tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrancis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 03

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 03


Sorry it took so long. Thanks for the all the wonderful comments, they certainly do entice me to share more of my story. Please feel free to post or write me additional comments. I don't care what you right as long as you talk to me like the cum slut that I am.

As I washed myself in the women's bathhouse, I began to regret everything I had done. I had already cum and the sexual intoxication seemed to be gone. I could not believe that I had willingly submitted to what I had allowed that black man had done to me. I began to be very disgusted with myself. Furthermore, whereas, I like dressing up in private, I was humiliated by have to bathe in the women's bathhouse and the only clothes I had to put on were the slutty clothes I had from last night, and I was scared too. What if someone walked in with me like this? However, even with all these feelings of humiliation and fear, my dick got hard again and that made me feel worse.

I finished bathing, wrapped myself in the towel, grabbed my things and went and peeked outside to see if anyone was there. It was quite a change as to how fearless I was strutting around just a few hours ago. I held my heels and my stockings and lingerie in one hand and held the towel tight in the other and then quickly ran to my camper.

I went inside and sat down. I felt very guilty and was humiliated by what I had done and I just could not believe that I not only let a stranger do those things to me, but I also let him film me in drag sucking his black cock...and having that big black cock up my white ass.

I got my stuff together and went to work. I got several phone calls that day and each time I did I looked at the images on that Daddy had sent me. I started getting hard each time and became more remorseful about what had happened. I was having a very difficult time coming to terms with the previous night's events. Finally, I decide that I needed to go to him as a man and ask him for the photos and video.

It was just then that Daddy gave me a call. I tried to say something about not doing this again, but decided to wait until I was face to face with him, that way it would be harder for him to refuse me. However, he was insistent that I return that evening as planned. He asked if I had a a bathing suit and a sexy one at that. I told him no. He then instructed me to go and buy one and to show up only wearing that and some heels. I told him sure and that I would see him then. But I had no intention of going back to his camper dressed like that; the only problem was my dick was getting excited when he gave me these instructions.

I went on with my work fighting the humiliation and conflict going on inside of me. I kept telling myself that I was only going to his camper to get the photos and video and that was it. On the way back to the campground, I automatically pulled into this mega department store. Once inside, I went straight to the women's section and started looking at the bikinis. Over and over I kept telling myself that I would not let it happen again.

I found a nice top that I thought would actually fit me well. Then I found the cutest little bottom that kind of had a little cloth hanging out the top and around. This one would show off my sweet little ass and kind of hide any bulge. The top and bottom were white with gold trim, they matched perfectly! I could hardly wait to put them on and show my man. I had really gotten caught up in buying this sexy little swimsuit and had completely forgotten that I was not going to do that again, but I rationalized that I could wear this over to ask him for the tapes.

I made my way back to the campground and Daddy waved when I drove in. I waved back and went to my camper. I took a couple of hits off a bowl, got my stuff and went to the women's bathhouse and started to clean up. As I was walking in I wondered why I did this and then remembered that Daddy had told me t and my dick twitched. I began thinking about his cock and began to for get about my inner conflicts. However, as I was undressing, with my hard dick all in the way, I once again became humiliated by what I was thinking, however, this time it made me more excited. I got in the shower and started to bathe. I took a long time to wash around my dick and nearly made myself cum, but then I thought about Daddy did not want to disappoint him. I got out of the shower and dried off. I gather my things and peeked outside to make sure no one else was around and then walked naked with this raging hardon back to my camper to finish getting ready.

I sat down, smoked a bowl and tried to calm down. With my current state of arousal this was difficult, so I turned on the TV to a 24 hour news channel while I got myself fixed up. This did the trick; I applied my normal base, but darkened my cheekbones a little more than normal. I fixed up my eyes to die for. I then outlined my lips in black and then applied a heavy coat of bright red lip stick. I rubbed a little Vaseline on them to make them shine and I was nearly ready.

I slipped on my white bikini with gold trim and then picked out a tall pair of white clogs, grabbed a joint and headed for the door. It only 6:30 so the sun was bright and would be out for a couple of more hours. I walked across the campground to see my man, this was the first time I had been outside in broad daylight and became more excited as the warm air seemed to be caressing my entire body as I became drunk thinking about what Daddy might do to me this evening.

When I got close I began to get a little frightened, I remember all the conflict in mind earlier today and I one again became humiliated at what I was going to do. However, at this exact moment this shame increased my excitement and anticipation.

Timidly, I knocked on his door. He stepped outside dressed only in his silk boxers, I could see his massive outlines in the material. I gasped and thought, "I had that all the way up my ass last night?"

He pulled me close and hugged me. I melted in his strong black arms, my knees got weak as he pressed up against me. He held me close and didn't let me fall, but this just pressed me hard against his big black cock and made me woozier. He then let me slide to my knees where I was once again face to face with that big beautiful black cock that seemed to be controlling my life.

I reached for this beautiful black monster and massaged it though his silk boxers. He was getting bigger in my hands and started rubbing my face on it and kissing it through his boxers. I could not take it anymore; I need that gorgeous black cock in my mouth. I started to pull it out of his boxers and he stopped me and asked me what I wanted.

I responded: "I want to suck your fine black cock and to have you cum in my mouth. I have thought about sucking your big black cock and swallowing your cum all day."

He said, "Ok, you can suck it. But, just for a minute. There is somewhere I want you to go with me and something I need to tell you."

I began to devour his cock for the next few minutes and I was in heaven! But this bliss came to an end all too soon when he took my hand and lifted me to my feet and said follow me.

He picked up a tri-pod and his video camera and we walked toward the lake. He began to explain that we were making a video about a black cock worshiping cum slut. He told some things to say at the beginning and then that I would suck his cock and that he would cum on my face. He also told that he did not want me to give away that I was a sissy and that that if it looked like it in the video that I would be punished.

He than stopped and asked me to take my bikini top off. I replied, "Yes sir."

He grinned at my response. I began to remove my top and he reached over and rubbed my nipples with one hand. They became erect at his touch and I let out a little moan. Daddy then said, "You have really nice nipples, but not much tits. If you are going to keep on working with us, we're going to have to get you some tits. Put that top back on for now, you look more like a girl with it on. Yes, we will have to make 3 or 4 films just to pay for nice pair."

Everything Daddy had just said scared the hell out of me as well as embarrassed me too. Still, I was once again becoming sexually intoxicated by this large man controlling and I was humiliated by this and this made me want to be his little cum slut even more. I wondered what he meant by "punished", but this made me even more willing to please him.

When we got to the lake he had me walk out on the dock and strut around while he set up the camera. When he got it set up he had me pose facing the camera standing up and sideways on my knees. When he was satisfied that he had the correct distance. He asked me if I was ready. I nodded my head. He started to camera and pointed at me.

I began rubbing myself seductively while talking to the camera. "My name is Francis and I am a cum slut and I only want black cock. Did I say want? I only crave black cock! I love to fuck and suck big black cocks. There is nothing I like better than to get a great big load of a black mans cum in my mouth and will do anything to get a black cock inside of me. Right now I am looking at a black man over there and I want him to know that I love his beautiful cock and want to suck it deep in my throat and have it cum on my face."

I sighed deeply and begged, "Please let me suck your beautiful black cock!" This begging was really humiliating me and pushing me over the edge, my dick began to get hard. I was very glad that I had adjusted it so that maybe it would not show.

Daddy then asked from behind the camera, "Do you want to suck my cock?"

"Yes sir, please let me suck your big beautiful cock."

"What are you doing for today?"

"I am making an interracial blow job audition video. I hope to get into the interracial video business so that I can get all the black cock I want."

Daddy then asked, "How does it make you feel to be a black cock cum slut?"

"It makes me almost sexually drunk to be a cum slut for you Daddy, but making this video for everyone to see is very degrading and I feel humiliated and this makes it more exciting. If making this video will help me get more black cock, then the humiliation is worth it and I don't care who knows what a big interracial cum slut I am!"

Daddy responded, "Good girl." He then motioned me to my knees and started walking toward me.

"Daddy, please, please let me suck your beautiful black cock!" I begged.

He stood in front of me and profile to the camera, "What are you?"

"I am your little white cum slut and I am soo hungry for your cock Daddy. Please sir may I suck it now? Please!"

He nodded his head and said, "Suck it bitch!"

I reached underneath his shorts and started rubbing his black cock, he was already half hard and I pulled his shorts down and took his beautiful black cock in both of my hands, then began kissing and sucking the head while I slowly jacked his cock with my hands. I began moving my hands lower and lower on Daddies black cock, while sliding it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Finally, I was only using one hand and cupped his balls with my free hand and began massaging them...They felt like fat juicy ripe plums in my hand and I knew that soon they would feed my hunger for his thick black cum.

I then began licking my down the underside of his cock while looking straight into the camera. When I got to the bottom I started licking and worshipping those big black cum filled balls that would soon fill my mouth with sweet man nectar that I craved so much.

I sucked one then other of big black balls into my mouth I then pressed both of them into my mouth at the same time and just massaged them with my cheeks and tongue all the while looking directly into the camera. I let them slip from my mouth and then licked my back up his wonderful cock and began sucking Daddy again.

I then licked the head of this wonderful cock and then sucked just the head in my mouth. I began just sucking the head and teasing it when Daddy put his hands on the back of my head and started pushing me deeper on his cock. I took the hint and started wildly sucking Daddy's cock. After a few minutes I felt him tense up, he grabbed his cock and pushed me off of it as he started pumping it. I looked up at him confused.

He then spoke, "Slut are you ready for my cum?"

"Yes sir, please give me your cum."

"Open up!"

I leaned my head back, opened my mouth and looked toward the camera.

He looked like he as about to cum, so I moved my open mouth to his cock and started licking underneath his big purple head. That was when he started to cum. The first blast went up across my face and left a big warm string of cum that I could feel from my forehead down to m nose, after that he just seemed to keep pumping his cum directly into my mouth. He just seemed to keep squirting and squirting and I could feel his thick cum puddling in my mouth. When he finished I looked directly into the camera with my mouth open to show the cum and swallowed. I then turned back to my man and grabbed his beautiful black cock and squeezed it from the bottom to the head and was rewarded with a big chunk of thick hot cum. I wrapped my lips around the end and sucked in into my mouth. With his cum still on my face I looked up at Daddy and said, "Thank you sir for letting me suck your cock and drink your cum." I then began to kiss and lick his cock some more. After e little bit of this he made me stop and went and grabbed the camera. I just followed behind obediently.

While we were walking back, he told me to go clean up and change into something sexy, then meet him at his camper in an hour.

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