Finally Ch. 02


"Baby..." Jerry said, "I can't keep this up..." His breathing had changed to panting. She felt another drop of sweat hit her back.

"This is it baby... one more time... cum with me this time. Can you do that, cum in my ass, cum with me?" Her second orgasm had her panting also, the peak refusing to diminish, the continued stimulation taking her to yet a higher plateau. "Oh yeah baby... Are you... Are you..."

"Arrgg," he growled, barely understandable through his panting, "I'm almost..." She recognized the break to his rhythm and knew he was but a mere stroke or two away from coming. Pinching her nipples harder, pinching her clit, concentrating on his cock, she knew she also was about there.

"This is it!" she cried out, "Oh God baby, cum with me... Come... With..." She felt the first spurts of cum as his cock throbbed in her ass, and she released herself at the same time. "NOW!"

Jerry continued spasmodically plunging into her ass, no longer in control of his motions. His legs shaking, the spasms from his cock caused him to involuntarily plunge forward. Lynn already lying on her chest and face, collapsed, her body falling to the bed. Jerry's cock pulled free, Jerry himself falling onto her back, the last of his spunk dribbling onto her ass.

Jerry pushed himself to one side and snuggled up to his wife. Wrapping his leg over hers, his arm across her shoulder, she turned sideways snuggling into him in a fetal position. Neither one said anything. She gradually fell asleep, exhausted and finally sated. She rolled over some time later, as did he, and they resumed their snuggle, her naked breasts against his back, her hand draped across his hip. She felt her fingertips touching his pubic hair and wondered again why he didn't shave for her. All she'd had to do with Steve was to hint that she liked a man bald, that she liked giving blow jobs without licking pubic hair much better than she liked the other way. She drifted back to sleep.

He woke her slightly as he got up minutes later and went into the bathroom. Her mind began to come around when she heard the shower turn on. Opening her eyes she recognized the bathroom door was shut, and her mind suddenly snapped to the open phone she been sharing with Steve. She rolled across the bed and reached for her cell phone, peeling the plastic from the cover, showing Steve's phone number and that line was still open. "Steve, are you there?" she quietly said, holding the phone to her ear.

It took a second for him to take the mute off, "I'm here." He said nothing for a moment, and then asked, "Did you fall asleep?"

"I think so. If not I almost did."

"I was afraid you might forget me."

"I didn't forget you. Did you enjoy?"

"That was fantastic. That was the most erotic, exotic, mind blowing experience I've ever had."

"I take it," she giggled, "it was as good for you as it was for me?"

"That all depends," he answered, "just how good would you say it was?"

She didn't hesitate, "that was the most fantastic orgasm I've ever had in my life." He didn't answer, but she could swear she heard him smile if that were possible. She didn't say anything for a moment. "Are you still there?"


"I've got to go. My husband is in the shower," she whispered. He didn't say anything for a moment.

"Goodbye," he said, and she heard the phone go dead in her ear.


Steve had only been gone a few minutes, but in that period of time FedEx had delivered a small package, along with three envelopes, leaving them at his doorstep. He looked at the small package momentarily, turning it over and looking for any special markings. He'd not been expecting anything other than the letters, so set it aside momentarily. Finding what he expected with letters, he put them down and again turned his attention to the small brown paper wrapped box. He didn't recognize the name or return address, but that wasn't that unusual. He slit the wrapping with his pocketknife and found as he opened the flaps a neatly folded paper inside with two words visible, "I'm ready." Pulling the paper out, he found beneath it a neatly folded, unrecognizable, bit of lace. Pulling it from the box it fell open, becoming recognizable as a négligée. Beneath it he found another piece of paper. Unfolding the second paper, he read her message; "Don't wait too long."

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