tagLesbian SexFinding Love Pt. 03

Finding Love Pt. 03


Author's note: This is the third part of a very long story.Please remember that this a work of fiction.

The characters (Jade and Terry) from my other story, 'Hidden Desires,' will appear here but reading their story is not necessary to understand their role in this one.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

I hope Finding Love will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 15

Two weeks had passed and somehow Ari had managed to not go crazy. She was torn between her attraction to Vivian and her feelings for Kate. She was also racked with guilt about the night at the club and afterwards.

She had tried to rationalize things, work it all out in her head. She found she was at a crossroads. Kate was wonderful; kind, caring and so very loving. Ari knew she loved Kate but then there was Vivian. She was so sexy, confident and the very thought of her made Ari quiver with desire. Ari found herself between the proverbial rock and a hard place. She was confused and had no idea what to do or who to turn to for help.

Life had gotten in the way of their romance. Kate had taken on a new client, Diane Stevens, a fairly new but endlessly talented woman. She had already written several stories and wanted help compiling them into a collection.

Kate was running ragged trying to edit and proof all of Diane's stories in order to have them ready as quickly as possible. It was taking up the majority of her time and she and Ari had hardly seen each other for the past two weeks.

Ari had said it was okay. Her classes had picked up as well and after Kate got through with this job and Ari finished school they would get back on track. However Kate could sense that something was off between them. Something was bothering Ari and Kate thought that Ari might have been avoiding her. Focusing on work, Kate put that thought out of her mind but the nagging little feeling wouldn't leave.

* * * *

Ari had stopped at the supermarket to get a frozen dinner when she spotted a familiar face in the aisle. It was Terry, Jade's wife. Ari had only intended to say hello but was talked into a cup of coffee at a nearby café.

"So how are things with you and Kate?" Terry asked. She saw an almost pained look cross Ari's face before she answered.

"Fine. She's really busy these days; we both are, so I haven't seen much of her," Ari replied. Terry could tell something was up.

"Well that happens sometimes. Jade and I constantly need to make time for our family otherwise we'd never see each other with how much work we both have."

A silence fell as both sipped their coffee.

"Ari, I know we don't know each other very well but I can tell something is bothering you. If you need someone to listen, I'm here," Terry offered.

Terry's offer seemed to break the dam as Ari's eyes filled and she poured out all of her feelings about everything.

Terry listened patiently as Ari sobbed about loving Kate but being uncontrollably attracted to Vivian. She was having fantasies about Vivian and feeling guilty because she should be having them about Kate. She didn't know what to do or how to stop what she thought was happening - she might be falling out of love with Kate.

They were sitting in a corner booth that afforded them some privacy and Terry moved to Ari and held the young woman. She didn't know what exactly to tell Ari; after all she had never had to deal with these types of issues. The only thing she was sure of was that things couldn't go on like this. It wasn't healthy for Ari to be this torn and it wasn't fair for her to lead Kate on if she wasn't sure about her feelings.

"Ari, you only danced with Vivian once and she kissed you just that one time am I right?"


"And yet you say your thoughts are consumed by her. That sounds like more than just an attraction. Have you spoken to Vivian at all since that night?"

"No, I'm afraid that if I do I'll do something I'll regret," Ari answered.

"And what about Kate; have you considered talking to her, telling her before you do this something you'll regret?"

"No, I don't know how to tell her or what to tell her. Since I first met her, she's been so wonderful to me. She's taken care of me, put my feelings first. I don't want to hurt her; I'm afraid what this will do to her."

"Listen, I understand not wanting to hurt her but harboring all this, keeping it bottled up, isn't doing either of you any good. One of these days it will explode and the result will likely be disastrous. In a relationship, communication is everything. You need to sort out your feelings for Vivian and talk to Kate."

When they parted, Ari felt slightly better about being able to talk about everything but still didn't know what she would do. Could she tell Kate about her attraction to Vivian? Should she confront this thing she had for Vivian by going to see the woman? Ari honestly had no idea.

* * * *

It all came to a head a few days later. Kate took an evening off and told Ari to dress up. They had dinner at a lovely little restaurant. The atmosphere was romantic and for an hour Ari didn't worry too much about anything else. Ari's fears quickly returned when after dinner the cab took them to Vivian's club.

Ari didn't have it in her to protest and allowed Kate to lead her into the club. Ari hoped and prayed silently that Vivian wouldn't know they were there, but sure enough she appeared shortly after their arrival.

"Kate my darling, I'm so happy to see you," Vivian signed as she hugged Kate.

"Hello Ari, so nice to see you again," she continued and offered her hand politely. Ari shook it and nodded, not trusting herself to attempt to speak.

Vivian didn't stay with them long as she had club business to attend to. Ari relaxed a little afterward as they had drinks and even ventured out to dance with Kate. It wasn't as awkward as Ari feared and they actually moved well together.

After two large glasses of pussy foot (the non alcoholic fruit drink) Ari had to make a trip to the ladies room. Coming out of the stall she was shocked to see Vivian waiting for her.

"Hi sweetness, having fun I hope?" Vivian said smoothly. Ari stood mute as her brain tried desperately to find a way out. Unfortunately her body was responding against her will just from being in the same room with Vivian. Her nipples instantly hardened and her breathing became shallow as her arousal spiked under Vivian's gaze.

"Join me for dinner tomorrow night here at my place," Vivian purred as she stepped closer to Ari. She stopped short of her body touching Ari's.

Ari willed herself to take a step back but her body had other ideas and refused to move. She wanted to say no but she couldn't find her voice.

"Six pm. Tell the lady at the door that you have an appointment with me. See you then."

Ari thought that Vivian was going to lean down and kiss her and was disappointed when she didn't. Vivian left and Ari took several deep, shuddering breaths as she tried to calm her rapidly beating heart.

When she returned, Kate saw that something was wrong. Ari covered by saying that she wasn't feeling well. They left and went to Kate's apartment. It was supposed to be a wonderful night where they would make love after having a great dinner and some fun dancing. Instead Kate tucked Ari into bed and held her gently, hoping to ease her ill feelings.

Kate's caring and gentleness only made Ari feel worse about the situation she was in. Her mind was a jumble of worry about tomorrow. Should she go to dinner with Vivian or not show up. The words Vivian used made it clear it hadn't been a request. It was more like an order. Could she refuse ... and did she want to?

Chapter 16

When Kate awoke, Ari was already gone. She found a note saying that Ari had an early meeting with one of her professors and so she had to go. They had not had a chance to talk or make any plans for later that night. Kate sent a quick email to Ari's phone asking if she was feeling better and, depending on how her day went, if they could meet later.

Ari's reply was that she was feeling better but her professor had asked her to help one of her classmates with a catch up assignment so her evening was booked. Kate wished her well and they planned to meet the next evening.

Meg could see that something was bothering Kate. Just a few weeks ago, Kate was on top of the world, happy about having started a relationship with Ari. Meg was happy for her boss, who seemed to have finally found someone she could be with.

It had initially surprised Meg that Kate and Ari had gotten together. They were quite different and Meg had wondered if things could work out between them.

It may not have been noticed by anyone else but Meg had learned to read Kate over the years. Though Kate was a very private person, Meg had always been a trusted friend and confidant. Over lunch, Meg decided to broach the subject.

"Boss, something seems to be on your mind, I'm here if you need to talk?"

"Thank you Meg. I'm grateful but it's nothing for you to worry about. I'm fine."

"With all due respect Kate, you're not fine. The past couple of weeks, you've been busy but there's been something else on your mind," Meg insisted.

"Meg, I appreciate your concern but it's nothing," Kate maintained but Meg knew she was covering.

"Look Kate, I'm probably the only person around here who can recognize that you are off your game. You were fine about four months ago except that you had made me into your personal lust-bunny, not that I'm complaining or anything, but then Ari came into your life. You seemed really happy when you two started off.

"Then over the last month or so your mood has slowly changed from happy to uncertain. I guess that's the best way to say it. I think something is going on with you and Ari. Whatever it is, it's got you worried. Talk to me Kate. I might be able to help; if not, at least you won't have it all bottled inside."

Through it all Kate had remained still. She had no idea Meg could read her so well. She thought she was hiding her growing fear that things were not going to work out between herself and Ari. She didn't have any real reason yet to think they wouldn't work out, but her intuition had never been wrong before.

"I don't know what to say Meg. I had no idea I was showing any visible signs of worry for you to be concerned about. Right now it's really only a feeling that something is going on with Ari. What exactly, I really don't know. I'll just have to wait and see." Kate shrugged. "I could be overreacting. She's been really busy with her finals coming up so it could just be that." It seemed to Meg that Kate was trying to convince herself as much as Meg that there really was nothing to be worried about.

"Alright, but please know that I'm here if you want or need to talk."

"I know Meg, thank you. I'll be okay. I just need to get through this latest batch of work and give Ari the time she needs to get through her classes."

Meg was still concerned but left it alone for now.

* * * *

It might have been fate, divine intervention or just pure dumb luck that construction work had diverted traffic. Jade was driving past Serafina's at a little before six pm Thursday evening. She looked at the club entrance, thinking that over the weekend she would take Terry out dancing again. She spotted a familiar face talking to the female bouncer at the door. Jade smiled; it seemed that Kate and Ari really enjoyed being at Vivian's club.

* * * *

To say that Ari was guilt ridden was an understatement. In addition to her earlier transgressions, she'd had a second encounter with Vivian, had nearly become a puddle of wanton lust because of it, and then lied to Kate not once, not twice, but three times within a twenty four hour period.

She had not been ill at all, just overwhelmed by the powerful feelings of desire Vivian had stirred. She was tempted again to ease her ardor with Kate but managed to resist. It wasn't right for her to have sex with Kate if her feelings and desire were for someone else.

She had snuck out early before Kate had awakened and rushed home after scribbling a note about a made up appointment with a professor. Back in her dorm room, Ari had agonized over if she should accept Vivian's invitation or not. When Kate's email came, she had lied again with a story about helping a fellow student with some make-up work.

Truthfully, with all of these lies, deep down, Ari knew she couldn't say no to Vivian. Somewhere deep inside herself she knew the truth. That truth? Yeah, Kate was wonderful, beautiful, caring, and desirable. Vivian was all those things too but she also had a quality, a certain something that Ari was drawn to. She wasn't exactly sure what it was but it was strong ― and somehow Ari knew it was what she needed. It was the one thing that Ari thought Kate didn't have.

Ari fretted about what to wear. She changed into and out of a dozen outfits before she settled on a short dark brown skirt, matching leggings, a mocha colored, long sleeve, high neck top and black flats.

She was a bundle of nerves during the cab ride over. The tall and well muscled woman who guarded the door was imposing. It took Ari two tries before she found her voice to say what she needed to be allowed inside.

At six pm the club was nearly empty as the night goers hadn't arrived yet. Many of the staff were preparing for the turnout that would come. A very pretty young woman led Ari up to the second floor and pointed her to a spiral stair case.

At the top, there was a door and a small button that Ari guessed was the bell. Her hand shook as she reached to press it. About half a minute later the door opened and there stood Vivian.

The word Goddess came to Ari's mind as her eyes feasted on Vivian. Her hair was piled high on her head. Long sleeves, coupled with the maxi dress, completed a look that tantalized an already mesmerized Ari. The sultry red jersey fabric clung to Vivian's curvaceous frame and, thanks to a thigh high split, showed an oh-so-tempting sliver of leg that ended in matching red pumps.

"Hello Ari, you look simply ravishing. Please come in and relax," Vivian said as she closed the door. She led Ari to a small sofa where they sat; Viv poured a glass of wine for each of them.

"I have a chef I use sometimes for special occasions. He'll cook whatever we want; just let me know what you'd like to have," Vivian continued as she watched Ari for any signs that she might want to back out of this dinner. There was some nervousness in her body language as she sipped her wine, which was to be expected, but nothing that suggested Ari might bolt.

"Umm, I don't know, whatever you're having is fine" Ari managed to get out. She was so awestruck by Vivian that she was having trouble thinking straight.

"Whatever I'm having huh? Well I was planning on eating something young, tender and juicy. I'd be delighted to share," Vivian teased. The innuendo wasn't missed by Ari, who blushed furiously. Vivian pretended not to notice and excused herself to call and place the dinner order.

"So my sweet, tell me about this marvelous book you've written?" Vivian asked when she was once again seated next to Ari; this time a little closer than before.

"Well, I've always liked writing stories about young women, like myself I guess, who go on adventures, find love and overcome their fears. So I wrote about a young woman from a small town who comes to the big city to find herself. She gets into some trouble helping a stranger in need, then ends up caught up in a huge conspiracy where her life gets all topsy-turvy. In the end she gets away and finds love and happiness."

"That sounds fascinating. I do hope when it comes out you'll sign a copy for me."

"Yes of course, if you'd like," Ari answered. Vivian noticed that all traces of nervousness vanished when Ari was talking about her work so Vivian continued to ask question about Ari's writing in order to have her relax.

Time flew by and before Ari knew it dinner arrived. The chef, a thirty-something looking man, looked very professional in his white uniform. They were seated opposite each other at a small circular table. The food, already plated, was served promptly and silently. With a nod, Vivian dismissed the chef and they were left alone. The setting was very intimate and Ari found herself hoping that things would go even further as the night went on.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she was cheating on Kate, not only with her being here having a romantic dinner with Vivian, but also with her thoughts and fantasies about Vivian.

The part of her mind that was all for this experience with Vivian quickly squashed any and all thoughts of Kate, putting Vivian in the forefront of Ari's mind and libido.

The meal was divine; a chicken something with tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and artichoke all in a delicious broth. Vivian mentioned the name but it didn't register as the pull of Vivian's sensuality overwhelmed Ari.

Little was said as they ate but the way Vivian was looking at Ari, the fire in her eyes, spoke volumes of what was to come later on. Ari eagerly welcomed it.

When the meal was done, Vivian led Ari back to the sofa and sat close, her thigh touching Ari's. It felt good and Ari craved more of it. She wanted to feel Vivian's entire body pressed to hers.

"Do you know what comes after the main course my sweet?" Vivian asked, her voice low and filled with desire.

"Umm, dessert?" Ari replied.

"Precisely, something sweet to tantalize the taste buds." The words had barely registered when Vivian's lips touched Ari's. A soft, teasing brush at first, followed by a slightly longer pass then longer still until their lips were pressed together tightly.

Ari felt the tip of Vivian's tongue gently probing and opened her mouth. She wasted no time in deepening the kiss, her tongue searching for and finding Ari's.

Ari felt like her whole body had been set on fire. Her heart was pumping hard, her body a quivering mass of need and want. When Vivian slowly ran her hands up Ari's arms, the young woman shivered. She felt one of Vivian's hands caressing her back as the other settled in her hair. Vivian pulled her closer as her lips and tongue took possession of Ari's mouth.

When they parted, both were breathing hard. Vivian could see it in Ari's eyes; she was primed and ready, almost desperate for relief. It would come soon enough as Vivian stood, took Ari's hand and led Ari to her bedroom.

Chapter 17

Vivian lowered the lights then she and Ari sat on the side of the bed. She leaned in and kisses Ari again, this time it was a little more forceful, more predatory. Ari had never been kissed like that and loved how it felt. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth to Vivian's tongue and moaned as Vivian completely possessed her mouth.

Ari felt herself being slowly lowered to the bed. Vivian's hands began their roaming exploration, slipping under Ari's top to touch her stomach, her sides and up to her breasts. Ari lifted willingly as Vivian pulled the top from her body and began kissing along her neck to her shoulders.

She felt Vivian shift and prod her to roll onto her stomach, which she did. Her hair was shifted, her bra unclasped and Vivian's lips were on her neck as Vivian straddled her lower back.

Ari gasped as she felt Vivian's bare sex and wetness pressed to her skin.

"You like that little one?" Vivian asked, her voiced deep and passion filled as she ground her pussy against Ari's flesh.

"Yes," Ari answered, her voice strained with her arousal.

Vivian moved again and Ari felt her skirt being tugged. She lifted and felt both the skirt and leggings being pulled down. There was a pause, during which Vivian removed her shoes, and then the rest came off and Ari was left in only her little black panties and the bra that covered her modest breasts.

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