tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFixing the Bitch

Fixing the Bitch


To this day, I'm not sure how I had the guts to do what I did, but damn it, it needed to be done. A man can be pushed so far, and then that's it. I never regretted a damn thing. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me explain.

My wife Stephanie is gorgeous, I mean knock out beautiful. At 5'9", her long, smooth legs go on forever, she has incredible abs, long red hair, pale skin, and an amazing rack. Her tits are slightly over-large for her body, just how I like them. She was a swimmer in college, and continues her frequent workouts. We make a hot couple, I work out frequently myself, and happen to be in great shape. It's great, because I'm pretty strong, which opens up all sorts of fun positions for us to fuck around in. She's also bi, and has an equally hot girlfriend who lives with us.

Erin is just a couple inches shorter, has a body bronzed by the sun, short blonde hair, and smaller tits, but you know what they say, anything that can fill a handful is good enough. Her best feature is a perfectly round, firm ass. Every man's dream, right? Except not really. See, Stephanie is bi, but Erin is pure lesbian. When Steph first asked about having her girlfriend live with us, I imagined long nights of fucking these two stunning women. Turns out, I get to fuck Steph while she's going down on Erin. Even that would still be great, I mean, fucking your wife while you get a live girl on girl show? Pretty hot.

The problem is, Erin is a total bitch in bed. She's cordial enough when we're just at home, but during sex, she's a cunt. The first time we were all together, I tried to just kiss Erin, and she shoved me away, like really forcefully. There was no mistaking the intention there. So fine, I thought, let Stephanie fuck her and I'll fuck Steph. What ends up happening though, is Erin not only refuses to let me touch her, but she's a selfish whore while we're all fucking.

She'll be eating Steph's pussy and make shitty comments like, "I know this feels better than Rick fucking you, doesn't it?" Stephanie is so delirious with pleasure she just moans "yes" to anything. Or when Steph is eating her, it's something like, "Bet my pussy tastes better than Rick's cock." That's not even the worst. She always moves in to eat Steph when I'm moving in to fuck her, and when Stephanie is leaning down to suck my cock, Erin moves so Steph goes right to her pussy. There's been some nights I end up just jacking off even though my own wife is naked and horny right in front of me. See what I mean? Total bitch. I've tried to talk to Erin about it, but all she does is comment on my manhood, claiming I must not be able to give my wife what she needs if she needed a woman to get the job done.

What pushed me over the edge was the last night I got screwed over. I'd been away on business for a whole week. I got back home, and I could not wait to see Stephanie. I was so damn hot for her, and I knew Erin was going to be gone that night, working late. Just me and my red-haired princess, fucking all night long. Steph was home already by the time I got back, and we barely got out the "I missed you so much," and we were all over each other, practically tearing each other's clothes off. Our tongues swirled around as we pressed our bodies together. We ran upstairs and fell on the bed, writhing and sweating with our passion.

Just then, nature called, of course, and I stood up. "Hold on, babe, be right back," and I ran to the bathroom. Then I heard a slam, a creak, and...

"Hey baby!" Erin was home early. In the time it took me to take a piss, my night was ruined. I came out of the bathroom and took in the view. Stephanie had been so wound up, Erin just stripped down and dove into her pussy. I tried to move in, but Erin kept pulling her regular shit, this time going so far as to wrap Steph up with her arms and legs, literally rolling her away from me every time I moved toward her. I saw Erin look at me and flash an evil fucking smile, she knew damn well what she as doing. I watched them fucking and started stroking my cock, what the hell else could I do? It didn't take long, and I shot my load. The majority of it hit Stephanie, which, by the way, she loves having my cum all over her. But a small bit dripped onto Erin's cheek...

She freaked out, quite literally. I mean full out lost it. She screamed, and wiped frantically at her face with the sheet. I knew she was full of shit, and was being massively overdramatic, but the dumb bitch just kept it up, screaming at me and accusing me of doing it on purpose. She even started to tear up and shake, something I knew full well she could do on command. Stephanie was so upset, not really at me, but just that her girlfriend was 'so shaken up.' Stephanie went into that bathroom to clean up. Erin dropped the act the minute she was out of the room. She gave me that snide look, and I lost it.

"WHY?" I shouted at her, "Why the fuck did you do this, why the fuck couldn't you just stay away? You're such a lying, fucking WHORE!" I spat the last word.

"Deal with it, bitch," she sneered, "for the rest of your life. I'll always control your marriage, and you'll always end up jacking off." With that, she walked out of the room to comfort Stephanie. Erin had her own room (she wouldn't sleep in the same bed with me), and I knew Steph would end up spending the night with her. I tossed and turned all night, thinking about my life and how it was going straight to hell. I wanted to die. Erin would always be in control, unless I took it from her, and I had no idea how to do it. Unless...The idea came in an instant, and I immediately dismissed it, considering it too horrible. Then I heard her outside the door.

"Spend the night with me, Steph, I'm so shaken, I think he did it on purpose. He knows how much I don't like that kind of thing." Then I decided I didn't give a shit how bad it was, that bitch was going to learn a fucking lesson.


I called in sick the next day, but left anyway. I pulled the car into a parking lot a block down from our house, and waited for another hour or so until Stephanie left for work. Erin had the day off. I waited another half hour, so I knew Stephanie was at work and not likely to come back over a forgotten something-or-other. I swallowed. I was nervous. This was not something one just did. I was about to commit a crime. I could end up in prison, was it really worth it? Then I thought about the previous night, and I knew I was going to do it. I drove back to my house and pulled into the driveway. I shut the car door very gently and then slowly opened the front door. Erin was in her room watching TV. I locked the front door. We have an older fashioned house that has key holes on the inside of the doors too. I locked the front door, and I knew the other doors were already locked. The only problem was Erin still had a key too.

As luck would have it, I heard Erin go into the bathroom. I saw her walk down the hall. It being summer, and our air conditioner needing fixing, she was in a thin white tank top and flimsy black panties. Perfect. I snuck into her room and found her key in her purse, and then hid it outside of her room. I locked her door from the inside, hid my key in her dresser, stripped off all my clothes, and hid behind the door.

Erin finished in the bathroom and came back into the room. As soon as she cleared the door, I slammed it shut. She whirled around, and shrieked.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" she screamed. I grabbed her tank top and roughly tore it off. Her small, firm tits looked amazing, glistening with sweat. She swung at me, but I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. I pushed forward until she fell back onto the bed. I fell on her, pinning her beneath me.

"Rick, what the fuck...?" Erin cried out. Her voice was high and scared, and for the first time I saw fear in her hateful eyes. It felt good.

"You've made my life hell, you stupid cunt, now you're going to pay for it." My cock was already hard at the feel of her glistening skin slipping around beneath me. Her breath was hot and fast with fear. I reached down and ripped off her panties. She jumped, or at least as best she could with me pinning her down. Her eyes welled up, and I knew she had finally realized I was much stronger than her, and with my own reason and self control gone, she was totally at my mercy. Her only problem was, I had none left at this point.

I moved and licked her tit, tasting the slightly salty taste of her sweat. I bit down on her nipple, intentionally too hard. She cried out. Then came the words I wanted to hear.

"Please...please, Rick...I am so sorry...don't do this...I'll stop being such a bitch, please don't...I won't say anything..." Finally, she learned her lesson. The bitch was sorry, and I could live my life again. Or could I? Erin would tell Stephanie, no doubt. Then I realized something. I had her where I wanted her. Sure, this was about control, and letting her know that I was in charge, but the fact was, she was hotter than hell and I'd wanted to fuck her since day one. This was it, possibly my only chance. I reached down and felt her pussy. Not soaking, but somewhat wet. I knew she liked it rough, and being exposed and pinned had made her at least a little excited. As for me, seeing her naked, writhing body had gotten me rock hard. I hadn't had a good fuck for over a month, and it was this cunt's fault. There was a poetic irony to forcing her to remedy that situation. Before I could argue myself out of it, I slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy.

It quickly became obvious that she hadn't fucked a man for years. She really didn't even like using toys, and her pussy was amazingly tight. I had trouble sliding it all the way in. I'm not John Holmes, but I've been blessed with a good sized member. The combination of a sizable cock and her practically virgin pussy made it challenging to push it in, but I ended up balls deep in her after a few moments. She kept screaming, but at some point she started gasping, and the screams changed somehow. The heat of her pussy was amplified by the fact that it suctioned to my cock. I ravaged her pussy after getting her wetter, and she was shaking with the pain and pleasure. Not having had sex in a month, combined with the excitement of how wrong this was, I came quickly. I filled her with my load while she shrieked, and again, it was different. She was enjoying this. She didn't want to be, but she was.

After I came, I lay on her for a while, our slick bodies sliding against each other. She had tears in her eyes, but I couldn't tell if they were from pleasure or if she felt violated. Maybe both. I let her arm go that was pinned behind her, and she weakly pushed against my chest. She wasn't nearly strong enough to move me, and I wasn't done. I stood and pulled her off the bed, pushing her to her knees. I pressed my cock to her lips.

"Suck it," I ordered. She shook her head, and I pulled her hair back until she opened her mouth. I leaned down into her face.

"This isn't a game, if you don't do what I tell you, your fine ass will be in the street, I will throw you the fuck out of my house. Now suck my cock." She wrapped her hot mouth around my dick, shining with her juices and my cum. She closed her eyes, and the expression on her face gave away the fact that she liked the taste. She started slowly sucking the head, then moved slowly down my cock. She couldn't deep throat, not like my Stephanie, but she was damn good for a lesbian. She licked and slurped the head of my cock, and I was hard again within minutes. I began groaning, then pulled out and shot my second load on her face. Of course, it was a bit weaker than my first, but it made me glad to see this arrogant bitch with my cum shining on her face.

"There's going to be some changes, do you understand, Erin?" I asked. She shook her head, but wouldn't say anything. She just knelt there with my cum on her face. I unlocked the door and left her.

That night, Stephanie came home and we fucked for hours. Later on, Erin came in and lay between Steph's legs to eat her pussy, and suck my cum out of it. She was hooked on the taste of pussy mixed with cum. When I knelt behind her and started fucking her, Steph looked shocked, but happy.

"It looks like you two made up," she moaned between gasps. I smirked down at Erin, and she smiled back, the first real smile she ever gave me.


We still live together, and enjoy nightly threesomes. Sometimes, if Erin and I have the same day off, we even fuck each other. She found out she was actually bi, and it turns out she really loves getting fucked rough, it's just that no man before had ever satisfied her, hence the lesbian claim. She makes me force her each time just her and I fuck, and I look forward to years of threesome fun.

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