tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFran Johnson Ch. 05

Fran Johnson Ch. 05


So began my flirtation with our neighbor's son, Trevor. He had come home from college for the summer and was working in our yard a couple of days a week, and after letting him watch me clean house completely naked, I began to feel comfortable being undressed when he was around. I enjoyed him seeing my naked body and I knew by the frequent bulge in his shorts that he enjoyed seeing my breasts and my shaved pubic area.

My husband, Bill, would urge me to disrobe as soon as Trevor showed up to begin his work. I would perform tasks around the house while Trevor worked in the back yard, letting him watch me through the windows. I would take him lemonade with my breasts completely exposed to him, and we would talk as if nothing was different or odd about it. He openly ogled me, but was polite and kept his physical distance. I think he appreciated being able to see me naked, and didn't want to overstep his bounds and screw up a good thing.

Bill began to clean my vagina with his tongue every time after we made love. He would urge me to tell him how Trevor had just fucked me while he did it. At first I was reluctant; it felt odd to be saying it. But pretty soon I got caught up in the fantasy as well, and would fantasize that it was Trevor making love to me with his extra large penis, then tell Bill to make sure he got every bit of Trevor's sperm out of my wet cunt. Bill liked it when I said it this way. I would grind my vagina against Bill's face and have terrific orgasms while saying these things to him.

One beautiful early summer morning, Bill told me he had a new plan for me. We had a private deck and hot tub with high walls and a private garden at the opposite side of house from the kitchen. It opened off the downstairs office with a sliding glass door. We would often sunbathe on the chaise lounges there during the warm months when the sun was directly above. Bill wanted me to sunbathe naked there and he would direct Trevor to work on the private garden that we viewed from the deck. Bill could watch, undetected, from the upstairs bedroom window. I got very excited at the idea and immediately agreed.

I took my iPod player, a diet soda, a towel, my book, and some sunscreen out to the deck and put on some nice soft music. I laid the towel down on the chaise lounge and took off my robe, laying down to get some sun. I put sunscreen on my breasts and pelvic area that were being exposed to the sun for the first time, then settled back to enjoy the music and my book, and wait for Trevor. I lay there with my legs demurely closed, but my breasts were completely exposed. I knew Bill was upstairs, watching through the window.

Soon Trevor showed up with his gardening tools. He was a bit surprised to see me there, but not to see me naked. I greeted him with nonchalance, as if it were completely normal for me to be laying there completely nude in front of him. I could sense that he was taking a good long look at me as I read my book and sipped my soda. I parted my knees ever so little.

Trevor set about his work, stopping frequently to look at me. Every few minutes, I would part my legs a little bit more. At first he could see little more than my sparse patch of pubic hair above my vagina. Then I parted my legs a little more, and he could just see between my knees.

I lay there for a while, then parted my legs a bit more, letting him see the insides of my thighs, but not anything more. After a bit, I parted my legs a little more, and I knew that he could probably see all the way to near the top of the insides of my thighs. I held my book in one hand and absently ran the fingers of my free hand over my breasts. My nipples were rock hard, and I was becoming very aroused. My saliva began to feel thick in my mouth, and my heart was beating hard.

With Trevor working directly in front of me, and hardly taking his eyes off me, I finally spread my legs a little more, and let him see the slit of my vagina. I heard his work stop, and I glanced up through my sunglasses and saw him staring directly at my crotch. Looking right at him, I spread my legs a little further and lightly caressed my left breast with my right hand. While Trevor gawked, I finally let my knees fall completely apart, and I could feel my vagina open as my legs spread wide. I knew that Trevor could see the whole thing: the shaven outer lips, and the moist pink inside lips. I wondered if he knew what a clitoris was, and if mine had become so erect that it had emerged from its hood, and he could see it, hard and longing to be touched, or licked.

I lay there, exposing myself to him, pretending to read my book, and enjoyed the sun and his eyes on my naked body. I pretended to have an itch, and reached down and scratched the outer lip of my vagina briefly. I could feel my wetness as my fingers brushed the swollen lips. I couldn't resist, and ran one finger lightly up the length of my vagina and gave my clitoris a little tiny rub. My gosh it felt good! My finger came away wet with my juice, and I absently rubbed it on my nipple as I feigned reading my book.

After a bit longer of letting Trevor have a good, close-up look at my most private parts, I decided I should probably turn over and get some sun on my back. I put my book down, but left my legs wide open. I looked directly at Trevor while he looked longingly at my exposed vagina, and again felt no shame in him seeing. He obviously felt no shame in looking, as he didn't look away when I looked at him.

I flipped over and let my arms fall to the side of the chaise lounge. I suddenly thought of my exposed, white bottom, and reached for the sunscreen. Then I had an idea.

I called Trevor over and asked him if he would mind putting some sunscreen on my back. His voice quavered when he answered that he wouldn't mind at all. I propped myself up on one elbow and turned and smiled at him. I held out the sunscreen, and he took it from my hand. As he got close to me, I could see that he had a large erection in his shorts.

I lay back down, again letting my arms fall to the sides of the chaise. I heard him plop down on the chaise next to me, and heard the squirt of the bottle, then felt Trevor's warm hand begin to spread the lotion on my back. He started at the top, and worked in small circles. His touch was driving me crazy and I knew that I must be dripping wet. I briefly thought of Bill, watching from the upstairs window. I thought he must really be enjoying this.

Trevor soon was applying the lotion to my entire back, but would stop each time he got to my waist. Then he began rubbing it onto my sides, and I felt his hand brush against the edge of my breast. I didn't stop him as I should have. Both my breasts were squished against the chaise and were pushing out to the sides. He rubbed the side of my waist, then ran his hand up my side and lightly brushed the side of my breast. He did that three or four times, obviously now more interested in rubbing my breast than applying the lotion. He switched to the other side, and did the same thing, this time actually working his fingers underneath my breast a bit and touching near my nipple. It was driving me crazy and I wanted to roll over and press his face to my breasts and have him suck my nipples like there was no tomorrow. But I left it at that. I didn't stop him, though I know I should have. There was a part of me that wished he would reach completely under and touch my nipple, but he apparently satisfied himself by just giving the sides of my breasts a good rubbing.

Then I asked him if he wouldn't mind putting some on my bottom. I told him that my bottom hadn't had any sun yet this year, and I was afraid it would get sunburned. I again heard the squirt of the bottle, and then felt Trevor's hand caressing the cheeks of my bottom. It felt marvelous as he rubbed each cheek with great care, bringing his hand close to my anus, but not touching it. The thought of his penis, hard and proud, popped into my mind as he rubbed my bottom. I longed to see it, to touch it. I wanted to put it in my mouth and bring him pleasure. He ran his finger up the cleft of my butt from bottom to top, and I almost climaxed. He had been so close to my wet vagina.

I cleared my throat and told him to be sure to get the tops of my legs as well, as they hadn't had any sun either. He began to apply the lotion to the tops of the backs of my legs, and would let his hand wander to the inside of my thighs, which were closed tightly. The first time his hand wandered between my thighs, I left my legs clenched together. The second time, which was seconds later, I relaxed my legs so his hand could easily slide between them. He rubbed back up to my bottom, and it felt wonderful. I wondered how much Bill was enjoying this show.

The next time his hand wandered between my legs, I parted them a bit. He rubbed up and down the insides of my thighs, coming so close to my wet vagina, but not touching it. He rubbed down my legs for a bit as I mentally willed his hand to rise again so close to my swollen, wet center. His hand slowly worked up my legs and as it did, I parted my legs so he could see and have access to my moist slit. He rubbed up and down the insides of my thighs, letting his hand come right to the edge of my vagina, but stopping each time. I began moving my bottom in time to his rubbing, trying to reach for his hand with my vagina. When he would get to the top of my thighs, I would push my bottom up, trying to push my vagina into his hand.

He slowly rubbed up and down the insides of my legs, each time getting so close, as I moved my bottom up and down, trying to will him to touch me there. It was exasperating, and by this time I was soaking wet and aching for his touch. Finally, he brought his hand up ever so close, rubbed back down just a bit, then rubbed up again and let his fingers lightly graze over my swollen lips. It felt electric. He began rubbing up and down my thighs again, each time letting his hand run over my now throbbing vagina. Soon the strokes down my legs became shorter and the caresses of my pussy lingered longer. I parted my legs and moved my hips in time to his caresses as he slipped a finger into me. First one finger, then another, and soon I was bucking against his hand as he vigorously finger-fucked me.

I turned over, spread my legs, and grabbed his hand, bringing it back to my vagina. He slipped two fingers back in me, and I held his hand against me as I began bucking my hips to meet each thrust of his fingers. With my other hand I reached over and felt for his penis through his pants. When I found it, it was big, and hard, and felt wonderful as I squeezed it. I moved my other hand off his and began rubbing the little nub my clitoris as he worked his fingers in and out of me. As I squeezed his penis and tried to stroke it through his shorts, I felt my orgasm approaching. I thought of Bill watching upstairs, grabbed back to Trevor's hand, held it tight against me with his fingers deep inside me, gave his hard penis one more squeeze, and groaned as a massive orgasm hit me. My entire body shuddered as I came against his hand. Fireworks went off all over my body as I came and came and came and came and came. I kept pressing against his hand, and kept having wave after wave after wave of the most wonderful orgasm, such as I had never had before! My body was in a state of complete euphoria, the blood fluttering inside my ears as each wave made me clench down on Trevor's fingers.

I felt Trevor pull my hand away from his penis, and I opened my eyes to see him unzipping his shorts with his other hand. As I came down from my orgasm, I suddenly felt that this had already gone too far. I was a married woman, and I had just let a neighbor boy, albeit he was definitely of age and definitely a man, but still a neighbor boy, bring me to orgasm with his hand. When he pulled out his massive erect penis, I weakened for a moment and reached for it. I held it in my hand and marveled at the length and thickness of it. I wondered how it would feel sliding into me, how it would fill me like some of the objects Bill used on me, but that it would be flesh and blood, not plastic or glass. I stroked him up and down as I thought longingly of how it would fill me up and would go deeper than my husband had ever been.

Trevor squirted some of the suntan lotion onto his massive tool, and my hand began to slide easily up and down the length. I was thinking that I shouldn't be doing this, but I couldn't take my hand away. It was like starting to pee, and you can't stop until you're done, even if you try. I stroked the full 10 or 11 inches of his penis up and down, picking up speed.

Trevor began to make sputtering noises as my hand turned into a blur going up and down his shaft. I saw his legs straighten, and then the most wonderful thing happened. He grunted, and massive amounts of white, warm sperm began pumping from the end of his penis. I watched as spurt after spurt erupted and flew into the air as my hand pumped him. I slowed and began giving him gentle squeezes. I simply could not believe that so much sperm could come out of one penis. It was everywhere, spurt after spurt, after spurt. When he was done, I took my hand and squeezed the very base of his penis, then formed a tight circle around it, and moved it upwards. More white sperm leaked from his hole as I milked the last bit of come out of him with the tight circle of my fingers.

When I had milked all that I could, I returned to my senses and suddenly felt very guilty. But Bill hadn't come storming down the stairs; he had seen the whole thing and hadn't stopped it. I looked at Trevor and smiled. There was a brief awkward moment, and then I thanked him for putting the lotion on my back. I pulled the towel out from underneath me and wiped up the huge amount of sperm on my hand, arm, stomach, and off the chaise lounge. I handed him the towel, then told him not to forget to put the top back on the sunscreen. He said something unintelligible, cleaned himself up, put himself away, then backed off into the garden. I laid back on the chaise with my satisfied body still completely exposed, and drifted off into a dreamy sleep.

I awoke after about a half hour when Bill roused me. He was sitting on the edge of my chaise lounge rubbing my messy vagina. As I awoke, Bill started going on about how turned on he had been watching from upstairs. He told me he came at the same time Trevor did, having been stroking his own penis throughout the entire episode.

He moved down to the end of the chaise and pulled my legs apart. He brought his mouth up to my vagina and started licking and sucking on it. I really wasn't in the mood after having just come so hard and so long with Trevor, but I let him enjoy himself. He licked away, moaning and groaning, until it started to almost feel irritating. I grabbed his head and pulled him up to me. I reached down to see if he was hard, and I was shocked at how small his erect penis felt. I had just been holding Trevor's in my hand, and the difference was almost shocking. Again, I had never thought of Bill as having a small one, but it certainly felt small in my hand as I held it against his stomach.

I asked Bill if he wanted to put it in me, and he answered by climbing on top of me on the chaise and pushing it right into me. It was really uncomfortable, and the double weight made the support bar push into my back. I was glad that he didn't last too long, but gave him a nice kiss and hug at the end. I had to ask him to get off me because the bar was hurting my back.

I stood and looked around, and could see that Trevor had put his tools away and left. I wondered how long he had gone on watching me as I slept. The thought excited me anew, and I entered the office through the sliding glass door. I made my way upstairs, and Bill soon followed.

As I ran the water in the shower, waiting for it to get hot, I asked Bill if he was upset that I had let Trevor touch me or that I had touched him. Quite the opposite, Bill was ecstatic. He told me he watched the whole thing and was so turned on watching his wife get "frigged" by the neighbor boy. He told me it was the hottest thing he had ever seen, and that it had turned him on immensely.

I started to get in the shower, but he came over and took me by the arm. I noticed that his little penis was beginning to get erect again. He told me he wanted to lick me; to get the sperm out of me. He said he wanted me to tell him how good it was to be fucked by Trevor, even though it was actually his own sperm he would be eating. He wanted to hear me describe in detail how Trevor had "done" me.

I hesitated. I always hated turning Bill down for sex, but I really just didn't feel like I could bring myself to go through the entire episode with him right then. I was feeling confused by what had happened with Trevor. I was confused by Bill's response to it, and I felt like I needed some time to just think. I politely turned Bill down, feeling guilty, and stepped into the shower to wash the day off, and out of, me.

That night as I lay in bed, I started going back over in my mind the afternoon with Trevor. His penis was so large, and so hard. It felt so good in my hand. I wondered again what it would feel like in me. So deep, so thick, so full. I rolled over and closed my eyes and envisioned his hard body in my mind; his muscular torso, and I suddenly saw him hovering over me, his muscles taught, his cock hard and ready to plunge into me.

I whispered to Bill, "Are you awake?" He answered that he was.

"When's the next time Trevor works in the yard?" I asked.

"Friday," was Bill's answer.

"Make sure he works in the private garden again." I closed my eyes and dreamed of Trevor's big hard cock.

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