Forced into Incest


Chapter 10

It was about an hour later when the two guards came back. As soon as they entered the cell they could see the cum on the floor below the tied couple. "Damn, Giovanni, look at that, the boy came in his mother's cunt and it dripped all over the floor. He either cums like a horse or they did it more than once. Get some good photos of that."

Laughing, Giovanni brought his camera out and took pictures of the embarrassed couple. Then he untied them.

Amanda gasped as she lifted off of her son's cock and his cum streamed out of her pussy and dripped to the pool on the floor. She was surprised when she saw that his cock was still almost hard.

"I think it's time for bed," the guards said. "Since you two made such a mess, we are going let you clean each other up."

David was led over to the bed and made to lie down. Then they forced Amanda on top of him in a 69 position. They tied them in that position and left.

Amanda was now staring at David's wet and now hard cock. She studied it, fascinated by the size and girth of it. She could see his cum and her pussy juice on the head and sides and she could smell both of them. In spite of the four climaxes she had just had, she felt herself getting excited again. With a moan she bent forward and started to lick her son's cock.

"Mommm," David gasped. A moment later his mother dropped her hips and placed her still sloppy pussy to her son's mouth.

The room was suddenly filled with the sounds of sucking. Amanda sucked her son's cock deep into her mouth. In the past, with her husband, she could take his cock all the way down her throat. She tried, relaxing her throat muscles as much as she could. She could feel the head at the breach of her throat and then there was almost an audible pop as it slipped into her throat.

"Oh God," David gasped as he felt his mother take his cock all the way down her throat.

Her chin touched his pubic mound and then her nose reached his balls. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest as she realized she had it all ... every inch of his cock in her throat. She held it there, making swallowing movements that rippled up and down his cock.

"Mom, what are you doing to me," he hissed, feeling like his balls were going to explode any second.

Amanda would have laughed if her throat had not been filled. Slowly she pulled back and then plunged down again. Then she did it again, and again. She could see her son tense and knew that he would not last long. She didn't want the cum to go down her throat without tasting it so she pulled back and sucked the head.

"I'm cummmmmiiiiiinnnnngggg" David cried. His cock pulsed and began to spew his thick cream into his mother's sucking mouth.

Amanda moaned as she tasted his load. She had to admit that she loved it. It might be wrong, but she couldn't deny how good it tasted. When the spurting slowed to a dribble, she took his cock down her throat again. She left it there until is shrank and slipped out like it did from her pussy.

As she let it slip from her mouth she felt her son start to lick her thighs. She knew that her pussy was wet with her juice and his cum and didn't want to force him to lick her. "David, Honey, you don't have to ..." she started to say until David pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. "Ohhhh," she gasped and spread her thighs as much as she could within her restraints. Then she felt David start to lick her.

Her hips dropped down onto her son's willing face. She heard him moan before her own excitement took over. There was a strong ringing in her ears as he sucked and licked her. It took some time before she began to climax this time. But it was as good as all the others.

A few minutes later the two lovers collapsed in exhaustion. They fell asleep tied together.

Amanda was relieved the following morning when the guard came to release them. She had to pee and didn't know what would have happened if they had come an hour later.

It turned out to be an uneventful day with no visits or no word about their release. Amanda and David talked for most of the day, sharing things that neither of them had ever shared before. David told Amanda that no matter what happened to them he would remember their time together. He told her that he knew what they had done was wrong, but since there was no way they could control it, and while he felt guilty, he would remember ever second of their time together for the rest of his life. Then he said, "Mom, I love you, but not like a son normally loves a mother. I love you like a man loves a woman.

Amanda felt her heart swell, but she was silent for several long moments.

David was about ready to apologize when his mother said, "I feel the same way about you. It is so wrong, but I love you too."

David smiled and pulled his mother into his arms and kissed her passionately.

When they parted, Amanda said, "Come to bed with me."

David's eyes opened wide. "Really?"

"Yes, I want you inside me."

"Oh my God, Mom," he said and pulled her into his arms again.

They fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace with Amanda lying on top of him. Her tongue slipped into his mouth as he grabbed her bare ass cheeks. Both of them moaned in excitement.

They kissed for a long time, Amanda feeling freed of the taboo of kissing her son. They had been forced together and this situation was well beyond their control and they may as well take advantage of the situation. At the same time, deep inside she realized that that wasn't the entire truth. There had been something there all along and this terrible situation had brought it to the surface. She had seen her son growing into a man and felt a strange kind of excitement. Now she knew that it was more than just mere curiosity. Now she knew that those feelings were much more than motherly pride. It was so wrong, but she wanted her son as her lover.

"Fuck me, David. Fuck your mother. I want to feel that hard cock in me again. Please fuck me," she gasped.

David rolled his mother over until she was on her back. Then he raised himself until he was on his toes. "Put my cock into you," he ordered, hoping he had not gone too far.

Amanda gasped at his command. She reached down with a now shaking hand and positioned his long cock at the entrance to her pussy.

David didn't plunge in right away. He held his cock with just the tip in her.

"Tell me you want it ... tell me you want your son's cock," he said.

"Yes, yes, please fuck me. Fuck your mother. I need your big cock deep inside me."

David thrust downward, driving the entire length of his cock deep into his mother.

"Ahhhhhhh," Amanda screamed. Gasping for breath she said, "Oh my God, David."

David grunted his answer and began to fuck her. His hips lifted and he plunged back in, then again, and again. "Take my cock, take it," he whispered, now fucking her almost brutally. It was as if he wanted to prove he could fuck her better than anyone had ever fucked her. He wanted to show her he was as much a man as they were.

The cell filled with the grunts of the two lovers. They were now uninhibited, knowing that no one could hear them and that they were free to do whatever they wanted. What they both wanted was for David to cum in her ... pour his potent seed deep into her willing pussy.

"Oh God, Mom, I'm going to cum," David warned. "Can I cum in you again?"

"Oh yes. Cum in me. Cum deep in my pussy, please."

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!" David screamed as his cock head grew and then began to spit his seed into his mother's willing pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Davidddddd," Mom screamed as her own climax began. Her hips lifted up to her son, taking his cock as deep as she could possibly get it. She could feel his hot seed hit the bottom of her pussy. She shook and convulsed at the taboo of what she was allowing to happen. God how she loved her son and his hot and potent sperm.

Chapter 12

Amanda didn't know what time it was when she awoke. She had been having a lovely dream about David. In spite of all the climaxes she had had that day she was feeling excited again. For a moment shame washed over her, but it quickly passed. They were being forced into this situation, otherwise she would have never done what she had with her son. She was a good mother and had always been. This didn't change that.

Then she thought about what would happen if they every got out of this situation. Would she be able to continue the relationship or would they just return to mother and son. The thought of that made her suddenly sad. Yet she knew that that is the way is should be. Then they could go on with their lives as mother and son. That is the way it had to be ... but for now the rules had been suspended. For now, neither of them knew if they would survive this. For now they couldn't prevent whatever happened to them.

Amanda was deep in thought when she felt something behind her. With a smile she realized that David had awakened and was pushing his hard cock against her naked ass. She turned and looked at David and saw him smiling. Then she closed her eyes as he pressed his long cock between her cheeks. It rested there with her ass cheeks caressing the shaft. David began to move, bringing a moan from Amanda.

Amanda bit her lip. She had a naughty thought. With David's cock sliding between her cheeks she remembered when his father was alive how he loved to fuck her in the ass. A rush of excitement went through her at the thought. What if I let David do it? she thought. What would be the harm? She figured that the guards would make them do it eventually anyway, so why not?

She turned to her son and kissed his lips, feeling her pussy quiver. When she pulled away she whispered, "Do you want to put it in there?"

"Sure." David move his cock lower toward her pussy.

"No, I mean in my ass," she said and felt her heart suddenly start beating very fast.

"Your ass?" David said, his voice almost cracking with excitement.

"If you don't want to ..."

"No, I just can't believe ... I mean, it would be wonderful, but won't it hurt?"

"A little, but I want it. I want to feel your big cock in my ass," she said as she reached behind her and found his pulsing cock. "Let me put it in."

"Oh my God, Mom," David gasped as his mother began to move the swollen head up and down between her cheeks.

Then Amanda centered the head on her tight rear hole. "Push," she whispered.

David pushed, but it didn't go in.

"Harder," Amanda said, pushing her ass back at her son.

Suddenly the tight sphincter gave way and the swollen head of David's cock slipped into her ass.

"Hold on," she gasped, wanting to let her ass adjust to the large head first. She could feel it pulsing inside her canal. A moment later she began to push backward slowly.

David moaned as he felt his shaft slipping into her. He bit his lip to keep from shooting too soon. The muscles in her ass were squeezing his cock like a vise. Inside it was warm and tight. Suddenly he felt closer to his mother than he ever had in his young life. Nothing could have prepared him for the incredible feeling of her sweet ass wrapped around his cock

Amanda thought she had it all, but reached behind her to find that there were still several inches left. She pushed back again, trying to take the remaining inches. In the position they were in, she could get most of it, but not all. But it felt wonderful, if a bit painful still.

"Hold still now," she whispered.

David tried, but it was very difficult.

Finally Amanda began to slowly pull away from David, allowing his cock to slip out of her ass until only the head remained. Then with a grunt she pushed back again, taking it as far as it would go.

"Ohhhhhh!!!" David gasped.

Amanda pulled away and then pushed back again. "Now, fuck me," she said.

David didn't waste any time. He began to pull out and thrust back in with a slow deliberate manner until her ass was loose enough for him to move faster.

"Harder," Amanda begged, now wanting him to pound her asshole. Yet still in their position, he couldn't get as deep in her ass as she wanted. "Turn me over and get on top. Then fuck me hard. I love it really hard in my ass."

David flipped his mother onto her back. Then he lifted her ass and placed his cock back into her now stretched asshole. "Like this," he said as he pushed slowly into her.

"Yes, yes, fuck me hard and deep. I have missed this so much. Oh God, fuck meeeeee!!!"

David did, pounding into her as hard as he possibly could. With each thrust his cock moved all the way into her until his balls slapped on her ass. In the position he had her in, her tits flapped upward toward her chin. He was fascinated by the movement, watching her hard nipples and round soft flesh move like Jello in a bowl. He leaned down and caught one in his lips. Sucking it until the nipple was like a pencil eraser and wet. "I love your tits," he gasped as he continued to fuck her.

Amanda loved his lips on her tits. But she loved his cock even more. She could feel her ass contracting on his cock. It felt so good. Each pulse sent a thrill through her and made her empty pussy quiver.

"Mom, you ass is so tight it is going to squeeze the cum out of my balls."

Amanda was close to climax. "Let it go, let it go," Amanda screamed. She pushed her hips upward and took his cock all the way inside as a strong climax shook her to the core. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body stiffened. Her ass began to spasm making her sphincter squeeze her son cock even harder.

"Ahhhhhhh, I'm cummmmmiiinnnnggg," David screamed.

Amanda could feel his scalding cream pouring into her asshole. She could feel the huge head expanding and contracting as blast after blast of cum spurted into her very private place. It felt so good to have a cock back in her ass again. It had been so long.

"Oh God, baby, I'm going to cum too. With that she pushed upward and took him as deeply into her ass as possible. Her body began to convulse as she screamed in incredible pleasure. A wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her head began to spin and then the lights dimmed and she passed out.

Chapter 13

Amanda awoke first. She stretched her arms and groaned. It had been a long time since she had fucked all night. David was insatiable. He fucked her ass twice more, filling her with loads of sweet cum. She had had so many orgasms she lost count.

Quietly she arose from the bed and used the toilet, then washed up as best she could with the small towels and bucket of water. She looked over at her son and smiled. He looked like an angel except that he had a huge cock between his legs and had fucked her almost to death. If they didn't get out of this they would both die happy.

No, I can't think about dying now, I have to keep hope, she thought. We need a plan, even if it doesn't work.

"Good morning, Mom," David said, surprising his mother.

"Oh, hi sweetheart. I was lost in thought."

"Last night ... last night was ... totally incredible," David said, looking slightly embarrassed.

"It was for me too," she answered walking over to the bed and sitting next to her son. He pulled her down and kissed her. When his tongue found her mouth she moaned, but pulled away. "Didn't you get enough last night?"

"I could never get enough of you," he said, reaching for her breasts.

Amanda pushed his roaming hand away. "We need to talk about a plan to get out of here. I don't think we have much time."

"I think you're right."

"I was thinking, maybe I could steal the keys from one the guy that delivers our food."

"How, he never comes into the cell?"

"Well, maybe if I enticed him he would find the keys."

"You mean ..."

"Yes. Make him think I am going to give him a blow job. Unless you have a better idea?"

David didn't like it, but he didn't have an alternative either.

Amanda hugged him and said, "We have to do what we have to do to get out of here. If it works it will be worth it."

"All right."

They talked about the plan and how she would entice him with a blow job. She would try to keep him against the cell door so David could grab him. It was risky but they didn't have much choice.

When the guard arrived Amanda was standing at the cell door. He looked at her and was surprised to see that she was smiling at him. He smiled back.

"You have been coming here for a while now and I know you have been looking at me. I know you like what you see. You know the food isn't very good and there is not much of it. If you would maybe bring us a little better choice and more, I might be willing to be good to you."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I could maybe give you a nice blow job."


"Sure, but you have to be nice to me."

The guy looked behind him as if someone was listening. Then he said, "Okay, I can maybe get you something better when I bring lunch."

"Good, my son wants a cheeseburger and fries and I would like a nice salad with grilled chicken."

"I can do that. But you have to pay first."

Amanda felt a chill go through her. Not because of the blow job but the fact that he seemed to be buying into the plan. "Okay, you have the keys with you?"

"No, they don't let me have them. But I know where there kept."

"Good get them then and hurry. I can't wait," Amanda said.

"This is not a trick is it?"

Amanda controlled a smile. This guy was not the brightest bulb but that worked to their advantage.

"Of course it is not a trick. How would we get off the island anyway?" That is a good question, Amanda thought.

The guard smiled and hurried out of the dungeon.

Amanda said, "Now I will try to get him against the bars. You reach around when the time is right and grab him around the neck. I will get the keys and we'll get out of here."

"What happens when we get out of the dungeon?"

"I don't know. We will have to cross that bridge when we get to it."

When the guard was not back in an hour, Amanda and David thought he had lost his nerve. They were about to give up when they heard the dungeon door open. They were relieved when they saw the guard coming down the stairs.

"We didn't think you were coming back," Amanda said.

"I had to wait till Lanier and Giovanni left. They went into town for something so we have a little time."

"Good," Amanda said, thinking it was good for a reason other than what he thought.

"Tell your son to step back. All the way back to the wall."

"David, move back," Amanda said and winked.

The guard opened the door carefully and allowed Amanda to come out. As soon as she was out of the cell she turned the guard around and dropped to his knees. She did it quickly because she didn't want to take a chance that he would move away from the door.

"Mmmmm, I am going to enjoy this," she said as she opened his zipper and fished inside his pants. When she had his cock out, she stroked it. "This is nice. I am going to enjoy sucking it."

"Well, suck it," the guard said, pulling Amanda's head to his cock.

She took his cock into her mouth with a moan ... which was not all an act. She loved sucking cock, even this bastard. She sucked him and stroked his cock. She could see David moving quietly up behind the guard. She made loud sucking sounds to insure that he didn't hear her son moving. When she knew David was close she stroked the guard faster.

"Damn, bitch you are going to suck my balls dry," the guard moaned as he started to pump his hips.

It was obvious to Amanda that he had not had a blow job in a long time. She could feel his cock throbbing and knew he was getting close to a climax already. About the same time David had the key in his hand, the guard started to shoot his cum into her mouth. She swallowed, hoping David acted before he finished climaxing.

A moment later the guard was roughly pulled backward as David grabbed him around the neck. She knew David was strong and was a little worried that he would choke the man to death. Amanda stood up quickly, cum dripping from her chin as she watched David pull tightly on the man's throat until his eyes started to close.

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