tagMind ControlFetishes': Choker Ch. 01

Fetishes': Choker Ch. 01


Damn it all to hell! Christy hated MEN.

She took a deep breath. No, that wasn't true. She was just so damn frustrated, she thought, as she stomped across the east side mall. She had been trying to get Calvin to notice her for at least a year now. How could he miss her? She was tall and statuesque and as a senior cheerleader she had the body most women could only dream of having, she thought her long legs and flaring hips were her best features but most men, and a few women, only noticed her for her large but perky breasts. Gods, why was the boy so clueless? How could he see that he not crave his touch along her blonde mane? To stare with passion into her eyes as he ran his fingers across her lithe body? She had flirted with him, had been his lab partner in class, she once even let him 'accidentally' see up her skirt! What had it gotten her? Nothing! He ignored her completely. Even her friends had started telling her to give up on him as a lost cause.

Gods, she needed stress relief. Since sex with Calvin was out of the question, she decided on the next best thing: shopping! She stormed into a new shop, a place called Fetishes'. Since she had never been to this shop, it meant one thing: the thrill of new and exotic product lines.

Christy was no stranger to adult entertainment stores: she used toys when her head filled with fantasies of Calvin and she needed a good frig. Fantasies of his small but trim frame forcing her down, of watching his shoulders flex as their bodies intertwined. Christy suppressed a shudder as images of Calvin moved through her mind with his dark features yet strangely bright eyes. This place was the classiest sex shop she had ever seen. The walls where done tastefully with curtained walls and vaulted ceilings and featured all sorts of pleasure toys, from chains to beads, and some things she had never seen before. Things that looked more like the belonged in aerobics shops yet featured oddly phallic protrusions, Yet others looked like toy pistols the children would play with were it not for their obtusely sexual nature. Mannequins were dressed in leather and silk fineries. Soothing yet pulsing music played, and the shop seemed to even smell of eroticism.

"Hello, how can I help you?" Christy turned around to see a buxom girl just shorter than herself perhaps coming up to 5'4''The sales girl looked like an extra from an elven flick. Her outfit was tight and, while revealing no skin, left nothing to the imagination. Her short skirt revealed her long stockings in forest blues and greens. The girl even had a set of elfin ears poking out of her brilliant golden hair. As Christy appraised the girl she was almost jealous of the Sales-elf girl's charms.

"I am here to buy something," Christy said petulantly, remembering the anxiety between her legs. "Sell me on something!" The Sales-elf-girl quickly apprised her customer. "Well you have nice thighs, bouncy hair and 'titties', a good 'booty,' legs, and your eyes show that you are passionate," she said to the new customer, proud to be learning the proper local terms.

"Yeah well, I am a cheerleader, it kinda' comes with the job description," Christy responded before looking around at the variety of outfits.

"Well, um what do you feel is lacking from your love life than?"

Christy exhaled blowing a tuff her golden hair from her face. "Well, there is the guy in class and..." She was cut off as the sales-elf-girl suddenly grabbed her hand. With surprise on her face, Christy was led into the store sitting area. There she was sat down, directly across from a full size mirror; Christy could see the sales girl standing in the reflection. She motioned for Christy to continue her tale, and as she did she ran her hands down Christies shoulders. Suddenly Christy knew she could trust this person, she was like an old and dearest friend.

"He, well, he is a geek, but not... He hangs out with geeks and all, but he is really handsome, and smart. One time Tony made fun of him and Calvin tore him a new one with just words and Tony cried, but he deserved for making fun of people." The elf girls hand reached around Christy pulling aside the hair from her face, her eyes apprising of her long sculpted neck. "He runs the tutoring center and helps people; he is a really nice guy" The sales girl nodded knowingly as Christy told of her hardships. "And I really like him."

"Have you told him how you feel? " the woman asked bring her head to rest upon Christies shoulder, while making eye contact with her reflection.

"Well no... I give him all the right signals, but he just doesn't respond." Christy responded turning her head to look the elf in the face, renewing the eye contact she had lost.

"Well," the elf-girl said slowly, "it sounds like he is gay. And if that's the case you'll need a penis." She said loking her stare back at Christ while running a hand slowly across her thigh. "Sounds like he wants something you can not give him." The buxom sales girl stood up abruptly and headed back out into the shop.

"Wait...NO, he is not gay!" Christy shouted after her, a little surprised at such the woman's conclusion.

"Are you sure?" The salesgirl responded, suspicion in her voice.

"Yes!" Christy was quite sure her dream boy was not queer bait.

"Sounds like you need to kick things up a notch. If you really like him, tell him, with a gesture," responded the sales girl. "Something serious."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

The sales girl gave her a hooded, predatory smile, this had been the easiest sell of the day.


'I hate women,' Calvin said to himself. No, he corrected himself he just despised Christy. He hated her with a passion. Why Gods was she so cruel to him? She flaunted her beautiful body at him, came to his tutoring sessions, and even snagged him as her lab partner, just to torment him. Why? She was a gorgeous cheerleader, he was a nerd. She was above him in the food chain he was a loser. That is just how the world worked. Girls like her only wanted to be around people like him to get easy homework help and never really cared about his feelings. He was nothing but an ego boost a woman like that, before she would go back out with someone who had money to burn on her. Calvin took a deep breath, he had the apartment for the weekend and would not be bothered by the outside world, and roommates work, and he finally had some time to relax... Maybe a good chance to do some drawing...

Just as Calvin set out his drawing tablet and was begging to set up his pencils he heard a knock on his door. He went to open it wondering who it might be; even the salesman that plagued his neighbor hood new not bother with his door.

Christy stood in the doorway, dressed to impress. Having decided to look her best she wore her best heeled boots to shape her legs and rear. And to show it she ware her skin tight low rise hip hugging genes tied off with a tasseled belt. Her midriff stood bare except for her darling handcuff bellybutton ring. For a top she had settled on a short yet to small purple tank top to get the most out of her cleavage. Finally, around her neck was a fine lacy black choker, complete with a small heart shaped golden lock.

Christy stared back at Calvin. It was now or never! Her stomach was all aflutter, this was harder that performing in front of the stadium football crowds and the packed evening dance recitals. However, the girl at the shop has said men liked such gestures and she was definitely not going to back down now. She swallowed all her fear, closed her eyes, and held out her hands.

"Calvin, take this key!" she stuttered.

"Hu-what?" Calvin stammered. Christy held out a small gold key in front of her. Caught completely off guard, Calvin took it.

The key, and the choker it locked, were her big purchase from Fetishes. She took a deep breath. "You are the holder of the Key, and Calvin I love you!" She started her speech just like the booklet that came with the choker had told her. "Since you hold the Key, I am yours for as long as you shall have me. My soul, my mind, and my body are yours Calvin."

Christy felt warmth, soothing warmth flush through her body from the choker. The fear and angst and worry she had held inside her until that moment just washed away. It was okay now: she was with her Master.

Calvin had had it. Was this how the wench got her jollies, mocking little people like him?

"What the hell is wrong with you?! You are just a tease and a flirt! You play with people's emotions just for your own amusement! You are worthless; you are just a piece of eye candy with no substance! What do you want anyway?" Calvin fumed.

Tears rolled down Christy's features. Her Master hated her. He was right, of course, she was nothing but eye candy.

"If that is what you want of me," Christy responded, It was her job to look good for master. She ran her hands across her body and stretching her arms above her head posing in the door way. "Calvin, I want you. I want you to love me, to use me, to be with me that is what I want. I want to be yours." She looked into her owners eyes. "Command me." The choker warmed still.

This had to be some kind of sick game thought Calvin he was 100% sure of it. Christy friends were probably right outside laughing at his expense.

"Oh really?" said Calvin wryly. "How about I command you to fuck yourself?"

"I can do that for you," Christy responded. She had crossed her arms to push up her cleavage but know she slowly slid one hand down across her crotch and began to rub, the other she slowly sucked. As eye candy she must fuck her self and look good she thought. Giving a wicked smile she moved her saliva covered finger into her pants into her warming pussy, allowing the other to fondle her breasts. It all felt a little strange though... the collar warmed more around her neck.. But good it felt good.

Calvin stood there with the door ajar and moth open. How far would she go? What wouldn't she do? As Christy continued to rub her self into a frenzy Calvin was only 80% sure this wasn't a sick joke. "Okay, than why don't you come in her and close the door than..." No sooner did Calvin speak before Christy waltzed forward and swing the door shut with her heel. Than she threw herself agents the closed door as she kept up her sexual assault upon her body. Not once though did she stop looking at Calvin not once did she close her eyes to motivate her mind with some other fantasy man.

Christy felt so happy, soon Calvin would command her to be with him! She was going to get what she wanted and Calvin was going to make her do it! Spasms of pleasure rocked through her body, her pussy was soaking her nipples like bullets, she was so close her dream, the choker was working! She and Calvin were going to be together....

Calvin was still about 50% sure this was a trick, she could be facing the hole thing. Maybe she was recording this somehow for a lark later... "Fine than since you want me take of your shirt and pants!"

Yes! Thought Christy as happiness bubbled through her. She quickly kicked off her boots. Than making sure to swing her hips she twirled as she took off her belt. Bending over with her back to him she slowly slid down her pants to reveal her perfect round ass that years of hard work had produced. Letting her genes collect around her ankles she turned and sank to her knees with the practiced grace of a dancer. Bring both hands together on the crotch of her soaking panties she thrust into her self. Bucking her hips she slid forward towards Calvin. Remembering she must Fuck herself and look like good eye candy. She let her fingers tickle into her pussy as she pushed her arms into the sides of her breasts to perk them up even more so. Finally, she had thrust her self clear of her pants, now it was time for her shirt.

Still on her knees Christ arched her back till her head touched the floor. With her eager yet panty clad pussy pointed straight at Calvin. In a single fluid motion she sat forward while pulling the tank top from her body leaving behind where her had lain. Their had been a brief struggle as her breast fought with the fabric before Christies breast popped free eagerly waiting far their lovers caress.

Calvin stood reduced to only about 10% sure this was a hoax and pretty sure he no longer cared. Running her hands across her breasts Christy offered them up to Calvin before breaking eye contact to stare at his crotch. "See Calvin I do whatever you want. I want you to want me. And I can see part of you wants me to. Just tell me to and we can be together." Christy ran her fingers along Calvin's pants eyes pleading for permission.

Dawn to a mere 1% Calvin gave the slightest nod to her desperate eyes as he asked, "What can't I tell you?"

Christy licked her lips as she rant her fingers to the button of his pants and gracefully undid it. "It is just like I said lover, You can make do whatever you want, think what you want, be what you want, just tell me, and I will be happy" Calvin's pant slid off of his waist as Christy worked them loose before sliding down his boxers. "What if I told you to be a red head..."

Calvin felt the key tingle in his hand as Christie's hair washed from her golden blonde to a fiery red. "Whatever you want"

There was no doubt left in Calvin's mind as the beautiful redheads on her knees before him slowly slid his raging cock into her mouth before working up a good rhythm. As her other hand fingered her clit in anticipation of what was to come. She was so happy.

Yeah it was good to relieve some stress this weekend sometimes Christy could get him so worked up.

Special thanks to my editors Ploni Almoni and blaster8

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