tagRomanceFighter Ch. 04

Fighter Ch. 04


At long last I have this done. Thanks for your patience and I hope this meets with your approval. I know my lagging ways suck sometimes and i apologize, but life loves cheap shotting me at times. Anyways, read it, love it, vote on it, tell me what ya think about it, and above all kids enjoy the show!


As Anna tried to stand she felt every bone in her body screaming at her. Her left leg strained as she tried to lift it up, but to no avail. Marcus had the leg hold locked in and with a simple twist he found the knee bar and applied pressure. Anna felt like her leg would snap and wisely tapped out. She rolled away after he released and got to her feet. Marcus rolled to his shoulders and kipped to his feet like a cat. He stood tall and looked across the practice ring at Anna who was sucking wind.

"That move is what she's known for Anna. A standing take down that she turns into a knee bar. It's simple enough, but to a person trained in Brazilian, it's almost impossible to block," he said calmly explaining his actions.

Anna looked at Marcus and nodded her head. She saw the move once and then again as it was performed on her. It was such a deceivingly simple maneuver. Her mind stored the information of what he showed her and she set her feet for the next go. They went at it again and this time she was able to see how to keep her footing and stay back from the dangerous hold. She saw him go for it again, but this time she stepped through and spun keeping her knee from straightening and allowing her to get separation. She wasn't able to attack, but she was able to get to even footing.

"Good!" Marcus growled as he got to his feet.

Marcus was impressed like he normally was in her progression. As she trained hard for her upcoming battle with Mijah, so had Christian for his fight for the title. The only reason he wasn't in the ring with her now was he was doing speed drills. Marcus had her set for one last go and this time he went all out on her. They sparred and mock fought for nearly ten minutes before he called a stop to it. It wasn't that she was tired, though she was breathing heavy, it was him. Marcus was getting old and it was showing. Something as simple as age was the greatest killer of a fighter's career. He saw hope and promise in Anna and for the last three weeks she was showing mad potential. As they closed the session Marcus rubbed his chin. They had got in close and she had shocked him by catching him with a well timed elbow. He wasn't mad, far from it, Marcus was amazed at how well she soaked up knowledge.

"OK Anna, ten laps then hit the pool," he said and she smiled at him and ran off.

Anna was in her element. For the last three weeks Marcus had her training like the end of days was coming and she was to fight on the front lines. Her body ached nightly, but he was always there at nights to give her a full body rub. They hadn't made love in a while, but she was content by him rubbing her body like he did. It wasn't that he wasn't ready to go, it was she was tired from the hard work in the gym. Marcus was a vicious tyrant these days, but she knew it was what needed to be. As Anna slipped into her swimming gear she smiled at the thought of her upcoming opponent. She had watched a few videos of Mijah fighting and was impressed.

Mijah was a stand out in the fighting circles and as Anna watched them she knew why. Mijah was no taller than Anna at five foot four inches. She weighed six pounds more than Anna at one hundred and twenty nine pounds. Their reach was nearly identical and their range of motion was similar. Anna had a stronger stand up than Mijah, but Mijah's true talents was her ground and pound game. Watching several fights Anna saw how she wore people down then ground them into the mat until they quit. It wasn't a pretty or flashy way of doing things, but then again attrition never is. Mijah could take a body part and work it for the length of the fight then at the right moment she would put all remaining energy into it and the opponent would fold. Thinking more of this got Anna's energy up and she dove into the water and began her laps. The pool was a large one and she swam the entire length of it ten times as instructed. As she glided through the water Anna thought of all they had done so far.

Christian was sweating under Marcus' drills like he had never done before. The harshness of the new training was nothing like he had ever faced before. Aside from the weights and calisthenics he was doing speed drills and grappling drills hourly. Marcus was making sure he had plenty of endurance for what was to come. Deep down Christian had a feeling he would need it and every ounce he could build up in the mean time. Aside from the hard training he had also watched tapes on his opponent and he was nervous at the least. Something about how egotistical his opponent was in the ring made him wary. Christian poured his energy into training and left the worrying to Marcus.

Marcus was immensely proud of them both. They stood on the precipice of what could be serious glory, or a long way back up if they fell. Marcus was confident in his ability to train them up, in fact that was the one thing he knew. Since they came to Vegas he had the best of the best in the gym working with his kids. Watching their eyes get wide as some legends of the ring trained with them from time to time really gave them a confidence boost. Marcus was friends with a few of them, but the others he had never met before. A few of them remembered watching him come up and get beat a few times, or win in dramatics fashion. The few he fought were impressed by his stature of trainer these days. One even asked him if there was a possibility of returning to the ring. Marcus let them down on that request, but he kept the door open for them if they wanted to train in his gym sometime.

Marcus secretly wished he could fight again. He longed for the feeling of one on one combat again, but he had two great fighters he was working on so he repressed the urge. Still in the back of his mind the siren called to him ever so softly. Marcus picked up the medicine ball and walked over to Christian. He had him get on the bench and had him do sit ups as Marcus tossed him the ball. The far bend was good for his back and abs and the added weight of the ball made the exercise much harder. Christian did fifty reps before Marcus let him up and go run. As he walked from the gym to the pool he saw Anna had completed her laps and was drying off. He looked at the clock and saw they had another two hours of training ahead so he got creative.

"Anna, once your changed I want you to gear up and hit the ring. We are going to spar for a bit," he said firmly.

"Yes coach," Anna replied and rushed to the locker room.

She stripped fast and got into her athletic bra and trunks. She tapped her feet off quick and put on her hand wraps. Marcus had shown her how to do it alone and she was quite good at it. Once she was good she went out and he had the gloves ready for her. He tied them on and had another tie his on. Once they were settled he had the trainers put on the head gear and they squared off. Marcus needed to make sure she was still limber and put her through a series of rolling drills. He kept on her back making her expend energy in trying to get free of his grip. It was a lot of what she would need for her upcoming fight. Every time he got a solid hold on her he would stop and show her how to counter. It took them about forty minutes and both were sweating and breathing heavy. Anna was surprisingly resilient during the exercises and surprised Marcus at how often she was able to get free of him. She surprised him more as every now and then she would get him in a hold.

When they had caught their breath Marcus had her watch the video of their training. He loved how easy it was to have a small camera make video for training purposes. As she watched he would explain how to counter and what she did right and wrong. Seeing herself doing it made Anna smile. She could hold him off well, but she knew that he was holding back on her. Something in her wanted him to go all out, but she was cautious. His record spoke for itself as thirty eight of his fights ended by submission. The rest were either TKO or KO. His whole career he only had five decisions. One thing she noted was none of his losses were by decision of submission. As she watched she wondered how he had lost those fights and still wanted to continue.

"OK Anna, right here you need to go flat and that will make your opponent over extend. If you keep your body up then you leave a big target for her to grab onto. Keep flat, but stay moving and you'll confound her," he explained.

Anna saw what he meant and decided the next time to use it. As they watched Marcus saw it was nearing the end of training. He figured they had suffered enough and called it off. Marcus had Anna go shower and change while he went for Christian. Seeing his boy running the laps in the indoor track Marcus saw how determined he was. Christian was sprinting some of the laps while jogging the others. Marcus was proud of how determined he was and figured to reward the both of them tonight. He knocked on the window and got Christian's attention. Waving his hand Christian nodded and finished his last lap then ran to the door. He was sweaty and breathing hard, but Marcus could see he was ready to go for another three rounds.

"Shower up and head home. Get dressed and I'll take you and Fabiana to dinner," Marcus said smiling.

"Yes sir," Christian politely replied and rushed off to the locker room.

Marcus looked at the pictures on the walls of the gym and smiled. So many greats had trained at this very gym and now here was his hopefuls. Even though the title Christian was fighting for was a small time fighter's association, it was still more than he ever held. Seeing his boy with the gold was all he needed to verify he was a good coach. Hell, in his mind the fact Christian even got a chance at all was enough in Marcus' book. As he went to the lockers Marcus saw another face that made his hackles rise. A shadow of the past was in his eyes as he saw Matzuzami with his hands raised with Marcus on the mat behind him.

Marcus looked away from that picture and as he turned he saw a ghost. His eyes bulged as Fabiano Ortadeno walked up to him grinning. Fabiano was a man of average height at about five nine. His bronze skin came from his ancestry, but it wasn't his skin that made him look impressive; it was his body. At fifty three years old he still was as cut as any thirty year old. Years of hard training and great living made him a physical specimen to behold. His thick black hair was graying in spots, but still was full and made him stand out. The tattoos on his arms and legs made his already impressive body stand out even more. His eyes were warm and full of mirth as he and Marcus shared a brotherly hug.

"Marcus, you son of a bitch!" Fabiano said in English.

"Fabiano, you bastard!" Marcus replied in Portuguese.

The two shared a warm laugh as they shook hands. Even though they had two students that were about to fight each other Marcus held him in the highest of respect. The greeting they had was left over from his days in Brazil. Marcus had helped him learn better English in exchange for Portuguese. Both learned the cuss words first and for some reason they swore like sailors when they got together. After the warm period was over Fabiano looked at his old pupil and friend and struck up a conversation.

"So it's been what...ten years since you last came to the school?" He asked.

"Nine and a half actually. I been busy," Marcus said laughing.

"So I heard. You have a good gym going and some great talent. I am very anxious to see your boy Christian fight," Fabiano said switching to Portuguese.

"Christian will turn a head or two win or lose. He has heart in spades and a serious case of "can't lose" going for him," Marcus said softly in Portuguese.

"It always helps to be confident, but remember; too much is a weakness," Fabiano said cautioning him.

"He is cautious as he is confident. He balances the two very well. But I didn't think you were here for that," Marcus said grinning.

"I have been watching Annabelle. She is impressive," Fabiano complimented.

"Indeed she is, indeed she is," Marcus said smiling.

"Mijah has never been more serious in her training. I think there is respect there that she trains so hard for your girl," Fabiano said softly.

"It's just an honor that they can fight. I think for Anna this is a test of her mettle. Win or lose Mijah is gonna test her and I can't wait to see how she handles herself," Marcus said grimly.

"Me either my friend. I think that if they didn't have to fight Anna and Mijah may well be friends. They are so very similar in attitude you know," Fabiano said proudly.

Marcus had to withhold a laugh. He was not going to ask what came to his mind and Fabiano didn't need to know the extent of how things were. He wouldn't hold it against him if he and Mijah were lovers, but he was sure that Fabiano's wife would. Seeing the look in his eyes Fabiano looked curiously at his friend.

"Something on your mind?" Fabiano asked curiously.

"No, just an after thought. Anyways I gotta run. Taking them to dinner for training so hard," Marcus said proudly.

"Up to my tricks again?" Fabiano said grinning.

"Absolutely dick head!" Marcus said laughing.

"Well you do that fuck face!" Fabiano said laughing.

The two friends hugged and with a grim look they made known they were bringing their fighter for all out war. As they broke Anna saw the look between them and was worried they would fight. Seeing the way they shook hands and bumped knuckles made her breath a sigh of relief. When she looked at the other man she was amazed at the sight, but said nothing. Fabiano saw her and gave her a polite smile and turned without a word. Marcus waited for his friend to leave then turned to Anna.

"That is Mijah's coach. He is a great fighter and told me something important. She is training double hard for you. I think you impressed her honey," Marcus said grinning.

Anna breathed out a short breath and looked at her feet. She knew that Mijah was a great fighter, but the fact that she was putting in extra time made her worried. How much could she train to be ready for the fight? How much endurance could she build if the fight was not expected to go long? She had seen the lines on the fight and she was a strong underdog at best. Most had her going down in the second or third round. Marcus had shown her that to make her train harder, but it also had a side effect of making her doubt. Marcus did realize that, but he didn't need her to know that. No time for doubt now as she had far more to look forward to.

When Christian joined them they left the gym and went back to the house. Christian helped Fabiana get ready then waited as Anna and Marcus got dressed. It was a causal place they were going to so Anna got into a cute sundress and flats. Marcus got into a button up and jeans with loafers. Going downstairs hand in hand they saw Fabiana sitting on the couch. Her swollen tummy showed she was ready to burst at any moment. There was a measured excitement as they purposely didn't learn the sex of the baby. For them they wanted it to be a surprise and Anna and Marcus were happy to see the baby when it came into the world.

Marcus had an ulterior motive for it, he knew that Christian would worry less about Fabiana after she gave birth and thus focus on training harder. With that in mind Marcus got them all in the car and off to dinner. He took them to a local pub he had been to many times in the past. The fact the pub was still standing was a testament to it's great food and laid back atmosphere. Unlike many other bars that catered to a hip crowd this one catered to a harder edged people. The blue collar workers came to the bar and many of them were far from what one considered "Hip". Many were of course bombarded by the pop culture as they worked, but to them it was annoying. The easy rock was a welcome relief to the nineteen other channels of hip hop on the local radios.

They found a table near the pool tables and juke box. The table was cleared by the server so that soon they were shooting pool and eating great bar food. The potato skins and wings were a local favorite and they had two orders. Fabiana was given her choice of whatever she wanted and while they played she watched and munched. Watching Christian getting pounded by Marcus made her giggle as he was always a pool shark. Marcus was a wily opponent who gave him nothing and took everything. As the games went by the music made them all relax and the games became friendly as Anna and Fabiana had a few matches. It was amusing to Marcus watching Fabiana try and bend to shoot the balls.

The time drug on for the happy couples and soon the music got better as they started to play more older rock and some reggae. Feeling the beat find her hips Anna soon found herself shimmying in the chair. A song started playing and the beat was undeniable. The bass was thumping strongly and soon her hips couldn't contain the will to dance. She got up slowly and shook her hips slowly as she rolled up to Marcus. Marcus saw her dancing her way to him and decided to be a trooper. He could dance and as their bodies met he and her did a slow grinding dance. It was a very funky reggae like dance that allowed Anna to showcase how good her hips could move. As the song hit it's mid point Anna turned about and ground her ass into his crotch. Marcus' hands found her waist and gently held on as she kept on with her dance.

She raised her hands up and grabbed her hair raising it up over her head and letting it slowly cascade back as they danced. Marcus grinned as she looked up to him and they softly kissed. Something in Marcus wished they had more privacy so they could continue on. The song made her smile as she heard the lyrics that made her smile. She didn't know the song name, but it didn't matter. They danced until it came to an end and when the hard riffs of the guitars brought it to an end she made him smile as she banged her head to the beat and whipped her head back so she was flush against him. Marcus grinned and hugged her tightly from behind. Anna sparkled as he held her and Christian was smiling at the both of them.

To him they seemed like a happy couple in love. He was truly happy for the both of them as he watched them dance and when he looked back to Fabiana he took her hand. She looked up from her lemonade and saw the smile he gave her. Christian leaned over and kissed the woman he treasured and when he broke it she was beaming at him. They loved each other as deeply as anyone could imagine. For Christian the love he had for her was for two reasons. The first was she was the light of his life. The second was without her he would be lost with nothing left. They held hands as Marcus and Anna walked back to the table. The couples paid the bill and decided to call it a night. The joyful drive home put them all in good spirits and as they pulled in Fabiana had to go to the bathroom badly. She rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door. Christian snickered as he saw Marcus had opened the door and flattened against the wall to let her by. Walking into the house Anna went upstairs. She wasn't tired, but she did want to lay down for a while.

Marcus got a drink of water for the both of them and went back upstairs with. Christian yawned and went to his room. For all the energy he had sometimes the one thing about Christian was he slept a lot. If he didn't get nine hours sometimes he was grouchy to beat all. Marcus patted Christian on the back and went upstairs. As he walked into the room he saw Anna on her back still in her sun dress and humming the beat of the song they danced to.

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