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Following the Bus


On of the things that my wife and I do for relaxation is go out for long rides on sunny days in our convertible. We usually go across the border and into the next state as they have many miles of paved highways that could be considered back roads and are less heavily traveled that the the highways in our state. Most of the roads connect small rural towns and we can often travel several miles without meeting another car.

Although T has sometimes ridden along these roads with her shirt unbuttoned, or even off, most of the time when the top is down on the car her top stays in place. This story is about one of those times when it didn't.

It was a warm fall day and since it looked like it might be one of the last chances for a ride in the convertible I skipped out of work a couple of hours early and met T at home. It didn't take us long to change clothes and hop in the car and be on our way. We usually don't have a specific route that we follow, except we have to choose which bridge we go over to cross the river into the next state. I took off on the freeway so we quickly crossed the river and soon were into rural country so I exited on one of several roads that we've traveled many times.

I was driving into the sun, and we were enjoying the last warmth of the fall so it wasn't difficult to talk T into unbuttoning her shirt and opening it up so the sunshine could warm her tits while the breeze from riding with top down would be just enough to keep her nipples hard. We'd ridden along for many miles that way and when we'd approach a small town she'd either pull her shirt together, or sometimes button up the one button that was between her tits.

After going through our third or fourth small town we were coming out of the town and just as T was getting ready to unbutton one more time we noticed a school bus on the road in front of us. Instead of unfastening her button she quickly buttoned up a couple more as I came up behind the bus and started to follow. Inside the bus were some very bored looking guys dressed in their football uniforms. We had come up behind a bus filled with the local football team who must have been traveling to the next small town for a game.

I was hoping that I'd be able to pass the bus right away so that we could enjoy our peaceful drive and I could get T to unbutton her shirt once again. Unfortunately the rode had a lot of hills and curves and after a couple of miles was still behind the bus. I was pretty much on the back bumper of the bus a couple of the times as I tried to see if I could pass so this got the attention of a couple of the guys in the back seat.

I'm guess that they must have been the oldest players, or perhaps the "stars" of the team since they had the coveted back seats. By now 4-5 of them were looking out the back and one started to make a motion of pulling up his shirt. It wasn't long before all the guys in the back were doing the same thing trying to get T to lift her shirt up and flash them her tits.

I was telling her that this was quite a compliment since even our own kids were older than these guys who wanted to see her tits. She just laughed it off and said they'd probably pass out if they saw and "old woman's tits" when they had young girlfriends of there own to look at. I disagreed with her statement and suggested that since they wanted to look, and I wasn't able to pass the bus anyhow she might as well give them a little show.

By now I wasn't even looking to go around the bus anymore, but since she still wasn't convinced I asked her to unbutton the buttons and see what kind of reaction she got from them. She laughed again, but slowly unfastened the first, second, and finally the last of the 3 buttons on her shirt. By the time she'd finished with the buttons the back windows of the bus were filled with guys faces trying to get a look at what was going on behind them. It was comical as it looked like everyone that could was now looking out the back.

T was now just holding her shirt together with her hands and with just a little encouragement from me pulled it open and gave them a quick flash of her tits. From the looks on their faces it was evident that the guys were happy and found it exciting to be flashed on the way to a football game. The guys who were sitting in the back seat once again made a motion with their hands for T to open up her shirt and hold it open.

I wasn't sure if she would or not, but she once again pulled her shirt open and exposed herself to the guys on the bus. This time we not only saw the excitement on their faces but we also heard a cheer from her watchers come out of the open windows of the bus. T dropped her hands into her lap and left her shirt wide open as we continued to follow the bus.

The next couple of minutes we were amused as the faces looking out the window kept changing. The original guys in the back seat never moved, but other faces would peer out the window and soon be replaced by someone else. I wasn't sure if the whole team had seen her tits by now, but we both started to wonder if perhaps the coach or someone else, might show up next and that could get us into trouble.

By now we'd followed the bus for at least 10-15 minutes and for most of that time T had been riding and showing off her tits to her young admirers in the bus. I'd given up trying to pass the bus along time ago, and we weren't even paying much attention to where we were when all of a sudden we slowed down even more and the bus put on his turn signal and almost came to a stop.

We'd just started to enter another small town and this was the where the bus turned off. The driver slowly made the turn off towards the school and with a quick wave we left the bus behind. I'm not sure how the team did in their game that day, but win or lose they did have some special memories of their ride to the football game.

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