tagMind ControlFran in Service Ch. 03-04

Fran in Service Ch. 03-04


Part 3

Fran woke the next morning after a fretful night. She must have masturbated half a dozen times during the night and yet could not seem to satisfy herself. All her dreams were constructed around the story. She was forced to entertain and have sex with a variety of people including her new friends in the neighborhood. The more she thought about the story, the more she wanted to have sex but even masturbation with her favorite vibrator was just not satisfying her completely. By 10:00, she had gotten out of bed, showered, put on her short house coat and gone into the kitchen. The bag and the stories were still on the kitchen counter. While making her first cup of coffee the doorbell rang. Peeking through the shutters, Fran saw Jane in her tennis outfit holding a medium sized backpack. Jane looked worried and pensive. Fran opened the door and Jane burst in asking if Fran had any of the wine left over. Fran was puzzled and followed Jane into the kitchen as she opened the fridge and took out the bottle of wine. She asked for clean glasses and Fran pointed to the a lower cabinet. As Jane bent over to retrieve two glasses, Fran saw that she was not wearing any underwear exposing her butt and pussy lips. Fran was frozen as she once again stared at her new friend’s private parts on display.

Jane grabbed two glasses and stood up to find Fran ogling her and then looked over and spotted the porn stories spread out on the kitchen counter. Losing control she exploded at Fran who was now blushing revealing her embarrassment. First she accused Fran of going through her trash, next she brought up yesterday’s panty incident, and finally ogling her today. She called Fran several names and said if that was what Fran wanted then she would give it to her. With that Jane unzipped the front of her tennis dress and dropped it from her shoulders. The naked woman asked Fran if that was what she wanted and offered to turn around so she could have a good look. Fran was speechless and could not take her eyes off her nude friend. Jane’s body was pretty muscular with small breasts, a bit of a tummy, and a bush so neatly trimmed that the hair formed a thin line. Fran realized she was becoming stimulated. Before she could clear her head, Jane walked over to her, pulled open Fran’s robe, and asked her how she would like it if someone ogled her body. WELL, Jane screamed, how would you like it and pulled the robe from Fran’s body. Now both women were naked standing inches from each other. Fran had no idea of what to do. On one hand, she was terrified and on the other stimulated. Before she knew it, Jane had started crying and muttered that it just wasn’t fair. Fran stepped forward, put her arms around her friend, and patted her head asking what was the problem.

Fran offered her friend a glass of wine in hopes that it would calm her down. She stepped over, picked up Jane’s tennis dress and helped put it over the woman’s body. When Fran turned to pick up her robe, Jane reached into the pocket of her dress and placed some powder into one of the glasses. As Fran put her robe on, Jane poured the two glasses full of wine. Lifting her glass, Jane apologized for her outburst and for stripping Fran of her robe. Fran also apologized for staring at her friend and hoped it would not hurt their friendship. Jane then raised her glass, toasted friendship, and promptly drained the glass. She looked at Fran and encouraged her to follow suit. Straining, Fran downed the wine and noticed a curious aftertaste, not realizing her drink had been drugged. Jane poured the balance of the bottle into the two glasses and led Fran into the den. The drug was already beginning to work on Fran’s system. Thinking it was just the effect of the wine, she did not notice the full impact on her system. The women sat on the sofa together, Jane holding Fran’s hand and pushing the glass to the drugged woman’s lips. Fran was in a deepening daze as Jane began to tell her story. It seems that almost ten years ago, through a chance of fate, Jane discovered that her enjoyed “the company” of women more than men. She was smart enough to know she could not throw away her marriage and life so she sought other outlets for her passions. She went on to describe “affairs” she had had with other women including Pat and Laura.

The drug was taking it’s full effect on Fran. Her system was hot, her vision blurred, any contact with her skin sent waves over her body, her mind while still in control was being overpowered by her sexual desires. Jane went on to explain that the women’s club was an organization of women that sought to satisfy their perverse desires. Women advanced in the hierarchy by recruiting new members. Before a new member was admitted they were required to consent to an ordeal called “being in service.” This involved making one’s self available for a series of sexual escapades at the hands of the senior members. The length of service and number of requirements varied based on the number of candidates, the number and “difficulty” of the acts, and the satisfaction of the senior members. As women advanced in the order of the club they were entitled to the favors of the candidates. The candidates had to agree to do anything asked of them but could refuse and withdraw at any time. To prevent a candidate from harming the organization, one of their first tasks was to be videotaped in compromising situations. Jane also told Fran that it was frowned upon when a candidate withdrew and the sponsoring member was usually punished, meaning that were obligated to complete the candidate’s service. Therefore, members were extremely careful about recommending candidates. Jane had a feeling that Fran was the perfect candidate and was careful to manipulate her into this very position.

Jane released Fran’s hand, placed both glasses on the table, and traced Fran’s lips with her finger. Do you think you would this like to join the organization and could you perform the required service she asked Fran. At this point, Fran could not make her mouth move although if she could she would have agreed to do anything. Jane slowly opened Fran’s robe and pulled her arms from the sleeves leaving her completely exposed. Fran was cognizant of what was going on, but in her mind she had become the woman in the story and was being manipulated without her consent or control. Fran saw Jane leaning over her and noted that her dress was still unzipped and open in the front. She felt Jane’s fingers slowly tracing their way over her body. At first she gently raked her nails from Fran’s lips, down her shoulders to her breasts, over her tummy and her shaved pubis all the way to her toes. Fran was on fire as the nails dug into her flesh without hurting but stimulating her. Jane then ran her tongue in the opposite direction briefly making contact with Fran’s pussy. Fran twitched as Jane’s tongue explored her shaved pussy lips, her closed legs limiting Jane’s access. Slowly, Jane probed Fran’s slit from the bottom of her closed legs to the top. She gently pushed her tongue into Fran’s pussy, first tasting her hot juices and then finding and licking Fran’s clitoris. Fran felt spasms shoot through her body and tried unsuccessfully to open her legs. To Fran’s disappointment, Jane moved from her crotch, over her tummy to her breasts. She focused on each nipple individually, sucking and then nibbling each until they were swollen and hard. Leaving Fran’s breasts, her chest heaving, Jane worked her way up until their lips met in a kiss. Fran’s mind thought how good this felt, she hoped it didn’t stop, and that Jane’s sure knew what she was doing!

Fran had difficulty responding even though she wanted to badly. Jane stood up and slowly removed her dress in front of Fran. While Fran laid on the sofa wanting to engage her friend, Jane ran her fingers over her own body while her eyes stared directly into Fran’s. She played with her breasts and nipples, ran her hands up and down her legs, and fondled her pussy. Moaning as she played with herself, Jane stood on the sofa positioning herself above Fran’s head and played with her clitoris and fingered her pussy. Fran’s eyes were fixated on Jane’s stimulated pussy just inches from her face. The smell of Jane’s juices filled Fran’s nostrils as her eyes followed the fingers of Jane’s right hand. She watched as Jane first rubbed the outside of her pubis and then spread herself and traced the inside of her lips. Fran was fascinated as she followed Jane’s fingers. She had seen women masturbating in movies and once during a live sex show but never from this vantage point. Jane was becoming excited as her fingers floated over her clitoris and probed her pussy. Fran noticed how swollen and bright pink her friend’s pussy had become and watched Jane spasm as her fingers tickled her blood filled clit. At one point, Jane even lowered herself, briefly rubbing her clitoris on Fran’s face. The contact with Jane’s pussy and the smell of her sex caused Fran’s pussy to overflow. She was so excited that she was ready to explode but as she neared orgasm, Jane stood up, got off the couch and left the room leaving Fran naked and unsatisfied.

Part 4

Fran heard noises, doors and drawers opening and closing, some banging, and sensed Jane moving about the house but still could not get her muscles to respond to her commands. It seemed to Fran that several hours had elapsed, while in reality she had been alone for less than thirty minutes when Jane returned again wearing her tennis dress. Jane leaned over the immobilized housewife, asked her if she missed her, and kissed her using her tongue. Jane’s tongue explored Fran’s mouth as her nails raked her body, reigniting Fran’s excitement. Jane thought that she had probably given Fran to much of the drug, although that was the dose she had been instructed to administer by the club’s seniors. This drug was routinely given to the candidates as a means of suppressing their inhibitions and identifying those most likely to succeed in their service. It had been discovered by one of the founding members of the club during a trip to South America. It was not well known outside the natives of the area. In small doses, it released the user from inhibitions while enhancing sexual experience. In larger doses, it caused the sex organs to enlarge and become hyper sensitive, fogged memory, and rendered the user completely open to outside suggestions. Jane had tested a very small dose of the drug on Fran the first time they got together. She was surprised at Fran’s reaction and had determined that Fran’s system was the most sensitive she had encountered. After Jane told the senior members about her new friend, she had been instructed to lure Fran into her current situation and give her a strong dose of the drug. She was very surprised that the drug had immobilized Fran since they had never experienced this reaction. Jane was eagerly anticipating Fran’s response to the next dose.

Having prepared the bedroom for the next phase of her plan, Jane helped her new friend to her feet and held her to keep her from falling. Jane noted that Fran’s skin was hot as their bodies came into contact. She struggled as they staggered together towards the bedroom. After a few steps, Jane was forced to brace Fran against the wall and catch her breath. Holding Fran in place, she admired her work and thought to herself how much fun she was having. Over the years, Jane had come to understand that she did not just enjoy having sex with another woman but to dominate and control her during sex. Discovering the drug when she joined the club had been a blessing that allowed her to fulfill some of her darkest desires. Now she was in her element and living out the fantasy she hungered for with a woman in Fran’s condition. Just for fun, she reached down and roughly rubbed and squeezed Fran’s pubis. She was rewarded with the drugged woman’s instant reaction, trembling all over and a moan that escaped from Fran’s mouth. A sense of satisfaction and pleasure empowered Jane as she pushed Fran’s back into the wall, kicked her legs apart, reached between her legs, and massaged the woman’s drug enlarged clitoris. Seconds later, the drugged woman exploded with a violent orgasm that shook her entire body. To keep her friend from collapsing to the floor, Jane inserted three fingers into her hot wet pussy and use them to hold her in place. As the waves subsided, Jane held Fran to the wall with her left hand and removed her fingers. Extremely please with her control over the drugged housewife, Jane rubbed her cum covered fingers over Fran’s face and then forced the fingers into her mouth.

Jane worked the limp woman into the bedroom. In the thirty minutes that Fran was on the sofa alone, Jane converted the bedroom to begin Fran’s indoctrination into the club. All the lights had been turned on, two compact video cameras had been set up on tripods, the bed had been turned down, and the drawer containing Fran’s “toys” had been opened and select items placed on the night stand. Struggling, Jane placed the naked housewife on her back in the center of the queen sized bed. She propped Fran’s head on two pillows and walked over and turned on both of the cameras. After checking Fran’s naked image in both view finders, she was convinced that the cameras would adequately capture the desired pictures. Returning to the bed, her dark nature took over as she began to toy with her prize. Again, she raked her sharp nails across the helpless woman’s body. The goose bumps on Fran’s skin indicated that her actions were beginning to have the desired effect and Jane hoped that there was enough light to capture them. Jane’s nails now focused on Fran’s nipples. Gently, Jane began to circle and tease them until they became erect and hard. Once she was satisfied with the initial results, she began to pinch and squeeze them, first gently but then with progressively more force until her nails were digging into Fran’s tender flesh. Fran’s face knotted and Jane could tell that her friend was beginning to feel discomfort. She increased the onslaught until see could see the pain on Fran’s face and in her eyes. Fran’s body knew what was going and was reacting accordingly but her mind had slipped into the story. She again envisioned herself on the dirty mattress with the gang members abusing her. Though her bedroom was silent, she heard the gang members lewdly commenting on her body, her actions, and yelling out obscene acts for her perform. This made her even more excited with the cameras catching her contracting crotch muscles attempting to stimulate her pussy.

Jane bent over and placed her mouth on Fran’s right nipple and hand on the left. She licked and sucked the right while her hand continued its rough assault on the left. Soon the sucking became nibbling, and the nibbling became bitting as Jane’s dark side inflicted some pain on her candidate. Jane could not tell what was going on in Fran’s mind but knew that the girl was reacting positively to her actions. This especially pleased her and encouraged her to test Fran’s limits as her actions became rougher. Now she was alternately grinding Fran’s nipples between her teeth causing Fran moderate levels of pain and even drawing blood from her left boob. Jane realized that the drug must be starting to wear off as she felt Fran begin to move her hips and her cries and moans became audible. Fran was still existing in her fantasy world when Jane left the bed. Oblivious to Fran, Jane adjusted one of the cameras, focusing it on Fran’s still closed crotch, and retrieved a hypodermic needle from the dresser. She sat down on the bed, still wearing her tennis dress, leaned over, and began to slap Fran’s pubis. The stimulation shot through Fran and she tried to open her legs to allow Jane (or the gang members in her mind) access to her treasure. When Jane was satisfied that Fran’s vaginal area was properly engorged with blood, she took the hypo and injected the most of the blue fluid into each side of Fran’s pussy. The hypo contained a very concentrated solution of the prized drug and was supposed to hyper sensitize the area around the injection and eventually spread throughout the subject’s body. Fran’s body reacted by sending even more blood to her crotch while Jane parted Fran’s lips and injected the last few drops of the drug directly into her clitoris. Seconds later, her pussy on fire, Fran’s mind imagined the gang members torturing her. She pictured several of the gang members using cigarettes to create the burning and envisioned the male members undressing and preparing to gang rape her.

Now that the hypo was empty, Jane knew from prior experience that the reaction to the drug would be immediate. She leaned over and roughly rubbed Fran’s pussy hoping to stimulate additional blood flow. Jane knew exactly what she was doing as Fran’s body jerked as if electric wires had been touched to the captive’s pussy. The perverted part of her mind wondered what electric shock would do to a captive in this condition and made a mental note to try it soon. Her assault on Fran’s nipples continued but Jane felt that the housewife’s breasts had received maximum stimulation without more of the drug to inject directly into them or using some special clamps and pins which she did not bring. Deciding to change areas of interest, she turned her attention to Fran’s pussy. Sliding down to the bottom of the bed, she was treated to the sight recorded by the zoomed-in camera. The view between Fran’s mostly closed legs was extraordinary. Her pubis was swollen and red from all the blood drawn into it and her clitoris was enlarged, erect, and clearly visible as it stood out between the lips. Wanting to test the level of her subject’s arousal, Jane leaned over, placed her face directly over the erect clit, and drew it into her mouth. Her teeth clamped down and her tongue tickled the most sensitive bud, while she sucked on it as hard as she could. Fran’s body exploded, just the reaction that Jane sought. She wrapped her left arm around Fran’s legs and held them tightly together as she continued her onslaught. Fran’s body was shaking and fighting to open her legs and invite anything into her vagina that would satisfy her burning desire to be fucked, but Jane would have none of that and held her legs closed. In Fran’s mind, the gang members were continuing to torture her. She imagined two of them holding her legs together while several others played with her pussy and breasts. The gang knew she wanted to be fucked so the were intent on increasing her stimulation but not giving her satisfaction. She cried out in her fantasy and begged the gang to open her legs and fuck her one after the other but they just taunted her and continued their physical and verbal abuse.

Jane’s attack subsided as did that of the gang in Fran’s mind. Reaching off camera, Jane retrieved two vibrators, one very large (over nine inches long, black and very thick) and one medium (a more normal seven inches). Turning both on, she began working on Fran’s legs, running the vibs between the closed legs and up to Fran’s burning pussy. After several minutes, the vibs began to concentrate on Fran’s crotch and Jane opened Fran’s legs exposing her most intimate parts to the camera for the first time. The bright red color of Fran’s inner pussy surprised Jane and she spread Fran’s lips so the camera could capture the image. She then resumed her attack with the large vibrator. First teasing Fran’s clitoris, causing Fran to cry out and her pussy to outflow juices, and then probing her pussy with the end of the vibrating penis shaped dong. Although Fran could still not control her muscles completely, she shifted her body in hopes of driving the dildo deep into her. Jane continued to toy with her, using the smaller vib to tease Fran’s clit and barely probing Fran’s pussy with the large one. Fran was now moaning loudly and crying out something like “please fuck me!” Jane had no idea that in Fran’s mind the gang members were duplicating her actions with their mouths and dicks while continuing to taunt her.

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