her hair. There before Dorian, Natalia loved him with mouth and hands and lips and tongue, murmuring sounds of encouragement.

"Oh, Natalia, oh, Dorian, yes!" His hips quickened, and Natalia timed her motions to match.

"Aaaahhhh!" Rick cried, every muscle going rigid. His seed poured out of him. Golden flowers seemed to bloom and burst behind his eyes. His cries trailed away to an echo and he felt himself begin to shake from the reaction.

Natalia raised her head. He lifted one trembling hand to touch her face again, and then fell against her. Kneeling face to face, they supported each other, her arms warm and strong around him. He let his head fall onto her shoulder.

Her skin was so soft, marred only by the scars on her back where she'd been shot during the battle in Argosa. Feeling those patches of roughness, he remembered how he'd nearly lost her, and emotion tightened his grip.

"I love you," he said fervently, kissing her. "More than anything!"

"Likewise." She giggled, glancing back at Relah and Deegie. "You've left a trail of bodies in your wake, my dear paladin. As usual. But this time, I don't think any of them object."

He chuckled and kissed her again. "You've done pretty well yourself."

"Thank you. I haven't had nearly as much practice as you."

"You'll get all the practice you need, I promise."

She winked at him and ran a hand down his back to his buttock. "Starting when?"

Rick groaned and collapsed onto the floor. "Starting tomorrow!"

Natalia fell down beside him. "Good! I don't think I could manage again tonight."

"So, you had a nice time with Jesse?"

She purred like a larl. "He has marvelous hands! He shouldn't be wasting them as a riverboat captain!"

"I'm sure Selvaine will find plenty of other things for him to do with them."

"I'm sure she will!" She stretched against him and sighed contentedly. "Tell me, Rick. Are all festivals like this?"

He rolled his head enough to see Iduna and Berego, still going at it with ground-shaking enthusiasm. "Not exactly, but mostly."

"And we're going to have festivals in Stonebridge?"

"Count on it."

"Hmm. I think we'll wind up spending a lot more time in Stonebridge than in Tarlak!"

He found the energy to put his arms around her. "It doesn't matter. Wherever we're together, it will be like a festival every day."

** The End **

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