tagMind ControlForcing Kelsey

Forcing Kelsey


I am Hypnotist. I do stage performances and corporate events. About 3 weeks a close friend of mine named Kelsey and I were out having a few drinks. After about three margaritas she confided in me that she felt like she was losing her desire for sex. She said that her Husband of 4 years is always horny and she that she barely wants sex at all. We talked for a while about possible causes and how good he is when she finally lets him have her. We finally came to the conclusion that it was all the stress of her career and the inability for them to have a child. He was impotent and she wanted a baby more than anything. I never really cared for him, I thought he treated her badly. So I started to formulate a plan to help Her and Myself

I told her that I thought that I could help her through hypnosis. I also told her that I wasn't a therapist but if she was willing we could try a few things and see if any of them helped her. She was concerned at first but I assured her that she wouldn't do anything she didn't want to and that I thought I could help her deal with the daily stress that built up. She agreed and we chatted for a while before heading back to my apartment.

When we got there I fixed us a drink and told her I would be back in a few minutes. I had had a long day and wanted to get something more comfortable on. I went into my room and pair of loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt. I had removed my bra also to help relax a little more. When I came back in the room she had her eyes closed and her head tilted back. I said it doesn't look like you have a hard time relaxing. She said it is only when I am around Bruce that I get so tense; I think it is the whole baby thing. I told her to go ahead and keep her head tilted back, but to keep her eyes open as long as she could. With that I was able to easily put her in a trance in such a relaxed state to start with.

I told that she would follow my instructions without question and to say yes if she understood. She said yes, so I told her to tell me about the most relaxed she could remember ever being. She started to tell me about her honeymoon on a tropical island with nothing but the warmth of the sun and sound of waves to sooth her. She said that the love she felt for Bruce and that he felt for her warmed her completely on the inside. I told that anytime she heard me say" tropical island" that she would fall back into the deep trance she was in now and that each time the trance would deepen. Also that the all the calm and warmth that she felt on the inside and outside would come back to her. I told her that when she woke up she would not recall details of anything I said or that had happened, only the calm and warm feelings.

I brought her out of her trance and asked her how she felt. She stated she felt very good sorta with a warm feeling. She asked if I had made her cluck like a chicken or hop around on one leg. We both laughed, I Looked at her and said" tropical island" her head tilted forward and her eyes closed. I asked her if she had that warm calm feeling and she replied yes. I than told her that when she awoke this time she was to have an overwhelming urge to show me her naked body and make love to me as if it seemed only natural for her to want me. And the more I tried to deflect her advances the greater the desire to have me would be. I brought her out again and she immediately started to slide a little closer to me on the couch. She started to talk to me about how attracted she was to me. I told her that she must have had too much to drink. She looked on my eyes and said that she wanted to kiss me. I told her that I didn't really think that we should be talking about this. She placed her hand on my thigh and asked if I found her attractive? I said I thought that she was beautiful, but that I wasn't attracted to other women. She then started rubbing her hand on my thigh. I looked at her and said "Tropical Island." She went under again this time I told her that when she awoke she would undress herself and then start removing my clothes. She would act as if it was only natural and that she was dying to lick me.

1,2,3 wake up. She opened her eyes and while she was telling how calm she was feeling she pulled her shirt off over her head and then reached back and unhooked her bra. All the while she kept talking and telling me how great of job I must have done hypnotizing her. She then stood up and removed her pants and slid her panties off. I was just amazed at the power I had over her. She then reached down and began to pull my tee shirt over my head. I acted like I was resisting, she looked me square in the eyes and said that she needed to eat my pussy now and that she couldn't wait. With that she pulled my shirt off grabbed the hem of my shorts and took them and my panties off all at once. She then reached and spread my legs open and got on her knees and started licking. She was moaning and cooing as she licked me. I said "tropical island" again she went under this time I told her that as sensed my pleasure increasing it would make her hotter and hotter and as I came she would finger herself until she had a crazy orgasm, I also told her that if I said "winter night" she would awaken and be totally aware of what was happening and that she would know what she was doing but couldn't stop herself no matter how badly she wanted to or how humiliating the act was. 1,2,3 wake up. She went back to the licking and I started to moan she asked if I was going come and I said yes. With that she started fingering herself as I pushed her away and laid her on the floor her hips were off the floor and fingers were slamming in herself. I looked at her and said "winter nights" she looked around with horror and saw me watching. But kept up until she was coming. She finished and apologized for doing that in front of me and told me how ashamed she was.

"Tropical Island" she was back under. I told her that she would remember everything but tell no one about what we had done. And that when she thought about it her desire would grow to a point that she would have to find somewhere to relieve the burning desire inside her. I also told her that when she got home she would beg Bruce to take her anyway that he desired. And that she would tell him that I had hypnotized her to help her learn to relax more. She was also to meet me a few days for some drinks again. Only telling Bruce that I was going to try another session to help reinforce her need to relax and that he should come along. When you wake up this time you will wonder why you are at my place and we are both naked and then the shame of what you have done will over take you. You will dress in a hurry and then come over and lick and finger me to another orgasm before you kiss me and tell me goodbye. 1,2,3 wake up. She did exactly what I had instructed her to do. Then left.

I spent the next two days dreaming up what I could possibly do to top our first session. My phone rang and it was Kelsey. She wanted to know if I wanted to meet her and Bruce for a drink. I agreed and a few hours later we met at the same place as before. We had a couple of drinks and Kelsey said she needed to use the ladies room. I had watched her squirm in her seat ever since she had arrived. I knew what she was really going to the bathroom to do. After she had walked to the bathroom Bruce asked me what I had done to her. He said she was acting like a nympho now and doing all kinds of things that she would never do before. I asked him for examples, he said she fingers herself and is even playing with her own asshole a little and is even swallowing when she gives him a blow job now. I asked if this was okay, I got a huge smile and said it was wonderful. He wanted to know what else she would do. When she came back and sat down I said "tropical island" and she went under again. He looked at me totally amazed. I told her that she would stay under but would open her eyes and be totally awake and do what ever I asked. I woke her up. I asked why she went to the bathroom? She said that seeing me had made her so horny that she had to get off and couldn't do it in the booth. I asked her why? She said that embarrassed that Bruce or someone else might see what she was doing. She also said that her panties were so wet that she put them in her purse and had nothing on under her skirt.

I told her I wanted her to finger herself at the table as we talked. Bruce sat there in total amazement as he watched her slide her skirt up her thighs and start sliding her fingers in and out and playing with her clit. I asked her to come and she picked up the pace until she went over the edge. Bruce told her to lick her fingers clean, but she turned to him and said that would be gross. I looked at her and told her that her fingers were messy and that she should lick them clean for Bruce and I to watch. She made quit a show of it for us, it was a good thing we were sitting in a somewhat secluded booth. Bruce said I guess she only responds to you. I told him that I could make it so she would respond to him but that I didn't know if I should. He started to beg me saying he would do anything. I told him that if he really meant it that I could arrange it for him. He agreed. I told him it wouldn't be tonight but that I would as long as he did as he was told for a few days I would give him the power to control her.

After a couple of drinks I told her that I wanted to see her dance with a man that was sitting at the bar. Bruce started to protest, I asked him if he really wanted the power I could give him. He stopped complaining. I told her that I wanted to see her let him slide his hand up her skirt and finger her while they danced. Bruce started to say something when I looked at him he stopped and just nodded in agreement. Kelsey got up and went and asked the guy to dance, a slow song came on and she pulled the guy close and took his hand guided it where she wanted it. She began to grind against his hand, and I could tell she was coming now. Bruce was watching and I could tell he was getting jealous. The guy dancing with Kelsey Pulled his hand away took her hand and started rubbing on his cock through his pants. Bruce started to get up to go to her when I said; I guess you didn't mean anything after all. With that he sat down knowing that I had him where I wanted him. The song ended and she came back to the table leaving the guy standing there on the dance floor with a tent in his pants.

I told her I needed some relief now. So she slid next to me and started rubbing my breasts through my top as Bruce watched totally stunned he had no idea she would do something like this. She reached down and slid her hand up my skirt and started finger me and kissing my neck. I said "winter nights" she looked around and said what the hell am I doing. But couldn't stop no matter how hard she tried, she just kept trying to make me come. As soon as I finished I put her back in her trance and told her it was time to go and that she should beg Bruce to take her once they get home, only allowing him stop once he has come in her ass. Bruce thanked me and wanted to know when it was going to be his turn. I told him I would be in touch.

to be continued...

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by SophieJClark11/28/17

Great start

Keep it up! Would love to see what she can do with the couple :)

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