First Day Of School


“Oh, Chris,” Lisa sighed when our lips separated.

My arm had wrapped around her back and I held her by the waist. I wanted to reposition the way I was sitting, but I was afraid to move. Maybe I was still in shock.

“Lisa. I…I…”

The woman kissed me again. Gently. She solved my discomfort on the couch by moving her body more to face me. The only problem was my hand now was on her side, at breast level. I felt it brush against the side of her right breast as our kiss continued. I felt her stiffen and sensed an intake of air by her when we touched.

Just before breaking the kiss, she put both hands on my side. When I opened my eyes again she was looking at my body, moving her hands to the small amount of skin below my top and above my jeans.

Her fingers caressed my skin. She had to feel and hear my uneven breathing. I didn’t want her to stop, but I didn’t want her to go any farther. The kisses were nice and heartfelt, but…she was touching me with fingers that seemed to float on my skin.

Lightning and thunder faded outside, but still broke the night’s silence. Candlelight flickered off Lisa’s face. She was more beautiful than ever.

I felt pressure against my waist. I was being pushed backward ever so lightly. I was going to fall onto the couch.

My head delicately hit the pillow behind me. My legs stretched out along the front of the couch, next to Lisa’s. In the dimness I saw her leaning down to me and I reached out for her.

With my arms wrapped around her, she put her mouth on mine and we kissed passionately, with an overpowering lust. I smelled her and felt her and heard her moaning while our tongues clashed. It all combined to form an awareness of nothing but her and me. No other sights or sounds existed.

Lisa’s hands ran over my hair and onto my face. She laid her body on mine and I managed to swing my legs onto the couch beneath her. Finally, we lay face-to-face, chest-to-chest, lost in a kiss.

Actually, the kiss had turned into a mutual attempt to devour the other woman. Out mouths opened and closed around each other, licking and sucking at the same time. Whimpers escaped from both of us, as if trying to communicate our desires.

With Lisa’s hands all over me, I failed to notice that she had pulled the straps of my top over my shoulders. What I noticed was that her right hand was able to slide inside my top and rest on my left breast.

This first touch by a woman sent more than waves through my body. I was trembling as if in a snowstorm naked. I was scared. Until she touched my nipple. THAT sensation I already knew. I felt it in my pussy.

Lisa pulled the straps to my top off my arms, exposing both breasts. I made no attempt to stop her as her mouth headed for a nipple. If the feel of her hand on my nipple felt good, I can’t explain what happened when her tongue touched me.

“Oh, Lisa.” My eyes were closed, my mouth open. “No.”

I didn’t mean it and she knew it. Or if she thought I did, she wasn’t about to stop. She licked me until the nipple was hard and more sensitive than it had ever been. She put it in her mouth, along with a good portion of my breast. When she ran her tongue over it some more, I arched my chest toward her head.

This had to be the final sign to her that she had me. Nothing she could do the rest of the evening could disappoint me. She was an expert and she was about to use every skill on my body. As the storm faded outside, the storm inside me was just building up.

Lisa had one breast in her hand and the other in her mouth. I never wanted her to leave my chest. When she began to alternate them in her mouth I honestly believed I could have cum.

Maybe she sensed this because a moment later she pulled back. I watched as she leaned toward the table and blew out two of the candles, leaving just the one on the end table. It was barely enough for us to make out shapes in the room.

“Take off your top,” she said in a near whisper. “Please.”

She didn’t need to beg. I lifted it off, comforted somewhat by the darkness of the room. I asked myself what I was doing, but never considered saying no to Lisa. I lay back down, waiting for her to make the next move.

She began by unbuttoning her shirt. Perhaps the ghostly shadows of the room influenced me, but I wanted desperately to see and feel and taste her breasts. It was temptation at its ultimate. Nearly within arm’s length was one of the most beautiful bodies I’d ever seen and yet I couldn’t make it out. The breasts were there, then they weren’t. I wanted them.

Lisa pulled off the shirt and dropped it next to the couch. She hesitated for what seemed an eternity before leaning toward me. Right before her body contacted mine I saw the marvelous shape of her breasts as they hung down. When her breasts hit mine, I exhaled a moan that only lovers would understand.

She kissed my forehead and nose and face and neck. She licked me and nibbled on me and kissed me some more. Our hips grinded together while my hands explored her back and shoulders. She felt magnificent as she consumed me.

“I want you,” I murmured in her ear. “I want your…”

I didn’t need to say the word. She moved up and a breast hovered above my face. I put my hand on it just before it dropped to my mouth. Receiving it with my lips and tongue seemed like the most natural thing I had ever done.

My tongue couldn’t avoid the nipple. Having never been with a woman, never having a woman tell me what aroused her, I knew to lick and suck on her nipple. It’s what I would have wanted.

Lisa’s breasts were full and firm and wonderful. I let them rub against my face. They were cool and soft. I closed my eyes and lost myself in their splendor. Again I put one in my mouth and Lisa muttered a soft “Yes”.

My hands moved to her ass. I felt the warmth between her legs even through her jeans. I squeezed gently at first, then harder with a lustful zeal. I hoped that I would have a chance to feel the skin inside the jeans.

The truth was, I was beyond my initial alarm about what was happening and I now wanted what was once fantasy to become reality. We could have dressed at this point and come back another night. But I wanted this woman naked. Now.

I would worry later about what to do then.

What I hadn’t considered was that she wanted me naked, too. And she was on top. In control. So when she withdrew her breasts from my face and moved down my body, it took me by surprise.

Lisa lightly licked my nipples as she passed them by. Then I felt her tongue on my stomach and around my navel. God, don’t stop, I thought to myself.

She untied my belt and unbuttoned the jeans. When I heard the zipper being pulled down I felt my anxieties return. I also felt the wetness between my legs. I had a feeling my body’s needs would overcome my apprehensions.

I lifted my ass off the couch to allow Lisa to pull my jeans over my hips and down my legs. I looked up into the darkness and watched the flickering light of the candle bounce off the ceiling, creating crazy, indefinable patterns. My jeans hitting the floor snapped me back to the real world.

Cool air rushed over my body. But I felt safe. The lightning was nearly all gone and Lisa’s scent still surrounded me.

When her hands touched my thighs my body stiffened. Lisa’s fingers barely made contact with my skin as they rose up my legs. They slid under my panties and continued past my pussy and to the top of my legs. Then Lisa brought them together inside my panties directly over the small patch of hair that bordered my clit.

She made no attempt to arouse me. Just touch me. Perhaps look and feel for a response from me. I couldn’t move. But that was my way of saying, “Yes. More.”

Lisa pulled down my panties. That was the first time my mind really, really centered on the fact a woman was getting me naked and we were probably about to make love. I only had a faint clue of what we were supposed to do. Of course, lying on my back and letting the “expert” do me would be easy. How I should respond to her would be more difficult.

I desperately wanted not to disappoint her. But she had to know this was my first time. She had to.

My panties were on the floor. I was naked. Thank God it was dark. I told myself I would NOT wake up the entire city if the lights came back on. Breathe, Chris, breathe.

“Chris Spivey, you are beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous,” Lisa said quietly.

I could make out the smile on her face and I smiled back, embarrassed yet appreciative of her compliment.

“Thanks, Lisa. I hope…Uh. I haven’t…”

“Shhh. Let me teach you,” she said.

Teachers. That’s what we were. And Lisa was going to teach me how to love a woman. And be loved.

I watched her kneel between my legs and unbutton her jeans. She pulled down the zipper and pushed the pants halfway to her knees. I stared at the miniscule patch of material that covered her pussy. The thong was erotic in its simplicity. Lisa was smiling, but I never noticed.

She climbed off the couch and stood, letting the jeans fall to the floor before stepping out of them. Sensuously, she placed fingers around the straps of her thong and pulled it down. She turned just enough for me to see both her ass and her pussy as she removed it. I couldn’t stop looking as the shadows moved across her nakedness.

She posed for me for just an instant, her hands on her ass.

“God, Lisa.” I wanted to say she was beautiful and sexy and driving me crazy. But I didn’t know how. I was so afraid of saying something stupid I didn’t say anything. Maybe that was best.

Lisa got back on the couch, putting her knees between my legs and her mouth on my left breast. I held her head in place with my hand, brushing her fine blonde hair. I spread my legs farther apart as her tongue licked my nipple harder.

Then she moved lower again. This time she didn’t stop at my navel. She took small bites with her lips above and around my clit. But never on it. I moved my hips trying to put my clit under her mouth, but she moved away each time. She kissed my thighs and licked her way back up.

I felt the tension in my legs build until her tongue finally touched my clit. My entire body shuddered and I felt a strange calmness enter me. All the trepidation over another woman wanting me disappeared. It was happening and she was making me wild with lust. Just let it happen, Chris.

I felt Lisa’s tongue slide between the folds of skin that separated my cunt from my clit. She had to taste me. My juices had been building since the first kiss. Now her tongue was at the entrance to my cunt and I wanted her to savor me.

With her hands firmly planted on my ass, she lifted me off the couch and pushed her tongue inside me. Never before had a cock felt so good. She licked the inside of my cunt, hitting every corner she could reach. I moaned as she pulled out.

Her tongue slowly rose up between my legs. It teased my clit before making solid contact once again. I pushed myself into her face. I felt her squeeze my ass as she licked frantically. Her nose was pressed against me as she opened her mouth and accepted the entire area around my clit into it.

Now her lips and tongue worked together on the engorged clit. Sounds escaped me that I had never made before. This was total pleasure.

“Oh, Lisa. Yes. Yes.”

I was going to cum. That was inevitable. But I found myself wondering if I should cum now, when I wanted to, or wait. What would an “experienced” woman do? God, Chris, quit thinking. Concentrate.

My hand was on my breast, twirling a nipple between my thumb and forefinger. That was the last stimulus I needed.

I began to shake. Lisa manipulated my clit with precision and my nipple tingled. I cried out as the orgasm erupted inside me.

“Come on, Chris. That’s it.” Lisa only lifted her mouth long enough to utter the short words of encouragement, then placed it on me again.

My natural instinct took over. I started lifting and lowering my hips as if her mouth was a cock. I was fucking her face because that’s all I knew to do. I was cumming and when I came I moved my hips.

Fortunately, Lisa was able to maintain contact with my increasingly sensitive clit. The more she licked the more I came. My breasts swung back and forth in rhythm with my body and my head rolled from one side of the pillow to the other.

I was clutching the couch until moving my hands to the back of Lisa’s head. I never wanted her to leave the area between my legs. One orgasm flowed into another and my cunt felt like it would never return to normal. Deep inside of me ripples from the orgasms worked their way through me until bursting from my pussy.

“Lisa. Lisa, stop.”

I tried to crawl up the couch to get away from the tongue that had driven me to multiple orgasms and now needed to let me take a break. But Lisa clung to my ass and pulled me into her once more.

“Lisa,” I said half laughing. “No. Please.”

Finally she stopped. My body was numb. I had cum with men and lay with them while we recovered. But it was never like this. I was totally spent, breathing hard and on the verge of sweating.

“Oh, my God,” I sighed. “What was that?”

Lisa laughed and kissed my thighs, the moisture from her lips feeling cool on my skin. “That was an orgasm, I believe.”

I put my hands on my stomach and tried to relax. “I’ve had orgasms. That was different.”

Lisa crawled up my body, the feeling of her skin on mine sending new waves of delight through me. She kissed me and I got my first taste of the sweet juices that had just flowed out of me. We kissed long and hard, my hands exploring her body and her tongue exploring my mouth.

Her ass was magnificent to touch. The round curves gave way to my fingers and palms, compressing together until I moved back out to her hips again. I pulled her closer to me and felt her breasts on mine. I could have stayed like that all night.

But Lisa broke the kiss and rolled until she sat on the edge of the couch. She handed me my glass of wine and held her own. I leaned up.

“To your first time.” I accepted her toast and we touched glasses. Then each took a drink.

Lisa took my glass from me and returned it to the table. I watched with uncertainty as she lay on the other end of the couch, her legs stretching out around me. Her eyes penetrated mine and captured me. Once she knew I was watching her every move, she moved her glass to her breasts.

The glass tilted and a trickle of wine covered one breast. Lisa looked at me invitingly. I needed no other hints.

I lowered my head and caught the bottom of the flow of wine. I lapped it up and followed the stream to the top of her breast. It was the most exhilarating drink I’d ever had.

Lisa repeated the process on the other breast. I eagerly drank it up.

“Move down,” she said.

I obeyed. The glass poured a small amount of wine below her navel. I followed it down to the pencil thin strip of blonde hair above her clit. The rest of Lisa’s pussy was shaven completely clean. This woman wore thongs, for God’s sake, I told myself when marveling at the lack of hair.

Then a thought struck me. I hesitated, considered my choices, then acted. I reached for Lisa’s glass, stuck my forefinger deep into it and brought my dripping finger to her clit.

I rubbed the wine from my finger onto her clit, feeling her react to my touch. Before my mouth touched her, she had placed the glass on the floor. We were ready.

I tasted the wine first, then her skin. It was an amazingly smooth, warm, sweet taste. I licked again…a long, slow stroke from bottom to top. By the time I got her the third time, I could feel her clit grow. And I noticed that Lisa’s perfume wasn’t the prevailing fragrance. Her body had taken over.

Finding where to concentrate my efforts would be easier than I suspected. I felt better. Lisa’s moans of pleasure only increased my confidence.

I wanted to feel her ass again, so my hands slid under her. Her cheeks cupped perfectly into my palms and I kneaded them. By now I was hastily licking her clit, letting my nerves dictate the rhythm.

“Slow down, Chris,” I told myself.

When I did, Lisa pulled her knees apart and up toward her hips. She was beginning to feel more comfortable and I certainly was gaining self-confidence.

“Ahh, Chris. Eat meeee,” Lisa cried.

I engulfed her clit with my mouth and tried to feel for the proper place to lick and suck. I took the approach that if I covered the entire area with my tongue I’d have to hit it at some point.

Lisa’s body began gyrating around my mouth, so I assumed I was doing something right. Her sighs and moans helped convince me she was getting closer. I just didn’t want to screw up now.

“Oh, God. Yes. There.”

Her legs separated by another few inches and she rose off the couch. I wrapped my hands around the tops of her thighs to hold on as her orgasm began.

She shouted my name again, bucking wildly underneath me. I clung tightly to her as one orgasm fed another. I found myself moaning along with her, urgently wanting her to be satisfied.

Her pussy dripped from my saliva combined with her juices. I swallowed and kept going. I stroked her clit as hard as I could with my tongue and tucked it between my lips. Each time seemed to make Lisa cum again.

Eventually, her body relaxed and her moaning subsided. I brushed my mouth along one thigh and kissed it. Her soft skin felt warm and inviting. I kissed her clit one last time.

Lisa’s hand touched my hair. Soon, both hands were on my head, pulling me up to her. I looked forward to placing my breasts on hers this time, feeling my smaller breasts press into hers. The feeling was just as good as I had imagined.

When we kissed, Lisa wrapped her legs around my waist. The result was a soothing reassurance that everything was all right. I felt as if I was part of her and she accepted me for who I was. I would try to deal with those issues later.

“You were marvelous,” Lisa said into my ear.

“Thanks. You made it easy,” I told her.

We simply hugged and rolled back and forth on the couch. The storm had pretty much moved on and the candle continued to burn. It was plenty of light and added a peaceful touch to the sexual tension that had built and been released.

Lisa offered to let me go home if I wanted. I told her I wanted to stay.

“All night?” she asked playfully.


“What do I have to do to convince you?” Lisa asked.

“Pour wine all over me,” I said after a moment’s thought.

She laughed a genuine laugh and gave me a squeeze with her thighs.

“We just might have to do that.”

For half an hour, we lay in each other’s arms, talking and flirting. Several times I questioned myself about what was happening. At no point did I feel it was wrong. Surprising and unforeseen? Yes. Disappointing? No. Worth pursuing? Certainly.

Later, Lisa rolled off the couch and fumbled with my jeans. I realized quickly that she was pulling my belt from around the waistband. When it was free, she reached out an open hand to me. I grabbed it and she pulled me up.

“Get the candle,” she told me.

I leaned back and carefully picked it up. Hand in hand we walked through the darkness into her bedroom.

I sat the candle on the table next to the bed. Before I could lean back up, Lisa leaned into me with her body and pushed me onto the bed. We fell face first, my body letting out a great exhale when we hit the bedspread.

“Lisa!” I exclaimed with a childish laugh.

I felt something on my wrist. Then a gripping sensation around it. I looked over and saw my sash belt being looped around my wrist and my arm being pulled up to the headboard. In an instant, one end of the belt was tied to a railing in the headboard.

Lisa hovered over my body, her knees on either side of my waist.

“There. Now be a good girl and roll over.” Lisa had leaned down and nearly whispered the words into my ears. The sexy voice demanded to be obeyed.

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