‘Is cyber sex considered cheating?’ Liz typed on her laptop.


‘Is cyber considered cheating?’ she repeated.

‘Liz, are you asking me to cyber with you?’

Her heart began to thump harder than normal. She was about to cross a line that she knew she shouldn’t and there would be no turning back. She typed a message back to her husband’s best friend.

‘What would you say if I was?’

She held her breath. This was it. She crossed the line. If she closed her eyes and looked behind her, she could see that line fading in the distance. Liz stared at the screen.

Five seconds past…

What are you doing?! Her mind screamed. This is forbidden stuff!

Ten seconds past…

You don’t even know how to “cyber”. And he’s engaged! This isn’t right and you know it. But he sure is sexy.

Fifteen seconds…

The tone of the instant messenger woke her from her mind debate. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Would he cross the line with her? She released the breath and looked at the screen.

‘I’d say I’ve never done it before. Why? Do you want to try it?’

‘I do, but I’m scared.’

‘Well, it’s not technically cheating because you’re not actually touching anyone. Even though your mind is.’ He typed.

Maybe we should just forget this whole thing… She had the urge to jump back to the safe side of that line she just crossed.

‘I don’t even know what I’m doing,’ she typed. ‘And I’m sorry if this conversation is making you uncomfortable.’

‘Not at all. I can even show you how. We can learn together.’

Liz’s heart jumped. Suddenly she was very far away on the wrong side of the line. ‘Ok, why not…’ she typed but didn’t send it. If I hit enter, I’m a pig, a whore, a slut. But if I don’t, I will always wonder about him. Fuck it. This can’t possibly hurt anyone. Liz made up her mind and hit enter. She waited.

‘I hope you’re ready for this,’ he teased.

‘More than ready. I’ve been wondering about you for quite some time.’

‘Oh, really? That’s very interesting.’


‘Cause so have I.’

Once again her heart somersaulted in her chest. God I want him, she thought.

‘So tell me how bad you want to fuck me,’ she bravely typed.

‘Fuck you… first I want to taste you.’

‘Mmmmmmm. I can feel myself getting wet already.’

‘Then take off your bra, suck on your finger, and then play with your nipples.’

‘Ok, but you have to take off your shirt, too.’

‘Liz, I’m naked and my dick is as hard as stone. After I stick my tongue in your mouth and taste your lips, I’m going to suck on your nipples and stick my fingers deep inside you.’

‘Mmmmm. I am so wet. I want you inside me.’

‘Not yet,’ he teased. ‘Take your finger and swirl it around your clit. But that’s all. Don’t put it inside.’



Liz could barely continue. Guilt was knocking at her door but her pussy was wet and throbbing for him. ‘Alex, I have to log off. I just can’t do this.’

‘Liz, call me right now.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Call me.’

‘This is wrong.’

‘Pick up the phone and call me or I will call you.’

‘Don’t you feel guilty?’

‘Nope. Guilt is a waste of time. Do you want me or not? Are you still wet?’

‘Yes and yes.’

‘Then call me right now. I’m going to make you cum.’

Liz shut off her laptop. She took the cordless phone from the receiver. I’ll call him and tell him to forget it. We can’t do this. But deep down she knew she was weak. Aaron, her boyfriend of 4 years, hadn’t touched her in three months. No kisses, no fondles, no tongue. She was a woman and she had her needs. And she couldn’t seem to get any answers when she asked him why. She loved Aaron with all her heart but she longed to be wanted again. And here was her chance.

Part 2

Liz took the phone and dialed Alex’s number. He picked up on the first ring.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi, Alex.”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”


“I’m two minutes from hanging up this phone and jumping on the train to your house so I can fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. “

“I can’t do this,” she pleaded. Her resistance was slipping away.

“Yes you can. You started this. You said you want to feel me deep inside. Do you?”


“Don’t you want to feel me deep inside? I can move it all around and make you scream.”

“Oh yes. I need you in me.”

“That’s it. Give in to me and let me rub my hands all over you. I want to feel your tits, your thighs, and I want to grab your ass and plunge my tongue into your wet pussy.”

“Mmmmm, I can feel you.”

“Liz, cum in my mouth.”

“Oh, yes,” she breathed.

“Take off your panties and rub your clit.”

“Alex, I have to have you. “

“But I want to tease you some more.”

“You’re making me crazy! I can’t pretend. I need to feel you for real.”

“So, what are you saying?”

Liz looked at the clock and swallowed hard. It was 2am and Aaron wasn’t due him until 8am. Six hours. Lots of things could happen in six hours.

“I’m coming to get you, Alex.”


“Yes, now. And when I get there I want you to make my fantasies come true.”

“Just get here quickly and I’ll handle the rest.”

Part 3

As Liz steered her car off the highway and approached Alex’s house she questioned herself again. Computer sex is one thing. Phone sex is deeper. But now the real thing. She was scared and excited. Would he regret this? Would she? And worse, would their significant others find out?

She stopped her car in front of his house and he stepped out into the moonlight. And her fears disappeared. Lust took over. He opened the car door and got in.

“Where,” she asked him.

“The park.”

They drove in silence. He reached his hand over and began to slide her skirt up her thighs. He slipped is fingers between her lips as she gasped and clutched the steering wheel until her knuckles were white.

“Drive careful now,” he teased.

Liz pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car. She got out and slipped into the back seat and waited for him. “I’m waiting for you,” she said.

He gave her a mischievous smile and climbed in next to her. Before she could say another word he grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her lips to his. His tongue slipped in her mouth and all Liz could think of was how his tongue would feel in her throbbing pussy. A groan escaped her lips.

He hiked up her skirt again and realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. He sucked gently on her lips. He then flipped her underneath him and yanked down her pants. Liz bit her lip as he parted her pussy and slipped his rock hard cock deep inside her. She cried out and tilted her head back.

“Oh, Alex, fuck me good.”

And he did. He thrust himself over and over, harder and harder. So deep and so good. Goose bumps broke out all over her body as he pushed himself even deeper.

“Yes!” she cried.

“More?” he asked.

“Oh yeah! Oh yes!”

“Say, ‘fuck me, Alex’.”

“Fuck me, Alex,” she panted.

“Say it again,” he demanded.

“Fuck me, Alex.

“Again. But louder. I want to hear you scream.”

“Oh, God! Fuck me, Alex! Fuck me good!”

The car bounced up and down as each thrust got more and more desperate for release. He grabbed her ass and pushed himself deeper inside her.

“Alex, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah, baby! Cum. Cum all over me.”

“Kiss me.”

He did. And as his tongue slipped in her mouth she began to feel wave after wave of her orgasm slide all around him. And he cried out her name as he gave a final thrust. He lifted her ass again and pulled her body to him. The he buried his face in her curly hair.

“Mmmmmm. You smell so good.”

“Hmmm. Thanks,” she blushed.

“I want you again,” he said.

“Don’t you have to rest?”

“Only a second. For some reason I need to have more of you. Can I have you again?”

“You don’t need to ask. I’m all yours for now,” she whispered.



We sat up and he undid her bra. He lowered his mouth to her nipples and sucked on one and then the other. A low moan slipped from her reddened lips.

“I need to taste you,” he said. He slipped his fingers into her wetness, pulled them back out and sucked her juices off them. “Ride me.”

She kept her eyes locked on his as she once again hiked up her skirt and climbed on top of him. She lined herself up with his hardness and slipped it inside her.

“Ahhhh,” they both said in union. Liz chuckled. She grabbed the back of the seat and used it to rock her hips harder and made him slip deeper. She moved with slow but steady motion. He grabbed a breast in his mouth as his hands found their way to her hips. He guided her to a faster motion. She felt the trickle of her wetness slide down his cock.

“I feel you,” he whispered. “You feel so good.”

“Tell me how good.”

“Soft and hot and wet. I can fuck you all night.”

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned. Her riding became faster.


“Yeah!” She did.


“Yes,” she pulled on the seatback and thrust her hips forward. He slid down in his seat more and she felt him slip even deeper still.

“Faster,” he gasped.

“Like this?”

“Oh, yeah, baby. Like that.”


He sucked in his breath. “Yeah, faster, Liz.”

“I’m gonna cum again.”


He turned her body under him once again and began to ram himself into her again and again. Liz screamed with pleasure as another orgasm flowed through her body. Her cries became louder and louder the more he pumped her and then he cam again and again. He couldn’t stop. She felt so good.

Finally, their movement together slowed. Then stopped. The kissed some more. Liz felt him stir again inside her but she knew he needed to rest. The timer on the dashboard read 5:23am. They were out of time.

“You’re amazing,” he said.

“No, you are,” she sighed.

“I want you again. When can this happen?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I still have to process that I fucked my man’s best friend. And I liked it.”

“We don’t have to stop, you know. It can happen again whenever you want me.”

“I don’t think I could turn you down if I wanted to,” she replied.

He glanced at the time. “You’d better get back.”


He pulled himself out of her and fixed his clothes. Liz did the same. She had just enough time to drive the one-hour drive home, shower, and get in bed before Aaron got home.

“So, I’ll see you online again?” she asked.

“Tomorrow night.”

“You mean tonight?”

“I’ll call you after Aaron leaves for work,” she said.

“I’ll be waiting to take you again.”

Liz blushed. “I’m looking forward to it.” She gave him one last passionate kiss before she drove away and headed home. And with a huge smile on her face.

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