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That wasn't part of the plan, and I knew it was mom's one and only attempt to try and get Michelle clear of this if she could without coming out and telling her to simply walk away. But if anything, it helped rather than hindered, as Michelle bolstered her own courage to stand by her friend.

"Whatever you want," Michelle said looking towards me. "Just as long as you promise not to say anything to Jeff or to Darrel about any of this!"

Michelle certainly knew of course the animosity and friction that existed between us, so my very real threat to expose all of this to him was even more serious than my exposing her to her husband. Maybe he might eventually accept what she'd been up to, perhaps in a weird sort of way, even condone it, encourage it, want to see it sometime for himself. But she also knew as my mother knew, that should Darrel ever hear about it, and then it would all be over with. And that...she definitely knew.

"I'll tell you what," I began sitting down on the edge of the bed. "I'll agree to keep this all hush hush and quiet, just as long as you two agree to get together with me every once in a while, or let me join the two of you whenever you are if I happen to be around. That's all I really want, just a little naughty pleasure, same as the two of you seem to want to enjoy and have together."

"But she's your mother!" Michelle actually tossed out, "You don't seriously expect her to..."

"It's alright Michelle," mom said calming her. "If you're willing to go along with this, so am I, even if Jake is my son." As she said that, she rolled out of bed, once again acting out the scenario just as we'd discussed it. If things were to get this far, she was to instigate the initial encounter, thus drawing Michelle along and into it with her.

Still somewhat stunned no doubt, Michelle sat there on the bed looking on as mom walked over to me, standing me back up from the bed and proceeded to undo my pants, eventually pulling them down, freeing my cock. I quickly pulled the tee shirt I was wearing up and over my head just as mother knelt down on the floor before me, mouthing and holding onto my rock-hard prick.

"Oh my God! I can't believe we're really doing this!" she exclaimed to no one in particular, then she too rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor beside mom, adding her tongue to my mother's as the two of them began licking and sucking me side-by-side.

I allowed the two of them to lick and suck on me until I was about as hard as I could get, then I enticed them back onto the bed with me.

"Now what?" Michelle asked curiously as we climbed back onto the bed.

"Well what I'd enjoy doing, seeing and feeling, is fucking mom's hot wet cunt here while you lay beneath her and lick it while I am, and perhaps give me a few nice sucks every once in a while too while I'm doing that," I suggested lewdly.

"You ok with this?" Michelle asked my mother.

"Do we really have any choice?" she asked already positioning herself on the bed, but then added surprising us both. "Who knows Michelle, maybe we'll even enjoy it ourselves!"

I almost laughed, but held it in as Michelle gave my mother a crazy look, though she simply scooted beneath her at that point as I in turn took up position behind mom placing the head of my prick against, but not in my mother's cunt.

"You get to do the honors," I told Michelle. "Go ahead, help me fuck my mother!"


It was interesting, seeing Michelle's hand suddenly snaking up between us, grasping my rock-hard prick, and begin to rub it up and down and against my mother's hot slick cunt. The fact that she was, said something as well, there was no hiding her obvious arousal at this point, something that Michelle though slowly, eventually came around to, soon obviously enjoying it as she actually masturbated her own friend with her son's cock, all the while licking and sucking that very same pussy while doing so.

"Put it in!" Mom told her friend when she simply couldn't stand it anymore, and was in fact highly aroused by this time and in need of a nice hard cock filling her cunt.

And Michelle did, guiding it in, pressing it home before I finally took over and allowed the last few inches or so to bury themselves in as deeply as I could. I began slow-motion fucking mom's nice wet pussy, listening as I did so, and even occasionally feeling it as Michelle went to work on mom's clit, the sound of her lips sucking, her tongue flicking, and even the playfulness of her fingers dancing around the two of us as she did so.

And of course, it was only natural at that point that mom now leaned over and began giving Michelle's sweet hot pussy an equally pleasurable dance of the tongue.

Periodically, I felt Michelle reach for and then remove my prick from mom's cunt, licking it, cleaning off mom's sweet sticky juices with her mouth before reinserting it, and going at it again.

"Let's switch, I'd like to do that myself," Mom said suddenly. I was soon fucking Michelle's cunt while mom licked it, and occasionally then also licking me. Unlike the night before, I was managing a little better control, though I had stopped a time or two in order to collect myself or I would have been spewing a fountain of cum all over the two of them, and I wasn't quite ready or willing to do that just yet.

"Ok," I said easing out of Michelle's cunt just before I did. "Now, let's see some nasty naughty girl-girl stuff just between the two of you," I said directing them.

"Like what?" Mom asked curiously.

"Oh, how about some breast fucking for starters," I asked hopefully. "I'd really enjoy seeing that!"

To my surprise, neither one of them had even thought about, or considered doing that before now. They even smiled at one another thinking about it, and then quickly positioned themselves, with Michelle going first, mom on her back legs spread while I knelt between them taking Michelle's tit in my hand, placing it against my mother's clit and began rubbing it back and forth, nipple to clit, nipple to clit, over and over again.

"Damn! That's nice!" Mom actually giggled pleasurably, as did Michelle as I delighted myself with the feel of her breasts in my hand, but also with the knowledge that I was masturbating my own mother's cunt with her best friend's breast.

And as I did that, Michelle reached over, once again grasping my cock and began playing with it, quite delightedly so, though she again spoke when doing it. "You really do promise not to reveal any of this to anyone she asked. Not ever?"

"I promise," I said honestly, enjoying the feel of her hand on me as she continued stroking my prick, just as I continued masturbating my mother's cunt with her friend's tit.

"God Shirley! I still can't believe we're doing this," she added excitedly however. "And I know this is going to sound really strange, especially coming from me, but damn it feels good to actually be doing something like this, you know how Jeff is, wham bam thank you mam and it's over!"

"Yeah, I know the feeling, if I even get that much," Mom moaned back at her enjoying the sensations her friends hard little nipple was giving her, even though it was my hand that was rubbing it against her.

"It just feels!" she actually grinned then.

"Oh yeah, just like this does," mom said as she began to climax, the sound of her first pleasures filling the room.


Even I had to admit to being exhausted by the time Michelle left in order to fix dinner for her husband, but the wicked horniness I still felt wasn't.

"Just wear your bathrobe, if you're going to wear anything at all," I had told my mother.


"Because we're not done yet," I told her plain and simply. "There's still a few things I've been thinking about, stuff I've fantasized about before that I might like to see or do yet."

I saw the nervous, excited flush spread across her face, maybe she had thought that after everything we'd done that that would be it, but in telling her what I did, she knew now that it wasn't, and by the look on her face, I could already tell she wasn't all that disappointed in hearing that, especially when she just threw her robe on and went down stairs into the kitchen to begin preparing something for dinner.

After taking a shower I came into the kitchen while she sat cutting up some vegetables for the salad she was preparing. Knowing she was still obviously naked beneath her robe suddenly began to arouse me as I sat there watching her.

"What?" she said looking at me, though she smiled when she realized I was literally staring at her.

"Open your robe so I can see your tits," I told her. She blushed furiously, which was erotic to see as I knew she was still struggling with this on the one hand, yet undeniably excited on the other, even if she wasn't willing to verbally admit it, just her actions were enough as she quickly undid the sash keeping her robe closed, allowing it to open now as she sat there and went back to chopping up some celery.

Feeling my cock stiffen, I soon unzipped my Levi's fishing it out and began petting myself as I sat there. It didn't take long for her to notice the subtle movement of my hand beneath the table as I sat across from her.

"Are you doing what I think you're doing?" she asked inquisitively, somewhat surprised that I actually was, but as I merely smiled at her, answering her question, she grinned at that, though continued on with her preparations as I sat there taking in her exposed breasts which I now noticed had twin hard little nipples now protruding away from them.

"You know what kind of salad I think you should make?" I then asked still stroking my cock even more obviously now.

"No, what?"

"A cunt-cumber salad."

"What kind of salad?" she asked, but she'd heard me, her face suddenly beet red as I grinned wickedly at her.

"See that cucumber?"

"You can't be serious."

"Oh but mother, I am! I am! And don't you think it has a nicely thick shape and length to it?" I asked her as she actually picked it up as though hypnotized by my suggestion. "Go ahead, try it," I urged.

Hesitantly at first, she held the cucumber in hand, and then placed it between her legs beneath the table. Wanting to see this, I stood, and in doing so revealed to her my hard stiff erection that was already dripping with precum, which had bubbled out on the end of my dick.

"Scoot your chair back so that I can see."

She quickly did so, the fat green prick sticking out of her pussy looking wonderfully obscene as she slid back across the floor revealing herself to me as I stood there.

"That's it, now fuck yourself with it while I watch you."

"I can't believe you're making me do this," she breathed deeply though her hand began moving the cucumber in and out of herself while she sat there. But the truth was, I wasn't making her do anything, I had merely suggested it, but as I stood there, I realized that she was obviously more than willing to do so as long as she perceived that she was being forced to do so, and thus could do it, and even enjoy it as long as felt like she had no real choice in the matter.

"Feel good?" I then asked, watching her as she nodded her head yes without verbally admitting it. "Looks good too!" I stated smiling to myself as she lifted one hand up towards her breast, tweaking her own nipple. "Now try the carrot."

This time she didn't even hesitate, slipping out the now sticky coated cucumber that was already heavily smeared with her juices and exchanged that with the skinned, fat-sized carrot which she now slipped inside herself and began masturbating with that.

"Oh yeah, that's hot," I said grinning at her, walking over to stand in front of her now, still working my own cock up and down, leaning over just enough to rub the head of it across one of her breasts, smearing her nipple with my juices, and then watching her as she immediately fingered it, once again pleasuring her nipple though using my own slick lubrications to do so with.

Even I had to admit, this was becoming even more wickedly erotic than I had imagined it might be when we'd started out, and by the look and expression on my own mother's face as she sat there pleasuring herself with the carrot, fingering her breast, she was feeling it too.

"Try some of the lettuce against your clit," I now urged her. Her eyes lit up at that one though she looked somewhat confused.


"You heard me," I said a bit forcefully, not wanting her to get cold feet about doing this now. "Take some lettuce, pat your clit, your lips with it, and use the cucumber again too," I instructed her, giving her a reason to do so as she obviously had enjoyed the feel of the cucumber she'd been using even more so than the carrot.

I think she surprised herself, as well as me, as she began doing so, finding the sensation of the green-leaf lettuce rubbed against her clit to be as decadently enjoyable as it was. She shredded several large sections of it, using them all in this way, and then added them to the bowl as I instructed.

"Ah yes, our cunt-cumber salads coming along just fine now," I teased her. "Try some of the miniature tomatoes now, rub them up and down your split, get them all nice and creamy and then add them to the lettuce."

It was easier now. Whatever I told her to do, she did. And I could also see as she did it, she was getting more and more aroused, as well as closer and closer towards orgasm. All that remained was the cucumber as she sat there pummeling her cunt furiously with it now, though occasionally leaning forward to wrap her lips around the head of my dick while doing so.

"Come on it!" I soon urged her, hearing the sound of her excited breath starting to pant, her moans getting deeper, throatier as she neared ever closer and closer towards climax. Her fingers were now twirling her clit furiously as she fucked herself with the cumber, until she suddenly screamed out her delight, her orgasm seizing her, taking control. I waited until she'd calmed down once again collecting herself, smiling as her eyes met mine.

"Very nice, now slice it up and put it in the bowl."

We added some croutons along with the sliced carrot peelings to the mixture. "Still can't believe you made me do this," she said a moment or two later, though she tossed her salad happily, mixing it all together.

"Ready to add the dressing?"

This time her face really did light up when she looked at me, realizing what I was suggesting. But without saying another word, she reached out grasping my still very hard cock and began jacking it, holding it over the now nicely tossed salad.

Having watched her fucking and playing with herself for as long as I had been, I knew that when I came, I would add a considerable amount of special dressing to the salad, which I soon did. Gleefully, mom continued jerking me, giggling even as she directed the spray of spunk spurting from my prick across the top of the salad until it had a pretty nice coating sticking to it. She even shook it off, ensuring the last little driblet of my spending was included.

"Damn," she said half laughing, shaking her head as she sat admiring her creation.


"Such a waste!"

"I don't think you wasted a thing," I said pleasurably only then stepping back to admire her handy work.

"Not you, the salad!" she laughed looking at our creation together.

I then confused her further, tearing off a strip of saran wrap covering the bowl, placing it inside the refrigerator.

"What are you doing?"

"Didn't you tell me that Darrel rarely if ever goes down on you, and even then, only long enough to ensure that he's going to get a bit of a blowjob out of it himself?"

"Yeah? So?"


"Oh my God Jake, you can't be thinking what I think you're thinking!" she said genuinely aghast at what I was intimating here.

"Just think of it as a naughty little way to get back at him a little," I pressed. "You know how much Darrel loves eating salad, so can delight in the fact that he's finally really eaten your pussy, whether he knows it or not."

"But the...but the..."

"Just add a little ranch to it. He'll never even know."


I don't know if she actually served it to him or not. I didn't stick around for dinner on Sunday evening after Darrel came home for his trip, though Monday morning I noticed the Salad was no longer in the fridge. Mom came down into the kitchen just before I headed out for school, though once again only having a couple of classes that I had to attend before heading off to work that afternoon myself.

"How was dinner?" I asked.

She just smiled without elaborating. "You're going to be late," she said still standing there grinning at me.

I don't know if she did, or she didn't, but I wish I'd been there on the one hand just in case she had.

"Oh, by the way, Darrel told me that Karen is coming down for the long weekend next Friday," she informed me.

"Oh wonderful," I said sarcastically. The odd thing was, I actually did like her a little, and by the way she often teased or flirted with me, I got the impression she didn't mind being around me either, though she still had an uppity side to her that she continued to express, letting me know as she did so that she still thought herself more important and better than I was. The fact that she enjoyed showing her body off at me whenever she could get away with it, and knowing or rather thinking that I would never actually do anything about it, had been a slightly annoying little game she loved playing with me. As I headed off to school, I began thinking how I could turn the tables on her, and smiled inwardly as I began to formulate a plan.


By the time the weekend drew near, I had already gotten a few things in place, all that was required now was a little luck in bringing everything together, along with tempting her into doing what I hope I could get her to do in order to make everything work. There was certainly an element of risk involved, not to mention needing to get Darrel out of the way at some point in order to do so. But as luck would have it, that opportunity came when Darrel came home Friday waving two tickets for a Saturday baseball game he'd been given at work. As neither my mother nor myself enjoyed baseball, though even if I had, I'd have been the last person in the world he'd want to take to the game, Darrel had in fact already invited a co-worker to go with him that evening.

I knew then that this might be the one and only opportunity I had to try and pull this off if I could, so immediately set up my little trap in hopes that Karen's usual snoopiness would pay off.

I had learned from some of her previous visits that she had indeed gone through my stuff, finding my stash of porn magazines along with several DVD's that I also had, all of which Darrel had specifically forbidden to have in his house. Interesting enough that I still had them anyway, but even more so that his own daughter obviously enjoyed watching porn too as I'd discovered my DVD's had been gone through, and had even located one that was missing out of its box still sitting inside the player which was hooked up to the TV in the guest room where she always stayed.

I had purposely gone out and bought several new ones with a wide range of various choices, not entirely sure what it was she enjoyed seeing, but wanting to ensure that I had something that would make her curious enough, and thus tempted to borrow one from me to watch when she was reasonably confident she could do so secretly when I wasn't around to be aware of it, not to mention her own father which was now no longer a problem with his going to the game on Saturday evening.

I had let it be known that morning that I had been called into work, though I had already scheduled the entire weekend off, with the hopes that Karen would indeed busy herself with snooping through my bedroom once she was assured she could safely do so with both her father and myself out of the way. The tricky part, though even that really wasn't, was informing my mother that I needed her to go out and do some shopping herself for a couple of hours, though the reason for that I explained would be given to her later on that evening.

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