tagErotic CouplingsFirst Meeting Ch. 01

First Meeting Ch. 01


"She's not coming..." Steve spoke to himself as he looked at his phone, noting that it was now nearly 15 minutes past the time they'd arranged. No text.

He sighed. Cold feet, he thought to himself. And he couldn't blame her. He'd very nearly cried off himself at the last minute as he dallied in the hotel lobby, wondering if he could really go through with this. He'd told himself that she wouldn't turn up anyway, that she'd come to her senses and realise that she could do so much better than him. Or maybe she'd be stricken with guilt, the excitement of their first encounter swamped in a wave of remorse.

But he'd rallied, thinking back to their many email and IM exchanges, how they'd just seemed to click on so many levels, not just sexually. Both of them had looked forward to this first "real" meeting, the culmination of months of furtive online sessions, their long, steamy IM sessions, the exchange of pictures and even voice messages. So he'd taken a deep breath, strode purposefully up to the reception desk and checked in.

Once in the room, he'd unpacked the overnight bag he'd brought, hanging up the clothes he'd spent so long choosing, hoping to make that all-important good first impression. He hung up the collarless linen shirt and dark blue jeans so they lost their creases, and unpacked his wash bag. He took a shower, his mind flashing back to that picture Chloe had sent him, a small black and white shot of her breast, slathered with soap suds, obviously taken in the shower (how had she managed that without trashing her phone?), her erect nipple just visible through its soapy covering. His cock stiffened at the memory, and he soaped it absently, pulling the foreskin back and running his forefinger and thumb over the swollen plum of the head, partly just making sure it was clean, but also liking the feel of his hand on the sensitive skin. He broke off his reverie, aware that it would be far too easy to cum right there and then. He rinsed off, climbed out of the shower and dried himself.

Moving back into the main room, he'd dressed in his new clothes, examining himself critically in the mirror. Again, doubts surfaced in his mind. He was carrying too many pounds, and even his carefully chosen wardrobe couldn't hide that fact. He sighed, sat on the bed and looked at his phone. Half an hour until their arranged meeting time. They'd exchanged mobile numbers the previous week, just before Chloe had flown to the UK to stay with her relatives. In the days that followed, they'd swapped increasingly excited emails, planning, arranging, working out their respective cover stories, both of them helping the other to formulate as water-tight a plan as they could. Finally, he'd texted her from the hotel reception area, just a brief message: "Room 457. I can't wait... xxx"

He'd received an equally brief reply. Her texts had necessarily had to be brief, as her family were keeping her busy during her stay. "Me too. So excited. See you soon! xoxox"

Since then, he'd paced the room, trying unsuccessfully to distract himself from the growing sensation of butterflies in his stomach. Reading was out of the question, and he couldn't focus on the TV for more than a few minutes. In his mind, he played out every possible scenario in his head. She wouldn't show. She'd text to say something had gone awry, that she couldn't make it. Or she'd arrive at the room, take one look at him and make some excuse, unable or unwilling to carry it through. He felt a little sick.

One o'clock came and went, and still no word. He had a growing sense of deflation. All that preparation, the plans, the messages, and for nothing. In one sense, he almost felt relieved that nothing was going to happen. He'd return to his life, and tell himself that it was probably for the best. But a not inconsiderable part of him was bitterly disappointed. He'd so wanted to at least meet this bewitching creature, even if only this once. Their chance encounter on an erotic fiction forum had quickly blossomed into something much less casual than the brief online gratification he'd been looking for. They'd grown not only to enjoy the sexual element of their relationship, but also had discovered much in common, too. He felt a genuine sense of loss that they would never find out if they clicked in real life...

He picked up his phone again. Nearly half an hour late now. He called up her number, his thumb hovering over her name in his address book, ready to call her and say that it was probably for the best...

The knock at the door, for all it was soft and hesitant, was enough to make him jump and drop his phone. Cursing, he bent to pick it up, his heart hammering in his chest. He put it in his pocket, and moved to the door of the room. Taking a deep breath, he took the handle and opened the door.

Chloe stood there, a nervous smile on her face. Her eyes lit up as the door revealed him, looking slightly flushed from his shock. Steve stood there, dumbly, looking at her. She wore a simple print summer dress, cut at the knee. She was wearing the necklace he'd commented on, having seen it in one of her pictures, the plastic flowers framing her slim neck perfectly. Her long, brown hair was sleek and straight, and those eyes... God. He'd looked at those dark brown eyes many times in photos, but none of them did the real thing justice.

"Hi, Steve." Her voice was slightly husky, exactly as he remembered from one recording she'd made for him. The memory of it, her voice increasingly breathless as she'd made herself cum for him, made him stiffen slightly, despite his nervousness.

"Are we going to stand here all afternoon?"

Her question broke the spell he'd been under and he spoke, his voice thick with emotion.

"Of course... Uhhh, come on in, please..." He couldn't believe he felt so nervous, and cursed himself for sounding so lame. He stepped back, and as she walked into the room, trailing her little overnight case on wheels behind her, he caught a whiff of her perfume - Pure by DKNY - and he guiltily remembered going to his local chemist and asking for a sample after she'd mentioned that was her favourite. He's stood there by the perfume counter, breathing in the scent and imagining it on her. It smelt better on her, the alchemy of her own subtle musk acting on the perfume to make fragrance that was headier still. He felt a twitch in his groin...

He closed the door and turned to face her. Chloe was standing by the bed in the small room, her hands crossed nervously across her lap. Her cheeks were red - he smiled a little as he remembered how easily she said she blushed, and how often he'd given her cause to over the past few months. A shy smile played over her lips as she stared into his eyes.

"So... here we are at last." Her voice was low, soft and still husky, exactly as he remembered it from her recordings. She looked at him, expecting him to do something, say something to break the tension. Instead of speaking, he stepped forwards, enclosing her in a hug. She was tall, he knew that, and with her heels she was taller than any woman he'd ever been this close to. As his arms tightened round her, he felt her tense for a second, then melt towards him, leaning into him, her head resting on his shoulder and her arms sliding round his waist as he squeezed her gently. They stood like that for a few moments, both of them revelling in actually feeling one another for the first time. He breathed in the scent of her shampoo as he kissed the top of her head, which prompted Chloe to raise her head from his shoulder and look into his eyes.

Those eyes were even more striking close up, chocolate brown and large, framed perfectly by her eyebrows. Her mouth was slightly open, her teeth biting gently on her bottom lip in that coy expression he knew and loved so well. All nervousness forgotten now, he leaned down and brushed her lips with his, that first contact almost electric. She responded immediately, her hand sliding up his back to cradle his neck as she pressed her lips against his. Suddenly, they were kissing in earnest, their lips mashed together, breath coming hard and fast as they pressed even closer together. He was conscious that he was getting hard, his erection pressing into Chloe's stomach as he cupped her head in his hands, his fingers tangling in her thick hair. He felt her mouth open, her tongue flicking tentatively across his lips, and moaned into her mouth as he reciprocated, his tongue meeting hers. She tasted... sweet. So sweet...

His hands slipped lower, down over her shoulders, her back and reaching to cup her buttocks, his big hands grasping her beautiful bottom ("bum", she called it, her peculiarly English terminology making him smile every time she used it). He kneaded the firm flesh through her dress, pulling her closer to him, which in turn ground his now rock-hard erection even harder against her stomach. She moaned a little, her tongue stabbing deeper into his mouth as their passion mounted. She slid her hands down over his broad shoulders, down over his chest (he shuddered a little as her palms grazed over his nipples through his shirt) and then down his sides, the sensation hovering between ticklish and intensely erotic. They settled on his hips, pulling gently on him, increasing the friction between them.

He broke off the kiss, pulling back a little to look at her again. Her face was even more flushed now, and he noted with satisfaction that her pupils were wide, those deep brown eyes drinking in the sight of him. He smiled, his breath uneven, and said, "Now that's what I call a hello..." They both laughed, the tension between them somewhat defused.

"I'm so glad you came," he said. "I was convinced you weren't coming..."

Chloe giggled then, and his heart just melted. Such a pretty laugh. "Don't be silly," she laughed, and her Canadian drawl sent shivers down his spine. "There's no way I was missing out on finally meeting my Fantasy Man." She'd called him that so many times, and now - finally - it would be fantasy no longer...

He leaned down again, this time bypassing her sweet, smiling mouth and homing into the soft spot beneath her jawline, his lips brushing the skin of her neck, making her gasp. He smiled inwardly, knowing how much of a sweet spot her neck was for her. His tongue flicked out to trail lightly across her skin, and he was rewarded by a little purr of satisfaction. He kissed his way lower, down towards her collarbone, his lips pinching gently at the sensitive skin, and he felt her positively squirm in his arms. As his mouth reached the hollow behind her collarbone, her breath was coming in short gasps and she whispered, "Oh my Gawd, Steve, what're you doing to me...?"

His grin actually stopped him from teasing her for a second, and he moved his mouth up to her ear and whispered breathily, "You want me to stop, baby...?"

"Jeez, no..." Chloe groaned, her own lips finding his neck and sucking gently at him, the sensation making him close his eyes for a second.

Almost of their own volition, his hands moved to the buttons on the front of her summer dress, undoing them one by one, exposing her ample cleavage, those beautiful big breasts encased in a sexy white bra. How he's longed to kiss them. And now he did, his lips, brushing her skin, tongue darting out to play over soft swell of her boob. Chloe groaned again as his tongue touched the sensitive skin of her breast, and her hands flew to his head, her fingers playing over his short hair as she pulled him closer.

He fumbled another couple of buttons undone, enough to push the dress down over her shoulders and down her arms. It was fitted at the waist, so the top half just sat pooled round her waist. His hands played over her back, fingertips tracing little patterns over the soft skin. He raised his head again, his mouth almost touching her ear as he whispered, "Take it off, babe."

Obediently, almost as if in a trance, she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, shrugging the flimsy material off her shoulders. It dropped from her arms and onto the floor. He paused for a second, drinking in the sight of those full breasts tipped by perfect brown nipples, now erect from a combination of the cold and the sensations aroused by his tongue. He leaned down again, cupping one breast lightly in his hand and lowering his mouth to her nipple, his tongue tracing the areola but not quite touching the hard flesh at the centre. Chloe hissed a breath and squirmed a little, and he relented, flicked his tongue lightly over her pert nipple and was rewarded with another sharp intake of breath. Moving his hand to her other breast and running the palm over the hard nub, he sucked her nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth.

"Ohhhhh, baby..." Chloe moaned, her hand clenching onto his neck as she held him close. "God, Steve, I've waited so long..."

He grazed her nipple with his teeth, eliciting another gasp from her, then released the swollen bud from his mouth and grinned at her. "Me too, my gorgeous girl..."

All this time they'd been standing by the bed, her little suitcase long forgotten. Now he manoeuvred her so that her back was to the bed, and gently pushed her until she sat back on the edge of the bed. He knelt between her legs and leant in to kiss her again, a long, passionate kiss this time, their tongues moving against each other frantically. And as they kissed, his hands slipped up her thighs and under the skirt of her dress.

As his hands slid up the smooth, pale skin of Chloe's thighs, pushing the dress higher as they went, he heard her sigh softly. They'd exchanged so many photos over the months before now that he felt like he knew every inch of her, yet the actuality of her, her presence here, now, set his head whirling a little. The reality was so much... more.

Planting a soft kiss on the inside of her knee, he was rewarded by a small intake of breath. He knew from their conversations how much she loved to be teased, and he intended to make this perfect for her. As his hands slid higher, revealing her panties beneath the dress, his tongue darted out, leaving a moist trail up the soft, sensitive skin of her inner thigh. She squirmed a little, but he held her legs still with his arms. He moved his mouth to her other leg, this time opening his mouth slightly and sucking gently on the plump flesh of her inner thigh.

She moaned, low and throaty, then, "Ohhhhh, baby..." He sucked a little harder, his tongue playing over her skin, then moved his mouth an inch or so higher, the fresh patch of skin eliciting new sensations in her.

She moaned again, louder this time, and spread her legs a little wider. Her hands moved to his head, cradling it in her hands, her fingers stroking his short hair. He shifted on his knees, moving his face a little closer to her hot core. He could smell her desire now, spicy, musky, and his mouth started to water. He looked up at her as she leaned looked down at him, her big brown eyes lidded with desire. He couldn't help but smile...

Her dress was bunched round her waist, her low-riding lacy panties full exposed to his hot gaze. He moved his hand over her mound, his thumb brushing briefly over it. God, she was hot. And was that a trace of moisture he felt on her panties...? Moving his hands to her knees, he spread her legs wider still, and leaned in to plant a series of kisses on her thigh, each one inching a little closer to her pussy. She purred and shifted her hips slightly, trying to edge herself closer, but he pulled back a little dictating the pace. Finally, though, he was so close that his nose nudged her pussy, just brushing the material lightly as he licked her soft skin. She gasped at the contact, and he smiled again.

Changing tack, he reached up to pull her panties down, her hips lifting quickly to help him. He skinned them down her thighs, and then off completely. Her pussy lay exposed to him, just as he'd seen it so many times before on his computer or phone. The little tuft of hair, her lips smoothly shaved, her slit a neat cleft. Moving in again, he ran his tongue along the sensitive crease between her thigh and torso, slowly... She shivered under him, and squirmed again, the sensations making her breath come harder. The other side now, that same long, slow stroke of his tongue, teasing her, so close to her hot desire yet not touching. He moved a tad closer, sucking ever so gently on the silky skin of her outer lips.

"Ohhh, my God!" she groaned, her fingers gripping his head a little tighter. As he slid his tongue up and along, skirting round the sensitive bud of her clit, he reached up to cup her full breasts in his big hands. Her nipples were hard, and he ran the palms of his hands over them, dragging the coarse skin of his hands over the super-sensitive nubs, before taking them between his thumbs and forefingers, pinching gently. Her hips were rocking rhythmically now as his mouth and hands played a sensual duet on her body.

Opening his mouth, he bit gently at the crease of her thigh again, drawing his teeth across her skin. He paused for a second, looking up at her again. Her eyes were closed, a slight frown on her face, as if concentrating on a particularly difficult puzzle. He pulled his hands back down, his thumbs framing her neat slit, and gently rubbed them up and down her smooth labia, massaging them. "Ohhh, Steeeeve..." she groaned, her use of his name sending a throb of desire through his groin.

He could resist no longer. He simply had to taste her. Extending his tongue, he ran the tip up the full length of her slit, barely touching... His first taste of her was intoxicating. He wanted more, but he held himself back, drawing it out. Her breath came out in a long, ragged sigh as his tongue travelled back down, still just touching her smooth lips. He placed one hand just above her mound, the sparse hair there tickling his palm, and pulled upwards slightly, tightening her lips and exposing the hood of her clit. He sucked again on her labia, pulling it into his mouth and suckling on it. She was writhing now her hips bucking as she strove to move herself closer to the warm, wet torment of his mouth. He moved his hands to her hips, holding them steady, making sure he kept complete control. She growled a little in frustration, but her movements quieted a little.

Finally, he plunged his tongue between her lips, deliberately delving deep, the sudden change of sensation making her jump and exclaim, "Oh! Oh, Steve... Oh... Fuck!" Smiling to himself, he concentrated on his tongue, sliding it up along her wet cleft in long, slow strokes, each one ending just short of her now-swollen clit. He stiffened his tongue and dipped it deep inside her, revelling in the hot, musky taste of her as he fucked her with his tongue. Her hands were spasming now, clutching at his head in a frenzy. Her legs were draped round his shoulders, and his hands slid round to grasp her buttocks, lifting the cup of her pussy to his mouth.

He slid his tongue lower, playing at the very base of her slit, down further still, over her frenulum and across the tight bud of her arse. He flicked his tongue rapidly across her bum, and was rewarded with a low growl of satisfaction. He formed a point with his tongue again, and pressed it gently against her anus, feeling the tight ring of muscle clench at the unfamiliar sensation, then relax. His tongue slid deeper, pressing, withdrawing, probing...

But that was just a diversion, an aperatif before the main course. He moved back up to her pussy, this time spreading her lips wide with his thumbs. She was wet, so wet. "Slippery," her voice whispered in his head. The first time he'd heard her say that word, the slight lisp, her drawl... well, he'd nearly come in his pants. And slippery she was, his thumbs gliding easily over her outer lips as his tongue probed the deeper, wetter lips within.

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