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First Time Cheat


This is not about the first time I had sex, but about the first time I had sex with someone other than my husband. I have a very good life my husband and myself married just over a year ago, but we still like to go out with our own friends and that is where I found out how good secret sex was. We had been in town for most of the night doing the usual things lots of dancing, drinking and a little bit of chatting, when we ran in to Keith an ex boyfriend of my friend Sharron who was out with his friend Gary, they still saw each other now and then so we ended spending the rest of the night with them and having a great time It felt good being chatted up by these two young boys and after the dancing Sharron asked them back to hers for a drink.

I always go back with Sharron and get a taxi home from hers so I did not think anything of it. We went back to Sharron’s and she got the drinks together as I put on some music when she came in with the drinks me Keith and his friend Gary where already dancing in the lounge this went on for a while and when Sharon went to get more drinks Keith went to give her a hand I sat on the settee chatting with Gary and enjoying the attention he was giving me, I was being just as complementary which kept him going, after about 10 or so minutes there was still no sign of Sharron so I went to find the drinks when there was no-one in the kitchen it was not a hard guess where Sharron and Keith were, being a bit drunk I crept up to the door and listened sure enough from what I could make out Sharron was having a fine end to the night.

I felt something behind me and turned to see Gary standing there he asked what I was doing then laughed as I stammered out some rubbish about being worried about Sharron he put his ear to the door and said to me that from the noise she seemed to be doing all right. We went back to the lounge with fresh drinks and sat down on the settee I kept looking at the door and Gray told me to relax as he was sure Sharron was doing OK from the noise he we had heard. He playfully rubbed my shoulders to relax me and as he did I embarrassingly let out a small moan he asked if it felt OK and I said yes so he moved slightly behind me and continued rubbing, which it turns out was all the opportunity he needed.

He told me to turn round facing away from him and he slipped of my cardigan leaving me with my cropped top on he then started to massage the tops of my shoulder as he squeezed harder I leaned forward so I was lying face down with my face hanging over the settee he massaged slowly down my back to the base of my spine by this time I was so relaxed with the drink the massage and this young guys attention I could have slept, that is until he started to work his way strongly up my back kneading the muscles it was then I felt his hands slide under the back and sides of my top pulling the top higher as he massage my back I was not in any mood to stop him but did not know how far he was going to go.

I soon found out as he slipped one hand round and under my breast and started to gently massage my breast with one hand as he continued to stroke my back with his other hand which was moving towards my bra clasp, with the one hand he unclipped my bra and slid his hand round to now play with both my breasts, I could now feel his breath at the side of my neck he kissed my neck as he forced my top higher till I had to raise my arms to let him throw it to the floor I was now topless face down with this young guy I had just met 3 hours ago gently kissing me from my neck down my spine to my to the waist he was no longer hesitant while still kissing my spine he unzipped my skirt and pushed it down by my knees giving him a full view of me lying there in just my g-string and black hold-up stockings.

It was now I expected him to turn me round and fuck me, but he slipped a finger under the back of my pants and moved his tongue to my ass by this point I was on the verge of coming so when he held my cheeks apart and slipped his tongue right into my ass I felt the myself tense as the first orgasm flowed through my body. By now all I wanted was to feel his cock enter me and to get fucked but first I was going to repay the favour I slid off the settee and as I knelt in front of Gary he caught on quick and speedily undid his buttons and slipped his denims down I reached for the sides of his shorts and pulled letting his cock out he was bigger than my husband in length but the thing that caught my attention was the thickness I just hoped I could fit it in.

I reached up and took hold of it with both hands the way it felt made me even wetter and started to wank its full length up and down as far as his foreskin allowed. I then leaned my head over him and as I slipped my mouth over the tip of his cock I heard Gary moan slightly, and felt good that I could still make a 19 year old guy feel that good I kept moving my head slowly up and down his solid young shaft, feeling the swollen head sliding on the back of my tongue.

This was my first act of unfaithfulness and it felt good. Gary started to push harder into my mouth as I played with his balls with my free hand and I knew soon he would come, sure enough I felt the fist twitch and I sucked down harder as he exploded hard into my mouth. After that I sat up next to him and leaned over so I could continue to lick and suck his cock and sure enough he was hard again in no time this is what I wanted I put one leg over him and took hold off his prick and as his hands went for my breasts I guided his thick hard cock into my soaking wet pussy the feeling as the tip of it entered was fantastic all I wanted was his full cock in me and in no time at all I was riding his full length as he pulled and sucked at my breasts and nipples It was not long before I felt myself coming and pushed as hard as I could down on his shaft as my body was racked by the most intense feeling I have ever felt as I came over and over again.

That was the first of many such nights out with Sharron but there is always something special about the FIRST time. Talk to me guys and girls.

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