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Finding Mom


Before I go on with my story I feel it is only right to give you a bit of background on my life. It is easy for people to be judgmental and tell me what I have done and what I am doing is wrong but past events define what we are and who we become. I offer this not as an excuse but so you know things are not always black and white.

My mother left my father when I was about 2 for reasons I will never fully understand having no idea why she left since she has never contacted me and my father was, at best, reluctant to talk about it. Now I am older I guess the thing I find hardest to understand is how she could leave a child without ever wanting to know them.

My father worked away a lot and as a result I was passed around friends and family to be looked after. Some of my earliest memories at school were being teased by other kids for having no mom and having no one there on sports day or during the nativity play.

By the time I was 8 my father announced to me that he had gone and remarried and we would be living together as a family. He introduced me to my new mother. Her name was Elizabeth and even at such a young age I knew this was not how a mommy should look. Over the years I learned she was originally from Vietnam and worked in a hotel somewhere up north. Apparently my father, having frequented the same hotel on numerous occasions whilst on business, got chatting to her and became friendly with Elizabeth, who was a receptionist and eventually asked her out. He said they had dated for over two years and decided he wanted to marry her. They got married at a registry office with just a very small service, to which I was not invited and hence I now had this new mom.

To be fair to her she was nothing but good to me but even at that tender age I found things too strange to ever get close to her. I was back living regularly at my home, something I was unused to. This woman was strange to look at and ate different kinds of food, much of which I disliked. Having a mom again I thought would make things better but it actually got worse. The other kids found out where she was from and constantly picked on me about how my mom was a Thai hooker and asking if my dad had to keep paying for sex.

I got in numerous fights for which I was blamed. I was too ashamed to tell my parents or the teachers what had been said and so I was blamed for many of the fights. As I got older the insults just got more offensive and lewd. By the time I left school I had no friends to speak of and locked myself in my room with computer games.

My relationship with Liz was always distant but respectful. She tried to help me out with little talks but I could never open up to her. I guess I resented her for what she had put me through. After I finished school I decided I needed to get away and start afresh. I was far from stupid, having locked myself away so long I had little else to do apart from study and I became what people would perceive as a geek. I spent two years at college which I graduated with flying colours but I did not form any longstanding friendships as I did not want people discovering my secret and putting me through the same hell as school. This was also an issue with girls. I was a developing teenager with the same hormones as everyone else but I couldn't talk to any men let alone women.

Having finished college I was accepted on a course at a University in Wales. This was far enough from where I currently lived, about a two hour drive, to allow me the independence I sought.

My first day of freedom was fast approaching and surprisingly my Dad had arranged to take me to the Halls of Residence where I would be stopping. Much to my horror Elizabeth said she would also be coming along as she wanted to see where I would be living.

We arrived at the Hall's which was off campus, about ten minutes from the University. I unloaded the car and grabbed my bags. I was nervous not to be seen and gave them both a quick kiss and a hug goodbye.

"Aren't you going to invite us into your new place first?" Liz asked somewhat surprised at my hasty retreat.

"Erm...well I need to check in, it may take ages," even in my own head this sounded like a lame reason.

"It's okay we will wait for you, after all we wont be seeing you for a whilst now" Dad said oblivious to any deliberate excuses.

"Er...yeah...okay then, back in a moment."

I walked across to the entrance of the Halls where upon me giving confirmation of my name I was given a door key and a load of information on the University, fresher's week, local sights, fire regulations, etc. I walked back outside and my parents were both out of the car chatting to another couple who had obviously just dropped off their son too. I held the door open as he solemnly thanked me before heading to the reception. As I approached I could hear the conversation,

"... he is just a little nervous having never lived away before"

"That's like our Dale, I'm sure they will be okay though." Dad looked up from his conversation to see me approaching.

"Hey Mark you got the key then?"

I lofted it up to show them and forced a smile, as I encouraged them to follow me indoors and out of the public view in the car park. My Dad passed me over a large rucksack as he carried another large holdall and Elizabeth carried a box of rations as she called it containing plates, cutlery, food, etc.

Rather than wait for a lift I followed the instructions the Hall warden had given me up a flight of stairs to my new room. As I fumbled to get the key into the door the young man in the room directly opposite came out. He was 6 foot with dark, curly hair which was in a modern style, unkempt. He was wearing an open, blue, chequered shirt, with a t-shirt underneath depicting the message 'Only users lose drugs'. His face broke into a big smile as he introduced himself as Jeff. He took everyone's hand in a warm, welcoming manner but I noticed how he looked at my Mom a little longer than everyone else. Already I had a feeling of dread. My neighbours now knew who my mother was; a pit formed in the bottom of my stomach, it was going to be like school all over again.

I unlocked the room and scrambled inside. The room was in many ways like a standard hotel room with an en-suite facility. Other extras were the table provided with the overhead lamp supposedly for the hours of studying I was to do and a couple of pin boards which were added to stop students pinning numerous holes into the walls.

Feeling tired and pissed off I was very cold towards my parents, which they took to be a sign of nerves. Having shown them around the communal kitchen area, which six of us were due to share, we returned to the room. As my parents were about to leave there was a knock at the door, it was the parents of Dale.

"Hope you don't mind?" His mother said, "it seems you two are neighbours. " I looked over to Dale who looked as fed up as I felt. He was about 5 foot 8 and was dressed in combats and a hoody. I nodded my head towards him and in acknowledgment and he nodded back.

"Well we shall leave you all to it, we have to shoot off," Dad said after some small talk. "It's a long drive back."

"Finally," though I kept my thoughts to myself. We embraced and Elizabeth gave me a peck on the cheek whilst reminding me to call regularly, as they made there way out of the door. Dale was also giving his farewells and between us we ushered the parents out of my room. I could see Elizabeth was wiping her eyes as she walked away and for a moment I felt a pang of guilt for the trouble I had caused her. At least now I could blame no one else but myself. Having got shot of the parents Dale, who was still in my room, sat himself on the chair which was nestled under the desk.

"Fuck me, am I glad they are gone," he said exhaling a large breath. "I swear they were doing my head in." I laughed at his frank and honest view, relieved that I was not alone in my discomfort.

"You're not wrong, it's bad enough trying to make conversation for two hours in the car with them, but then they want to talk even more once your get here. I feel like a 12 year old all over again." This time it was Dale's turn to laugh. "You like FIFA?"

"Love it." With that, whilst leaving the remainder of the luggage unopened I pulled out the console which I plugged into the TV. Soon enough we had got chatting about our courses, what we were expecting from university, background history and I realised that we were very similar in many ways. From my point of view it was good to meet someone who didn't once mention my mom.

It must have been a couple of hours later when there was a knock at the door but before I could get up and see who it was in walked Jeff with another man.

"Hi all," said Jeff with all his usual enthusiasm, this is Mo he said pointing to the Indian lad behind him. He was a similar height to Jeff but wore dark blue jeans and a bvrown leather jacket. Mo raised a hand in acknowledgment. "It seems we are to be neighbours." With that they both strolled in Mo sitting on the table whilst Jeff threw himself onto the bed. It was then that I realised Mo had bought some beers in with him and he started cracking them open and handing them out.

"Here is to new neighbours" said Jeff raising his can. We all followed suit and took out first swig.

Weeks went by without incident. The course was going well, I had formed new friendships with my neighbours although the other two neighbours turned out to be Malaysian and spent more time with there fellow country men in another block. I sparingly kept in touch with my parents and apart from spending far too much on alcohol and fresher's week all seemed to be going well. Then one night the moment I had been dreading arrived.

It started with a heavy night at the student union where we all started playing drinking games and drinking shots. Being completely wasted Mo suggested we head back to his room for a smoke. Not having smoked any weed before I reluctantly agreed but before long we were all having a joint having disabled the in room smoke alarm.

"Hey Mark, that woman with your Dad, who was it?" Jeff asked with a stoned grin on his face. This was it, even in this state I began to feel nauseous.

"That is my mom, well step mom," I replied trying not to let my anxiety show.

"You lucky bastard, she is hot." At this point I chocked on the draw I was smoking which created much amusement within the group. Unlike school I realised that these guys were not out to pick on me, sure we took the piss out of each other but it was friendly banter.

"You think so?" I asked surprised as the joint started to relax me.

"Fuck off you must know that?" Jeff suddenly realizing that I had no idea what he was on about then he turned to Mo. "What did you think of her?" Mo who was probably the most chilled out guy I had ever met, even before smoking stopped rolling the next joint and looked up.

"No idea, I never met her." Jeff looked exasperated as he looked for support.

"Dale, tell him." This was obviously something they discussed before but it was the first time I had ever heard my mom described in such a way.

"She is very hot."

"You have never knocked one out thinking about her?" Jeff mocked but I detected a true underlying question. "I did on the first night." Again everyone laughed and I couldn't help but join in. Something about Jeff finding Elizabeth so attractive was quite exciting.

"No of course not," I finally managed as the smoke stung my eyes. I could see Jeff shaking his head.

"So what she look like?" Mo asked having completed his roll up.

"Well she is oriental," I started, "about 5ft 2, petite, ordinary I guess."

"Shut the fuck up," Jeff interrupted laughing "you are such a dick. Tell him the truth." I just looked at him blankly. "When she dropped Mark off she was wearing a denim jean skirt which went down to her knee and a pair of leather boots. I could see she was wearing nylons underneath and I just imagined them to be stockings when I wanked off the other night." The lads all laughed as he described what he saw but hung on to every word. Even listening to him I found myself getting aroused, though whether the drugs had any bearing on that I was unsure. I realised what Jeff was saying was right, it seemed to be like a light was switched on in my head. The image he was describing, that which was getting me aroused, was my mom. "...underneath her coat she had on a silky blouse and I could just make out a lacy blue bra holding up a pair of fantastic tits."

"How old is she?" Dale suddenly asked pulling me away from my incestuous thoughts of my mom.

"Erm...37, I think."

"Fuck me she looks good for it."

That night when I went to bed images of my mom filled my thoughts. Little things I had seen over the years were suddenly very arousing and I rubbed my cock thinking about Elizabeth.

Over the coming weeks things continued in much the same vain. All the lads wanted to fuck my mom, Dale and Mo's sisters and Jeff's aunt including Jeff himself. On the occasions I had alone I started looking at family pictures on my laptop. One of my favourites was when we had gone out to a Halloween party. I had gone dressed as Spock from Star Trek, Dad as a Klingon, which was just a rubbish costume and Mom as an oriental version of Lieutenant Uhura. I had now cut me and dad out of the picture and zoomed in on the picture to just show Liz wearing the shortest red dress with a pair of black leather boots dark nylons underneath. Often I touched myself whilst looking at this picture, imagining cumming deep inside her.

My first trip back home was for a brief visit over a weekend and there was definitely change in the air. All the animosity I had from before was gone and when Liz asked me about how things were going I actually carried on a normal conversation with her. The problem was I was now looking at her in a different light; I would start looking at her arse and cleavage at any opportunity I wanted to kiss her neck, I watched her ruby lips moving as she spoke words I often had to get her to repeat.

After my first term I found myself with four weeks off. I had lots of assignments to do so I was unable to find time in getting a job. Elizabeth however, having no reason to stay at home anymore had a part time job at a travel agency Her uniform was a tight, navy blue skirt, with matching jacket and a white blouse and high heels which showed off her shapely legs. She hated the uniform but I loved it especially as I could usually make out the style of bra she was wearing underneath.

Then one day whilst Dad was at work I was busy studying in my room when Liz came in.

"You know that computer you gave us?" she said getting upset "I can't seem to get it working." When I left for University Dad had bought me a laptop on condition that they could have my old desk top computer. Since I had no use for it I agreed. They had set it up in the corner of their bedroom. When I went to examine it, it quickly became apparent they had some sort of virus on it. I decided to try the 'System Restore' so they never lost too much information.

"I just need to reboot it" I told Liz.

"Do you mind doing it whilst I wash my hair?" she asked. "I have to get ready for work. Just make sure it's all working will you please Mark."

"It should be okay once I reboot it but you will have to log on to be sure."

"Its okay" she said pulling out a little notepad, "my logon and password are here."

Without a second thought she went off to the bathroom.

The computer took several minutes before it had rebooted and I logged in. Everything seemed okay and I was about to turn off the system when a thought occurred. I didn't have long but I clicked on the internet icon and bought up her browsing history. It was mainly shopping websites and I felt a twinge of disappointment. Then I noticed an instant messenger tab had opened up and was prompting me for a password. I quickly made a note of her user name which had automatically appeared before logging off the system as I heard the bathroom door being opened.

Then one night the parents were going out to a company function. Mom had considered cancelling as I would be left home alone, but I insisted they go as I could catch up on my work. Dad was all ready to go wearing a tuxedo whilst cursing at the amount of time it was taking for Liz to get ready. When she appeared she looked stunning wearing a short, black dress, high heels which exaggerated the length of her legs and dark nylons underneath. Her thighs were curvy and yet firm and I wanted nothing more than to run my hands over her legs. I was taken aback, how is it I never could have noticed this woman before? Her breasts stood out as the tightness of the dress hugged her curves. Without a word Dad just hurriedly passed her a jacket. I leant in and gently kissed her cheek. She seemed shock but passed me a warm, shy smile.

"You look stunning," I said almost to myself but she picked up on it.

"Thank you," she said with obvious joy. With that they left the house with instructions on what to do in case of an emergency.

As the door closed I ran upstairs to their room and turned on the computer. I was filled with excitement and my cock was already starting to harden. Having successfully logged on I started going through her files. As before there was nothing of interest until I clicked on shared pictures.

I was about to click off again when I noticed a file amongst all the other family picture files simply marked with an x. I clicked on it and a picture of my mom wearing a summery dress appeared. I had seen her wear that dress a hundred times before. Something about the picture had caught my interest. At first I was unsure why but then I noticed that the picture was taken in this very room and the dress which was buttoned all the way down the front had an unusual amount of buttons opened at the top although nothing to cause excitement was visible. I clicked onto the next picture. This was more or less the same picture except this time enough the top buttons were undone to make visible the top of a white lacy push up bra. Her breast pushed up to revealing ample cleavage. What was also more noticeable was the buttons at the bottom of the dress was also been undone, revealing a pair of white nylons. I clicked again this time gripping my hardened cock. This picture had the bra fully exposed. Her breast which were in a C cup, were revealing a bit of the moon around the nipple and her white nylons were revealed to be stockings. Her tanned thighs contrasted against the white, silky nylon. I clicked again and this time she was lying on the bed in just her white underwear, I sucked in a breath as my hardened member demanded release.

In my urgency to see more I clicked again in the hope that the next picture would reveal even more but I was left slightly disappointed. In the next picture she was once more fully clothed in the outfit she wore tonight, the only difference was in this picture she had curled her hair. Again it was taken in the bedroom she was sat on the bed and upon closer inspection I could just make out her stocking tops. The next took me by surprise as she posed on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open allowing a perfect view of a skimpy pair of black panties and stockings. Another click had her dress around her waist whilst pushing her bra clad breast towards her mouth. Click, this time I shot my load as her tongue was licking her own nipple. Her tits were seemingly large against her small frame yet perfect in form. The nipples were obviously hard and I imagined how aroused she was when she was having these pictures taken.

I went into the bathroom to clean up. Then I went into my room and grabbed a memory stick and copied the files onto it. Before shutting down I decided to click again. This time was a picture I was all too familiar with as she was dressed in her Star Trek uniform. This must have been at the end of the night as you could tell she was looking a little drunk. The next picture she was lying on her back, looking directly at the camera. She had her skirt pushed up and her fingers inside her nylons and inside her panties. The next was another of her in the same pose with her face slightly contorted and the next the same again. I realised that Dad must have used a load of pictures as he watched her play with herself. Already I was hard again but soon the photos had run out returning to the beginning of the show. I considered watching them again but looking down I saw her messenger account had reappeared.

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