tagRomanceFirst Anniversary

First Anniversary


I entered the dining room and I spotted a pair of your red silken panties draped across the back of kitchen chair. It was puzzling, you are so neat. When I grabbed for the delicious apparel it seemed to leap onto the floor leaving me staring quizzically.

Taking two steps forward a flash of red darted just out of reach followed by the musical peal of your laughter from upstairs. A tiny red light aglow on the camera ball perched on top of the computer revealed the depth of your silly prank. I was being watched.

The panties snaked up the staircase riding each riser like a flowing stream running in reverse. I could only laugh and follow the bait to the bed we have shared in wedded bliss.

You lay across our bed staring at the another computer screen showing the living room and kitchen framed perfectly, grinning broadly pleased at your mischievous subterfuge.

Then you tossed the wadded ball of thread connected to your sexy undergarment off to the side, languishing on the covers naked as the day of your birth, avoiding eye contact with me to keep from bursting into another fit of laughter.

I smirked at you luxuriant pose, your ankles crossed, hands behind your head leaving your wrinkled nipples peering at the ceiling. The sight of your full breasts still takes my breath away: round, firm, with subtle pink nipples guiding your way.

"Somebody sent me flowers and gifts for my anniversary..." She flashed that special smoldering grin that tugs at me, pulling into her swirling vortex to drown, happily, in her damp folds never to surface again.

"It could have been me. I think it's our anniversary, isn't it?"

"Hmm," was her measured response.

I grabbed her ankles, one in each hand, and gently pulled her body down the bed, her arms and hair following in trail, a languid path of passion soaking through the covers permeating our bed with shared love and lust.

Holding her ankles high above her prone figure, so sleek and graceful, I knelt slowly to tickle her smooth, freshly shaved puss. I inhaled deeply savoring the womanly scent of her, as I dabbed my outstretched tongue into her silken sex.

She hissed with carnal delight when the tip of my tongue slapped at her clitoris standing tall between her puffy lips: lips swollen in anticipation of my advance, my attack.

I threw a forearm over her slim belly to slow the bouncing of her narrow hips as she is wont to when I probe her slippery folds. Her fingers twisted my hair in her grip then nails dug at my scalp pulling my face into the passage that contains her physical love, to taste the sweet dewy drops of nectar she milked from her inner most depths. I sampled her nectar like a bee: collecting all she offered yet searching for continued riches between her silky smooth thighs.

A high pitched squeal escaped from her mouth while she sucked her lips inside her mouth biting down to keep from screaming aloud.

Early in our marriage we had to convince the landlord there were no crimes being committed in our bedroom save those of passionate savagery. She stared at us briefly, shook her head, and wandered down the hallway muttering about 'noisy damn newlyweds.'

Finally, I corraled your fleshy nubbin in my lips sucking it inside my mouth so I can wrestle it with my tongue, which always sends you into a sexual spin. I could hardly contain your bucking hips as you tried to yank my lips from yours the sensation from my assault almost too great for you to bear.

A tremble began in your ankles, now draped over my shoulder, overtaking your knees, and lodging in your firm ass cheeks nestled against my collar bone. First one bounce—you body jumping in pleasure—then another, your mouth open wide in the sexual panic of your climax, blue sheets of ultimate gratification filling your vision behind eyes screwed shut.

"Jeez!" You puffed at your release with a greater tremble throughout your slender shape.

God, I love to make you come!

Your hands grasped at my face slick with your juices, pushing me from your over-stimulated puss.

"Stop, stop, stop..." You begged me to let you land once again on earth, on our bed. Your sweet giggle, that wondrous sound of your delight filled my ears and my heart, bringing tears to my eyes in the knowledge that I have you as my bride 'to have and to hold.'

You panted to fill your lungs once again, searching my eyes, before you pulled my face to yours to kiss me deeply. My nipple was enticed, raising up from my flesh, while your body shuddered one last time from your recent orgasm.

I pressed my breasts to yours while your finger slipped between my legs to enter my body. I sighed as you cradle my damp mons in your delicate palm.

"Happy, first anniversary," I whispered into her open mouth.


Dedicated to all courageous couples who fought for equal rights in marriage.

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