tagNonConsent/ReluctanceForced in the Forest

Forced in the Forest

byravaging rhiannon©

Morgan was going on her nightly run through the forest preserves. The pretty red head continued on her jog. She felt peace and serenity as she enjoyed the natural surroundings. The exercising made her feel good about herself, and it was a good stress reliever.

Suddenly Morgan heard a noise, she stopped looked around. "It's probably a bird", she thought. She continued with her run. She heard the rustle of leaves again. The enveloping darkness and noise started to make her uneasy.

In an instant, something or someone leaped out of the bushes. Morgan could no longer see. Something was over her face. She was in complete darkness. She felt herself being dragged. She could feel the strong arms around her torso. She screamed, but in the throws of fear, air couldn't escape from her lungs to let the sounds become audible. The sounds of leaves rustled as she was being dragged through the forest.

Morgan started hitting and clawing at the hands around her, but it was no use. The arms had a vice grip hold on her. Morgan felt her back shoved hard against a tree. The hard shove nearly took her breath away. Suddenly, she felt rope being tied around her waist and arms. As much as she fought hitting,, twisting , turning, her captor had expertly overpowered her and tied her to the tree. Morgan was exhausted. The terror was taking over her psyche.

"You may think you can get away, but you are mine now", a deep voice whispered in her ear. "I have a great deal in store for you, little one", he continued. She felt the tip of a hunting knife running down her cheek, then towards her throat. The blade tore through her t-shirt and bra, then moved toward her shorts and panties, RIP, her clothes were completely torn off, her captor stuffed her panties in her mouth.

Morgan felt fingers penetrating deep into her womanhood. She moaned, but the panties we deep inside her mouth. His fingers kept roughly exploring her cunt. She was afraid, as he kept putting more fingers inside her. Her cunt was dripping wet, as he finally had his entire hand inside her. He kept twisting his hand inside her. The fisting paralyzed her with fear, yet the mixture of pain and pleasure gave her an uncontrollable orgasm.

He removed his hand, pulled the underwear out of her mouth, and rammed his rock hard cock into her mouth. He pulled her hair hard, as he fucked her mouth, over and over again. She kept gagging and choking for air. Finally, she felt the warm sticky fluid of his release down her throat. His cum tasted sweet as she swallowed hard.

She felt something pointed inserted up her ass. He inserted a but plug. The pain from the but plug was searing. Then she felt his warm wet tongue licking her clit, moving down into her wet hole, entering her with the tip of his tongue. He stopped for a moment, spanked her ass, and slapped her cunt. He continued with the licking, spanking, and slapping, until she came again.

He untied her from the tree. Tied her hands and feet together in a rough hog tie position. Removes the butt plug. She feels him entering her cunt from behind. He takes her hard and rough pounding deep inside her, he pulls his cock out of her cunt, and enters her ass. He kept switching holes, penetrating her unmercifully, until they were both exhausted. They both came from the intense violent fucking. She felt his sticky fluid drip from her wet cunt. When the hood was removed from her face, she couldn't believe it, it was her boyfriend Ian.

Her captor removed the hood from her face; Morgan noticed she was on a desolate part of the forest preserves. The wind was blowing, and all she could hear was the rustling of the leaves on the trees. There was silence, complete silence. "I am not done with you, yet", her captor stated. "You will be my slave, my personal slave, and maybe when I am done with you, I will release you." He growled. "But..but what are you going to do with me?" Morgan asked fearfully. "Anything I want to." He hissed. He dragged her by her hair to a small dilapidated cabin. The door creaked open. The cabin had a warm and inviting atmosphere to it. There was a crackling fire and beside the fire Morgan noticed a branding iron. Her captor viscously threw her on a small quilted bed. He reached over on the night table and grabbed a steel collar. He held her hands down and locked the collar around her neck. Then he grabbed some rope at the foot of the bed, and began tying her arms and legs to the bed posts in a spread eagle position. I need to mark you, so everyone will know you are mine. Morgan started wailing; not knowing what was in store for her. Her captor seized the branding iron, and placed it in the fire. He sauntered over to her and placed the hot iron on her round full ass.

Now that I own you, I will show you how I will use you for my pleasure. Exacting one's ownership is an important aspect of training a slave." He told her. He mounted her. She felt his large hard cock driving deep inside still wet cunt. She wanted to scream, but all that came out were moans of pleasure. "See I knew you were a little slut." He whispered as his cock pounded harder inside her. "Yes, yes, yes," She screamed as waves of orgasmic spasms clutched her body. Her captor also climaxed. He got off of her and put his pants back on. Then he left the cabin. She heard a key start the ignition of a car.

Morgan started to shed tears. This time she was uncertain if it was because of fear or joy. She traced the brand on her ass. The letters TM were decipherable. She wondered what TM would have in store for her during her service as his slave. She thought and wondered as she trailed off to sleep.

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