tagIncest/TabooFilling My Needs Ch. 02

Filling My Needs Ch. 02


After the stunning revelation from my son, I spent the whole day thinking about him and my husband. It is one thing to have your dreams fulfilled by your son and then find out it is something your husband approved of. What really blew my mind was the when I was told my husband wanted to have a threesome with me and our son.

At dinner we sat in near silence, but both couldn't keep their eyes off me and all throughout I got fleeting glances and smiles. My pussy ached and I couldn't wait for dinner to be over. When it was I cleaned up while they went off, probably planning the evening out. Now I sit on the bed wearing the sexiest lingerie I have.

I don't have to wait long. Both my husband and son come into the room, naked with their cocks nice and hard. As I am sure they have planned, my husband slips onto the bed while my son hangs back. He watches as my husband slips two of his fingers into me. After a few moments my son comes up next to the bed with his cock practically in my face. I reach out for both their cocks and begin to slowly stroke them.

My husband leans in to kiss me while my son reaches out and begins rubbing my breasts. My husband breaks the kiss, pulling out his fingers and slips between my waiting legs. His tongue flicks over my clit, sending a rush through me. My son moves onto the bed and shoves his cock further into my face. I know what he wants, so I take his large, rock hard cock into my mouth. My moans caused by my husband are muffled by my son's large cock as I try to take all of him.

After several long minutes they pull away, leaving me wanting more of them. I smile at them and say to my son, "Why don't you sit down. I want you both to whatever you want to me."

I look at my husband and I wink before I kneel over my son's cock and begin sucking on it again. My husband gets behind me and slides his cock into my pussy. I moan onto his cock again as my husband starts thrusting into me and I am loving every bit of it. It is the first time I have ever had two men in my bed at once.

My husband takes my earlier comment and puts it to use. He pulls his cock out of my dripping, wet pussy and presses it into my tight, pink asshole. I take my son's cock out of my mouth and yell, "Fuck my ass!"

He thrusts his hard cock in and out of my tight ass. Then suddenly, he pulls it out and says to our son, "I think we need to switch spots. Why don't you come fuck your mom?"

I let go of his cock and he slides behind me, taking his father's place. Without hesitation, he sticks his hard cock into my pussy and begins to fuck me. He starts off slow and slowly builds up his thrusts. I look at my husband as I stroke his cock and moan, "Fuck me harder!"

I slip my husband's cock into my mouth and furiously suck on it. After a few minutes I feel my son pulling out and both he and my husband start stroking their cocks. I get onto my knees so that I am between them, ready to accept their cum from their hard cocks.

"Come on boys and cum all over my face," I say.

Several streams of hot cum pelts my cheeks, nose and lips as it shoots from my husband's cock. As soon as the last drop comes out my son explodes with his. His cum splashes against my forehead and eyes before dripping down my nose and cheek. I grab both of their cocks and one by one I use them to rub their cum all over my face before sucking them dry.

"Both of you take me together," I say.

My son nods and lies down on the bed. I climb onto top of him, straddling him and slowly inch my way onto his waiting cock. He reaches up to grab my breasts, squeezing them in his strong hands. I look to my husband and he has a smile on his face as he slowly strokes his cock.

When he is ready, he pushes me down onto my son. He then straddles our son's legs and presses his cockhead into my asshole. With one quick push, he slips in, sliding deep into my ass. Slowly by my son and husband start thrusting in and out of each hole.

After a few moments I want more. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" I yell. They both comply and begin thrusting harder and faster. I feel my husband grab my hips and slam his cock as hard and fast as he can into me. I feel so full of cock and I can't wait to feel full of their cum.

I don't have to wait long either.

My husband is the first to burst and he spews a load of his warm cum inside my ass. I can feel his cock pulsate, making it feel like my ass is being opened further until the last of it drips out and he withdraws. As I feel the cum leaking from my ass, my son drives his cock into my pussy harder and faster until he too bursts, filling my pussy with just as much as his father.

I pull off my son and roll to my back and begin rubbing my clit. It takes only a few seconds before my orgasm hits. Both my husband and son are watching me intently as cum leaks out of my ass and pussy. I smear it all around my pussy lips as I my orgasm slowly dies down.

When it is all over I beckon both my boys to me. They each lie in my arms and I kiss both with a feverish passion. I smile and say, "My friends are going to be so jealous."

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