tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFrancis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 04

Francis Meets a Black Stud Ch. 04


Well readers, apparently a lot of people want to hear more of this journey into being a submissive black cock cum slut. I must say it was the emails I received that convinced me to continue. Whether I continue past this story will be up to you. Leave comments to let me know how you feel about these changes that are rapidly taking place. Kisses, Francis


After I got back to my camper, I packed a bowl and took a few quick hits. I then quickly straightened myself up. My dick was rock hard and I really needed release and desperately wanted to return to my man and worship his cock some more. I needed to cum so bad, but I did not want to until he said that I could. Wow, I have never felt this way before, I just wanted to please him and have his big black cock inside of me somewhere.

I still could not believe what I had just done; I had made a video of me dressed only in a bikini sucking his wonderful blackcock to orgasm. I do not know what he will do with the video, but something twisted inside of me hopes he will show it to lots of other people. At this moment, I think I would do anything he requires of me...all he has to do is tell me. Thinking about all of this made even hornier and it seemed that if my dick just brushed up against something that it would begin gushing. I have never been so horny in my life! I snapped out of my daydream and found something else to wear. I decided on just some red stockings that held themselves up with matching red panties and bra. My dick was very much in the way and I wanted to hide it as much as possible. I wanted to look as much like a girl for my man as possible and my dick was just in the way. I carefully kind of pushed it to the left up along the inside of my panties, that helped a little, but it was still very visible. I then decided to add a short black skirt that I had. This worked very well and as I looked in the mirror I thought that I looked good enough to fuck. So, I added some heals and headed across the campground.

It was still very much light outside and I just walked out the door without any regard if anyone else had shown up. I was simply spell bound and only cared that I was going to please my man. I was about halfway across the campground when I heard someone whistle and saw someone off to my side. I felt kind of proud and then realized that I was dressed like a cock sucking slut and in public no less. I turned to run when I saw it was my sweet daddy calling me over to a picnic table where it looked like he had set some stuff up.

When I got there it looked like he had more cameras. He had set them up around the picnic table at various angles and heights. On the picnic table was a large thick beach towel and 2 pillows. It looked like he was going to fuck me on the table and film the whole thing; thinking about this made me swoon and my knees weak.

He asked me. "Well bitch are your ready for some hard fucking?"

I nodded my head in the affirmative and meekly said yes. He pulled me close to him and grabbed my ass with his hand and said "What?"

I said, "Yes Daddy, I want to be fucked by you" as I reached down and rubbed his cock through his loose fitting pants.

That's my girl, he replied and then he sat me down on front of one of the cameras and gave me some instructions. Really all he did was tell me that he was going to start filming and that he would ask me some questions and suggested certain gestures for me. I noticed that each of the cameras pointed at me or at various places on the picnic table also had a small monitor on them and so that if I looked at the camera I could see myself.

He started on of the cameras and asked me how long I had been sucking cocks.

I responded by rubbing my stomach and saying, only a day.

"What kind of cocks do you like?"

"I don't like any cocks, but I love black cocks."

"Do you mess around with any other kind of cock?"

"Only if you want me to Daddy."

"What is your name?"


"What are you Francis?"

I began pulling up my skirt and carefully playing with my dick through the panties and replied, "I am a black cock, cum loving sissy that will do anything my man tells me to do." I then stood up and pulled my skirt and panties all the way down and kicked them off of my foot. Now the truth of my statement was revealed. He walked around and started all the cameras to filming while a slowly caressed my dick.

I sat back down while I stroked my dick, looked seductively into the camera and licked my lips. Daddy walked over and I felt his hard cock through his boxers and I held it in my hands as I pressed my face against his cock and kissed and gently bit it through his boxers. I sighed knowing that I would soon have this monster fucking my ass. I shuddered as I pulled it out of his boxers and began to kiss the head and lick his shaft.

I suddenly remembered that we were in the middle of the campground and not sort of hidden like near the lake and that if anyone drove in that they would see me with this big black cock in my ass. I got scared for a minute, but it quickly passed. I was stoned and very horny, if he had told me to, I would have sucked his cock right beside the highway I he told me to. I did not care about anything else, I just knew that I wanted to please my man and that I desperately needed to cum. I took him into my mouth as deeply as I could.

He played with his cock in my mouth for a few minutes and then stepped back, took my hand to help me stand and guided me to the end of the picnic table. He then pushed me down on my back while I just stared at his big beautiful cock that would soon be inside of me. He had placed one pillow so that it was under my ass and made it point up some and the other was under my head and shoulders. Like this the head of my dick was not that far from my face.

I just stared down my dick as he picked up some lube and got his cock ready. He then placed the head up against my ass hole and began to slowly push it in me. Holy shit! I almost came just from the feeling and seeing it happen. I then realized that if I looked into the monitor of one of the cameras I could get an even better view. I watched and moaned as he gently worked his cock into me until it was all the way in. Damn this is hot! I thought to myself.

He then started pumping slowly in and out until he picked up a good rhythm. He was holding my ankles up in the air as he pounded my ass. I was in ecstasy and knew it would not be long before I came. He started pumping into me faster and faster and then when I thought I could not last another second I asked Daddy. "Daddy, may your cum slut please have an orgasm? I need to cum so badly." I pleaded.

He did not say anything for what seemed like an eternity to me. He just had this evil grin on his face. Then he asked "what are you?"

"I am your cumslut!" I screamed.

"What will you do for me?"

"I will do anything you tell me to, just please let me cum!"

"What are you?"

"I am your cumslut Daddy!"


"A cumslut!"

"Just keep repeating that over and over and you may cum."

"I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! I'm a cumslut! Cumslut ayyyeee."

Cum began to erupt from my dick and was spewing all over my face, I began to try to catch it in my mouth.

"Keep saying it!" Daddy commanded.

"Cumslut! Cumslut! Cumslut!" Cum was going in my mouth and all over my face. I kept screaming cumslut and began to rub my cum off of my face and into my mouth. I just had to taste it right then. "Cumslut!" I loved the taste of my cum. "Cumslut! Cuuummsluut. I love you Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck your cum slut! Please Daddy! I need you to cum all up inside of me! Cumslut! Cumslut! Please Daddy!"

I finally stopped squirting cum all over my face and just looked at my dick for a moment and there was a big gob of cum just hanging there waiting to be licked up. I pulled my head forward and my ass back and grabbed my balls so that I could guide my dick to my lips I barely got my lips around the head and greedily slurped it up.

It is usually about now that I begin coming down from my orgasm, but not now, not this time. I just wanted to please my man and have him cum all up inside of me. I just kept yelling," Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your dirty little cumslut! Fuck her hard!" I could feel my cum that was smeared on my face begin to dry, I felt like such a slut right now. I looked across my still rock hard dick into one of the monitors and saw daddies black cock pounding my white ass good. I started panting and feeling the need to cum again. I felt his cock flex in my ass and knew he was about to cum and I was about to again as well.

"Give it to me Daddy, cum all up inside your little white cumsluts ass." He then pushed deep into me and began to explode in my ass. I grabbed my balls and yanked my ass up where he could push deeper into me. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around my dick with the head in my mouth and a little more. I began swishing my tongue around and pulling my balls toward head even harder. Once again I was cumming and cumming hard. I started to gulp it down, but changed my mind and just let it stay in my mouth and I just kept on cumming.

Daddy started pounding my ass again as he continued to cum. This made my dick bounce back and forth in my mouth. Wow! Was what I wanted to scream, but I had a mouth full of dick that was quickly filling with my own cum. Finally he settled down a bit and gave me one last thrust and big squirt of cum and he became still. I took my dick out of my mouth and looked into the monitor of the camera that was pointed at my head to see that I had mouth full of cum. I then hungrily looked into the camera and swallowed and opened my mouth to show it was all gone. I then began kissing and linking the head of my dick as I milked the last bit of cum from it and swallowed again. I just kept kissing the end of my dick and saying "cumslut! Cumslut! Cumslut!"

Daddy regained his composure and slowly pulled his cock out of me. This left me feeling weird and empty inside. I tried to get close to him, but he told me to go clean up and to come see him tomorrow wearing something slutty that I could wear in public. He began to break down his cameras and I picked up my skirt and panties. I was beginning to feel guilty again and turned to ask him what he was going to do with the videos. But his back was turned to me and I chickened out. I just turned and walked to the women's bathhouse to clean up. The way my ass felt made me feel very odd and my bouncing still hard cock humiliated me with every step. I must look a mess and when I got to the bathhouse I saw that I was. There was cum drying on my face, tits, necks and bras and even in my hair. I looked like I had been in a gangbang. I knew I would have to walk to my camper to get some soap and shampoo.

God, I hope no one drives in and sees me like this. I tried to cover myself up as I walked to get shampoo. He must have looked up from what he was doing and told to put my hands down and to show off my depravity and to walk like a proud cumslut. I obeyed him and walked to get the shampoo and a towel. I went ahead and took off my stockings and bra, left them in the trailer and walked back across the campground naked to the women's bathhouse to clean up. I began to feel his cum running down my legs and decided that I should take care of that first. I sat down on the toilet and gave a little push and damn he had cum a lot. But I do not think he came as hard or as much as me. Damnit, he has a video of me looking like this. Fuck and I must have loved it because my dick is still hard. A few minutes later he joined me in the women's bathhouse and made me wash his body.

The sexual high had gone and all I felt was self loathing and humiliation at his commands. When I had cleaned him thoroughly he made me make love to his cock with my mouth for a few minutes while he gave instructions for tomorrow. He told that I should not have another orgasm no matter what unless I had his permission. That I should at the campground by 5 and freshened up and sexy at his camper shortly thereafter, he also told that me that I should wear something sexy, yet something I could wear in public. My first thought was I have the perfect outfit, my second was damn it, I have the perfect outfit and I will wear it for him.

I dried him off with my towel; it was too wet to do me much good after that, so I walked back to my camper naked and wet with a hard on. I tried to sleep but I tossed and turned all night having nightmares about what was happening to me. I did not want to play this game anymore.

Finally it was time for work and I got up and tried to get dressed. My horniness had calmed down a bit, but it was still very distracting. Work was difficult and one time while this old lady was droning on about something my mind wandered off and I got a ranging hard on at this sweet little old ladies house. Damn that was humiliating, but luckily we were sitting at her kitchen table and I was able to dismiss myself quickly without her noticing. I felt so damn guilty after that. I canceled my appointments for the rest of the day and headed back to the campground.

This has to stop. I stopped at the liquor store and picked up a bottle and some chaser. I got to a dirt road that cut through to the road the campground was on and packed myself a little bowl and took a couple of shots. I knew right then what I had to do.

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