Flight to Tomar Three Ch. 01


"Understood. Thank you Jim. Now, when would be a good time to start this for you?"

"Uh... what do you mean when?"

"I mean, we're working up a schedule between us for time with you... but we are lacking when you would feel up to starting things out with us. Any suggestions Jim?"

"A week? Next Monday? Hell, I don't know. I'm not sure how long the crew needs to be ready for something like this. Whenever they're ready will be good with me Captain...I mean Linda."

I was sure that the crew would require at least a week of 'training' before I'd be required to become the 'relief' person.

"Very good. I'll tell the crew and we can start during the next sleep cycle?"

I was confused, the next sleep cycle? That was only a short time away... hours.

"That's in only a few hours."

"Yes, it is, isn't it?"

The smile on her face spoke volumes. She'd known before she talked to me that I'd have to do this, and she'd already made plans on it. She must have realized that she'd have to push me into service as soon as she could before I'd change my mind or something.

I wasn't ready for this to happen so quickly. I guess my deepest hope was that some miracle would occur and I'd either fix the damned VR system or we'd be rescued before I'd actually have to be with any females on this crew. Not that I didn't want to do that, but after the times they'd teased me, I was reluctant to open myself up for anything more.

"Okay then. I leave it to you Linda."

"Uh Jim, I'd appreciate it if you'd use 'Captain' when the crew is around us. Linda is fine when we're alone like this. I can't lose all control of my crew and I feel too much familiarity will lead to loss of respect for my position. In private, like this, I won't mind. At least for the present time."

"Yes Ma'am. Understood."

I went back to my quarters and sat on my bunk thinking about how things were turning out. This was not expected, but I could see where having ways to burn off an edge would be a good thing. I was worried though. After all, nine women and one of me. That's a lot of burning off to do for one guy.

We ate as usual in the mess hall. Now though, it was weird. I used to eat at whatever table before, and usually I'd be alone at a table, while the rest of the crew would group up at the other tables.

It wasn't that I was a loner, but I would have a book or possibly a mechanical issue I'd need to pay some attention to and the others would leave me alone out of respect. Besides, I was usually all over the ship at different times, and everyone knew me enough to know that my meal times were the only time I had to myself.

Tonight... well, I found that as soon as I sat down several women sat with me. Across from and right beside me. They weren't eating. They were staring at me and then looking at each other smiling. It was unnerving.


My question was directed at Kelly. She was from the bridge crew and sitting closest to me at the time.

"Sorry Jim. I mean, Mech Tech Taylor. We're just imagining..."

"Imagining what?"

"You know. Being with you is something that none of us ever thought we'd do. We've never been with a flesh and blood man before. We're not sure what to expect."

"Sweat. Hot sweaty bodies touching each other, sliding skin to skin. Kissing, sucking, licking... all those types of things the VR Bot can't or won't do. Well, since I've never been with a VR Bot, I don't really know, but I've repaired them enough to know that the Bots' can't sweat, or taste."

I was going for the shock treatment. They'd get their smiles wiped off their faces with my comments on sweat and licking. I knew that. I was counting on it.

"Ewwww. You'll use your tongue to touch my body? That's gross."

"Oh really? Well guess what crewman? You'll be using your tongue on my body too. I happen to enjoy the closeness real sex brings. I know I'll enjoy this, whether you do or not."

"Well, I hope we do. Otherwise, we'll have to figure out how to disable Mia."

"Can't be done. The only way Mia can be disabled is for life support systems to go offline. That, in case you forgot, means that none of us live. Mia is the only truly failsafe system onboard. If she's down, we're dead or in suits, which only have four hours of system support built into them. We're all going to have to learn to deal and cope."

"Will you be nicer when we're with you than you're being right now? You seem to enjoy the fact the VR system is down. It's like you think the VR system being down is a good thing or like you're getting even with us somehow."

"I do. I'd always hoped that this might happen one day. That you'd all have to get by with only yourselves to get relief and not have that damned machine. I've always thought that damned VR system with the sexual relations program was going too damned far. IT isn't human and IT will never be human."

I was on my favorite subject and since I had a captive audience, so to speak, I got on my soapbox with a relish.

"You may have all been brainwashed into believing that VR and VR Bots are the only way to have sex, but I know better. There's not many of my type around any more, but I'm pretty sure that we have much better sex than you guys do. At least our sex tends to be more fulfilling for us."

"How can it be better? VR knows what our desires are before we even can verbally command them. It adjusts on the go, faster and far more accurately than a person can. Humans are famous for not understanding one another all the time, to this day even."

"You think the VR system understands you, Kelly? It anticipates what your brain is telling it. It doesn't have thought or should I say, cognitive thought. It just 'reads' your brain pathways and makes a machinated best guess. The more it works with a human the more it learns that particular human's traits and acts accordingly."

I was on a roll and couldn't stop myself. The looks they were giving me and each other were priceless as it was obvious that they'd never thought about a world without a VR Bot lover.

"It can't think or make a radical change, and you've all been swayed into believing that intense self sex is 'good'. The VR Bots, for your information, are MACHINES. When you use a VR system or Bot for sex, you're using a TOY. A glorified TOY. You're all in for a shock to your systems. I only hope that you all don't drive me nuts in the time it takes for you to understand what real sex is all about."

"We'll be finding out in a little bit. Actually, we wanted to give you the list."

"The list?"

"The list for who sees you when. The Captain and First Officer got us all together and we drew straws... sort of... and we're all ordered on the list. We each have a certain time to meet with you, and according to the Captain, we're to do our best to learn and evolve backwards to..."

"EVOLVE BACKWARDS! EVOLVE BACKWARDS!! Fuck this. I'm not doing it. If you think that having real sex is 'evolving backwards', then you can all fight with Mia and try masturbating the old fashioned way. Fuck this. Fuck all of you too."

They sat there with shocked looks on their faces. They evidently hadn't expected my outburst or anger.

I jumped up, leaving my meal where it was and stomped to my quarters. 'Fuck them, fuck them fuckity fucking fucked up bitches.' I was furious. My mind was boiling with overheated and dangerous thoughts. I didn't need this and I had ways to ensure that I wouldn't have to do this crap. This was turning out to be like the Minx Six all over again, except this time I had officer's orders to contend with.

I knew all I had to do was bring up section seven, article five, paragraph two, three and four. That would shut them all up. Due to the VR Bots, having real sex in space was strictly ordered and controlled and only married people were allowed, technically, to have real sex. Anybody else having real sex could and would be court-marshaled out of the service and sent to Class Seven to be 'fixed'.

I'd gotten away with having real sex way back when because my 'significant other' and I had actually gotten married. When we were assigned different ships, we'd divorced. It was the only way we could do what we wanted to do, and there hadn't been any love involved. It worked for us.

I was slightly worried about paragraph five though. That simple little paragraph could be interpreted to mean that the Captain or First Officer, in times of 'required need' could order the any part of the rule to be null and void. I hoped that it wouldn't come down to my having to use that route as I was certain the Captain, at least, would use paragraph five against me.

It was about sleep cycle time and I was just getting my thoughts back in order when the knock at the door reminded me of the planned 'duty' I was to perform.


It was the Captain. She looked troubled.

"Can we talk... person to person instead of Captain to Mech Tech?"

"Yes Ma'am. If you so order it, it will be done."

She gave me a long suffering look at my little smart return.

"Jim, I know that the crew insulted you at mess. It was unintentional. They intended no harm or bad feeling. They're not used to the idea of live sex... or 'real sex' as the manual states. They've all been raised to believe that real sex is bad unless you're married... and since marriage is pretty rare now, well, you understand I hope."

"No, I don't Linda. They seem to think that having real sex is 'evolving backwards' and if that's the way they feel, I won't be able to perform at all. It's important to me that they accept real sex as a good way to have sex. If they can't do that, then we have nothing to work with. In real sex, men need to have certain... feelings inside, just like the women do. They need to know that their partner wants and desires them. They need to see that in the words and actions of their partner. Anything else just won't work as good, if it works at all."

"It was a poor choice of words Jim. Cadet S...I mean, Kelly didn't mean it to sound like real sex was a bad thing. Remember, all the schools and even parents teach, hell, they drive it into children, that real sex is not something good or something that normal people do. It's hard to break away from a lifetime of training like that."

"Well, it's not evolving backwards but since that's the feeling onboard this ship, you can all fight Mia as you try to masturbate. I'm willing to do what's necessary Captain... Linda... but it absolutely has to be a mutual feeling and mutual respect. 'Evolving backwards' isn't either of those, and it will wipe out anything good you want accomplish here."

"If she apologized to you could you bring it upon yourself to forgive and forget?"

"If I think she's sincere, then perhaps. Real sex is a very fragile thing. It really does require both parties to want to be there, doing it. Of course, there is rape... but in that type of sex, half of the couple isn't there by choice. I'm not a rapist. I've managed on my own all this time, so I know I don't absolutely need to have live women, though real women make it far more enjoyable. You, all of you, seem to need me. Mia will drive you all crazy before you figure out how to work the system. You'd best all get over the attitude right now, that's all I'm saying."

"This is going to be difficult isn't it?"

"Yes, it will be Linda. If you or whoever is here with me can order their minds enough to encompass thinking that real sex is good, then the difficulty will go away and actually, enjoyment will follow. But it takes commitment on everyone's part. I've wondered too, have you given thought about the rule book and real sex? I'm not married to anyone... that could open huge cans of worms for all of us."

"As Captain, I can forgo the rules or I can do something even more radical. I understand that a long time ago there was a religious belief that a male of the species could have more than one wife. I've made arrangements for us to all marry you, should the need arise and we are rescued. I think, under the circumstances, which will be enough to keep those 'cans of worms, as you put it, closed up. It should also help with Mia too, I hope."

"You've given this some thought and checked things out then. I guess I have no choice but to follow along for now. I'll do my best Linda. The only fly in the ointment will be Mia. I'm not sure she'll allow 'real sex' at all."

"So... can I send Kelly here then? That way we'll know sooner rather than later about Mia too."

"Since she's the one who started it, she can try to fix it. Yes. No promises though."

"I'll impress on her that she needs to open her mind. Hopefully she'll work through this and come out okay. We all want this Jim, and we will try our damnedest to work with you. Please remember that we each have lifetimes of drilling into our heads that real sex is bad though? Okay?"

"Okay. Go ahead and send her in. We'll see what happens."

"Thank you Mech Tech Taylor. I want you to know that I truly appreciate your efforts on behalf of the ship."

"Yes Ma'am."

I had a few minutes to think and straighten my mind out. I decided to be nice. I was going to try my damnedest to work things out as the Captain wanted. To not do so could spell my end. The last thing I needed was a Minx Six incident all over again.

The timid knocking on my door almost went by without my hearing it. I commanded the door to open, revealing Crewman Kelly standing with an uncertain look. Her body suit was tight and revealing as they are prone to be. She had a nice body with bigger than usual breasts.

"Come in."

"I'm sorry about earlier Jim... I mean, Mech Tech Taylor... I should have realized that..."

"First of all Kelly, I'm Jim for now. While we're in this room, I'm Jim and you're Kelly. Unless you have some other pet name you'd rather I call you. Secondly, forget about what was said earlier. Just try to accept that I'm not going to hurt you or make you feel bad or take you back to the Stone Age. We're here to have a better than good time hopefully, and release some tensions. If you follow along or try to allow yourself to enjoy what's about to happen, we'll all benefit."

"I've never even thought of having real sex before. I have no idea how or what to do. Uh, Kelly will be fine... for now. VR has a pet name for me, but I'm not sure that I want you to use it... here... like... this... oh damn... I just did it again didn't I?"

My facial features were strained as she started down that path again. This was going to be harder than any of them had thought, I could see that clearly.

"Your face is showing your disgust with all of this, yes. Look, I know this isn't something you want to do, but you need to do. I don't want you to feel bad about this, and I do want you to enjoy it, if you can. In case you're worrying about it, no, you will not be cheating on your VR Bot. On top of that, I won't kiss and tell either. After all, a similar thing to this occurred on the Minx Six and I've never mentioned it either, until now."

"So... what do I do first?"

"How about we have a drink and get to know one another?"

"Oh... you mean talk first? Will that help with all of this? It's kind of like what the VR does in the beginning... kind of. How's this?"

Dead silence followed for a bit. I saw her face going through some motions, but there was nothing being said. Since she had her eyes closed it took me a moment to realize what was happening.

"Uh, Kelly, you're going to have to verbalize your thoughts. I can't read your mind like the VR can."

A blush grew up her neck and over her face. Her eyes popped open and looked everywhere but at me.

"I knew that. I knew that, I did. I'm sorry. I'm just so used to the link I guess I forgot."

"It's okay, calm down. You look ravishing in your body suit by the way."

"What? In this old thing?"

"Why yes. It fits you nicely. I like the way it shows your form to me. Very appealing. You have a very nice body. Sexy and desirable."

Her blush grew some more. I could see this was going to be more difficult than I'd imagined. It was like trying to get to first base with a teenager... I wasn't sure I'd be able to go through the motions with every crewmember like this. We'd be months before we were having any real sex, if we lived that long.

I decided to try a different tactic, hoping that it would shake her up and cause her to regroup.

"Kelly! Are you horny? Does your pussy need something it's not getting?"

My louder voice and fairly graphic questions caught her off guard.

"What? My pussy?"

"Are you or are you not horny? WHY ARE YOU HERE?"

"Oh... I want to have sex... I need relief."



Damn, this wasn't what I'd envisioned at all. It was like trying to pull teeth the old fashioned way. I started to have doubts about this working.

"So, tell me Kelly, how do the VR and you start out your sessions? Help me out here, will ya?"

"Uh... I plug in and then choose the mood I'm in for the programmed responses."

"Okay then, what's your mood?"

"That's part of the problem Jim. I don't know. This is all so strange. I need it... I desire it... I'm so horny I could die, but I can't tell you what I want or feel like."

"What's the VR Bot usually dressed like at first?"

"That's easy... naked. It's usually naked. I like to see men naked I guess."

"Hard or soft?"


"Is the VR's 'cock' hard or soft?"

"Oh. Hard most of the time. Once in a while, when I'm in a more tender mood, it will start out soft though."

"So, are you in a soft mood or something else?"

"Definitely something else. I've never gone as long as this without some kind of sex. This is a record for me. Probably for all of the women on board."

"So, we're going to have to wing it I guess."

I pulled my body suit down in one quick motion. Naked, I stood before her, watching her facial expressions. My body was lean and muscular. I worked out more than most, especially since working out helped to keep my desires for masturbation at bay.

Right now I was searching for that spark in her eyes, and though it took a bit, I finally saw it creeping into view. I hadn't been sure my stripping like I did was the right thing to do. Seeing desire building within her, I knew we were on track, hopefully.

Putting my hand on my now hard cock, I began to stroke it in long slow pulls. Each time my hand would reach the end of my cock, just covering its head, Kelly's lips would slightly open. Pre-cum was coating the head of my cock and my hand would drag some of it back down my shaft on each stroke.

Mia engaged, getting ready for her verbal warnings since my heart rate had started to climb. Suddenly, I heard Mia change subtly.

"Taylor, James... Anderson, Kelly... joining for real sex... wife number one?"

I answered her.

"Real sex, couple to be Taylor and Anderson."

"Standing by. Protocol six two six."

"Protocol six two six."

It worked. Evidently Mia still had the real sex program imbedded inside the system. I relaxed now knowing that at least we'd not have to deal with MIA interrupting our liaisons. It appeared that if I called up protocol six two six in the future, Mia might just standby immediately too.

I noticed the interruption was lost on Kelly. She never shied away from me during the exchange with Mia. Matter of fact, she seemed to have changed in a more positive way totally.

I saw her licking her lips and staring at my cock. That's when I knew for sure we were moving in the right direction. Stepping in closer as she sat on my bunk, I put my body between her legs. I wasn't pressing in too close, but close enough that all she had to do was lean forward a little bit and she'd be touching my cock with her face.

Her eyes traveled up the front of my body, taking in every part of me, until she was looking into my eyes. I moved in a bit more by shifting my hips, and her hand touched my leg. Suddenly she looked right at the head of my cock, staring at it in a new and different way.

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